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  1. Actually first and second posts, obviously he can't be bothered to put in any leg work like most folks do. On one FB fishing group I'm in asking that or giving away spots gets you booted.
  2. I disagree, there may be the odd one that honestly doesn't realize it, but anyone with a modicum of common sense that has had to wait in a exceedingly slow launch even once has to realize that's not how it's done. The worst ones are those that do know better but don't give a crap and do it anyway. They certainly are stupid idiots and ignorant to boot.
  3. I live near Almonte and that's exactly what has happened here with all the citiots moving out of Ottawa and then not agreeing withe country way of living. Then they run for town council and try and make it like a liberal haven. They put bike lanes in town that never get used and ended up costing all the residents their on street parking. Then what has happened is that all the canoe head gangs come out to Almonte and fill up all the local parking areas along the river and take their bikes out on all the rural roads and act like they own the roads. Then they go back to town, load their bikes up and then leave without spending a cent on local business. I see them all the time going by my place lately.
  4. Came across this the other day and figured this thread fit the bill. This guy is a real artist for sure, what a sling shot.
  5. Yep I saw that as well in a recent issue.
  6. I agree, that was a long time back and not an issue anymore.
  7. Went into FreshCo in CP this evening and found fresh loins at $1.50lb and couldn't resist. Receipt said I saved over $31. I picked the best looking one out and got 8lb for $12. Last one I bought all went to schnitzel, I'm thinking this time I'll cold smoke the slabs first to dress them up even more before pounding them down. Plus I bought some half price bread off the reduced rack this evening, including a big sourdough loaf. I'm down to two bags left in the freezer of smoked bread crumbs so it's time to do up another full load in the smoker anyway.
  8. So long as it's a loaded rod doing the hookset there is no issue at all.
  9. So I'm stacking some firewood on the rack beside the wood stove when the phone rings. It's my SIL who wonders if I'd like some fresh Specks as he's on his way back from a very successful morning trip. Well of course I will, right on Allan. So he comes up the driveway and I go out to meet him on the front walkway. He hands me 4 10 -12" beauties and we chat for a bit. Then as he's about to leave I notice this light brown blob on a lilac branch 10 ft away. WTH? So I walk over closer and it's a Saw Whet owl sitting on the end of a cut branch, so cool. I run in the house to grab my camera and Al pulls out his cell phone. Well I knew they were pretty tame but I had no idea how much. I grab some pics and then decide to see how close I could get. Well I get within touching distance and it just sits there opening his eyes the odd time. Well just so happens I had taken some squirrel out for a snack so I go back in the house and cut a strip off to see if the owl would take it. I put it on a stick and hold it out 6 inches in front of it. No reaction so I move it in even closer and he spooks and flies 5 feet away on to a spruce branch beside the house. So I put the strip of meat on a branch below him, he looks at it and ignores it. Then I go back and grab my camera again and take a few more pics and the last one through the kitchen window when I go back in. No idea how long it was there but it's still there an hour later not even paying attention to all the birds around as I have my feeders right there. And all the chickadees aren't even worried and have no fear being 3 ft away from it. So cool, made my day.
  10. Watched 21 Bridges last night, if you like a good cop action movie it was pretty good. One of the last movies made by Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) before he died from colon cancer.
  11. Sinker there's an awful lot of variation among Splake, they can look more like Specks or more like Lakers or a combination of both. None of them have a forked tail like a Laker. Also male and female look different and the age of the fish makes a difference as well. I agree that's not a Speck or a Laker, which is why I say Splake.
  12. I've caught more Lakers than all other trout combined and I've never seen one ever that had a tail like that with so little fork in the tail. Hence why I say it's not a Laker.
  13. I wasn't going to bother commenting but when it was called a Laker I just had to lol. The one main characteristic that separates Greys from other trout and hybrids is the much deeper forked tail, which that fish does not have. Nor does is have a true enough square tail to be a Speck so my vote is Splake. Looks just like these and plenty of other pics I've seem guys post on some fb fishing groups I'm on.
  14. I'd forgotten about that site, tks for the reminder Dave. My bandwidth sucks, specially at night so I just let it load and then watch later. Cheers
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