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  1. Just wait until cormorant season opens and a bag limit of 50 and you can let them rot, the press will have fun when a couple of guys dump a hundred cormorants and someone finds them 🤯
  2. Years ago we hunted behind Niagara Christian College on the Parkway just north of the Marina at Millers Creek.
  3. Had a '97 , the only mini van that was actually a truck. That 4.3 pulled like a small V8, I really don't see why they discontinued them , make more sense than these $50,000 plus Yuppie pickups that are all cabin space and no box.
  4. Had it's cousin, an '88 with the same 2.8 V6, wasn't quick but looked cool with the T Top. Bought it for $3500 in '99 from the old gent neighbour behind me, sold it in 2007 to a friend of my stepdaughters, I must of got a good one, no complaints here.
  5. Must have been different in Canada. we had both large and small block V-8's. In 64, there were 283 and 327's in small blocks, they increased them shortly after '64 to 305' and 350's. My 79 GMC van had the 350 small block with the 4 barrel Quadrajet and 4 bolt mains, dad has a '79 pickup with the 305. In '64 full size Pontiacs had 3 trim levels, base was the Strato Chief, mid trim was the Laurentian and top was the Parisienne. Full size Chevs were Belair, Biscayne and Impala in that era. Big blocks I seem to recall 454's and 427's, maybe a 396 too. GM in St. Catharines made most of the engines for the Canadian market back then. Before the '64 wagon dad had a 61 Pontiac 4 door , think it had a 232 six.
  6. Not a match to the paperwork , that reel looks low end as Ohio said , I grew up with direct drive knuckle busters, Langley's and Inglis/Shakespeares mostly.
  7. We'd go camping as a kid with a '64 Pontiac Wagon , loaded with gear, 14' Fibreglass with a 28hp out behind and a 16' canoe on top, 283 cu.in 8 cyl. with one of those 2 speed powerglide auto transmissions. My personal tow vehicles were a 79 GMC Van with a 350 cu in. , a 88 Chevy pickup with a 4.3 V6 and a 97 Astro Van with the same 4.3 V6, boat was a little over a ton with gear, 18 1/2 foot tinner with a 90 v4., never felt the need for a 4x4 .
  8. Yep, lived at Long Point on Lake Erie for a few years, all those species were a pretty easy catch from shore .
  9. You're dating yourself 😀 and welcome to the board 👍
  10. Even Go Pros create the same illusion with perspective and distort straight lines, I find curved horizons extremely annoying, grrrr
  11. Just take your trophy pics with an extra wide angle lens, no arm's length shenanigans required.
  12. Do we really have to listen to this for 4 1/2 more years ?
  13. Wow, haven't done that since DOS came on floppy discs, back thirty years ago there were shops everywhere.
  14. 55 F here in Grimsby when I let the dogs out at 7AM, must be a record.
  15. Well known locally here, my generation, couple of years younger than me. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/whatson-story/9804404-neil-peart-in-his-own-words-growing-up-in-st-catharines/?fbclid=iwar2_ban799mbjtfghnyhcotrbu8f4dpf99tnepjkb8edagzr0f_gg_tzpiq
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