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  1. Hatchery Frankenfish shaped like footballs, thought got rid of that broodstock years ago.
  2. I cheat with ribs, a few hours in the fridge with a dry rub, 22 minutes in a pressure cooker with a can of Dr. Pepper, sauce them up and a few minutes on the gas grill to camelize the sauce 🤣
  3. I've rarely seen a bow bigger than that in any great lakes trib after the spring spawning run, that is about the size when they smolt and head for the big water, actually, they do that about this time of year so probably most will be gone in a few weeks.
  4. I only buy the back , I find them better than side ribs, usually here, the sides are cheaper $1.99 a pound on sale while a good sale price for back is $2.49/.99. Sides here usually have a funky piece of breastbone attached.
  5. Even used a wooly worm fly a foot or so behind a hookless Williams for trolling spring Specs.
  6. I'd tie them with a second hook facing up as a stinger , dodger fly was the hot setup 40+ years ago when Lake Ontario was Coho fishery. Blue zone ( but that name evolved later ) 20 feet down, Red Luhr Jensen dodger blue Jonsfly , six feet behind the ball , Cohoes all summer until they stacked up at the mouths.
  7. What about galvanized ?, that black pipe is just cold rolled steel, little corrosion resistance.
  8. Don't get hung up on that Dry Fly purist mentality, I caught more and better fish using simple wet flies , streamers and nymphs.
  9. Wife and I went to see Joe back in Oct 2008 at a 400 seat venue at Brock University, under a c-note for a pair of tickets with a meet and greet after, nice guy and great show, he is out my snack bracket pricewise today
  10. Seeing it is the last season to open, I find it somewhat anti-climatic, but then, I really don't like them on the table so I don't target them often.
  11. 20 years old article , but the same Bull reporting from the media on firearms issues 😖 . The M1 Garand doesn't use 30 round magazines or any magazine at all but is loaded with 8 only from the top of the receiver , the bottom is solid and FYI it was designed by a Canadian " John Garand ". Up until the latest fiasco from the minds of our government were totally unrestricted and bought and sold freely with just a PAL, not restricted as said. Does anyone remember " Hercules Mil Surplus " on the east side of Yonge, think they were just above College, bought a great parka there in '69 that lasted my 4 years at UofT. They had barrels full of milsurps , Lee Enfields were under 30 bucks then 👍
  12. Built quite a few rods in the 80's built on Fenwick / Woodstream blanks and they were made in Niagara Falls Ontario, commercially they also made rods, women wrapped them locally in their homes and Algonquin / Blanchard made rods on yellow spigot furled blanks made by Fenwick as well, think they were based in the Kawarthas area
  13. Makes as much sense as requiring a motorcycle license to run an E-bike ☹️
  14. Dating myself , but going to U of T 69/74 just below Bloor on Yonge, there was Skinner's Sporting Goods on 1 side of Yonge and virtually across from it was Hallam's Gun Store, I recall getting a brand new 22-250 Remington varmint rifle there, putting it in a case and getting on the subway 🤣. Skinner's later moved down on Adelaide just east of Yonge in what was an old bank building and Hallams went to a strip mall, think they had an indoor range there.
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