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  1. Crappie after work.

    NOT bad at all! The size here have been good, lots of 14"ers. I have still yet to figure out what flicks the switch, have heard it has to do with plankton activity and all sorts but I am beginning to think the crappie decide for themselves...lol. Earlier in the week it was as you say, 10am to 2pm. Then it was as the sun rose and dead by 10am. Got out after work and the bite was 5 to 6pm. When I fished them down south at Erieau it could be anytime in 24hours, but there was a strong tide there. When I figure it out i'll retire on the profits....lol.
  2. Crappie after work.

    We plan our holiday so when we get back its not minus stupid degrees anymore, so far it has worked quite well. Its still light at around 730pm now, much more civilized...lol. As for your honey hole, unfortunately we have the same problem here, its just difficult to ban people from whole areas of the bush, I really feel some locals don't deserve what they have up here. The bite really died off here, at my spot anyway, a week ago I could limit out in under 2 hours, been the last few days with kids from work, we will maybe catch 2 or 3 between us, still nice to go fishing while at work though😎. Good job on 30+, any good size ones?
  3. Crappie after work.

    Not too long now, can't wait!
  4. Crappie after work.

    Hi all, Got a good crappie spot 10 minutes off the front lawn. Love the time change, that extra hour and warm weather makes my afterwork routine so much more fun than coming home at 4, eating, and wanting to go to bed by 6pm cuz its dark and cold!
  5. March break day 1,fish,fruit and ignorance

    Unreal! And that last picture , sorry your dentures fell out, lucky they didn't go down the hole, they could use a wash though.
  6. Home made Lasagna

    I think Canadians have a great sense of humour, very akin to the English, they get irony, sarcasm and weirdness....lol.. I could speak Italian when I was 4 years old, I lived up in the Alps north west of Turin for a couple years and went to school there, like you though I no longer speakadalingo. I used to work in an Italian run restaurant 100 years ago, they made a salmon and spinach ricotta lasagne, was just thinking the other day of trying the same thing with our local fish. My job for the first year there was almost exclusively making the fresh egg pasta, mixing the semolina and durum wheat flour, cracking about 2 billion eggs, heating the brass attachments for the different types of pasta that fit into the pasta machine, man was that stuff good fresh to of the machine, just a bit of butter salt and pepper.
  7. Home made Lasagna

    I'm also watching my carbs.
  8. Hi all, Got out yesterday for a couple of hours before work. Was going to go further afield but could not be bothered and decided to stay local, was going to make a 45 minute skidoo ride up the lake but that even seemed like a chore, ended up stopping at a spot 10 minutes from the house. This spot had been good a couple of years back but seemed to slack right off last year. However, I did venture there in the fall in my boat and found crappie in the deep holes and figured I should try again on the ice. The bite was intermittent but got a limit(15) in a couple of hours which was a nice result so close to home.
  9. No Ice Fishing?! so plan b it is

    Damn, that would have been plan A for me... Lol... Nice fish!
  10. Are Polarized Fishing Glasses worth it

    Interesting, thanks for posting, I don't do much wading, but yeah, when climbing over rocks etc, you could easily miss a step with the reader part at the bottom. I'm just waiting till next year when my benefits renew, then I'm getting a pair of decent prescription graduated bifocal polarized shades.
  11. Shore fishing

    LOL, they weren't too upset about me cooking a smorgasbord of fresh caught fish every evening for 2 weeks...lol. My dad would eat a small fried fish every morning for breakfast too. LOL, i'll be 52 in a week, you better be 100yrs old or I aint listening to you MUM.
  12. Shore fishing

    Hi all, Well thanks, or shall I say no thanks to GoPro this is the last video of my Antigua trip this year, the camera crapped out just as the fishing got really good. One day I am particularly upset about not capturing on video saw my little cove really come to life, I lost 5 BIG fish and landed 3 nice ones, only have cell phone footage of releasing one and a couple of pics from that day................ I did however manage to get my first visit to the cove on Video, it was a really good session too. I hooked into my biggest ever snapper, lost a couple big ones and got a few smaller fish too, which I gave to the security guard who waved me through the private land access to my spot every morning.
  13. Are Polarized Fishing Glasses worth it

    That is so true. I do however have a solution for that for those that wear reading glasses. The sunglasses with the reader lens built in at the bottom of the lenses are great because the magnified reading lense part is not polarized.
  14. Are Polarized Fishing Glasses worth it

    They cut the glare from the water too, so even if you are not needing to see the fish....after 12 hours on the water on a bright day my eyes are grateful too.
  15. Hi all, every year we go to Antigua I hook up with a local fishing guide and guest house owner and hit the water. I met him as a paying customer but after that initial meeting we became instant friends and now we just fish together, sharing spots and info. Great to have Nick as a friend, he selflessly takes time out from his busiest season to take me out using his equipment, I make sure I bring him a few hard to come by goodies. We have a bit of an ongoing joke that we always seem to do better when not fishing together, and it was looking that way after many frustrating hours of sight fishing Tarpon, we saw lots and got them to chase but could not hook them before they got spooked. We were going home when I decided to just flip my line over the back as we puttered along back to the landing when WHAM!...fish ON!