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  1. a couple of them are definitely showing off
  2. Dollar store find

    do they have one 9 feet long for my musky rods?
  3. I stand by my answer. You claim these vehicles will bring traffic fatalities down to zero...what about blown tires? black ice? hydroplaning? Could the technology become very good? Sure. Will we get to a day of no traffic fatalities? Never gonna happen
  4. WANTED - 9.9 kicker

    I bought a 8hp nissan last year. It was lots of fun always checking on kijiji etc. One thing I did find is that used outboards aren't cheap! I was shocked how much guys thought they could get for a 1982 merc. Another thing I noticed...anything that IS a good deal will be snapped up pretty quick, then some of those will be back on the site a couple days later for $200 more. I actually called about one of them that I had seen and the guy acknowledged that's what he does...buys any good deal then turns around and flips it. That guy happened to be out of Beamsville, but I am sure there are others out there doing the same thing. Good luck and happy shopping!
  5. 295 Stratos

    Good luck on the sale!
  6. Cottage for rent

    We have decided to rent our cottage out to help cover some of the costs. The cottage is on Habermehl Lake about 5 minutes north of Hanover. The lake is approx 100 acres...so not huge. Gas boats permitted but no jet skis. This is a great family spot, not a great "fishing vacation spot". The fishing is actually great in the lake (pike, largemouth, rock bass etc) BUT because the lake is only 100 acres you would probably tire of it after a couple of days. But if you are good fishing a couple hours in the morning, then a couple hours in the evening this is a great spot. Better yet...if you get a thrill watching your kids tangle with a bass then this is definitely a good place for you. Kids can catch largies and king kong sunfish right off the dock while parents enjoy brown pops on the shore. Rate is $1100 during peak season for a full week. 3 bedrooms, 1500 sq feet, maximum 7 people. Lots more info and pics available just shoot me a pm if interested.
  7. Ridiculous. What is wrong with just driving your own car?
  8. Seem any good movies?

    Just saw Wonder...my wife cried like a baby...I guess that makes it a good movie
  9. Sportsman Show any good?

    ya this is common in any retail (and other environments as well). Highly annoying for sure but what you gonna do? You never know when that annoying tire-kicker will finally make a decision (if they ever do). Either way, its a fact of life. Some people are what I call "time burglers".
  10. Little Cougar Problem

    wow you can see how big it really is in that scene when its on the log looking the other way
  11. Thats a wrap all.

    wow that looks like a gorgeous day! Gonna have to try and get me one of those whitefish some day
  12. Holy Smokes I caught a Lake Trout

    Never tried! Only ice fish once or twice a year and that's almost always for pike (the other times it might be for perch)
  13. Holy Smokes I caught a Lake Trout

    haha...that was a borrowed sled from the neighbour's daughter...man I miss that thing
  14. When a last minute decision was made to go to Muskokas to target Lake Trout the other day the first thing I did was come here for a bit of advice. Never having tried to catch a trout I needed all the help I could get. After the long drive up from Guelph it was nice to have some success! Although this is a pretty teeny trout, it was a gorgeous fish. As it neared the hole I was really disappointed...saw those spots on its side and actually thought it was a dink pike rather than the fish I was trying to catch. I tell you a tiny little trout is a very pretty fish. I did catch a bigger one a short time later, but no picture of that one...it was bigger, but not by too much! Either way...a personal best first laker and then another personal best to beat it. Speaking of personal bests, why stop at two in a day? Fishing with me isn't fishing unless an incidental walleye is caught. I am notorious for catching walleye when going after some other species. Since I rarely eat fish, walleye can be more pest than anything else to me. Well did I ever get one this time. I regularly catch big walleye (7-9lbs) while musky fishing...but this one out did them all! I got a super-tanker of a walleye (30 inches long, 19 inch girth) fishing an emerald shiner in around 35 feet of water, one foot off bottom. Not sure what this brute would have weighed but I am thinking over ten pounds at least. Being so fat it was a challenge getting it both up, and then back down, the hole. Had to top the day off with an incidental walleye, and for once I am happy I did!