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  1. smitty55

    Beauty of Lake Kipawa Quebec + 1 fish!

    Love the pics Scuro, specially that sunset one. My first thought was looking north from Thompson island toward Corbeau, but I couldn't make out the little island in the pic. Where did you stay? Did you fish for Walleye much? That's a real shame about the Laker fishing, certainly not the norm. However, unsettled weather and specially that heavy pollen dump would certainly have an effect. Even then, only one fish at 20" is real bummer. Like you I'm not happy at all about the 65cm minimum size for trout, in fact I haven't been back there since. It was always our main reason for visiting Kipawa and we used to really enjoy our feeds of fresh trout fillets after the morning fish. Regardless, I envy you getting two weeks in up there. Every time I went there for a week the thing I wanted most was to stay for another. Floater there is no daily fishing rate on Kipawa. You'd need to be in the zec for that. Also I wouldn't worry at all about warm water. First week of August was always my favorite time to go. If anything the fishing is more stable for Lakers and Walleye, as the thermocline is well setup and the Walleye are well established into their summer haunts. Plus the swimming is great and best of all no skitters and black flies. Drew, yea it's similar to Temagami, but much more secluded, tranquil, intimate even, and there's just something about that waterway and it's character that Temagami can't touch. It's hard to explain, there's like this magic touch that seeps into you and keeps drawing you back. Ask Scuro, he's done his fair share of traveling to fish and he just went back there for two weeks. The watershed just screams explore too if you look at maps, full of islands and narrows, it takes many years to learn it well, a big reason why I love trolling for Greys. Its how I toured the lake over the years and learned all the different runs and hot spots and even found some good Walleye structure too along the way. For trout it's certainly not a trophy fishery, that's never been my goal there, but it's always been a good fish. Carl at Alwaki had his 22lb on the wall behind the bar. But being just over 4-5 hrs away from Ottawa, it was like paradise being so close. I had one in the boat over 10, and it won the biggest of the week at the Corbeau Lodge weekly derby for my partner. Same year I got my PB Walleye, over 11lbs. Lol my 14ft tinny took the whole thing. As for Walleye are Walleye, yea maybe but Kipawa Walleye seem special.hehe... Again I don't know anywhere within a 5 hour easy drive for a vacation where you can have shots at 40+ fish evenings anchored and sipping a pint. Big ones are there too though I find best to target at night. Bunk I'll leave with this. For a close drive family vacation for your clan I can guaranty you a memorable experience. Either Alwaki at 14 miles or Kipawa Lodge at just over 20 will be more than you could want. Cheers
  2. smitty55


    I had to laugh at that one. You might be surprised. I went and picked up some eggs at the farm down the road at 6:15 this evening. Two pairs of real dirty crocs at the door. I see them there all the time. Easy to hose off. I don't think they wear them at milking time though. Cheers
  3. smitty55

    Beauty of Lake Kipawa Quebec + 1 fish!

    Joey I'm not sure where you got that info. Here's a quote from a member of the Kipawa forum who was up mid June. " When we launched the Quebec ministry was at the dock stocking the lake.. my buddy struck up a conversation with the employee as my buddy spent some time working for the MNR hatcheries in Ontario. The ministry worker told us they were stocking 50,000 lake trout that day, and another 60,000 the next day... yes that's 110,000 LAKE TROUT!!!! No wonder the fishing is soooo good for them!! Scuro I know you're on that site. These lads did pretty good on the Greys for the little time they were there. Here's the thread. http://kipawafishingforum.net/index.php?topic=941.0 Cheers
  4. smitty55

    HWY 11 through Temagami ?

    From what I've been hearing hwy 11 north is blocked and folks are having to detour over to the QC side Cheers
  5. If you can get the back cover off there is likely a fuse in the power supply that you could check for continuity. Otherwise look for swollen capacitors with a bulging top or bottom and just give a general scope out for signs of anything burnt like a track or other component. Capacitors are generally the first component to go in most circuits, I've had to repair three satellite receivers and in each case it was a capacitor. Good luck. Cheers
  6. smitty55

    Charleston Lake PP

    Midsummer Pike fishing is minimal at best as the good sized ones hold near deep water. There is a large weed bed between Flat and Rabbit islands across Big Water that could hold some Pike still but for the most part you would have to target the deep edge in 25 fow. Good luck, it's a real nice lake. Cheers
  7. smitty55

    Where did the skins go ? NF

    Chad I'm referring to the dot or star that is just to the left of the thread title. Some have it , some don't. It was like that before as well.
  8. smitty55

    Where did the skins go ? NF

    Still missing the icon for last unread post on many of the threads. Tried it on chrome and same thing. Comes in handy on long threads with many pages. Cheers
  9. I use a similar strategy when I plant my basil, except I use white floating row cover. Soak the soil real good the first time then just wet the fabric daily. The soil stays moist and I get great germination and the seedlings have no prob lifting the light fabric. Of course burlap is much heavier and will hold more moisture so it should work great as long as you don't let the grass get too long before lifting the tarp. If there's one absolute for me when it comes to grass seed success it's to make sure the soil never dries out, firstly to get even germination, but also depending on the amount of top dressing used, so you don't kill untold just sprouted seeds that could be close to the surface and dry out, as well as those sprouts deeper in the soil that have to work harder to reach the surface. Good luck with it Chris.
  10. smitty55

    Quick FYI - NAPA has Seafoam at $7.99 again

    Yep, and when it's used in car gas tanks they recommend replacing the fuel filter due to all the crap it cleans up. Cheers
  11. smitty55

    Quick FYI - NAPA has Seafoam at $7.99 again

    Tks, I'll have to check my stock. Great price for sure. Cheers
  12. smitty55

    Simcoe lakers

    I'm coming at this mostly from being a life long gang troll fisherman. My starting strategy for Lakers is the same no matter what lake I'm on, basically inland lakes, biggest water would be Kipawa. Nothing like lake O or Simcoe, which I've never fished. Even then I don't tend to troll "big open water". I like to find structure close to deep water, whether points large and small, islands, and midlake shoals, weather and boat size permitting. Bonus if you find baitfish schools associated with these structures. Even better if you can find a pattern, like on a certain side of structures. Once the thermocline sets up well then a whole different strategy becomes available for open water trolling, but that would be for more local guys for intel on that. Good luck out there next time. Cheers
  13. smitty55

    The Jig is up!!

    Nice pics and camp setup. Cheers
  14. smitty55

    The Farm

    Yea your garlic looks at least two weeks ahead of mine, but I would expect that seeing as where you are compared to me in Lanark. I'm curious though as to what benefit you get from growing them in a greenhouse apart from an earlier start? Do they also mature earlier or do you get them bigger from a longer season. Cheers
  15. smitty55

    Best $20 I spent, let the smoking begin

    Got that right Doug. Best of all you can adjust the seasonings to suit. The curing salt I get from the butcher is white so my meat didn't get that red tinge but is it ever good. I vacuum seal it in chunks and it's still excellent.