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  1. I have that on my '01 Sierra as well but I'm super hesitant to use it. The idea of the drive train kicking into 4wd while rear wheels are spinning just screams to me asking for something to break. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't trust it. To me the most dependable was the locking hubs I had in my old 78 Chev. Nothing electrical to worry about, no solenoids to screw up and no front axles turning until I locked the hubs and engaged the front diffy. The old days eh hehe.
  2. It's from Subaru lol, I wouldn't expect them to say anything else. I've always had a 4x4 truck, I prefer the option to put it in 4wd when I need it rather than having all that wear and tear on the drive train full time. Cheers
  3. While I agree the CLR product is is a good one so far as regular retail goes I recommend trying Hycura. It is an industrial/commercial strength product used by municipalities etc. For home use a year's supply is $80 tax in with free delivery from Calgary. They even go as far to suggest that it works so well that tank pumping isn't necessary as there is no sludge build up. https://www.hycura.com/?v=3e8d115eb4b3 Cheers
  4. Art there is nothing illegal about torrents. It just depends on what is being downloaded. But I do understand where you're coming from. Cheers
  5. Yea a vpn is critical, plus unlimited bandwidth is handy when you start downloading hi-def 1080p movies at 7-10 gig each. Cheers
  6. A couple of pulleys and a tree strap or two to go with your tow ropes can be a lifesaver if you or a bud get badly stuck in the bush. You can easily double the force of your winch. Cheers
  7. Have you considered getting into torrents? Get yourself a vpn and you're safe to go. All the movies and shows you want.
  8. Lol I remember that one. That was Andy Bassich I think. You're right about the music, a bit much but It's hard to make dropping a bunch of small spruce trees exciting. There was a similar episode with Glen Villeneuve but he did everything by hand, no power tools. Cheers
  9. I quite enjoy watching Life Below Zero, it's better than a lot of the crap on regular tv. It's mostly sustenance living. One of the families they focus on above the arctic circle revolves a native Alaskan family with 7 kids except for the dad Chip who hailed from Montana. So, to your point about surviving, in one episode they had traded some caribou for a good pail of rendered seal oil, which Agnes Hailstone mentioned was critical for them to be able to handle the cold temps over the winter. It's tasteless and they were basically dipping dried meat and fish and bannock in the thick "oil" to supply the needed carbs to fuel their bodies. When I grew up in Ottawa in the 60's and 70's my benchmark for what I considered "cold" was 0°F. That's when you had to hurry to get your skates on at the outdoor rink. Non of this Bull "feels like" temp. Duh!!! If it's cold and windy it's way worse. Pretty sure I figured that out well before I was 10. Nowadays at -20C and windy they put warnings out. Oh well.
  10. Yea and it's better hd than through a dish where the signal is compressed for transmission. Unfortunately around here I can only get two hd channels. Cheers
  11. Lou this isn't what you're looking for, but this just get your blood going just fine. That's Moosebunk doing the guiding on Nipigon out of Onaman. https://www.thenewflyfisher.com/where-to-watch/episodes/season-12/ Cheers
  12. Follow the crowds Justin. Most of the popular spots will have little villages by now. Watch out for Craig's Shore area yet though. That's where they went through last week. Cheers
  13. I hear you Dougie, but fish tacos seem to be a very popular thing these days. Cheers
  14. Lol be adventurous. Chop up those pepper slices, saute in butter and then ad in chopped avocado and cook down to soft. Add in fresh minced garlic for the last minute or two and try it like that on your bread with the fish. It's like a custom spread of sorts instead of raw chunks over powering the fish. Cheers
  15. I must say this has been a very interesting thread that I've enjoyed following. It really ticks me off too hearing about these corrupt dealerships and credit agencies that have to damn well know that they are screwing folks and for the most part can get away with it against the average Joe. Great on you guys for fighting back and recouping your coin. I strongly suggest taking Chris up on his offer, his ruling could even set a precedent for your own issues. Lastly, if it was me that had to go through this crap I would still be super ticked even if I got all my money back and I would want to get back at them for sure. Obviously for one citizen it's hard to go against big corp, but this sounds like the perfect issue for the investigative news media to latch on to, like Market Place or The Fifth Estate. Can you imagine the potential class action lawsuits. I can't imagine a better revenge 😈 Good luck guys. Cheers
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