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  1. Last batch I did I used some apple cider in the foil, that worked real good. I've also used mustard and once mayo as a light layer on the ribs and then a coating of spice rub and let sit overnite in the fridge. Made for a nice bark.
  2. I'd always heard of the 3-2-1 method, but use more of 4-2-1. it's about the different cooking times. 4 hours in the smoker, then two hours wrapped in foil with or without liquid which steams the meat so it doesn't dry out and then one last hour unwrapped again to form a crust. My Big Chief doesn't get very hot so I finish in the oven. Brian just stretched it out, and yea they look great. Edit: Oops, looks like I'm late with that response lol.
  3. That lad knew Quinte very well but was still in an area known to be sketchy in early season. Apparently he was wearing a flotation suit even but the current in that spot did him in. Don't know if he was carrying a spud. That's part of the problem with social media. I've seen plenty of nice Walleye taken from Quinte this year posted already, problem being is that it gets folks all wound up to get out there and sometimes safety takes a back seat to common sense even if you are careful. No fish is worth dying for. I'm surprised the ice is that bad up there. Guys are fishing everywhere around here, back lakes for trout have been frozen over for at least a couple of weeks now, again tons of trout pics on the 613 Ice Fishing group on FB.
  4. Get yourself a VPN, they're not just for businesses. All your data is encrypted and encapsulated and you can appear to be from servers all over the world so geographic boundaries can be bypassed. They are a must if you want to do any torrenting. Most the top rated rated providers also keep no logs whatsoever so your privacy while traveling the web is assured. I just signed up with CyberGhost for $2.25/mo for the next 3 years on a promo after being with PIA for the last few years. That covers up to 7 devices so you know that your phone data is secure as well. Can't get better value for your internet security.
  5. I get no popups, I use popup blockers, adblock, script blockers and always use a vpn for the last few years now so my IP addy could be from anywhere in the world. I also don't ever use google as my search engine anymore with their censoring of search results among other things.
  6. I worked for an airline and we got them from an aircraft parts supplier so the quality was top notch, likely milspec.
  7. I would look into environmental splices like are used in the aircraft industry. There are two styles, one uses a butt style crimp and then has the shrink tube with a sealer on each end. The other style like I've used on engine harnesses has an integrated solder ring in the middle of the shrink tube again with a sealer ring on each end that melts and provides a much better seal than standard shrink sleeving. In your case I would think that the solder connection would be preferable to a crimp. With larger wires I've found that it helps to tin the wires first. You will need a quality heat gun that will melt the solder and is generally used with a U shaped attachment on the end of the heat gun so that it reflects the heat on the backside of the splice at the same time
  8. Pretty neat rig Dan. The one thing I would be worried about is the wear on the rod itself. How does it look after 3 hours?
  9. Most folks aren't too quick to give out trout spots. I would suggest using Fish-on line to find trout lakes in your vicinity and work from there. https://www.lioapplications.lrc.gov.on.ca/fishonline/Index.html?viewer=FishONLine.FishONLine&locale=en-CA
  10. So I d/l the first two seasons and watched the first 3 episodes. I though it was hilarious, best laugh I've had in a while. Basically an R rated comedy that doesn't need a laugh tract to convince viewers it's funny. I had no idea what to expect so it was all out of the blue, so many one liners. I wouldn't call it vulgar, but certainly crude for sure. I'm not a fan of sitcoms but I'm looking forward to catching more. Seasons 3 and 4 on the way.
  11. Yea for sure get a hammer drill, they are made of much tougher internal components. Just don't use it in hammer mode.
  12. I've never watched it, maybe I should give it a shot. Please tell me that it doesn't have a laugh track I can't handle them anymore.
  13. To think that we grew up using that strength of deet. It sure does melt plastic and removes dye. Pretty sure I have one of those light green bottles of Muskol in the bottom of an old tackle box. It sure does work better and for longer than the 25% stuff we get now in Canada. Good for the girls. I know Jeff at YIG has a temper but I wasn't aware it was that bad. Cheers
  14. My fishing up that way has all been March ice fishing since back in the 80's and 90's. Mostly at Sunny Hill but we had some great years at High Country Snoasis while they were operating. Their main Shacks in March were located on Bark lake in a spot that is known as The Piers. Think fishing in 15ft of sandy bottom clear water with a current in the original river run that the smelt still follow as they migrate toward their spawning grounds. Some years that channel opens up late March and is even accessible from the shore out across some ice and you are literally casting from "shore". We also had some good times fishing several back lakes for trout on the west side of 523. Check out Fish on-line I would say that you picked an excellent area overall.
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