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  1. dave524

    what song are you listening to right now???

    A blues rock internet radio station
  2. dave524

    Goldfish in Lake O

    Like this article states they have been in Erie and Ontario and tribs for years , I saw them on occasion over 50 years ago as a kid.
  3. dave524

    Father and Son Part II: Montana (photos)

    Beautiful scenery and nice fish, didn't Robert Redford shoot a movie there ? 😀
  4. dave524

    Sea-doo Fish Pro

    I saw a 15 grand US price tag, for that money you can get a real boat.
  5. dave524

    Anyone own one of these Kodi boxes?

    I see that one too. Got the box preloaded along with a IPTV service just a few weeks ago. Terrarium was recommended by the IPTV guy and never looked at any of the other stuff. Really not up to speed on these boxes yet, I'll be seeing him sunday and see what he has to say. Bunch of other stuff I see if I click on apps, have to explore.
  6. dave524

    Anyone own one of these Kodi boxes?

    Any suggestions now that Terrarium is DOA, I got tired of constantly maintaining Kodi on a PC and switched to an android box a while back, Terrarium was a hundred times better than any Kodi addon, but now sadly it appears to be gone.
  7. dave524

    Nice teeth on this eye

    Yeah , nice chompers. I never figured out why a hammerhandle pike can bite you off in the blink of an eye on straight mono and a much larger Walleye can't.
  8. dave524


    When I let the dogs out just before 6 this morning I could hear the waves pounding the south shore, offshore winds for the north shore all night I'm guessing.
  9. dave524

    Times have changed, fish prices 1939.

    This explains the origin of the name Walleye, even the Ontario Fishing Regs were still calling them Yellow Pickerel in my youth 50's and 60's, the name Walleye really didn't see widespread use till the 70's here in Canada, Americans seemed to adopt it earlier. https://ontariowalleyefishing.com/ontario-walleye-biology-fishing-resource/
  10. dave524

    what song are you listening to right now???

    One of my online blues radio stations http://streaming.radionomy.com/Cocktelera-Blues?lang=en-CA%2cen-GB%3bq%3d0.9%2cen-US%3bq%3d0.8%2cen%3bq%3d0.7
  11. dave524

    Times have changed, fish prices 1939.

    Thanks for the links, interesting read, the Sandusky Register mentions the last good age class of fish occurring in 1958, I would have been 8 or so , I liked them as I could stillfish for them but Dad trolled for Yellows with bait casting gear, usually with a June Bug spinner and worm, they pulled too hard for a 8 year old to troll. Smaller size, deeper cooler water all goes along with my 60 year old memory, just don't ask what I had for lunch yesterday 😀
  12. dave524

    Times have changed, fish prices 1939.

    Blue Pickerel/Pike were more than a different coloration. Their eyes were larger in relation to their body kind of Sauger like and they never got any larger than 2-3 pounds tops and were found deeper and preferred cooler water than Yellow Pickerel. I recall Dad got them anchoring in 40 plus feet of water with minnows much like perching in Erie today but we trolled for Yellow Pickerel much shallower.
  13. dave524

    Times have changed, fish prices 1939.

    We called them Blue Pickeral when I was a kid, cross the Niagara River to New York and they called them Blue Pike. Port Clinton would use the U.S. common name of Blue Pike.
  14. dave524

    Wipers in the Great Lakes

    Actually smallies are not native to NW Ontario but were introduced, story was they carried in milk cans along the railway and dumped in lakes along the line and spread from there. We weren't too happy about them getting into Spec Lakes in Haliburton either when dad had the place there.
  15. dave524

    Smoked a laker

    I enjoyed the 2 to 5 pounders we used to get in Haliburton, smoked , baked, BBQ'd even battered and fried, the ones from Lake O and I suspect Simcoe tend to be greasers because of the oily baitfish like Alewives and Smelt and smoking the best option. I suspect some of the Haliburton Lakers were insectivorous.