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  1. All the time in the boat, not on the ice, it’s a bit far to go and lots of current I’m not familiar with which is a good thing to know on the ice.
  2. Agree with this. Also what time of year are you thinking?
  3. Lol, surprisingly only one person showed up.
  4. Went back to secret lake #234 and got into some really chunky walleye with my buddy. Steady action once the bite started around 3:30pm. Here is some video from earlier in the week too.
  5. Thanks buddy, always appreciate the banter.
  6. I nearly lost it at the hole, was worth getting a wet arm for the picture…. Lol.
  7. You have some serious talent man! Those look like they would work for crappie.
  8. Got a bunch of small pike and whitefish this evening as well as 4 walleye, this beastiewaited to the very last minute , I was reeling up to pack away when it shot off bottom and nailed a 1/16Oz jig and small minnow I was using for whitefish…26”…back she went.
  9. That evening bite is why I switch to trout once it opens, the walleye seem to feed exclusively early morning and at dusk, very short window on the ice, fun , but I like to catch all day…. Lol…crappie are good for all day too here.
  10. Always a spot on the sled if you’re up this way.
  11. I think I’ll go back this afternoon.
  12. I was very surprised there was 9” on this lake, it behaves more like a deep trout lake and freezes in two stages most years. Normally the shallow bay at the landing where the trail comes out goes the same time as my home lake, but that first bay opens up to the main basin area that gets to 67’FOW, many times you get 7”-8” in the first bay then 200 yards out it’s suddenly 2” cuz it froze later, this year it was 9” everywhere. Since the initial dump of snow we had here that screwed the trails with downed trees we’ve had maybe 2”-3” of snow since the ice formed, so the lakes are makin real good ice this year. BTW, you said you were looking for a sled this year, I recommend 4 strokes.
  13. Hi all, My buddy and I headed out to break trail to our nearby favourite walleye lake, after an hour of breaking trail and checking ice conditions we got to one of our spots and spent another hour staring down the holes. Once the sun hit the treeline we had a short 20 minute flurry of action, iced 6 walleye but 4 were tiny and went back, I came home with my catch, one just under 18" and one just under 22". Fun afternoon.
  14. I’d take another winter like last year to be honest, love winter, love short winters even more these days…. Lol. whitefish won’t be for a while, they are mostly in the deeper bodies of water, some of which still have open water. good luck in yer yak!
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