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  1. Wow, do you ever reread what you wrote, your posts are getting worse all the time with your hate filled ridiculous comments. Even your fellow leaf fans must be embarrassed with your lack of class in this thread and personal attacks. Now you're even resorting to slander and you don't even care if what you write is even true anymore. Lol like Chris and Pierre need a paycheck, like how lame is that if it's all you can come up with. I guess you don't watch TSN then right, Pierre is a well respected member there. But I guess you know more than anyone else about the Athletic because I've never heard that from anyone ever. Pretty sure I have it figured out though. Someone from the Athletic once said something negative about the leafs so in your hate filled fog you paint the company and all the respected reporters that the Athletic has hired with the same brush. How pathetic that you've sunk this low instead of actually talking hockey like most folks here.
  2. Real good article on genetic testing done on the Eastern Coyote http://theconversation.com/yes-eastern-coyotes-are-hybrids-but-the-coywolf-is-not-a-thing-50368?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=facebookbutton
  3. Chris I'm wondering where you get that idea about the Athletic? For a new venture they are doing quite well, in just over 3 years they hit over half a million subscribers.The two journalists I'm most familiar with are Pierre Lebrun and Chris Stevenson, who are both high quality individuals beyond reproach. I guarantee you neither one would work for a National Enquirer type rag. Cheers
  4. Well if they whine and whine about it but then turn around and do the same thing, then yes that would fit the definition.
  5. They look real good Spiel. That's a good looking garlic bulb too, if I recall you grow your own right. I noticed some of your preserves in the background. Is that a mustard pickle? Cheers
  6. Chris I state facts about the leafs for the most part, along with some speculation. I don't know why you would have a problem with that. Here's a few more facts for you just for fun. On at least a couple of posts in the past I have mentioned about how the leafs were likely going to get in trouble from over working Andersen and not having a capable backup. Well it seems maybe I was correct. Andersen has been pulled in 2 of his last three games, and is sub .900 in 5 of his last 7 starts. Some of that no doubt may be due to the Leafs defensive woes, but I don't see any change for the better there. Muzzin is now LTIR so he's done for a good time. Leafs have now lost 3 in a row too, although they have done quite well over all with the new coach. Leafs are now 7th in the conference, Florida is 1 point behind with a game in hand, if they win that one and so does Philly win their game in hand it puts the Leafs into 2nd place in the wild card race tied in points with Philly and one point from being out of the playoffs. Plus Andersen is in the All Star weekend, to bad actually, I'm sure that the Leafs would much rather have him resting for the 5 day break, he really is the key to the team's success. These are all facts. If you consider this trolling and Leaf bashing then you're the one with the issue.These same points are no doubt being debated on every sports media out there right now, I'm just bringing it up on this thread for comment and discussion. After the Sens lost in OT to the Habs there were 5 posts in a row "bashing" the Sens, like so what, no biggee right, it's like normal sports bantering among the guys as I see it. Dave's first one was perfect and next one about the titanic must have been a product of that think tank I bet. Next few were meh hehe. So I didn't respond till later, but again you seem to miss the friendly banter here it seems and react with personal shots. You need to chill man. Cheers
  7. Lol I wasn't butt hurt at all or crying, I was laughing. As for all those comments in the past you're right, I haven't read them. But I guess yea, that gives leafs fans the justification to do the same thing eh. So whos the hypocrite then?
  8. Looks good. Were your mashed taters cold when you mixed it all up? An old Newfie buddy of mine said that was the trick to get the best cod cakes.
  9. Well I hope you leafs fans had fun with all your childish comments. What did you do, put a think tank together and come up with all those comments? I guess that's your new tactic, start commenting on every sens game? Well looky here, I was just watching the Leafs game. Florida has 4 goals on 12 shots and Andersen gets pulled again. Looks like Andersen is starting to get worn out from having to play too much. Big surprise. So they put Hutch in goal, the leafs get a PP and Florida scores shorthanded to make it 5-0. Go figure lol.
  10. I couldn't agree more, even right off the bat with him going to store to buy everything he seemed to grate on me. Best parts by far were those fish caught out of Cree Lake, that made it worthwhile watching.
  11. That's exactly why I figure Bergevin is in as much if not more trouble than Julien. No one can argue with his coaching ability but he can only do so much with the players he has. He's had 7 years to find a first line center for the Habs starting with Galchenyuk in 2012 and in 2018 at 3rd with Kotkaniemi who has only 8 points this year. Meanwhile he had ,4,5,6 and 7 as Tkachuk, Hayton, Zadina and Quinn Hughes he could have taken. Rumours have it if they lose to the Sens tomorrow something will happen. We'll see.
  12. Don't you think you should include yourself in that, you're pretty good at it too. Doesn't take much to get you going, even when it's obviously just poking fun at the Leafs.
  13. I would think Bergevin could be in trouble too. 8 losses in a row now. Plus out of the 11 wins Detroit has 3 were against the Habs.
  14. Well tks Paul, I'm so glad you actually took the time to find that comment and then figure out the math. At least I'm contributing to the thread by sticking up for my team. Actually I almost made a couple of posts about other teams recently. One about the Habs woes with losing 7 in a row, I heard a stat that since Nov21 Price has let in the most goals in the league, like how wild is that with the contract he has. The other one was about the Sharks loss to the Caps where they got an empty net goal to go 2 up and still lost the game with the Caps getting 2 goals in the last minute and winning in OT. First time in history of the NHL that has happened. EK65 was -4 too. #sharktank is running well, specially now with Couture out for a good while. Cheers
  15. So funny that you actually think you know what fans in Ottawa think, because you actually don't. Just to set you straight, Ottawa fans still care about their team just as much, it's the owner that fans have a big problem with, big difference.
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