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  1. limeyangler

    Jack on the Tundra.

    Hi all, The weather is crazy here, seems to be the norm nowadays. Friday was +1℃ and today is meant to be going up to +5℃, its usually around -15℃ daytime and approaching 'minus completely ridiculous℃' at night. So, with school finished and both of us gravitating towards the couch and our phones/ipads, I suggested we take advantage of the warm weather and head out on the skidoos. Jack didn't need any persuading and he got dressed for a ride while I went to fire up his Yammy Bravo which had not been started since spring. After a few pulls she fired up and cut out, one more pull on the rope and it snapped. I decided to see if jack would attempt Mum's Tundra. He got on with some nervousness and giggles and away he went. He says he loves it. He likes being able to turn the throttle round and squeeze as opposed to using his thumb. He also likes the heated grips and I swear he was looking at me like " you had me driving that other piece of #$#@ for the last 2 years?!". I like that it has an 'ECO mode' on it, that when turned on, stops it from accelerating fast. It is a tippy machine , but seems less so when a smaller person is riding. jack is learning Angles at school at the moment so he totally understood what I was talking about when I told him to go over any ridges or bumps at right angles to avoid tipping, he navigated the plowed ice road snow banks like an expert. Roloff did not make the video part of our excursion as he was toast after our first little trial run and limped back to the house, poor dog, I know how he feels.
  2. limeyangler

    Wilderness walleye and pike.

    Oh yeah, the tracks that you see in this video are mostly mine, but on this trip out there were new skidoo tracks that were not there a few days before. I work lots of weekends and I'm off during the week so have the lakes to myself a lot.
  3. limeyangler

    Wilderness walleye and pike.

    Thanks Brian, don't know why, but sometimes I paste the link and the video thumbnail shows, sometimes not.
  4. limeyangler

    Wilderness walleye and pike.

    It’s in the yard, we hardly have any snow so I am taking the quad, it’s waaaay better on gas. Also the temps have been mild and on one of the trails there is a beaver dam and stream that goes across the trail. It is usually frozen but not this year, and when it’s not frozen it is usually only a couple inches deep but it’s up to the wheel arches on the quad this year, not really wanting to go through it on the Expedition .
  5. limeyangler

    Wilderness walleye and pike.

    Hi all, Had to go back again to a spot where the 'eyes are biting. Took the drone with me again. It is only rated for safe operation at 0 celcius, but it performed well the other day in -17C. Any way, the fish did not dissapoint, and i got to give a shout out to 2 young Youtube fans of mine, they are gonna be super excited, makes me smile.
  6. limeyangler

    Braided line fluro leader

    Uni to uni for me in most situations. I used to use the micro swivels, but I like the longer leader and as small as they are, they get ice build up and get stuck in the guides. The micro swivel on the shorter leader would also attract fish past my bait in some situations, especially panfish. I've had crappie more interested in the swivel than the bait, almost thought of freelining a micro swivel....lol. What I did like about the micro swivels was it helped avoid line twist. Nothing worse than trying to present a bait motionless when all the while it is doing the 'helicopter' under your feet. I got round this by using micro snap swivels at the hook end. The FG knot is AMAZING! However, given the size of line I use for ice fishing the FG not is useless as it is only effective using very mismatched line diameters, i.e. thin braid and fat fluorocarbon. I would say go with a long leader( fluorocarbon has very little stretch compared to mono) and uni to uni with or without a micro snap at the hook end. Keep some micro swivels with you and watch your fish finder, if fish are coming up but not biting change things up or take up golf.😜
  7. limeyangler

    Another good walleye session.

    Hi all, got out again for an hour, actually had 3 hours to spare but it eats into fishing time taking Berty the drone out. Bite was half an hour later than last time, probably because of the clear bright conditions. Got some nice walleye and some bigger ones this time, a 25” and 22” with three just under 18” and a pike, not a bad hours fishing if you ask me.
  8. limeyangler

    Icy Walleye.

    It is definitely early ice this year, like last year, not usual at all to be on the ice road in November that's for sure.
  9. limeyangler

    Icy Walleye.

    ERRRRM, you must have the new Mavic 2, mine has no zoom, to get that shot I had to stop, go higher and refund my quad in active mode and keep driving. I have it on auto settings for everything, Just less hassle if not the best results.
  10. limeyangler

    Icy Walleye.

    LOL....I'm losing so many fish so far I have to look at all the free bait they are getting as an investment.
  11. limeyangler

    Icy Walleye.

    No problem, I love getting my fix of jealous people, happens every year at around the same time, but by mid January I fade away into mediocracy and insignificance again.....lol.
  12. limeyangler

    Icy Walleye.

    LOL...not overnight, and how and when i get it up is NOYB!
  13. limeyangler

    Icy Walleye.

    Hi all, We have had fishable ice here for about 3 weeks now but this was my first outing by quad. Only about 4" of snow on the ground here so chose the quad over the sled, better on gas. The lake I went to is accessible from our shore across the lake and through the bush/skidoo trails, always a fun ride. Had to be a bit mindful when I got there as early ice can vary from place to place. We have 12" on our lake and I'm taking the ice road to work now, but the lake in the video is a different animal to Wabigoon lake. It is deeper and tends to freeze later. Also with the North/ South orientation of the lake it tends to freeze first at the access point and up to a week later in the main basin where I fish. After some checking turns out like most of the lakes here it froze over in one night as the thickness was 8"-9" of clear black ice at the landing and in the main body. Fishing was good and I got a limit within an hour and a half, lots of missed bites too, good fun.
  14. limeyangler


    I challenge anyone to duplicate my singing skills, they’re hideous!
  15. limeyangler

    Shortest fall season ever

    This year is the earliest i've iced fished here, could have been fishing midweek if my work schedule had permitted. 7" on the main lake this evening.