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  1. Cool, yeah I have an xtra heavy and a heavy St.croix. I recently got the xtra heavy because I was losing too many fish, don’t think the heavy action had enough backbone for good hook sets, especially at distance. I also have a Stradic 4000 spooled with 30lb power pro Super Slick8, works like a dream, casts to the horizon and no birds nests, also much more versatile setup than with the bait caster, a bait caster would be virtually unworkable for when I visit Antigua with the prevailing gale force easterly winds that rarely drop below 30kmh .
  2. Hundred yards might be an exaggeration… lol…but easily 75 feet. I actually use a spinning reel on a Heavy St.croix, I can cast pretty darned far, and it’s what I’m used to, I have the Tranx and a Beast, not a fan of bait casters.
  3. CD5940CC-F0DF-429B-B3B9-628013A3AE0D.png
    Had a bunch of follows yesterday evening and got a consolation prize of a wee little one that chased a whopper plopped a full 100yrds, made quite a wake for such a little guy. I couldn’t help notice the distinct ‘bars’ on it… tiger musky?
  4. Caught a musky while taking a break from casting, then when I am trying to catch one they get off, pfft!
  5. My guidewear is awesome, and I’m rough on my gear, keeps me completely dry, not a hole , tear or rip after 6 years. I bought the lightweight ones with lots of extra room to bundle up underneath, use summer and on the ice, not tried any other brands so can’t comment, but I highly recommend Guidewear by Cabelas.
  6. I never got a tape on it, it was such a shambles netting and unhooking all by myself in almost complete darkness I thought it best to get it in the water again ASAP, it swam away happily. My initial thoughts were over 50”, and looking at the picture my guess is well over 50”. It’s head across the top from gill plate to gill plate must have been 9”, a really scary beast! I’m 6’2” and if I held it up it would come up to my chest at least, I think it was just under 60” but I guess I’ll never know or be able to prove it, but I’m counting myself in the over 50” no matter what anyone says.
  7. 43DA786B-EEB3-4A49-A9DC-0BE7BF568FA6.jpeg
    Been fishing almost exclusively for musky this past week by myself and two evenings with a Father and son staying at Indian Point Camp where I guide from time to time. I’m relatively new to the musky game, and scoffed at people when they told me it’s addictive, I have to admit I have an addiction…. 😂. Been raising fish, follows, and heartbreaking losses before getting the net under them, too many to even put a number to, but did put some in the boat.
  8. Get floats, dock at my place and take me with you.
  9. Ya, he is joining me for a tournament next weekend called The Covid Classic, should be fun.
  10. Jack has caught the fishing bug this year. Loving spending time in the boat with him. He is a pretty good angler and watches and learns really quick.
  11. Hi all, This video is from almost 4 weeks ago, internet issues has me way behind on uploading videos. While I love fishing for walleye and look forward to the season opener with great anticipation it does not mean I sit and stare longingly at the open water for three weeks. Bass, Pike and crappie are open all year here and its not long after the last iceberg has been pushed to shore that I head out. Love the spring action, even though the pike were a bit conspicuous by there absence, well the big girls anyway.
  12. That is a mammoth report man! I have only got half way through but will get back to the rest of it, the lake is calling me! Thanks for taking what must have been hours and hours putting that together, appreciated!
  13. LOL, so CANADIAN with your Timmies, love it!
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