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  1. I trust you're talking about rat traps, those Victor ones are still the best. Get the bugger!
  2. The owner is Dave Smetana and his wife Cara, they have four young lads. I've known him for a long time but had lost touch after a mutual friend passed away. He used to have his own security business and as well still operates an archery only deer camp on 500 acres of private land not too far from Innisville. All American clients. Real nice guy, super hard worker that goes way out of his way to keep clients happy. He bought the place in 2014 and hasn't looked back. Won awards in his first two years and Canada in the Rough and Extreme Angler have done shows there. Not just fishing, he also runs bear baits. I wouldn't hesitate to give him a call to get answers to your questions. Looks to be booked up for the most part till September from what I see on his website. https://www.olivethelake.com/ Here's a short video from Keith Beasley up there before Dave bought it.
  3. I would suggest you contact Rocky's Reel Service and show them the pic of that spring. As mentioned it seems to be a fairly heavy spring that appears to be for keeping tension on some assy. Good luck.
  4. A little psa here. Independent Grocer has whole briskets points on sale for $3.00lb ($40-$45) and trimmed pieces packaged up for $4 lb. ($22 range) Meat manager said he can hardly keep it on the shelves, considering it's way cheaper than burger even. He had to put one aside for himself to smoke. So I'm leaning towards doing them up in a brine with a #1 cure, so basically a corned beef and then smoke it. From what I'm seeing the prague powder isn't necessary but then it isn't considered corned beef and won't have that red colour and different flavour. Smokingmeatforums.com is a good place to wander around, check out post #27 in this thread. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/to-brine-or-not-to-brine-a-brisket.89757/page-2 Cheers
  5. Not a problem at all, the braided sheath won't harm anything.
  6. I think it was like maybe a dozen years back that I tried a "Cowboy" burger recipe that called for a mix of pork and beef to raise the fat content. Well let me tell you I was hooked right away, I often use it now with game or lean beef in burgers, meatloaf and meatballs. It makes a noticeable difference. I have ground my own mince pork in the past, if I see it on sale in bulk I will buy it and separate into small packages of maybe 3/4 lb. Plus we use it for making our own egg rolls as a meat base along with some chopped and fried coleslaw mix along with garlic, ginger and spices. We like them, look the same as yours. Back to those beef/pork mixes, I have on occasion bought some on sale from freshco for the convenience factor too, in 10 minutes you've got fresh meat loaf or meat balls on the fry pan or grill or oven. Granted it would be my third choice overall, but I can't recall anything real negatory with any that we've used. Well..., there was that one meat loaf that I just put down to wifey over doing it, it had some good shrinkage factor hehe Cheers
  7. Maybe admin can move this to non outdoor or smoker recipes.
  8. So I've been using big chief smokers for like close to 40 years now, I'm on my third one. I've always used wood shavings over the years. Couple of years back my daughter gave me a few bags of Jack Daniels pellets that I've used in conjunction with wood shavings. Wasn't sure how they would work in my smoker pan but they certainly did produce a nice thick smoke and do seem to burn faster than chips. Not a big deal but likely more costly to use. So the other day I see this ad on a local buy/sell fb site. It was for 40lb bags of Pitmasters competition blend at a great cost of only $30 cash. Our local butcher sells 20lb bags of Traeger pellets for $25 so this was a good deal. Turns out this lad drove down to the 401 from Carleton Place and bought a skid full of these bags and was selling off extras to recoup some of his costs. Fine by me. https://luxebbq.ca/products/pitmasters-choice-competition-blend-pellets?variant=31999911559230 So hopefully these will provide me with a good smoke also with my electric smoker. Has anyone here ever tried these before? My next session is going to include 2 racks of back ribs and 3 packages of pork tenderloins, so six of them. Freshco had them both on sale at the same price of 6.61/kg. I like my ribs but I'm an even bigger fan of the tenderloin, even better that I'm not paying for bone. This is a new email recipe I want to try from https://www.smoking meat.com/ If anyone is looking for smoking info and recipes I highly recommend checking that site out. He sells two rubs and a sauce recipe. I even found his original rub recipe online so I'm going to do up a batch of that one tomorrow and also a batch of Meathead's Memphis Dust dry rub recipe that I found on https://amazingribs.com/ Cheers
  9. I downloaded and just watched it. Actually wasn't too bad, like you said he is quite the physical specimen and a very accomplished martial artist.
  10. That rabbit wouldn't last long in my case.
  11. Well with the weather today I wasn't about to do much outside, it was like walking into a sauna. I did move a bunch of bedding plants under the picnic tables to protect from the possible thunderstorms yet to come. Other than that it was out the back door to load the smoker and do the wood chip refill for about 5 hours. Did all the hocks that have been brining for over a week now, along with a large polish sausage and a garlic sausage that were just asking for more smoke flavour. Still had one empty rack so I put about 1/2 lb of paprika in a pie plate and placed on the top rack. Also did up another double batch of that asparagus soup, with leeks again. That was 8 more containers for the freezer and 2 cups left over for us tomorrow. Today's menu included a batch of that leek and fiddlehead cream soup that wifey did up yesterday. That soup is so good.
  12. I'm figuring it's along these lines. https://www.coborns.com/recipe?id=30748
  13. So wifey did another double batch of the asparagus soup yesterday. Two onions still left it 1/2 cup short so I grabbed a good handful of leeks to make up the difference. Well as good as this soup is the leeks added a wonderful subtle flavour to the mix, just what I was hoping for. So good. We kept 1 1/2 cups aside for fresh eating and filled 7 containers for the freezer. I have a feeling there will be more batches made up over the next while. Freezer to table with frozen base is like 15 minutes or less if microwave is used.
  14. I know you said it's leaking bad but at that price for a new one I'd be trying to fix the leak first. That's just me though, I'll always try a repair before a replace most of the time.
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