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  1. limeyangler

    Boy tames Snook.

    Hi all, fishing has been great, catching not so much... lol. Jack wanted to come early morning snook hunting with me and landed a dandy. The fish hit my weedless set up 3 times with no hook up so I changed us both over to 3/8oz swimbait jig head with a 3.5” Berkeley Ripple Shad in the tried and trusted pearl/pink. 3 minutes later I hear Jack yelling and turn around to see something on his line almost pulling him over. I had to use every ounce of self control not to take the rod from him even though he asked and was a little bit panicky, he thought it might be a shark and was scared. He did a superb job of taming the fish and was a little bit pumped, so pumped in fact that we ended up leaving 5 minutes later because he wanted to tell his mum!
  2. limeyangler

    Anyone have tips for fishing in Antigua?

    I see them often when wading the mangroves in Antigua. Some of the smaller ones are very inquisitive but don't seem aggressive. I swam with the bigger ones a couple of years ago while there and we were told to walk like you are dragging your feet, this alerts them to your presence and it also means you won't step on the spike with a downward motion. The instructors there were very sceptical of the Steve Irwin account as they say a lot of rays have either no ability to stab with their tails or have limited muscle movement in them, hence most injuries are from impaling as opposed to being struck at by the ray. Very cool creatures. Of course I videos the adventure.
  3. limeyangler

    Anyone have tips for fishing in Antigua?

    If you go back I shared a spot with Jimmer where I hook into Tarpon from shore there frequently, lots of small ones landed, the big ones are really difficult to keep on the line with light spinning gear, my guide friend there catches and lands beauties from shore fly fishing, there is a definite art to playing Tarpon, unfortunately it seems that art involves almost exactly the opposite of what I have muscle memory of doing when I hook into species here, I set the hook far too aggressively and keep the rod tip high, he goes nuts at me every time I do it and lose a fish, lol...I can't help myself. I should be packing...lol...so much to do in 1 day before we leave, man i need a break!
  4. limeyangler

    Anyone have tips for fishing in Antigua?

    Those are 100% small tarpon in the picture. I will too....lol.
  5. limeyangler

    Anyone have tips for fishing in Antigua?

    Could well have been snook too. Lots of snook around in the mangroves, they are tasty too.
  6. limeyangler

    Anyone have tips for fishing in Antigua?

    I'm going to try and go for them this year, thanks for the tips.
  7. limeyangler

    Anyone have tips for fishing in Antigua?

    That’s awesome Jimmer! Fishing is not easy there, I’ve spent 15 years searching out spots and techniques. I’ve never caught a lady fish, you are gonna have to tell me the spot, I would love to get a few in a cooler and use them for live bait! They would be fun on a bobber too. Another question, do you have to be booked into the resort to get access to the Tarpon pier? My guide buddy was going to take me night fishing with lights near there last year but we ran out of time. Thanks for the report, I’ll be there in 5 days, can’t wait.
  8. limeyangler

    Crappie in the Otter Lodge

    Hi all, We finally got a break in the weather here and it was up to a balmy -17℃ last Friday. Jack had a play date with a buddy so I took Rowan from the Camp I work for out for another crack at some crappie. We were there for at least six hours, there would be a gap in the action for a whole hour sometimes before a bunch of fish would move in, just enough action to keep us there that long, or at least not brave the cold to move spots. We had a great fish fry that evening, good times.
  9. limeyangler

    Sunday Afternoon Walleye.

    Thanks Bubbles. Just waiting for temperatures to return to sanity so I can go out again. Its been average -30℃ here for over 2 weeks, its getting boring....lol.
  10. limeyangler

    Terrova questions

    My 60" shaft is on my 16' alumacraft, I was worried it was too long but it fits no problem and the extra length comes in handy in rough water. What size boat you running?
  11. limeyangler

    Fish Finders N/F

    ^^^^^^ what he said.
  12. limeyangler

    How to choose braided line.

    LOL...NOOOOO! I have no interest in most TV fishing shows. Somehow I don't think the OP is going to run into financial problems if his line snaps other than the odd pricey bass lure. I kind of figured it was because of snags or something, but so far have not heard from him why he is going with that test line. There are some good, and relatively cheap, abrasion resistant lines out there. I bought some Tuff Line XP last year to try and beat the coral in Antigua while not compromising casting distance due to the ever present 30kmh+ Easterly wind. It cast just as far as the Power Pro Super 8 and held up way better when rubbing on coral. I had a couple fish take me right into the coral and under rock/coral shelves and I still landed them. Trial and error finding something that suits you, all the braids are good and bad, but if you are unfamiliar with using braid might be a good idea to try a couple different ones so you know what properties each one has and which of those properties works for you and go from there.
  13. limeyangler

    How to choose braided line.

    I am not a bass fisherman per se but do target them sometimes and get incidental catches too, I'm just wondering why 50lb braid is necessary...is it because of weeds or something? My reels have 10lb brain on and never had an issue, I use a spinning reel though, just wondering why such a heavy line.
  14. limeyangler

    Terrova questions

    Your best bet would be to confirm direct with Sail and explain the product description photo they have is different from Minnkota's. Also just like to point out the newer Terrova's now have a 'mega down imaging' option for the built in sonar this year.
  15. limeyangler

    How to choose braided line.

    What will you be fishing for and where will you be fishing? What kind of reel will you be using? Will you be using a leader or not? Some of the brands have a coating which make attaching leaders problematical. Casting, Jigging or Trolling, or all of these? How much do you want to spend? I consider these things when buying braid. Maybe elaborate on some of these points to help us give you some suggestions. You will get a lot of replies on this topic and there are a lot of folk that are into the whole Chevy/Ford type of argument /brand loyalty thing. I would say that all the brands have good products and bad products. Sometimes the product is actually good its just the wrong application that makes it seem like junk.....lol.....and sometimes its just junk.....NANOFIL!......lol.