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  1. Plant them in the garden along with the grass carp.
  2. I used to work at Long Point and lived in Port Rowan, quite a while ago, it was the Mounties that enforced a lot of the migratory game bird stuff including setting up roadblocks on the causeway spot checking duck hunters , the CO's at that time stuck mostly to enforcing small game, sport and commercial fishing. There was a lot of CWS sanctuary land there and both the MNR and CWS had land open to hunters as well. If the fed's are setting up a roadblock to the provincial commorant shoot I would expect that our CO's would leave you alone and the RCMP might bust you. A situation not unlike the legal cannabis states where the local police are OK with it but the American Federal Custom guys will bust you if returning from a trip and have some in possession.
  3. It would be the RCMP that would have to lay those charges, I expect you would be OK with the Provincial CO's unless you were really screwing up other species.
  4. Very nice, that is quality cork, don't see it that nice very often any more.πŸ‘
  5. If you haven't tried it , bow fishing is a blast. Grew up long ago near the Welland River, shooting common carp was a hoot in the spring with an old solid fibreglass recurve, you could even shoot Pike back in those days.
  6. Has to be some down that end of the lake in fall, been a quite a few years but I recall a kazillion fish running the Salmon River at Pulaski when we used to make a trip that way river fishing.
  7. Yeah, on the Niagara fishing forum , there was reports of a flock of snow geese, I suspect swans in reality. I was park naturalist at Long Point Provincial Park for a couple of years in the 70's, they'd be showing up in good numbers any day now back then.
  8. Never ice fished Gull when dad had the place in Haliburton but we would get some decent Bows along with Lakers in spring where the river dumped into the lake, also got some bows in the river up by the dam in Minden, I swore they ran the river on a spawning run just like great lakes steelies.
  9. Lots of activity on the scanner here today, unfortunately the police have gone encrypted but heard other chatter including the EMT call for the accident. CAUTION HAZARD / ROBBERY SUSPECTS- QEW / NORTH SERVICE ROAD IN GRIMSBY. PLEASE READ!! Toronto bound QEW near Casablanca reports of a vehicle spun out and in the ditch. It has taken out a major road sign. An MTO enforcement officer came across this collision and upon investigation by the officer he discovered multiple 100 dollar bills all over the vehicle. Appears to have been a vehicle possibly used in the commission of a crime / robbery. Descriptions- 2 black male occupants - both bleeding from faces 1st make -Mid 20’s puffy vest, skinny. 2nd male- was heavier set. They hopped the fence and ran towards Casablanca blvd. NRP advised and they are sending units to the area along with OPP. Suspects may be in the area so DO NOT APPROACH. CALL 911 if you see anything suspicious ASAP. Let’s get the word out and see if we can get these guys arrested. There was a robbery at the CIBC in Grimsby not long ago. 1:23pm. OPP believe these are the suspects. No weapons seen but the money was in a gray shopping bag so keep an eye out for that bag as well.
  10. You really don't expect hot 19 year old chicks to play blues slide guitar and do it well, good voice too πŸ‘
  11. Really hits home as I've fished that wall many times south of the Peace Bridge for Pickeral and Trout in the spring and fall, sometimes winter even. Stunned at the speed it came ashore, I had envisioned it coming in much slower, that didn't leave anytime if you had to evacuate a home or something.
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