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    Perfect rollers,perfect sunrise,perfect catch.
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    I'm currently chewing one of my CBD caramels for my back pain. Zero THC just CBD. I save the THC ones for the evening as they help me sleep.
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    Florida Brian ! I also forgot, clean the area first with rubbing alcohol and then Naptha. You paused the video at 4:48 didn't you...
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    Maybe it's time to stop playing C&R with this resource. Nature paying the price for the amusement of humans.
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    Yow will likely need a different ball mount; so that the trailer frame rails will be level when hooked to the tow vehicle. The optimum tongue height is 17 - 19" (Level trailer) measured from the ground to the inside top of the ball coupler. An axle flip will give you more frame clearance; but not axle clearance. Axle clearance is determined by wheel & tire size. Like what was said above, you will loose some stability. Going down a smooth hwy, you'll likely not feel any difference in the handling. There's only vertical down pressure on the springs. It's when one wheel goes over a bump or dip in the road; is where you'll feel it. Because of the horizontal side load on the spring. It will force the spring to twist; when the load is gone the spring will return to its normal position causing the trailer to sway. Rule of thumb is to have the center of the axle to be as close as possible to the center of the spring's mounting eyelets. The diagram explains this better. Seems like a lot of extra effort, just to gain 3-4" of frame clearance and possibly loose some stability? Dan.
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    Another great week at Sandy Haven Camp on Nip/Upper French. Been going there for over 35 years and its about as good as it's ever been. Three generations of Dietz boys hit the Nipissing grand slam. Boated two muskies, had hooks in two more and numerous follows. The walleye bite was hot with 40-50 fish days and limits of keepers. Bass fishing, smallies and largemouth, was real good too. That place is on fire!
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    On charge every time I come off the water. Along with the trolling battery.
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    Hey guys! Had a great weekend of fishing and camping with my son this past weekend. We camped on an island and fished , and fished...😁. Bite was hot, we caught some good numbers of pike...not big ones but really feisty ones. Got in to some bass, but none was pic worthy. Perch was on, all weekend, we got a few jumbos while we trolled for walleye. Speaking about walleye...we caught good numbers of those, most of them in between 10 -16 inches. We got keepers also, 2 nice walleye, 19 and 22 inches . Trolling was the key, but one if the keepers was caught on a lure in less than 10 ft of water...was a great weekend for sure. Cheers! Gino
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    I would try throwing a senko to see if there are fish around that just aren't in the mood for chasing. Is it possible your spot gets hit hard by others since it's a shore spot? That might have an impact on your success.
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    I have followed tournament Bass fishing since the mid '80's and always enjoyed seeing the fish. Personally, I don't have enough competitive spirit in me to want to fish one myself! lol I would say that "seeing" the fish is the major reason why I fish! I snorkel a lot to do just that! As of this past couple of years, I became a huge fan of Major League Fishing on TV. Those fish are released immediately. Granted the cost of having camera crews and scrutineers in each boat would cost them more than the way these B1 and other tourney's are run, but the mighty dollar should not dictate what is good for the industry and the reputation of tourney's in my opinion. I looked at the photo's of the young woman holding up those fish in all different (sponsor themed) outfits. Just pathetic! Unfortunately, this is what the fishing industry wants though. Anyways, very interesting thread, but also very infuriating!
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    these are from years gone by, i know there are big ones still there ! caught different years, all on the same boat, 1st. my biggest,2nd-friend,3rd-nephew,4th-nephew ! 2nd pic 54 & 33lbs.----4th pic 53 & 34lbs.
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    I don’t consider that particularly high hours.
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    Great pics of those walleye.......πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…
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    Took you until noon Gino? You guys must have gotten out late. LTM. I actually got in a boat last week and we went out of Nanticoke. Ran out to 50 feet of water, lines in the water at 8. 3 man limit and in by 11:00. It was ridiculous. That's a keeper fish every 8 minutes. Good going Gino. Some of those you have are the best eaters. Averaged about 3.5 lbs.
