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  1. The law of political correctness prevails , at least he didn't wear blackface.
  2. is that the stuff with PCB's and Dioxin in it, there was a couple of drums of that in a locked room where I worked with a sign, they couldn't get rid of it , NOBODY would take it !
  3. Lot's of big muskies recently on the " FishIn Niagara " facebook page out of the Niagara River.
  4. Bunch of them in the upper Niagara River at the other end of Erie as well. Heard of a few being caught in Gravelly Bay at Port Colborne as well.
  5. I grew up navigating the one at the QEW and 20 Highway in Hamilton going back and forth to U of T, I believe we had another on the QE in Niagara Falls back then getting off to go to the Rainbow Bridge.
  6. Showing Fahrenheit and Miles here 👍
  7. Spend more time fighting tackle than fish, for what ? getting your limit in 2 hours rather than 3 🤣
  8. HOA wouldn't let him park it in the driveway.
  9. Wasn't there a few Wipers caught in Lake Ontario a few years back ?
  10. My wife does a lot of various crafting, she uses Amazon prime, usually here next day, a LOT CHEAPER than Michael's.
  11. There was a bunch when Solopaddler still posted here.
  12. I got one of these for my shortwave radio hobby from China on EBay, $45 US cost me $60 Canuck and got it in 12 days, everyone says they work as good as the 3-4 C note similar items made in the US and I concur. The screen shot is me receiving and decoding a weather fax from New Orleans on my software defined radio. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/MLA-30-100kHz-30MHz-Ring-Active-Receive-Antenna-Low-Noise-Medium-ShortWave/283557477378?hash=item420557bc02:g:Au4AAOSwOPldNsST
  13. No different than shopping at Dollarama or CTC's own brands.
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