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  1. Yeah, Roloff used to accompany me more often, he loves chasing the snow machine but just can’t keep up anymore, First ice and spring was usually our ice time anyway, way too cold for him to be out for hours the rest of winter here, especially on the ice, his pads get tore up pretty bad even when it’s mild, and he would be a nightmare to have in the Otter pop up.
  2. Lol, trying to hatch a dead grouse....lol. He sure does. Because I’m always videoing when fishing, he now knows that when he hears the 3 beeps of my GoPro starting to record I probably have a fish on and comes running over...so smart!
  3. Hi All, Still lots of ice here but spring is on the way for sure. I used to take my dog fishing lots more than I do now, even though he makes it quite clear when I am heading out that he wants to go. Unfortunately for him he suffers from the same thing I do, my brain still behaves like a 17 year old, but my body doesn't, and he will injure himself in pursuit of what he loves. With less snow, warmer temps and the need to drive to access lakes I can normally get to by sled, taking the pup with me becomes more feasible. I just wish he could hunt as well as he fishes, lol, its a complete @#$% show taking him grouse hunting.
  4. Thanks buddy, you too. You're welcome Bill, stay healthy.
  5. Duterte had hit squads murdering anyone suspected of being involved with drugs long before Covid hit.
  6. I bought 10 dozen and have a bait tank, our local bait shop is deemed an essential service as it has a laundromat attached. I still don't go there as of last week and will use plastics and mainly fish crappie when the minnows are done. The ling are also active now and I have a whole bunch of frozen ciscos, they will whack a chunk of that on a 3" Little Cleo, so pretty much keeping ourselves to ourselves out here with 9 acres and the occasional shopping trip and dump runs. Having said that the work i do is supporting people with disabilities to live independently in the community, I am on holiday for the next week but will be returning to work. One of my jobs will be taking clients laundry to the laundromat, so while I'm there might as well load up with bait if needed, yes, only one laundromat in town.
  7. I leave from my house, and i'm on the lake, I don't go anywhere near any people if I even see anyone, I have enough gas to last a year lol and my wife does the shop only when necessary.
  8. Hi all, The world has turned upside down and it feels like the sky is actually falling on our heads, but amidst the mayhem there is some normality to be had. I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy as possible. Personal distancing NW Ontario style below.
  9. Hi all, Wanted to try for more Burbot, never fished them at dark before so headed out wayyyy later than usual. I got slimed!
  10. Hi all, Self ICE-olation is going well, went out for crappie that were a bit slow so changed up lakes and went for Burbot instead, good fun.
  11. Good info, did not know that. The Crappie in Wabigoon Lake are interesting. I moved here in 2007 and caught my first one that summer, it was a slab of around 14” inches. Growth rates vary from place to place and from source of info too, but after studying up and factoring in the slower growth rates you generally get in fish this far north, I would say that the first one I caught was at least 10 years old. It was not until a couple years later that I discovered how to catch them consistently by accident one springtime. At that point there were very few locals I knew that targeted them or even knew what a crappie was. Once the word got out about 5 years ago they are very popular locally, and people think they have only been here a few years, but unless the crappy that I caught was one of the originals ‘introduced’ to the lake they have been in the lake for 20 years at least. I have heard two versions from 2 separate Conservation Officers , one said they got into the Wabigoon chain of lakes by way of the humble pelican, pelicans find them easy prey when they are shallow in the spring and full of eggs, they consume them, fly to other lakes, take a poo containing in damaged eggs and those hatch. The other version is a local guy, who has since passed away, introduced them illegally in the mid / late 80’s, It could be a bit of both but I tend to believe the latter.
  12. oooooh, that would sting a bit.
  13. Hi all, Living on Wabigoon Lake I have spent a lot of time chasing crappie in the past few years, this year the crappie bite has been slow so I have mostly fished for walleye. After good success at Walleye and Lake Trout I headed out with a buddy to try for some crappie. We found an area that we knew held fish in previous years, drilled some holes and despite reservations about being in 19'FOW (usually we go a little deeper on Wabigoon) the fish were there. It was not as frantic as it can be, with fish coming through every 20 minutes or so. Some nice slabs but mostly medium sized ones with a few dinks. Nice to get some panfish action for a change, got a plan to try for Burbot sometime in the next week too. Ultra lite rod, 4lb fluorocarbon line and a small cast master spoon tipped with a minnow head works for me while my buddy was using a similar set up with a small buckshot spoon tipped with pink gulp maggots. I got 10 and my friend got eight. We could have probably got our limits of 15 each but we packed up early as he was on night shift.
  14. Thanks! On this lake I am fishing a mud flat close to mid lake structure. I don’t fish deeper than 40’ FOW although the lake goes to 150’FOW. This lake is full of smelt which the whitefish are keyed into, small white tube jigs and even up to 4.5” tube jigs get the best results, tried everything that the collective wisdom on whitefish suggests, but white crappie tubes on a 16th oz jig head is best on this lake from my experiences. The bonus of the whitefish liking the tubes is that the trout love them too, as you can see in the video that BIG laker took a 1” tube jig. Hope that helps.
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