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  1. Was lodged at " The Biars " at Jackson's Point for a couple of months on a summer job, caught some bass and pike around the mouth of Black River shore casting, would have been the summer of '71.
  2. I was referring to the Gobies eating the unprotected Musky eggs, should be an issue everywhere not just on the Larry.
  3. But wouldn't Goby predation be a factor everywhere Musky and Goby co-exist ?
  4. Why is this population having a difficult time co-existing with Gobies ? while other populations seem to be doing OK with gobies or am I missing something.
  5. Spent many days at that camp going to university, 2 weeks spring camp every year '69-'73, forest surveys stuff and land surveying and other forestry stuff, hiked over most of it, climbed the ranger tower. I never had a rod but do recall some guys getting some small specs in the creek that dumps in Nora right at the school.
  6. I use a different grip on a baitcaster handle when casting as compared to retrieving and reeling, usually palming the reel in an upfaced left palm and reeling with my right hand, but then again I learned back in the old offset pistol grip days.
  7. From my memory, once the season opens the better fishing is upstream from the mouth area, we always fished above the 401 , especially in the Canton area staying away from the zoo at Sylvan Glenn. Sucks if you want to boat but shouldn't effect river fishermen.
  8. I recall seeing a lot of oldtimers in the 50's early 60's when spinners were becoming popular, cast a spinner with their right hand and then switch the rod to their left and reel backwards with the right with the reel sitting on top of the rod, talk about AFU. 🤣 edit: sometimes the reel was on a offset pistol grip handled baitcast rod
  9. The way the flu shot was explained to me was they make an educated guess as to which variant will be the dominant strain this year in advance and make that vaccine, some years they get it right then like last year I got the shot just before Christmas and mid Jan. came down with the worst I've had in years. I suspect the yearly covid shot shot will work about the same with the variants and future mutations, good luck .
  10. Saw this, interesting and thought it well done , it is truly very simple . I would guess all makes are very similar
  11. Took Forestry at U of T , 1969 to 74, most of the photos here are from that period, watched the Robart's Library being built out my residence window during that time, Yorkville was still hippies , coffee houses and music, they were breaking ground for the CN Tower, would catch Gord at his yearly Convocation Hall concert and even got to see a young Murray .
  12. I have seen when some guys cut it down, they used a hole saw to put a large hole opposite the through the hub exhaust, looked like a good ideal I thought for cooling
  13. Unless things have changed since I last fished Lake O., 2.4 mph is slower than I ever trolled , 2.75 was the usual starting point.
  14. About the age of 30, which was 40 years ago I came to the conclusion that for mono over 10 pound or any trolling , level wind reels were the better choice.
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