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  1. Cant imagine, don't want to even , the pain this poor mother feels right now. I have read all the comments on here and it seems that a lot of the opinions about what the solutions are to bullying are something I take issue with but am silenced by the sites 'no politics' policy. What I will say is that some seem to think bullying is worse today than it was in the golden years of yesteryear, from a person of colour who was beaten regularly for that reason alone at school, and knowing many other people who suffered the same, the Golden years of yesteryear don't exist for a lot of people who lived through that mythical period.
  2. Yes I was, no different than big pike really, I have protective gloves, all my tools close at hand. I use my walleye net with no problems. I have a GoPro mount glued to the top of my trolling motor and the camera is voice activated, so takes seconds to setup for a snap. Only one treble on the small spoon which was actually on the outside of its mouth, lucky to land it really, but made for an easy release.
  3. Thanks for the tip, I have them in the boat, I love repps spinners and upgraded to some bigger ones. I caught zilch on the inlines, tried buzzing them over the weeds, same deal with spinner baits, will be revisiting that next year though for sure, and if I get out again before the freeze will for sure try again and let you know how it worked out. I was catching a ton of smaller pike the other day in a bay I did well trolling spinner baits in spring and summer, i would get one ever pass on a big spoon or 8" squirrely jointed believer, tried a spinner bait and did not get hit, switched back and instant bite, weird.
  4. Thanks Brian, just dipping a toe in the water so to speak, actually, I might think twice about dipping my toes in Wabigoon now....lol....lol.
  5. I have the video of the catch and release on the way. I caught some pike that day too, just have to sort through the footage. I had three hours to kill before work, so I decided to go and explore the South shore of Wabigoon as I never venture there, very hazardous with rocks. Found some beauty spots to cast for big pike and Musky, can't wait till spring. I got tired of casting in the rain and wind after 2 hours and decided to go and catch a few crappie and walleye in my regular spots closer to home, spent 45 minutes without a bite! Decided to cast for a pike in a spot 100yrds from my crappie spot, tied on a 3" spoon and cast at the corner of some reeds that still had a smattering of green cabbage in front of it. First cast felt a light tap/knock, cast again same spot and felt the same light tap as I pulled it past the cabbage, decided to set the hook on what I though for sure was a hammer handle pike, how wrong could i be! Have not fished for walleye much at all since the last lady I guided back in September. While trying to up my game casting for pike I am developing a new addiction, many warned me but i'm proud and thought I was above that....lol. I am still casting stuff that i know pike will take too so I get a bit more action, but the Musky don't seem to mind the slightly smaller stuff I have been throwing, in particular spoons and the pike don't seem to mind the big musky stuff when they are in the mood. I feel like i'm fishing a new lake again, trying new stuff and venturing to parts I have been driving by on the way to fish for walleye. I used to have a big hate on for Wabigoon, but since I started guiding 2 years ago I had to spend more time on it, and given that I live on the lake it's easy to do, the results of my efforts have made me do a complete 180º, LOVE THIS LAKE! Thanks! Looking forward to next year targeting them in the weeds. Thanks Capitano! Its already snowing here, watching the temps carefully this time of year, try to keep the boat out as long as possible but need a warm day to winterize the outboard when the garden hose pipe is not frozen, 2 weeks tops given the longterm forecast before its below zero here day and night. lol, it literally tapped the spoon like a small pike! The red fins are amazing eh? Hopefully not long before I get a 50". I saw one last year that attacked a small walleye I was reeling in, must have been approaching 60"!!!! They are in this lake FOR SURE! Thanks HH! I am leaning that way too, I have spent HOURS this fall firing giant suiks, Jakes, bulldawgs etc...etc and NOTHING! I have caught all my musky on spoons no larger than 5", jakes no larger than 6" and Shimano Waxwing Jrs. I have to say it is a confidence thing, I know once I get one throwing the larger stuff I will be more inclined to use it, but its catch 22, because I probably don't allow myself enough time and switch over to smaller stuff after only an hour with no bites.
  6. hi all, been spending some time exploring my home lake , casting as I go, got into a nice musky in 2’FOW on the edge of some reeds. Water temp is 51F and rain, rain, RAIN! This is the 2nd 40”+ musky I’ve caught in the last month or so on a small spoon, a Warden’s Worry Wobbler spoon to be exact, so much for casting all those giant cranks!
  7. I’m starting to get into it, I’m kinda just casting for pike or anything, went out today for 6 hours in the pouring rain and got 4 musklettes(small ones... lol) , like you say, it’s nice to be 30 seconds from Wabigoon and 20 minutes to Eagle Lake.
  8. It was a cool experience for sure, i've been trying to replicate it for the last 2 weeks without catching one, but i'm learning all the time and fishing areas i've never fished on Wabigoon, feels like a new lake some days. That's awesome, thanks for the history lesson, will investigate that further.
  9. Next year for sure, he is more into bird hunting though. It is hovering around 60℉. I WISH! Got one already but it takes up too much room in the boat, lol.
  10. Hi all, I have begun experimenting with casting for pike and musky, never really gave it much of a go but am learning to like it a lot this year. There are some really nice pike on the reefs and in the weeds this time of year and the muskies seem to be in 2' to 5' in the weed also. Here are a couple of musky I got on film a couple days ago.
  11. Hi all, my adventures in trying my hand at guiding continue after last year’s first season. I’d say with the new owners I am 100% busier at the camp but word of mouth and business from my YouTube stuff has accounted for half the time spent guiding. I’ve not really had any bad days last year or this year, even when fishing is slow, so far so good. Some Clients tend to really appreciate me doing keepsake videos for them, and I thought I’d share them here on OFC in a little series, here is PT. 1.
  12. WOW! Nice pic and fish.
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