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  1. Always cheaper here, in Niagara they have to compete with over the border and Haldimand has to compete with the Res, sales were dropping off too much so they drop it.
  2. Just came home from Costco in Winona, regular is $1.16 a litre there
  3. But we are saving the planet, Bill Nye says " the earth is on fire "
  4. 1 vehicle household, our 2006 just turned 89,000 km, not a big deal.
  5. Grew up fishing out of Port Colborne/ Point Abino in the late 50's, lot of Americans/ Buffalonians fished out of there too, we called them Yellow and Blue Pickeral the US guys called the same fish Yellow and Blue Pike. Married a Floridian lady 20 years ago, she didn't have a clue what Hydro was or Kraft Dinner 🤣 it's Kraft Macaroni and Cheese down there, only called Kraft Dinner in Canada, oh ! and dew worms are nightcrawlers to her.
  6. Some 30's biology think tank came up with the Walleye name realizing that the common name was misleading, a few years back some similar group decided Rainbow Trout were really a Pacific Salmon too, think they changed the genus for a few years and then had second thoughts. https://ontariowalleyefishing.com/ontario-walleye-biology-fishing-resource/ edit: I just looked at the length and weight chart in the link, pretty optimistic weights for length 🤣
  7. Call if you can confirm they are keeping bass, I wouldn't call on a neighbours say so.
  8. Spoke too soon about Long Point, I see on the news this morning, the park is closed for the weekend, flooded , like back in 74 when I worked there. Now I am confused, in '74 we in in a cycle of global cooling and it flooded due to high water , now we are in a cycle of warming and high water is causing flooding again 😖 edit: in other news, a couple of days ago with the right wind, this parking lot at the old Pumphouse at the mouth of Forty Creek got flooded around the corner from my home, never seen this in thirty-five years here.
  9. Signal quality through better cables was an issue with analog signals , everything I've read about digital signals is if it works , it works, fancy gold plated audiophile cables aren't going to give you a better picture than cables from Dollarama.
  10. my short shaft 9.9 was on a bracket that you could raise and lower and had it tied to the main with one of those horrendously over priced EZ-Steer brackets so you steered from the console.
  11. Inner Bay at Long Point is somewhat protected. Bass , Pike and various pannies. Edit : grew up near Port Colborne and fished it since the early 60's, definitely would take Long Point over fishing inside the breakwall at Port Colborne. now, if you are willing to venture open lake on a good day, I'd take Port Colborne.
  12. I ran a 9.9 Evinrude on the back of my 80's 18' Sylvan, identical hull to a Starcraft, no problem getting back to the launch if my big motor had a problem and plenty slow enough for Pickeral trolling. It was a 2 stroke, just watch that you don't get too much weight on the transom if going to a 4 stroke, those old narrower hulls were designed when motors were a lot lighter.
  13. Older data is sometimes not applicable today , frequencies and radiation have changed a lot over the years with the development of technology. Remember when TV channels 70 to 83 disappeared, that became the original 2 analog cellphone bands, 30 plus years ago.
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