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    Without ever seeing a side mount putt, putt on a canoe it just doesn't look stable in my mind, yes especially a 60lb unit. Heck I had enough of a challenge paddling a canoe and keeping dry with just the 2 of us in it. OP what about a good hi output electric. 100 lb thrust might do it again depending on the rapids. I see this is your 1st post. Welcome aboard if you are still here.
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    Anyone heading out this week/end and wants some company out on the water? Trying out my luck just like in the old days !
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    I don't know what a Salty S-10 looks like. I once cut slits in a Scottie for the exact same reason. I could use the pistol grip rods as well as spinning rods in the Scottie. In my mind I think I have seen holders with slots already cut into them for sale somewhere. When we were trolling for PIcs out of our little tinny my rod holder was usually my left hand. I always wanted to feel the line and rod tap. But it was nice to have something to hold it when I was doing something else. Trolling on the Great Lakes is different. Hard to hold 2 rods and run the boat. I've seen buddy hold 2 rods trolling for Smallies on Lake Erie though. The nut. That tight lock rod holder looks to be your $$ answer Reef.
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    From the water in a boat....
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    You should have went to eastons. They have them custom made to fit, with the mounts installed, and EZ lube hubs for cheaper than the crap princess auto axles with no mounts, and standard bearing sets. S.
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    If your having trouble getting fish out of cover go with a MH. If your fishing open water M is fine. A fast action rod is ideal, still a little tip flex to aid casting the lighter bait....maximum lure rating won't matter whatsoever in your application. From what I've seen the elite tech is nicer rod and it definitely has a better warranty than the Mojo πŸ˜‰ Josh
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    Fish caught #'s were down, but fish size were way up this year. Pretty well took a 17 pounder to get on the top 25 board. That means they are eating something out there!
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    With the Walleye numbers absolutely exploding the perch are scattered and changing their habits. I've heard stories of them suspending much higher in the water column. The commercial netting doesn't help but I wouldnt expect any big increase in perch numbers with them being on the menu of the massive Walleye population. And those Walleye numbers aren't dropping anytime soon! Heard a story the other day that it's looking like the 2019 Walleye hatch is likely going to put the massive 2018 hatch to shame πŸ˜‰ Josh
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    Spinnerbaits go through weeds surprisingly well. As so spoons like a Johnson Silver minnow.
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    buckhorn and chemong are loaded with them but honestly...if you are coming all of the way from england, why would you bother angling for something you can get at home, why not try your hand at some musky, pike or smallmouth, or heck, try for some salmon or trout ?
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    I don't even know if the peddle on my V1 works. Haven't used it since I added copilot. Just use the remote now. 😎
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    Fished the Moon on Sunday. Water was highest I've seen in years so extra caution was taken boating around. Deer flies were out in force, little buggers had an ankle feast. The fishing was on-fire: between me and my gal we caught about 30 smallmouth between 2-4lbs all through the day, average was around 3lbs albeit no nickles on this trip. Drop-shotting flukes and slammers was the ticket. Sometimes you would be reeling one in and there would be one or two smallies following with your hooked up fish, just awesome. Lots of great acrobats, hooked fish had a knack for jumping and spitting the hook which was fine with me as we were pure C&R. We trolled muskies for a bit catching 4 northerns. All was had in the main basin around islands. Just use the grip to weigh and measure (this smallie was a hair under 3lbs and 18inches - about the average for the day) or on-hook unruly northerns in the net.
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    Well done Brian!
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    I've dealt with them too Shane, they're good people.
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    πŸ˜† https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFa4uyGdmA0&t=47s Broke back laker and a nice clean one.
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    8 foot bass raider. My first boat. Strapped it to the roof of my Mazda 626, no roof rack, just a couple pool noodles and ratchet straps run through open windows. It was secure though, think I actually bent the doors had it clamped down so tight. Couldn’t figure out why it was slow, me and a 200 pound buddy propelled solely by a 1,2 hp air cooled game fisher. Raised very few fish.
