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  1. smitty55

    Steel head smokey jerky

    Yea looks good for sure. I've always cut my jerky cross grain and narrower strips so I can rip a piece off and then work on it. You prefer it it that way I take it? I bet it takes a lot more jaw work lol.
  2. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Hmm, I couldn't find the ratio of curing salt in the mix but I think it's safe to say that close to 90% of that is just flavouring, you could add your own for far less money. For instance if you go by the recipe that I use it would take 100g of cure for 10 qts of brine, so just 2 or 3 bucks. I would just go visit a butcher who does any smoking. Cheers
  3. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Sure no prob, here's the base recipe I use. https://nwedible.com/how-to-make-canadian-bacon-at-home/ One thing for sure is that from now on I will be brining the meat for for much longer than the recipe calls for, like I did this time. After chatting with Doug I'm sure that's why there was much more flavour to the meat this time, besides the smoke. He does it for 7 days and his mentor actually goes 10 days. One more thing. I got my curing salt from a local butcher, it wasn't pink. He wasn't sure exactly what the nitrite ratio was but told me for 10lbs of meat to use 2oz of cure, so I used 56g instead of the 40 the recipe calls for. Cheers
  4. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Totally agree with that. I don't even think I have any regular salt in the house. Pickling salt and Himalayan for sure and I think wifey has some sea salt which I believe does naturally have some iodine, but nothing like table salt. Cheers
  5. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Yea I remember you posting that a while back. I too would have thought them too lean. My freezer is due for clean out soon and I'm sure there's some tenderloins in there somewhere, I'll have to try that for sure. Dougie is your recipe much different than this one? https://nwedible.com/how-to-make-canadian-bacon-at-home/ If so maybe I'll try yours for the tenderloin if you could pass it on. Tks bud. Cheers
  6. smitty55

    cooking thread...

    Well I didn't do anything crazy different this time for my pork loin brine but OMG did it ever turn out great this time, my best one yet. It did sit for a full six days this time instead of 3-4 and I added lots of fresh thyme this time as well as the usual double the garlic and extra fresh bay leaves. Maybe it was the Jack Daniels smoker pellets in the first two pans. Whatever it was, the bacon on a kaiser I had last night was the best I've ever had, along with a great bowl of homemade tomato soup made with my own tomatoes. For $1.44 lb it's definitely the best deal for the money I could ever get.
  7. smitty55

    Red neck hot box smoking

    To tell the truth I wouldn't worry about temp so much. That setup will promote stale smoke. The main idea is to smoke and flavour them anyways, they can always be finished in the oven or grill or pan. I bought my first Big Chief smoker back in the 80's at Laurentian Trading Post in Ottawa and on a good day in the summer you might hit 160°, so it's a warm smoke at best. I've never had to finish anything but pork loins in the oven, they get to around 125° after 4-5 hours. On windy days a good tall windbreak sure does help a lot, both in retaining heat but also allowing the smoke to naturally flow out of the vents, which is how they are designed to work best. Speaking of which, I'm glad I visited this thread tonight because it reminded me that I've had two loins in brine for 6 days now. lol So they are now rinsed and dried and resting on my kitchen table on racks over a cookie sheet. Later I will put them in the basement fridge overnight and into the smoker tomorrow. Looking forward to some fresh Canadian bacon. I might even be able to trade some for smoked steelies. That's a good trade off for me. Cheers
  8. smitty55

    Sta-bil or Sta-bil 360 Marine?

    Seafoam's history goes back decades before it hit the general consumer market in your local ctc or auto shop but it's been around since the 30's when it was developed for the marine industry. The American military has used it for ages so you know it must be good. Btw the DeepCreep is an excellent penetrant for rusted bolts. Cheers
  9. smitty55

    Sta-bil or Sta-bil 360 Marine?

    Seafoam will stabilize fuel for up to two years. It also prevents phase separation which can happen using ethanol fuels. Cheers
  10. smitty55

    Shore fishing pike.

    No link
  11. smitty55

    Nymphs,woolys and smoked chops,,,,,,

    Hmm, I've never thought of soaking pork in juice as a marinade. I do pork chops in my big chief all the time, generally I dry spice for a couple of hours and then into the smoker. Vacuum seal the rest after saving a few and freeze. Only takes a few minutes in the pan after that as they're half cooked already. Funny enough, the one spice that has stayed with every batch since I first tried it on a whim is curry powder. Who'd a thunk. Misfish I highly recommend you try making your own smoked "Canadian " bacon. I've done it twice now and the results are excellent to astounding. Because my Big Chief barely hits 150 I finish them off in the oven. I basically follow this recipe but add extra garlic, peppercorns, bayleaf, thyme. The ratio of curing salt is paramount. https://nwedible.com/how-to-make-canadian-bacon-at-home/ I saw fresh loins at 1.44lb today at Freshco. I know what I'm doing next week now. Good time too restock on mince too.
  12. smitty55

    The wierdest place you met for buying

    Carleton Place now has a safe area right outside the cop shop dedicated for buyers to meet sellers from online ads. Good idea imo. Cheers
  13. smitty55

    Smoking fish on going

    Totally agree Dougie. I've been smoking fish for 30 years and I always leave the skin on. Never had an issue with it, but to each their own. Cheers
  14. smitty55

    Smoked a laker

    For sure it is recommended to let the pellicle form on the fillets before going into the smoker. Help keep the meat together. I use a brine and find that it's usually between two and three hours before it gets that shiny sticky coat on it. My big chief smoker has seem plenty of fish over the years and I always leave the skin on my fillets which also helps keep things together. Plus my dog loves it lol.
  15. smitty55

    Walker Downrigger Repair

    Good stuff. That company has been around for a long time. Back in the 90's they serviced my Lowrance 1510B paper graph and did a great job. New transducer and tuned to it. Never would have figured they did riggers too. Cheers