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  1. Yea that's why I said generally, there will always be exceptions of course for skinny or very fat fish. Sometimes it can depend on certain waterbodies as well that have poor or amazing forage bases. I was mostly going by fish I have caught and weighed. Cheers
  2. As a general rule I've always found that 25"=5lb, 26'=6lb, 27'=7lb... 30"=10lb, 31"=11lb etc. I've never caught anything bigger than 31.5" which actually was 11.5 lb too so I can't really say when they get bigger than that. Cheers
  3. Pretty well 100% super processed food, exactly what they've been telling people not to eat for the last 20 years. Palms are getting greased for sure as the government stands by and does nothing.
  4. The window is well sealed, not a problem.
  5. Yep I had of those too that I got from Dougie with all the paper rolls. Somehow it disappeared after the fire along with some other things. Never trust those guys. Cheers
  6. I have one also but I only have 2 rolls of paper left. I had picked up a good bunch of rolls from Shag but they got lost after a fire and I can't find them anymore.
  7. Looks like it's Ceci to Toronto for Zaitsev, after the 3M signing bonus gets payed out. I for one am glad he's finally leaving the Sens.
  8. Atinsco makes some excellent products, their Power 1 hull cleaner is an amazing cleaner. https://www.atinsco.com/products.htm Cheers
  9. What I'd like to see is a tournament where no electronics are allowed, then we'd really get to see who the best fishermen are. Now that would be interesting. Cheers
  10. That won't work as you have to respond to an email to confirm your vote.
  11. Buy the best one you can find, you will likely regret buying an el cheapo. Cheers
  12. Done. It seems you're allowed to vote every 25 minutes. It says I can vote again after the countdown timer. I wonder why they allow that? Good luck Dave.
  13. I can't not see them giving Sr. a good contract, he's the perfect off the bench point guard. If Kyle was injured they would have no problem starting Fred.
  14. Speaking of inflatable pfds, I recently learned that they must be worn and not just in the boat. A member in another forum was just given a warning by a CO. Cheers
  15. We all grew up using Muskol, it was always like 98% deet back then. Pretty sure I have part of an old bottle somewhere still in a old tackle box. A few years back my sister brought me up 2 each of Repel100 and Sawyer Maxideet, so I'm basically set for life as they are only for extreme conditions. Around home now here in the country I'm trying Picaridin spray for bugs. It works ok for home use, but doesn't seem to last anywhere near what they claim, not that the Deep Woods 28% does either. When I was picking leeks couple weeks ago I was covered up for the most part but I used it on exposed areas of the head and neck and back of hand and wrist. There were clouds of skitters as I crawled around and I didn't get a bite for the hour and a half we were there. I've read reports that say concentrations of deet over 30-40% are no more effective, I guess that was the Canadian government's justification for limiting sales to 30% max. Yea right. As this thread goes to prove when things get super nasty the heavy duty repellents do work better. Cheers
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