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  1. dave524

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    They need to stay on the road more 🤣
  2. dave524

    what song are you listening to right now???

    Some guy by the name Hendrix played the same way 🤣
  3. dave524

    2 Way Radio for Hunting

    read this before making a purchase of the Baofeng's, you are on your own 😎 https://forums.radioreference.com/budget-entry-level-transceivers/274643-canadian-legal-gmrs-beofeng-uv5.html
  4. dave524

    2 Way Radio for Hunting

    Not really legal but these would work https://baofengtech.com/ they are cheap all over Amazon
  5. dave524

    Custom painting

    but high definition , photo realistic paints jobs seem to be necessary to catch the fisherman 😉
  6. dave524

    what song are you listening to right now???

    some more Coco with his upside down , backwards strung guitar.
  7. dave524

    what song are you listening to right now???

    😂 what do expect when the Iceman taught you to play guitar and you do a stint with John Mayall . Got 4 or 5 of his cd's on file, should be way more popular.
  8. dave524

    Boat Speed .

    50 bucks US https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Fish-Hawk-520-Depth-Counter-Temperature-520-Tested-NEW-Battery-/352508847254
  9. dave524

    what song are you listening to right now???

    Wow mama 😀
  10. dave524

    Boat Speed .

    When I started , it was all about temperature, I'd rather leave port with out my graph recorder than my Fish Hawk 520 temperature probe. First order of the day was to attach the probe to the downrigger ball and get a temperature profile before lines were even set. Most fish you marked were inactive, loafing down in the cooler water, you targeted the fish suspended just below the thermocline.
  11. dave524

    Boat Speed .

    Ontario is a lot clearer than when I started offshore salmon fishing in the 70's, also, the fishery back then was for Cohos, they were crazy , they would attack a dodger/fly 20 feet down and 5 feet off the ball, when a Chinook fishery started in the early 80's we quickly learned they were more boat shy. That and the improved water clarity with the proliferation of zebra mussels started the trend to more stealthy presentations like dipseys and boards off to the side
  12. dave524

    Boat Speed .

    I also noticed how the bubbles were breaking off the cables, that, and steering the boat like a drunken sailor 😎 put more fish in the box.
  13. dave524

    A Sort of Report of a Portly Speck

    Beauty, nice that there is now some lakes open after the traditional end of Sept closer, they do colour up real pretty in spawning season. My years in Haliburton , took a few late Sept weeks holiday when the partridge opening week and the last week of specs overlapped, but they were not in full colour yet.
  14. dave524

    Boat Speed .

    back in the pre GPS days of paper graphs and loran C , I ran a sailboat knotmeter for salmon on Lake Ontario and Pickerel on Lake Erie, analog device with a stern mounted paddle wheel, worked well, the brand name was Pelican if I recall.
  15. dave524

    Tiny antlers just starting

    Agreed, it's probably a yearling buck , born spring of 2017, sexually mature but of poor genetics for antler growth, definitely should be culled if you want to manage the herd for trophy animals 😮