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  1. Ya, he is joining me for a tournament next weekend called The Covid Classic, should be fun.
  2. Jack has caught the fishing bug this year. Loving spending time in the boat with him. He is a pretty good angler and watches and learns really quick.
  3. Hi all, This video is from almost 4 weeks ago, internet issues has me way behind on uploading videos. While I love fishing for walleye and look forward to the season opener with great anticipation it does not mean I sit and stare longingly at the open water for three weeks. Bass, Pike and crappie are open all year here and its not long after the last iceberg has been pushed to shore that I head out. Love the spring action, even though the pike were a bit conspicuous by there absence, well the big girls anyway.
  4. That is a mammoth report man! I have only got half way through but will get back to the rest of it, the lake is calling me! Thanks for taking what must have been hours and hours putting that together, appreciated!
  5. LOL, so CANADIAN with your Timmies, love it!
  6. That looks amazing, i am a wuss, I find canoe fishing extremely uncomfortable, nothing that a bit more discipline and self care would not fix though.
  7. That looks like heaven brother! Thanks for sharing, nice, very nice walleye!
  8. Thanks buddy, We are remaining vigilant up here too. While this horrid virus ravages everything we took for granted a lot of the time, having everything you love on your doorstep, with the added advantage of being able to continue to do those things you love is not lost on me, its going to be an odd summer not doing my guiding or seeing any US folks on the lake, more fish for me....lol.
  9. Hi all, finished the dock I started last year. Used some ‘Z’ purling from the dump, an old I beam joist my neighbour gave me and my neighbours help and expertise. With wood, tool hire and some dock hardware I’ve ordered, a 32’ x 8’ dock cost me just under $1000, I’m pretty pleased with the results. We used ready rod to fix the beam to an exposed rock, which happened to be perfectly placed because it’s right where I launch the boat from the lawn. I built a shore crib to anchor at the other end. A few more holes drilled in the rock towards the centre of the dock with ready rod dropped in provided extra support. Two days after completion the ice had left our bay enough to cast for pike. Last year my son Jack was beside himself with grief because the rock that was now going to be covered had always been know to us as “Secret Island” since he was a little over a year old. I tried consoling him with how cool a dock would be, but despite his brave face I knew he was not convinced. Fast forward a year and he’s convinced... lol.... he fished the whole day down there one day, he will usually fish for a maximum 10 minutes, I’ll take it while it lasts!
  10. I think I have posted my fish tacos before, it my son Jack wanted to do another cooking video with him in it, so we did one of our joint production cooking videos of the process.
  11. LOL, he would have a great time, not so sure about the other people there. We are on the lake, and while he loves chasing after things, his favourite is to swim after things, I attached a camera to him a couple of times.....check it out.
  12. I’ve caught a grand total of 2 off my dock, wish they would come in a bit thicker in our bay. I have a lovely walleye cabbage bed right there, come on crappies, come visit.
  13. Hi all, Well its the close of walleye season here. Even though I won't be going today, I got out a couple weeks back with my dog a few times, just catching up on my video backlog.
  14. LOL....heres a picture of Brian working from home tying flies....lol
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