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  1. They have floating bubblers that help a lot with the hole freezing up.
  2. Here's a study from Carleton University back in 2013 done on Charleston lake. Pretty alarming. I posted this study back then on a Fish-Hawk thread about discarded plastics and made the mistake of pointing out that it was mostly bass fisherman by far that used plastics. Well some of the bass guys freaked out big time getting on my case saying I didn't like bass fishermen and was picking on them lol. Talk about overly sensitive and easily offended bunch of guys, it was wild the comments they were coming out with. Fortunately the owner and some other members recognized that I was just posting facts and stuck up for me. Dougie I think you were around there back then. There have been plenty of studies since then, there was talk in some states about banning them unless they were biodegradable. https://www.deepdyve.com/lp/springer-journals/exploring-the-potential-effects-of-lost-or-discarded-soft-plastic-nqTiq8ccjj https://www.researchgate.net/publication/260525998_Exploring_the_Potential_Effects_of_Lost_or_Discarded_Soft_Plastic_Fishing_Lures_on_Fish_and_the_Environment
  3. I said I didn't care what he believed, but I did respond to his comment with facts other than one hot summer in BC. Yea what I said is that climate change is always happening but it's not because of human activity compared to other effects.
  4. Yea right. Meanwhile the poles have more ice than ever in a long time. Many places in the world are getting record low temps. Arctic air is now reaching the gulf of Mexico last week and California was getting record snowfalls with 122 inches of snow in the last week alone. Jet streams are all over the place. So how do you explain that? If you really cared to do some research instead of falling for all the climate change alarmists you would realize that most of Earths weather is influenced by solar flare activity and El Nino and La Nina. as well as the tilt of the earths axis which can be affected by volcanoes even. The earth has just hit one of the five coldest Novembers in history. And yes I'm over 60 and for sure weather has always been in a state of flux as it still is but it's not because of human activity and a little bit of extra CO2 in the atmosphere. Every major climate emergency these alarmist have screamed about have proven to be unfounded, sea levels aren't rising, the poles aren't melting, polar bears are going extinct, blah blah blah. Believe whatever you want, I really couldn't care less.
  5. My neighbour up the road went with solar in an off grid home and after 7 years had to replace all his batteries which was around $7K. Plus now having a baby he found that the solar didn't provide enough power so he is now hooked up to the grid.
  6. If anyone is looking for pork loin halves Freshco has them on at half price fro $2.77/lb. I looked at them yesterday and most were around the $12 to $13 range so a decent deal. Happy New Year
  7. I saw a post yesterday saying that 4 of the 5 coldest places on earth were in Canada. So much for global warming.
  8. For sure. Better do it while you can before the crowds show up on the new trail in you made. Good luck
  9. Yea it was in the smoker for a good while. One of the best features of the sous vide is that basically to a point your food stops cooking once the meat reaches the water temp so it's hard to overcook.
  10. All I've done in my sous vide so far is steaks at 129° for 3-4 hours. Thinking of trying it today for the pork tenderloins I smoked yesterday at 145°.
  11. So I was in IG on Friday and saw that they had family packs of 5 boneless sirloin chops on sale for $2.49 lb and I couldn't resist that price so I grabbed two packs and also grabbed a dual pack of pork tenderloin to use all the racks. One side of 5 chops got Montreal steak spice and the other 5 got a good dose of curry powder. The other side will get a Mango Chipotle spice and the other will get a Traeger Blackened Sakatchewan rub which I quite like. The tenderloins got a good smearing of mustard and then a good coating of Meathead's Memphis Dust rub that I made. Here's the recipe for anyone interested. https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/spice-rubs-and-pastes/meatheads-memphis-dust-rub-recipe/ Things are looking up.
  12. When a pan gets going they can smoke pretty good for a while. I've just started using pellets the last few years after my daughter gave me some Jack Daniels brand ones for Christmas one year. Now I buy Pitmaster pellets by the 40 lb bag. I've definitely noticed pellets provide a much thicker and stickier smoke than shavings for sure, it shows on the inside of the smoker, the racks and the front door edge big time. Here's another idea for you that I mentioned in the cooking thread somewhere. I've been doing spiced and smoked pork chops for a long time now, they are usually a staple in my freezer. When those family size variety pack of chops go on sale I grab two of them which is just right for the 5 racks. I've played with many Clubhouse spice mixes over the years, often with a different flavour on each side. Funny enough I decided to try Curry on one side of a half batch just because it was in my spice cabinet and I love to play with flavours. Well go figure I became an instant fan and now it's always on a half batch. At 160° for 3 hours, with maybe a rack switch at 2 hours they end up just starting to stiffen up and take a nice colour on. To me they're like half cooked at this point, 3 to 4 minutes on a hot grill or cast iron leaves a touch of pink, just right. We always have the best ones fresh for dinner, and the ones my girls don't hear about get vac sealed in pairs usually and frozen. When I want a special treat for dinner months later I can just take a pack or two out knowing that I can bring it to room temp and in 5 minutes at high temp I get to enjoy a treat no restaurant could even offer. Cheers
  13. Doug we put about 1 1/2 C in a sandwich zip lock and then vacuum seal them in pairs and store in the freezer just as a precaution more than anything. Seeing as they are perfectly dry I doubt it's really necessary and I've found an old bag in the back of the breadbox that was still quite fine. I've never seen store bought ones go bad either. In your case I would use a freezer quality ziplock for pantry storage.
  14. Thing is there's no need to go fancy either. I've been using a Big Chief electric smoker since the 80's, I'm on my third one now, but have one older one that still works and the original one needs an element, pot and tray. Sure it's fixed temp at 160° but it's all I need for most of the things I smoke and for larger chunks of meat I just finish the cooking process in the oven where I have perfect control. Brian is using the same thing and technique in his condo. They're real handy to use too, mine is on the back porch so I just pick it up and carry it into the kitchen where I load the racks, close the door and carry it back out to the porch plug it in and load the pan. No propane, no moving parts, no controls needed, all in a compact size that holds a fair amount with 5 racks. Quick story. A while back I ran out of smoked paprika, I started doing my own a few years back and it's all I use now for the most part. So a week back I remembered to stop at a small natural products store in CP where I get my bulk spices and picked up a half pound of Hungarian for just over $5. I always want to try and fill the smoker as much as I can when it's going. With that in mind I had a half price frozen sourdough loaf that I thawed out, chunked and dried. Just so happens I had recently picked up a generic full pepperoni chub at a price I couldn't refuse. I've had real good results enhancing cured sausages in the smoker already too so that worked as my last rack. So then it's planned for the weekend and best hydro rates too. Smoker was plugged in for four hours yesterday with five smoke sessions. The result for $10 was three racks of golden sourdough pieces for bread crumbs, two glass pie pans of the best real smoked paprika you can get, it was actually quite sticky on the outer edges of the glass after I let it cool, and a darker skinned great smelling sausage that I vacuum sealed and froze half. Cheers
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