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  1. Hi all, more ice fishing video for y'as. This is a compilation of three short sessions I had about two weeks ago. Walleye, pike and a few whitefish.
  2. Thanks, headed back there with my son today, windy out there but warmer.
  3. Hi all, Got to mix my two of my favourite things last weekend, family time and fishing time. Went out at stoopid O'clock solo and got a few fish then returned home. My son asked where I had been while he was bowling in the morning and when I told him he looked disappointed, I said we could go back after lunch....BIG SMILE. We took the fire pit and fished/messed around until dusk before coming home. Fishing was exactly that in the afternoon, I fished but caught nothing. Anyhoo, fun times for all in beautiful NW Ontario.
  4. Thanks, and yes, it was pretty cold that day, but it’s toasty in the pop up shelter.
  5. Hi all, Managing to grab short sessions early and late recently. I got out just before sunrise last week, stunning scenery and a few fish, great start to the day.
  6. Absolutely exhausting, but worth it. Thats the trick, occupying short attention spans, hence the hot chocolate, the unconventional weiner roast, fish finders, headlamps and banter, skidoo ride.
  7. Hi all, I love sharing my passion and seeing the joy it brings.
  8. Got out for an hour and a half before sundown. Slow start but it picked up as the sun hit the tree line. All cookie cutter 19"ers with a couple bigger ones. https://youtu.be/zX8WQZ0M3Ug
  9. Hi all, Got out to my favourite convenient walleye spot, always a nice ride from the house, they even groomed the trail on the lake this year! Its been really mild here, averaging around -6℃ for the last couple of weeks. Only been getting out the last few days as I got my rear end kicked by a killer bout off flu or what ever, more like the plague if you ask me. Anyways, loving the mild temps at the moment, and the fish are plentiful too, pike, walleye and whitefish. Might try for trout somewhere next week, but I've got 12 days straight at work coming up, so unlikely....lol.
  10. Had a couple hours to kill before picking Jack up from school, took off from the house on the sled , awesome groomed trails on the lake and through the bush, but my destination lake was a slush pit, managed to get enough for supper, worth the trip! https://youtu.be/mE6Xd9vX8U8
  11. Good stuff! Thanks for posting. Slush is horrible here too.
  12. Took my neighbour to try and get him his first Lake Trout through the ice. He got A nice one, job done! We lost a few more fish and I got some whitefish. The pike were everywhere on my spot that day, got some nice ones in the mid 30”s. We have been planning to go fishing for 3 years, lol, finally made it. Jared had a nice trout supper with his family, and my crew got whitefish soup.
  13. Glad you are ok, scary stuff for sure. Thanks for posting, takes courage to admit a mistake, especially on a public forum. Personally I think you took good precautions and its one of those things where the saying 'no ice is safe ice' rings true, could happen to any of us out there braving the elements to get our fix.
  14. Great pics! Thanks for that Cliff. Looks like you had the pier to yourself too.
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