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  1. Hi all, I've been catching a bunch of Burbot recently and decided to keep some. I have eaten it before and consider it one of the best, it's just I did not know how to clean them properly, then I watched a Youtube video, it's actually very easy, slimy, smelly, but easy. Wanted to experiment beyond the poor man's lobster and beer batter options, although those are good too. Had the chance to get in the kitchen yesterday, and Jack was all over the idea of helping cooking and making a recipe video. So here goes............ Lemon Crusted Burbot on veggie spaghetti with a Moroccan chilli sauce.
  2. Fishing in -30ºC

    The weather is ridiculous, it goes to -20ºC and everyone starts talking about waxing bikini lines! The dish turned out great BTW............. even made a video of the recipe with my helper Jack, will take a while to put together though. Thanks man! Waaaaaay to cold...even for 'Jack 'o the North' as his gramps calls him. pfffft...after you matey....lol. better safe than sorry eh? Thermo is ok, no condensation freeze up, but they don't hold the heat as well as they are advertised. 'oooooh....me nipples were like bullets!'
  3. Fishing in -30ºC

    Hi all, The Arctic weather continues here, and even with a shelter I am finding it hard to motivate myself to go out but still do just to maintain a socially acceptable level of sanity, anyway....it toughens the nipples which is good for breast feeding. Headed across our lake early yesterday morning to meet with a buddy on his home lake, I was set up and fishing by 9am and got a text at 11 am saying he was too hungover to make it, I texted back to say the fishing up to that point was probably worse than his hangover. It took almost five hours before I landed a fish. It was a tiny laker that had been keeping me company for that whole time and probably decided that since we had known each other for a long time we should meet, kind of like internet dating I guess. After that 1st fish, the lakers turned on, suspended and on the bottom, that lasted an hour and then the Burbot came out in force. I put the Lake Trout back and kept the Burbot, got a nice bag of cod fillets out of the deal, just deciding what to cook with them, not a great fan of the 'poor man's lobster' option (sorry Misfish), but thinking a lemon crusted fillet, steamed in wine on a bed of garlic butter zucchini spaghetti would be better, but that's just me.....lol. 64' FOW again, same spot as the other day. Trout would hit anything, burbot would only hit small acme spoons tipped with a minnow resting on the bottom. The burbot are small but my hungover buddy fishes them at night in March during the spawn, he says he gets much bigger ones....cant wait!
  4. Ice fishing Lakers and Burbot.

    LOL...thanks for the recipe Brian. I seem to fish....work....sleep..........you are right.....better eat something too! Slimey buggers.....eeeeeeeels!
  5. Anybody seen one of these on the ice?

    This might work, not sure on the price though.
  6. Ice fishing Lakers and Burbot.

    Thanks Bruce. It was fun for sure, I have a buddy i'm going fishing with on Saturday who lives on that lake, he does night fishing for them in March, can't wait to give it a shot. They are fun, not sure what pics you are talking about though....lol. Thanks Joey, I was thinking about your Ling video the whole time....night fishing ling is on my radar now. Thanks bud!
  7. Hi all, Well the -30ºC temps finally gave way to a balmy -7ºC and not wanting to look in the gift horse's mouth I seized the opportunity to go fishing. I had work that afternoon so only managed a couple of hours but fish were caught and a buddy turned up on his sled and came in for a chat which added to the fun. Was hoping to get a couple of trout for my neighbour's smoker, got one but it was a decent size, and the ling showed up in force which made for some action despite being a slow morning for lakers.
  8. Hockey Night In Canada (NF)

    Thanks mate....good to hear from someone who appreciates just what an jerk it is to make it and keep it going! Yessiree.....gotta be done. And yeah....this weather needs to go away fast!
  9. Hockey Night In Canada (NF)

    Hi all, After many attempts, finally got the rink up to playing standard. This year has been a nightmare to get it done. We had a great freeze up and then it dumped a ton of heavy, wet snow on the fresh ice. Then it was all 0ºC to +5C º for a couple of weeks. Slush, ice heaves, rain, snow made for a lot of work this year, Plowing with the quad was almost useless as the surface was too rough but I did try.................... only for this to happen. I ended up clearing by hand, have the blisters to prove it...lol. My work schedule is hectic too this year which does not help either, but I was determined to get it done for the kids over Xmas. Xmas arrives and the whole area is under a severe weather alert for the last week, wind chills to -46ºC on the 25th, 26th, so even though the cold temps with snow helped me to get a nice smooth surface the kids did not want to play out, don't blame them...lol. On Wednesday it started out brutally cold............... But by 2pm it had gone up to a balmy -19ºC!!!! I went down and swept the rink of and set up the flood lights and surprised the kids..... They had a blast....made all the work well worth it 😃 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
  10. Never before have I had to wrap a present in -30ºC in the dark....looks ok I think.

    AWE......she is adorable! Happy for you both.
  12. GOT A WALLEYE...its a start!

    Disgusting eh?
  13. More skidooing than fishing.

    Hi all, Its been a sketchy start to the ice season, just as the ice was setting up nicely we got the mother of all snowstorms that dumped 2 feet of heavy wet snow on the ice, it got cold right after but messed the ice up good. Finally got a few hours off work and decided to head out from my place. The lake I went to was sketchy, 9" of crappy ice at the landing, and then only 5" of solid black ice in the main basin, took a long time to finally drill a hole after breaking trail and checking ice as I went............ https://youtu.be/L_HYYxMMm5U
  14. Skidoo GPS recommendations needed

    I have a 62 also, been through hell and back and still performs flawlessly. I think they are discontinued now and the latest model is the 64. You could pick the whole deal up from GPSCity for $380 taxes and shipping included in that price. http://www.gpscity.ca/garmin-gpsmap-64s-newly-overhauled http://www.gpscity.ca/ram-mount-garmin-gpsmap-62-62s-62st-mount-cradle-ram-hol-ga41u http://www.gpscity.ca/ram-mount-diamond-plate-with-1-inch-ball-ram-b-238u http://www.gpscity.ca/ram-mount-medium-arm-b-socket-ram-b-201u http://www.gpscity.ca/ram-mount-tough-claw-universal-quick-release-clamp-base-1-inch-b-ball-rap-b-400u