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  1. smitty55

    Dodge XWRP warranty scam?

    I must say this has been a very interesting thread that I've enjoyed following. It really ticks me off too hearing about these corrupt dealerships and credit agencies that have to damn well know that they are screwing folks and for the most part can get away with it against the average Joe. Great on you guys for fighting back and recouping your coin. I strongly suggest taking Chris up on his offer, his ruling could even set a precedent for your own issues. Lastly, if it was me that had to go through this crap I would still be super ticked even if I got all my money back and I would want to get back at them for sure. Obviously for one citizen it's hard to go against big corp, but this sounds like the perfect issue for the investigative news media to latch on to, like Market Place or The Fifth Estate. Can you imagine the potential class action lawsuits. I can't imagine a better revenge 😈 Good luck guys. Cheers
  2. smitty55


    Just a reminder that just because someone reports a certain ice thickness don't assume that the whole waterbody is consistent. For instance on Mississippi lake there is up to 15" in some areas while in another two vehicles recently went through with one death. Be careful, it's been kind of a crappy season so far with fluctuating temps. Cheers
  3. smitty55

    Reluctant PSA

    Things are getting scary down in Athens are they Len?
  4. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Looks good, amazing how much better fresh parm is compared to the shaker. Big difference. Cheers
  5. smitty55

    Wheres the report

    Check out imgur. Simple and easy to use.
  6. smitty55

    Another good walleye session.

    Now that's a great outing. Love those sunset pics with the fish, well done. Cheers
  7. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Yea the drawing does not show the tenderloin. OI loin and backstrap is the same thing, the tenderloin is under the spine in the body cavity, usually accessed after the animal is gutted. Cheers
  8. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    I remember when I got my first one back in the early 80's the book said to use a couple pieces of wood across the top of the smoker and then put the rack on top of them and then the cardboard box over the racks as a cover. It actually said to keep the box for cold smoking. Now this was for the top loader, wouldn't work for the front loader, although I do have two sets of racks still. Dougie by the bottom tray if you mean the drip tray mine never lasted long anyway and I never missed them at all, in fact I always figured they blocked off a lot of the smoke in the middle of the chamber. Cheers
  9. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    That's an interesting marinade. I'm envisioning long strips of 1/4" tenderloin overnite, and then into a birthday gift from my daughter to break it in. I've had two top loaders in the past, still have one working unit, last pan is about burned out, even with foil. A small cast iron sorta works, but it's not a strong smoke, you can tell by the vents.
  10. smitty55

    The weatherman is confusing me

    Have you tried Windfinder? I find it to be fairly accurate. Cheers
  11. smitty55

    Steel head smokey jerky

    Yea looks good for sure. I've always cut my jerky cross grain and narrower strips so I can rip a piece off and then work on it. You prefer it it that way I take it? I bet it takes a lot more jaw work lol.
  12. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Hmm, I couldn't find the ratio of curing salt in the mix but I think it's safe to say that close to 90% of that is just flavouring, you could add your own for far less money. For instance if you go by the recipe that I use it would take 100g of cure for 10 qts of brine, so just 2 or 3 bucks. I would just go visit a butcher who does any smoking. Cheers
  13. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Sure no prob, here's the base recipe I use. https://nwedible.com/how-to-make-canadian-bacon-at-home/ One thing for sure is that from now on I will be brining the meat for for much longer than the recipe calls for, like I did this time. After chatting with Doug I'm sure that's why there was much more flavour to the meat this time, besides the smoke. He does it for 7 days and his mentor actually goes 10 days. One more thing. I got my curing salt from a local butcher, it wasn't pink. He wasn't sure exactly what the nitrite ratio was but told me for 10lbs of meat to use 2oz of cure, so I used 56g instead of the 40 the recipe calls for. Cheers
  14. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Totally agree with that. I don't even think I have any regular salt in the house. Pickling salt and Himalayan for sure and I think wifey has some sea salt which I believe does naturally have some iodine, but nothing like table salt. Cheers
  15. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Yea I remember you posting that a while back. I too would have thought them too lean. My freezer is due for clean out soon and I'm sure there's some tenderloins in there somewhere, I'll have to try that for sure. Dougie is your recipe much different than this one? https://nwedible.com/how-to-make-canadian-bacon-at-home/ If so maybe I'll try yours for the tenderloin if you could pass it on. Tks bud. Cheers