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  1. Got out for a few shorter Musky sessions last week on Wabigoon Lake both solo and with friends. Musky were feisty and hungry, still to be found in 3’ - 6’ FOW in the remaining/ remnants of the cabbage and coontail weeds. Only had one session with no musky follows or netted, but picked up some decent pike that afternoon as a consolation prize for breaking my right arm casting…. Lol. Still throwing bucktails. Walleye are still around on the humps, as too are the crappie and bass, just haven’t spent much time fishing them while bigger toothy critters want to play.
  2. I make a pittance compared to what I could make in a city, but “good living” is more than money for me, I’m happy here, poor…. Lol… but rich in other ways.
  3. Had plenty of those days too....just makes for a pretty boring video, so you don't see them.....lol.
  4. Kind of 'iffy' on the topwater, which is a shame because nothing beats that sudden explosion. Mostly bucktails buzzed over the weeds, with the odd spinnerbait (when the weed is really thick) or a boilermaker. Its weird because I can buzz all of those lures over the tops of cabbage which in effect is 'topwater' , but throw an actual topwater on and there seems to be little to no interest whatsoever.
  5. Thanks Rich, not world records for sure, but fun as heck anyway.
  6. 3DDB8869-71B2-4913-A251-05EEB064EF2F.jpeg
    Yes, Wabigoon Lake looks like a Timmies double/double all year. The whole area is mostly clay. The fish are also very pale, low light penetration, kind of the same effect as those albino salamanders that live in caves, lol, no need for any pigment. It’s all vibration and scent for fishing. Got a couple more yesterday evening too, definitely holds lots of fish despite the water clarity. Walleye, perch, pike, crappie, bass and musky, lots to choose from. I’ve even caught the odd whitefish and eel pout too, very productive but also challenging, good fun. Yesterday’s musky……(and a decent pike)
  7. Right? That is the coolest and most heart stopping thing when it happens. Thanks Wayne!! Thanks Terry!
  8. Been having fun the last week or so, teasing a few musky from the last of the weeds here on Wabigoon Lake.
  9. Finally finding some time to put some of the footage I’ve been taking of my fishing outings. I was kinda forced to as 2 year’s worth has filled my SSD and my external hard drives….lol. This is from this spring, ootanaboot with my lad.
  10. Cool, yeah I have an xtra heavy and a heavy St.croix. I recently got the xtra heavy because I was losing too many fish, don’t think the heavy action had enough backbone for good hook sets, especially at distance. I also have a Stradic 4000 spooled with 30lb power pro Super Slick8, works like a dream, casts to the horizon and no birds nests, also much more versatile setup than with the bait caster, a bait caster would be virtually unworkable for when I visit Antigua with the prevailing gale force easterly winds that rarely drop below 30kmh .
  11. Hundred yards might be an exaggeration… lol…but easily 75 feet. I actually use a spinning reel on a Heavy St.croix, I can cast pretty darned far, and it’s what I’m used to, I have the Tranx and a Beast, not a fan of bait casters.
  12. CD5940CC-F0DF-429B-B3B9-628013A3AE0D.png
    Had a bunch of follows yesterday evening and got a consolation prize of a wee little one that chased a whopper plopped a full 100yrds, made quite a wake for such a little guy. I couldn’t help notice the distinct ‘bars’ on it… tiger musky?
  13. Caught a musky while taking a break from casting, then when I am trying to catch one they get off, pfft!
  14. My guidewear is awesome, and I’m rough on my gear, keeps me completely dry, not a hole , tear or rip after 6 years. I bought the lightweight ones with lots of extra room to bundle up underneath, use summer and on the ice, not tried any other brands so can’t comment, but I highly recommend Guidewear by Cabelas.
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