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  1. Hi all, my adventures in trying my hand at guiding continue after last year’s first season. I’d say with the new owners I am 100% busier at the camp but word of mouth and business from my YouTube stuff has accounted for half the time spent guiding. I’ve not really had any bad days last year or this year, even when fishing is slow, so far so good. Some Clients tend to really appreciate me doing keepsake videos for them, and I thought I’d share them here on OFC in a little series, here is PT. 1.
  2. WOW! Nice pic and fish.
  3. Thanks guys! They are pretty rare in our lake. Funny thing happened yesterday too, went back casting in exactly the same place and here comes another rarity, an albino beaver!!! Wish I had a better camera than just my phone some days.
  4. Hi all, I was fishing in a lake where the bass are predominantly Smallies, but I caught a Largemouth there 7 years ago (nobody believed me until I showed them the picture), and I heard another one was caught 2 years ago in the same lake, but thats the only two I've heard of and I have not heard of any others being caught since then. I hooked into a bass there the other day and right away thought it looked weird. By weird I mean it looked like a cross between a Largemouth and a Smallmouth bass. Its mouth seemed larger and not as narrow and pointed when closed like a smallmouth and it had Large like markings on it. Having said that it was more green like a Smallie and even though its mouth was larger it was still not quite like the yap on a Largie. I got to wondering if because i knew there were at least 2 largemouth in the lake whether it was possible for them to crossbreed and after 5 minutes on Google found out they can and the offspring are called 'Meanmouth' Bass, what do you guys think?
  5. Hi all, Walleye is closed here for a couple more days so took the opportunity to head out on my home Lake Wabigoon to search for pike, bass and perch. Water is still chilly, with the highest surface temp being 54℉. Bass and Pike are aggressive at the moment, preferring large swimbaits and spinnerbaits over live baits. Perch are where they should be but bite is slow. A week or so and the crappie should move in which is a bonus, but there are plenty of in season fish biting without the crappie and walleye.
  6. Ice is finally gone. Just messing around from shore for pike and bass. Bass still deep, coming shallow(er) to feed, pike in shallow and very active, good fun. Slip bobbers and LARGE minnows.
  7. How about forcing some of these big telecoms that hold Monopolies in Canada invest some of the billions they are spending on 5G to get infrastructure to a place where the whole of Canada has access to reliable, cheap and fast internet service, my 2 attempts at an internet speed test just now look like this, all for the princely sum of $90 a month.
  8. I cannot imagine choosing a rod any other way than going into a store with a good selection and holding the rod in my hand and asking to pair it with a reel they have in store, either the same as the one I intend to use or similar, but Fenwick, St.croix and Shimano rods have always been a good choice for me.
  9. Hey Brian, I only started cooking and cleaning them last year really. I had eaten it before that when other folks had prepared it, but was put off keeping them because I thought the cleaning process sounded beyond my capabilities and span of attention...lol. I watched a couple of Youtube videos and thought it looked pretty simple, and it is! The only thing you have to make sure of before you clean them is that the fish is not frozen solid and your knife is razor sharp, other than that you need a pair of pliers to peel them like a banana, if you manage not to go right through the meat when making the cut for the skin after peeling there are three easy steps for three cuts of meat, no more time to prepare than say a Laker or Pike and surprisingly less messy than you would think. I'll try and do a cleaning video soon, but here is a culinary experiment my sidekick and I did last year.
  10. Yeah, it was a hoot, going back today, ice is still good for at least a week.
  11. Hi all, Have been meaning to do this for a couple years now but never got round to it. Basically the Ling spawn this time of year and stack up. Finally made it out with a 2 hour window of opportunity before work. I thought you had to fish them at night but a buddy said they hit during the day at this time of year. He was not wrong, could not get a line down fast enough for the whole time I was there. I wanted to leave after an hour but it was so fun i stayed for 2. Lots of ice left so i think I will have to do that again before they finish their spawn and go when I have more time so I can chase lakers too.
  12. Hi all, believe it or not I was working.
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