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    Thanks There was a bass tourny on. . They were out sat and sun. I have my net way up in the air. Hope they see it. 🧐 I found it funny that all the boats went to the east side. Guess there are no bass on the west side. LOL
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    Good on you for putting that trip together! You have your priorities firmly in order and your son will remember it forever. And yeah, awesome pics and the sunrise is beautiful!!
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    some fantastic photos!
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    It's easy to reduce the cost of senkos 10x if you fish them wacky: shrink wrap tubing.
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    Trust me, I most definitely don't have communist leanings and would put forward that communism is a terrible system that also removes purpose and motivation from people's lives. If the government is going to take care of you just the same whether you're a productive person or a lazy person, what's the point in putting in the extra effort? Might as well do the bare minimum. There's a reason you don't see innovations coming out of communist countries - it's better not to stick your neck out. Equality of outcome is not the solution - it holds back people who could do so much more. Also one of the reasons I oppose UBI. Capitalist systems (despite their flaws) are the system that allows the greatest number of people the ability to have a good life and to further themselves and their children. When asked why he chose to move to America one immigrant stated 'I want to live where the poor people are fat'.
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    nice fishes a little wavy
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    Welcome aboard. Want big fish? then fish big water like Erie. There are plenty of big Smallmouth that can be taken close to shore, especially early morning and just before dusk. You can wade plenty of shoreline in the Inner Bay of Long Point for good sized Largemouth. Not knowing your location is tough to steer you towards good big fish water. For big fish use big baits is my recommendation without writing a 12 page essay. Jerk baits for casting is a go to Bass bait. To get offshore a bit I would get myself a cheap Kayak and mount a few cheap rod holders. Even a good pair of chestwaders will get you off the shore. I wore the treads off the boots of my waders before I got a boat. Have fun, be safe and go smash em'.
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    Envious you had the chance to do this! Can't wait for my kids to be that age. I feel like the fishing has improved in West Bay. Not many reports from that area, but it seems to be picking up. @Old Ironmaker our hospital has a dedicated fish removal station. I saw it when I went in for ehmm... cough... a fever.
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    So, yesterday you inspired me to fire up my smoker Mr B. I did rib's yesterday and today is a 14" x 14" slab of pork belly (that I have never done before).
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    I had one done at a body shop years ago. A window tint shop might be a bit cheaper in price.
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    There is also the, I thought I knew him, and then it turns bad. Why I will never ever, share a spot again.
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    Most of us are very wary about sharing our knowledge, because a great fishing spot was ruined after mentioning it on a forum. Seen it too many times. Seen ice fishing spots go from a hand full of people to too many to count after being discussed on a forum.
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    That's appalling. Is the public aware of this, or are these your findings? Same exact background in the pictures I left above... Reminds me of Mike Long, supreme cheater of the bass fishing world https://sdfish.com/general/dark-secret-americas-big-bass-guru-mike-long/
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    Brown Pumpkin and black are my go to's, but brown was the killer last year. Nice thing about them is they're pretty well indestructible. Caught a ton of walleye and a bunch of incidental pike and didn't even go through a pack of 6 in a week. Like I said though you'll want a few jigheads with wire baitholders. Zman makes some, but Northlands Slurp, or VMC halfmoons and I'm sure many others will work.
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    Have you checked out Charleston Lake PP? 20km East to Smith Falls then a half hour south gets you to the village or a tad further around the lake to get to the park itself. It also has water access campgrounds but there wouldn't be hydro there. Lakeline Lodge has cabins for rent as well and possibly some camping spots. Kelsey's trailer park is right there as well. It's a gorgeous lake. https://www.ontarioparks.com/park/charlestonlake https://lakelinelodge.com/ Cheers
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    I'm not understanding the apprehension of hitting Lake Erie with an 18 footer with a 140 on the back , a 14 foot tinner with a 9.9 yes, but your boat is very capable of a lot of days on Erie.
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    and some of us are born with large fonts but I would rather have a bigger size someplace else........πŸ™„
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