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  1. Come on now Chris, it was Spezza's fault, he should have know it was coming lol.
  2. Day of, don't usually wait more than an hour before going in the smoker. It's not like they're cooking fast at 160°. I like to finish them in a hot cast iron, plus I don't mind a pink tinge in my pork. Good luck
  3. Yep, me too. I specially like it when she talks about big red snapper and gobbles the snorkel mouthpiece lol.
  4. I pretty well coat the whole side with the curry and work it in with a fork. The others side will get steak spice and whatever else I feel like at the time, including fresh ground black pepper. Cheers
  5. Maybe just the o rings on each end of the fuel line. Does the primer bulb stay hard? Cheers
  6. I don't know how you can say that. If that was the case it would be Mathews on the pk not Marner.
  7. Cliff I've mentioned here before but one of the easiest and most appreciated things I put into my smoker is well spiced fresh pork chops when they go on sale. I mix up the spices at times but have really taken a liking to using curry on one side. After a few pans of chips they are about half cooked when they come out. Some are eaten fresh while the others get vacuum sealed and frozen for future meals. They are really good and quick to cook up. Cheers
  8. I've been keeping a close eye on a Dolgo crab apple tree waiting for them to get fully ripe. This tree is so loaded some branches are almost touching the ground. Went with the wife the other day and in just over a half hour got around 1 1/2 grocery bins full, about 40lbs. It's a long process as each apple then needs to to have the stems and blossom end removed and then cut in half. First batch was 8 quarts of apples in the stock pot and then water just to the top of the apples. After mashing and boiling for 15 minutes the mash went into two jelly bags and two strainers lined with cheesecloth to drain. We got 12 cups of juice from that which will required 9 cups of sugar to be added and boiled to the jelly stage at 220°. The filled jars will then be processed for 10 minutes. I figure we'll get around 16 half pint jars out of this batch which is on for this afternoon. Plus there is still at least two more batches worth of apples left so we'll have a ton of jelly to share with friends and relatives and enough to last us for years. Pics to come later. Cheers
  9. I hear a good number of sports analysts saying that Marner is actually more valuable than Mathews. He plays in all situations, scored more points and makes other players around him better. Cheers
  10. I wouldn't say quite often but that sounds just like me dragging big gang trolls for Lakers with leadcore or copper. I'm generally targeting structure and I like to be close so if I tap bottom the odd time then I know I'm right where I want to be and sometimes it triggers strikes too. Even when the thermocline sets up I still prefer structure to wide open big water. Speaking of which Dave, I guess Great Slave doesn't stratify? Cheers
  11. If you want an alternative or a cheap back up for your dipsy that is small, light and adjustable down to 80ft, and can also be used with a side planer to widen the spread you should take a look at the Davis Instruments Fish Seeker. It's a small acrylic fully adjustable diver meant for light line down to 6lb. Even on back lake trout fishing it's an easy way to get your lure down and real easy to change as you search for the right depth, specially mid summer. https://www.davisinstruments.com/product/fish-seeker-clear/ Cheers
  12. I figure it's salty enough with the anchovies, capers and olives so I rinsed them all the first time I made it and have continued to do so. I guess with the few additions I made you could say it's not exactly a traditional puttanesca but I think it improves the dish. 30 minutes is still pretty fast and it is hot and easy for me. So it is still a Puttanesca with a little variance to me. You should try it OI and see how you like it, you may not want to go back. It gets pretty thick so I use a deep non stick wok type pan with a glass lid to keep the splatters down. Cheers
  13. Brian here is the recipe I use. I developed it myself and it turned out so good I had no need to change anything. My wife finds it a bit too much for the amount of capers but I'm fine with it. Amazingly all those strong flavours blend together quite well without being overpowering. You need some capers for sure, but you could always cut back on it. I use half a jar. Fresh parm is a must, it makes a big difference. I tbsp of pepper flakes has a nice tingle, two is fairly hot but still ok for me. Manitoubass2 tried it and thought it was great. Puttanesca. 1/3 cup evoo 4 cloves garlic coarsely chopped (1 small bulb in my case) 1-2 tbsp red pepper flakes I can (50g) anchovie fillets, rinsed and finely chopped 3 tbs capers, rinsed 25 pitted kalamata olives, rinsed, medium chopped. 1 540ml can diced tomatoes 1 540 ml can crushed tomatoes 4 green onions, medium chop (or onion of choice) 2 more cloves of garlic, squashed and finely chopped. (just because I wanted to add some real fresh garlic flavor at the end) 3 Tbs basil flakes Chopped mushrooms and red/green pepper (optional) Fresh grated Parm for the plate Fry anchovies, garlic and pepper flakes in oil until garlic is golden (medium heat) Add tomatoes, olives and capers and heat to light simmer. Whisk to incorporate oil. After 5-10 min add onions, basil, extra garlic and optional ingredients if using. Simmer 5 -10 minutes more and serve with desired pasta and choice of meat if using. (shrimp, fish ,sausages, chicken etc) Cheers
  14. OI do you ever make Puttanesca? Or is it too strong for you? That recipe that I posted here is great IMO. Ready in 30 minutes and chock full of flavour. I make it every couple of months. Cheers
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