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  1. Yes it is silted in badly over the last 30 years, not that it ever was very deep but not as shallow as today.
  2. That was in the 80's and earlier, we also ice fished there in winter back then for perch and pannies.
  3. There was a time when the Largemouth fishing was quite good in Jordan Harbour
  4. Enjoyed the write up👍 man it's been a long time since I've seen a Pink, we used to get into them pretty good on Young's Creek down on Lake Erie , but that was 30 years ago, the males can get pretty grotesque with the hump, kipe and teeth.
  5. Dad had one , but I think it was a heavier action. He was a tournament caster, late 40's /early 50's, his handle was covered in powdered graphite that they used to lubricate their silk fly lines so they would shoot farther. Nice and very collectable 👍
  6. Some Celtic Soul for a Sunday afternoon, at 75 Van is every bit the artist he was 50 plus years ago, maybe better.
  7. There is actually video from earlier that day at the O'Leary dock where his wife docks the boat and does up the lines also pulling out later she is at the helm and appears to be very proficient with the boat, Kevin on the other hand sits at the back like he is clueless, I really think she is the mariner in the family edit : I like how she takes the stern light from him LOL
  8. Seems the police almost crashed doing a re-enactment and they had radio comms between the 2 boats, they cancelled the re-enactment cause they deemed it too dangerous. I'm sure most here now how dark it can be in the north on a moonless night https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/mandel-unlit-boat-involved-in-oleary-crash-impossible-to-see-in-opp-simulation
  9. get there soon, pretty sure salmon and trout close there the end of the month south of the QEW
  10. Our media and the O'Leary's are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, the press was in a hanging mode but justice prevailed.
  11. I didn't buy the DVD , torrented it from a private trading site years ago http://www.thetradersden.org/ and burned it myself, if I look I might have the original Video_TS folder stored somewhere. Sound quality is very good, off the soundboard and the filming is professional, not one of those fans with a cellphone crappy videos. The whole 16 song setlist is in the youtube I posted , it is a playlist, click on the 1 of 16 in the upper right corner
  12. David Lindley & Ry Cooder - Live From Winnipeg Folk 90.mp3Found this on an exterrnal hard drive , got a few he did with Ry Cooder
  13. I subscribe to Lelands youtube channel, that is how I discovered the first video I have a bootleg DVD of this but it is all there on youtube, there isn't a stringed instrument on this planet that Lindley can't play , there is 16 videos
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