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  1. Hi all, got up to Lac Seul here in NW Ontario for the first of our ‘3 Amigo’ fishing trips of the year. All reports, including the ones from folks at the landing moments before heading out, were indicating ‘spotty’ fishing at best. Late ice out, high water levels and a relatively cold start to the year had me believing it, as did the first 2 hours out there hopping around depths from 30’FOW to 4’FOW, with only a fish here and there from all those depths. Nothing really on the mid water humps, although some were absolutely loaded with schools of bait fish, the walleye won’t be far behind but not quite settled on those predictable and productive summer spots. The sweet spot seemed to be windswept shores between 8’ and 17’ FOW, and we found a particularly sweet stretch of shore with non stop 20”+ fish right under the boat. Leeches, plastics, minnows in that order worked best.
  2. Absolute blast jigging up 28” walleye in 7’FOW.
  3. A good job too, I spend most of my time repairing the thing. I don’t take it for granted! Yes Doug, they are pale. The Goon(Wabigoon Lake) is the Color of chocolate milk, I guess it creates low light penetration and like cave dwelling creatures they have no pigment, same thing happens to gamer teenagers… lol If only.
  4. My favourite time of year! I finish work at 8pm which gives me a good half hour to unwind at my dock. This time of year the walleyes are on in my bay for a couple of weeks. Nothing better than grabbing a bucket of minnows and a slip bobber and watching the sun go down.
  5. Oh man! Are you being Tazered in that picture?
  6. Me too, miss my hair greatly!
  7. Hi all, Well good news is the ice has gone marking the end of a brutally long winter. Bad news? Water levels are higher than they've been since 1940 or something like that. The two docks that I put in last year are toast...as is the case for many people. Roads washed out, communities cut off...pretty savage. Ice was out late, two weeks late give or take a day, 15th of May. It went quick once it went (taking my docks with it) and the walleye are starting to appear in our bay and i got half an hour in after work on season opener this past Saturday from my broken dock/deck, keep mentioning the docks...lol...but its peeing me off.
  8. I’d go, but I’m already here… lol.
  9. All the time in the boat, not on the ice, it’s a bit far to go and lots of current I’m not familiar with which is a good thing to know on the ice.
  10. Agree with this. Also what time of year are you thinking?
  11. Lol, surprisingly only one person showed up.
  12. Went back to secret lake #234 and got into some really chunky walleye with my buddy. Steady action once the bite started around 3:30pm. Here is some video from earlier in the week too.
  13. Thanks buddy, always appreciate the banter.
  14. I nearly lost it at the hole, was worth getting a wet arm for the picture…. Lol.
  15. You have some serious talent man! Those look like they would work for crappie.
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