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  1. dirty dirty sheephead....the ol freshwater drum has got my heart pounding a few times. Have also caught a few musky trolling that got themselves all tangled up....come in sideways. 36 inch musky coming in sideways with a 40 k wind pushing your boat away from it feels like a new world record
  2. Rizzo

    Some time on the rock

    nice when you can eat your own bait
  3. Rizzo

    Is your boat ready for Winter?

    for those of you who do the lower unit now, but then fish a few more times, do you change it again later? Or do you just do a quick check? or maybe you have the luxury of heated garage?
  4. Rizzo

    Is your boat ready for Winter?

    don't talk that way! Got out in the boat this past Monday in the crazy winds and have a couple more trips planned still. Right now looks like end of November will be my last time out
  5. Rizzo

    Missing Angler on Scugog Lake

    Wow I am shocked. It was crazy windy all over southern ontario yesterday definitely not canoeing weather. Hopefully this story turns out better than it sounds
  6. Rizzo

    Fall Muskie report

    beauty fish!
  7. crap...reminds me of the firetiger husky jerk I had hanging on our previous cottage. When we sold its the one thing I regret forgetting to take with me. Good luck in your search
  8. Rizzo

    illegally introduced walleye

    well its better than asian carp introduction I suppose.
  9. Rizzo

    Kawartha Muskie Week

    awesome! A week or musky fishing...sounds great. I am limited to a day here a day there...if that day falls on a bad conditions day it is tough!
  10. Rizzo

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    purple....You think I would use a pink sled? Sheesh the nerve. Still my avatar since I don't know how to change it (although I suppose I could figure it out if I really wanted to)😀
  11. Rizzo

    More fishing fines laid!

    rotten buggers. Probably won't ever pay the fine either. I hope at least their gear is confiscated right at the site.
  12. Rizzo

    The wierdest place you met for buying

    Last year was looking for an outboard, had been communicating with a guy through kijiji. I had a price in mind I was willing to pay ($800...it was listed for $900) and hoping to negotiate to that amount in person. We made plans to meet on a Wednesday. On Tuesday a buddy of mine found out about it. To help me out he also contacted the seller and low balled him. They negotiated a price of $700 if he came that night to pick it up! So off I went, $700 in hand, pretending to be my buddy. I got the motor for $100 less than I had hoped, and my buddy earned himself a case of beer. When I got home I had an email from seller that I didn't need to come up as motor had been sold. Funny part...I now live in Guelph but drove back to where I used to live in Barrie to get it (maybe a couple km away). Did I mention my buddy used to be a used car salesman?
  13. Rizzo

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    Lew that is a phenomenal story about Joey and Paul
  14. Rizzo

    How old is OFC/OFC?

    do I look like I give a .....what's his name. Good times (for some of us). I joined around 2003 I think when I got my first computer. Right away joined three or four sites...this is the one that stuck over the years. Was in that picture from the 2004 G2G at Lakair that mepps posted, and made it to one or two after that but not in a long time. Nice to see those pictures but also a bit sentimental when you think of those you've met who are no longer with us