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  1. I didn't get married till I was 49, so I sorta skipped the expense of an ex, so I had a bit of cash saved before tying the knot/noose , retired in May 2008 and lost almost a third of it in the crash later that year but made it back on the rebound, only ever had 1 card, Chargex, think it is called Visa now, it was supposed to be for emergencies but somehow all the online crafting outfits have my number now, married life .
  2. Used to catch a mess of Erie Walleye on jointed Canadian Wigglers , Firetiger Hot n Tots were good too, but that was years ago
  3. Johnny , it is all over the place cause of the supplement depending on your income. I am lucky, my American wife of 20 years, yesterday was our anniversary, has never drawn a paycheque in Canada, so I do the income splitting thing to the MAX, get a bit of a supplement cause my income is lowered. Get someone to help with the taxes or a good program, lots of tax advantages with age, you'll be surprised how little you pay .
  4. It's only CPP you can take early, gotta wait to 65 for the OAS. I got lucky they changed the formula for early withdrawal after I took it , you'll get less now.
  5. Retired at 57, I took CPP at 60 , my OAS just started at 65 with any further input on my part. You should get free ( not really with all the taxes we paid ) drugs now after a $100 deductible , got my eyes checked last week, OHIP does that yearly for us old folks, some other stuff too , like tax breaks.
  6. Remember those kids at the grocery store, sitting in the basket, screaming and yelling, grabbing stuff in an apparent total meltdown, while their parents did absolutely nothing. We said " God help us when they grow up " Guess what.
  7. Size was very good out of Port Colborne/Maitland earlier this summer but now all smaller fish so it seems
  8. April Vokey is better but them I'm more of a trout /steelheader. 😎
  9. At one time I'd take a light weight fly outfit to the Grand and catch Mooneyes, June was the month I recall. It was actually a popular event with local fly guys and I recall a few of them got smoked, very similar fish.
  10. maybe a enforced speed limit like 70 KPH would make sense on public waterways ? boater's card level of training is obviously deficient with the speeds a lot of craft run today.
  11. Denis from Fish'n Niagara with a real nice unicorn
  12. underwater video , upper Niagara 2019, lots of fishes 👍 looks like a sturgeon around 1:45
  13. There was this one in Port Colborne too. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9565750-boaters-abandon-burning-vessel-in-port-colborne-marina/ edit : looking at it again the hull design and paint looks like an old Wilker
  14. As I understand it, you can still use them but they must be from the same body of water that you are using them in.
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