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  1. I'm not familiar with that style of led lights. Back in 2013 after a house fire I replaced most of all the ceiling lights in the house with 11" led lights that were flush mounts that still mounted using the standard electrical boxes. There are similar lights that use your standard incandescent bulbs. In 9 years I've had 3 go wonky as they started to flicker for a good while before dying out. Pretty sure it was something on the circuit boards but they make them so they can't be taken apart. Makes a big difference in my hydro bill which along with a switch to propane furnace, hot water tank and gas range really help. Don't really use my dryer at all either, it's a clothes line outside in the summer and indoor racks in front of the wood stove in the winter. We also try to use off peak hours as much as possible. Due to a low family income I also get a monthly $40 reduction on my hydro bill which really helps too. Saying that my hydro bill last month was $30, that's for a 2500 sq.ft. home. So if your goal is to save money by switching to led lights I say go for it. I can't say how much overall they drop my bill but no doubt it makes a big difference. Cheers
  2. Actually they did, one picture I saw was an Xray of the fish.
  3. I don't see any of those ads at all. I do use a vpn and several script/ad blockers but they are disabled for this site.
  4. Not so sure I agree with that line, been hearing that one for at least 15 years now. Maybe more so out west but around Ontario there have been so many sightings that I've heard of even around here from a farmer I talked to that lost two of his sheep as well as at least two sightings not far apart around Charleston Lake around 10 years back. Chances are they've bred over the years as well which would add to the natural population.
  5. Try this cleaner, I've heard nothing but good things about it. Power 1 http://www.atinsco.com/products.htm
  6. Great news. Any idea how the police managed to find them?
  7. Personally I think you are being overly sensitive. I and many others likely agree with him that you'd be crazy to put a bow mount on a kayak. Folks are allowed their opinion and that's what you asked for. So then you turn around and insult him by comparing him to Trump, but that's OK is it? BTW, this forum is very well kept in it's place by the mods here, especially compared to a forum like OOD where the mods and admin let trolls run rampant, it's by far the worst forum for that that I've even been in. Needless to say I don't go there anymore, the same as many long time members there.
  8. I almost missed my annual treat of Calvatia Gigantea this year. I had seen some in a pasture but didn't get out for a tour and to ask permission till 3 days later. Right away from a hundred yards away I knew I was too late. I mentioned that to the new owner who came out and we chatted for a bit. I went to check anyway and sure enough the skin was darkening, the flesh was soft and already getting a dark yellow tinge. She told me about another one a mile up the road so I went to check and there it was just outside the fence line of a large pasture. It was real big and better colour but it wasn't as firm as it should be. I took it anyway and plopped it on a clear section below the front lawn. Then I went to another house closer to home that I had got some from last year for the first time and knocked on the door. She said fine, I could go look. So I go back just into the bush by the long time wood storage and work space and tour around the whole area. Nothing on my inside sweep and then I swing around the back to check out the bush behind, as I got one there last year as well as another from the side lawn that I spotted driving by. Well go figure, right at the end of my walkabout, just behind an old pile of rotting wood I come across the weirdest looking Puffball I've ever seen in over 30 years of eating them. Thing is, the skin was all intact on all the strange surfaces and it was really firm, I checked before picking it. It had real good weight and had that perfect "boomp" sound when you drum on it, that's how I always test them. So I'm headed back home and I remembered another house just up the road from that had some last year for the first time ever. I check and there's 2 real big ones and a small one but they were soft already as I figured. In the end I got lucky finding that one out of seven in heavy shade. On the culinary side of things, the quality was exceptional. I changed from my new preferred schnitzel method from last year a bit that still centers around my smoked bread crumbs. I dropped the flour dredge and and made an egg wash diluted with soya sauce of all things. Don't ask me why, it was a late night experiment that turned out real good. The bread crumbs on the counter the next morning were funny hehe ... I did it again the next day on a larger scale to pig out on prime beef and make extra while I could. The pieces were so crispy and light. 3/4 to 1" is just right. Just barely coat those pure white pieces with the egg wash and then give them a good bread crumb coating. Fry in large non stick with plenty of butter until just browned both sides. They were still real good warmed up the next day too with left over steak. Cheers.
  9. Helicoils are relatively easy to install. The issue in this case would be all the filings from drilling the initial hole before and then tapping, and last but not least breaking the tab off to fall inside after installing the helicoil. A flush would work some what but might as well limit it in the first place. Greasing the flutes and only going a turn or two at a time, then removing, cleaning and reapplying grease would help for sure. I had to do that when chasing the threads on one spark hole on a quad I bought. It seemed to work quite well, the grease really held the filings well. That being said, seeing as the hole had already been tapped out to a larger thread, unless it was a real loose fit I see no reason to install a helicoil in the first place. Have you tried to wiggle the plug to see how tight the threads feel like half way in? As I mentioned earlier, it's the gasket that does the main sealing, without it no plug will seal. Raycaster, I would still suggest using an brand new OEM seal for sure, at the least you know it's made from the proper material that withstands oil and compression. With a larger plug it would be a bit smaller but should function. This is unlikely, but I would also check both faces the gasket touches and make sure both surfaces are smooth and flat. So let's say that leaves the threads as the culprit. But then, why didn't the new plug fix that initial issue? hmmm... hehe Then teflon tape should do the trick. It might not take a lot, maybe three or four turns depending how much it's stretched. I'd advise to cut a narrow ribbon no wider than the thread length. Be sure to wrap in the opposite direction of the thread going in and stretch it as you do. If you can secure the head of the plug even better to get a tight wrap before install. I speak from extensive experience for 13 years as a tech testing, fixing, calibrating and certifying pressure and vacuum gauges for aircraft and test equipment for all the First Air bases across Canada. Good luck. Cheers
  10. On my older OMC engines all it ever took was replacing the gasket under the head of the plug. Cheap fix.
  11. If it's pissing out well and the water isn't real hot then I wouldn't be too worried about it. If you want someone to check it out they would have to remove it anyway so you may as well replace it then.
  12. Great one, I hadn't heard that in ages.
  13. Considering there isn't a mark anywhere on the lower unit that would justify them saying you did and hard enough to destroy the guts no less I would be very suspicious of what they are claiming. Sounds like they are trying to absolve themselves of any responsibility. My first thought would be to take in to a different shop and get another opinion. To hit something hard enough to do that much damage I can't see how there couldn't be any evidence on the outside of the unit. Good luck.
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