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  1. with a kayak, the whole length of that east wall is a good spot, lake side, out to about due east of the foghorn, like I said about dark you will get pickerel/walleye even.
  2. Nice, actually 60 years ago , when dad used to rent a 16' cedar strip from Ray's Boat Livery and put his green 5 1/2 Johnson Seahorse on the back, we found the other end of that breakwall , down across from the lighthouse a better spot, caught my first 3 pounder there. There is also an late evening fishery for pickeral, inshore, trolling just off that breakwall from the shipping channel east to where you are.
  3. Nice, Haliburton has some of the best eating bows around. Years ago we used to hit up Beanpole Lake just northeast of there, but I see it is no longer an option on the stocking list as the public has lost access to it and there hasn't been any recent stocking. Original Delphin Alligators were my go to lure there.
  4. It would be a good idea, hunting and fishing are only morally justified by being able to consume what you legally caught.
  5. Fishing topwater for bass I always found I got far better percentage of hookups using fly fishing gear and deerhair or balsa/foam poppers , frogs and stuff than with baitcasting gear and wait till you see the flyline move.
  6. If I had to catch a decent smallie from shore I'd be fishing the Niagara River, you mentioned eating though, so maybe that's not an option. edit : bet there is a bit of ginseng in the gorge.
  7. Make your own out of mushed black beans, an egg, some bread crumbs, diced onion and some spices, they weren't half bad and a lot healthier.
  8. I remember checking the label to make sure my burger patties contained no filler, seems like these are all filler and at an inflated price compared to the real thing
  9. Exactly , OCS is on track to lose 25 million https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/ontario-cannabis-store-set-to-lose-dollar25-million-this-year-amid-federal-mismanagement/ar-BBVQLOk
  10. I hear the OCS is loosing money, leave it to government to lose money selling drugs and at inflated prices no less.
  11. Think we had it better before so called " LEGALIZATION " 4 grams , unless the operator was obviously stoned out of his gourd, in most cases wouldn't have resulted in a charge or you might have been asked to dump it over the side. Of course in my days CO's and cops weren't pr---ks.
  12. Everyone that steelheaded back in the 70's/80's knew of John, one of the founding members of the "Ontario Steelheaders" and one of the best outdoor writers on the subject of Steelheading. Always enjoyed talking to him, passed too early last summer.
  13. I went to another paper graph, a Sitex HE357, had a wide angle 50 khz transducer , actually, in the end preferred the narrow 192 khz of the Lowrance, even for downrigging, ended up with both on the centre console. Yeah , Loran C sucked, never owned one but had some experience with it on a buddy's charter.
  14. Today you can get a HiTech 7inch with GPS for about what we paid for those back then and even at that they ate a 5 buck roll of paper every couple of trips, but at least you could fill up a 5 gal tank for less than $10. The X16 came out in 85, think I got the 1510B in '80 or '81, had it a year or 2 before I got the boat in '82, got it at Shortwave Marine in Port Credit when they were still on Stavebank.
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