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  1. Friend I have known 60 years out in BC got a 22' Proline hardtop last year, would be perfect here in Ontario as well
  2. In Niagara, going back further , he was a friend of my fathers and I hunted and fished with him a few times in the 60's, important man in conservation locally and did the column in the Tribune https://cudneyfuneralhome.com/book-of-memories/1601778/Elliott-Douglas/obituary.php
  3. Dog's shots are due monday, phone conversation when the vet called today. Park in front, call that you are there, get dog out of vehicle on leash, they will come out and attach their leash, i remove mine, they take the dog inside for appointment and call me when finished and bring the dog out and reverse the leash thing. Pay by credit card or debit, no cash, they will bring the machine to me outside.
  4. I will be 70 next month, but remember my elementary class had one survivor in a wheelchair, another wore braces and one a limp from a withered but still usable leg, that's 3 out of maybe thirty . Those younger probably don't remember their mother's fear of simply letting kids play together before the vaccine. Do things need to get real close personally real before they care to do the right thing. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/closures-equipment-shortages-and-insights-from-canada-s-polio-invasion-1.5517204
  5. Hope he recovers from this virus, I always liked him and Bonnie Raitt doing Angel from Montgomery
  6. Never canned peppers but pickled a lot of hot bananas and Jalapenos , 50/50 mix of water and vinegar poured hot over the pepper rings in quarts, pinch of pickling spice on the bottom with a clove of garlic, water bath canned for about 35 to 45 minutes but don't quote me on the time, I don't know if the acid is enough for water bath sweet peppers without the vinegar . I always put a tablespoon of that concentrate lemon juice in a quart of water bath canned tomatoes to be on the safe side.
  7. I read it that if there is a confrontation with these left wing protesters and rioters to shoot them, makes sense rather than engage them physically and risk their lives, not open season for the cops on people not isolating.
  8. some common sense on the subject, unfortunately that commodity is in short supply these days
  9. As another option I see the Town of West Lincoln has suspended their open air burning ban.
  10. guys are buying trucks worth more than my house the boats are just plain crazy , I boat a 18 foot aluminum centre console with a v4 Johnson and trailer for under 10G including tax in '82.
  11. Didn't know being from Toronto was a race , but cityfolk tend to be somewhat out of their element in the bush to put it more tactfully.
  12. Remember guys canning fish in the parkinglot/camping area at Denny's Dam on tailgates with pressure cookers and Coleman Stoves in the eighties, how would a CO. count fish when its in little 1/2 pint jars 🤣
  13. As a kid we found a few of those in rural ditches that you never would have suspected a fish could survive.
  14. I hid my wife's copy of " Steel Magnolias " in the same place as I did " It's a Wonderful Life " at Christmas 🤣
  15. You really want to be on the south shore actually this time of year.
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