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  1. Years ago I won 5 or 6 smaller jointed Swim Whizzes in the St. Kitts Spring Salmon Derby, why are they giving out Musky lures in a salmon derby I thought ?? Heck those things were Chinny catching machines, flat lined shallow in the spring or off the riggers for staging fish late summer, ya never know 😂
  2. If using Cyberflix you might want to look into Trakt.tv and Real Debrid as well.
  3. Weekend cottage renovators, gotta be back in the city when the dump opens Monday morning. Like Irish said they should leave the dumps open in cottage country on the weekend,
  4. Seems slow, how are you measuring speed ? it could be off and you are going faster in reality
  5. Fished there a few summers years ago camping at the Prov.Park, we did well on a couple of shoals just SW of Ferguson Island but it was always an evening bite, 7 to 10 PM, was always a few boats grouped together in a small area at prime time. Never did well on pickerel during the day.
  6. The ones with the Hula dancer on the back work the best 😁
  7. Think there are a few Benos, Lazy Ikes and maybe a Ping-A -T as well, quite the haul 👍
  8. Just remember your sonar measures how far the cannonball is from the transducer , not how far down it is. 75 feet from the transducer with the cables angled back a bit may only be 60 feet down even though they are marking 75 feet on the screen. Revisit you high school geometry.
  9. I was there 20 years ago, as I recall the majourity of cottages were water access, including the friend's I was at. The access road on the south end dead ended at a marina with a large parking lot, maybe it has changed but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  10. Not fishing but this showed up on my facebook this morning, thought it was funny
  11. In the same boat here, some of it is age related in males. Everything tastes better with Sriracha Sauce, I put it on everything, one of the few things I can taste 🤣
  12. All the careful planning goes for naught when this happens
  13. Watch Costco for sales on the Food Saver Bags, I usually get a box of 4 rolls , if on sale you get 4 for the price of 3 basically.
  14. Knew John pretty well , he did live just around the corner from me, liked his steelhead articles when he wrote for Chronzy's rag . Think it was '89 he won the Star Salmon Derby and I had to drive past that 20 foot Wilker and Dodge pickup grand prize everyday going to work.
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