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  1. although I enjoyed it (a bit) some of it was a bit disappointing...such as: - the one team going to a fly-in...a bit unfair - the new format...39 straight hours was awesome last time (and funny). The new format won't be as good imo - the kid Alex from the States saying "Oh My Gosh" every 4 seconds was driving me insane...wanted to break the tv
  2. having a "Canadian Mist" right now...if that stuff don't make you ornery I don't know what does.
  3. I appreciate your passion...but like the others have said, I just ignore those who are going to complain about my interests. Because of your passion in writing, you will also evoke a passionate response from those who read it. To me, its not worth stirring the pot. You have a very supportive community here, just ignore the others. The Dan Maloney part would especially open you up to trouble as this is a very damaging claim (it may be true for all I know, but stuff like that usually doesn't get tossed around loosely...like in an ice fishing rant). Sometimes just writing stuff like this is the therapeutic part...gets the weight off your chest. I think if you post it somewhere where the crowd is less supportive, you will find a whole new kind of weight added on! Just my thoughts.
  4. sure is! I grabbed a fishfinder last night...got me $250 in gift cards!
  5. sorry...another opinion that says barred musky. Either way, very nice fish with awesome markings
  6. I hope Roy checks in from time to time and knows we think of him. I met Roy a couple times...but what I remember best is him driving a freeking long way to a G2G at Lakair...and then his boat never actually getting off the trailer. Roy seemed perfectly content to hang out and chat with old friends, meet a couple new ones, and occasionally pass out in a lawn chair.
  7. gross. Hope to get out one more time before season closes. Gonna need some warmer weather for that to happen. Even down on st c the water is 32.5 my buddy tells me who went yesterday
  8. that there is some Blair Witch Project noises...so...hoax
  9. ...negative. all between 35-40. But at least keeps you interested!
  10. only been there twice...both were last year. At opener we got 5 in one day, in late fall we went o for 1...so my results are mixed!
  11. I hope the offenders are punished very seriously...should spend most of their life behind bars in my opinion. Disgusting what they did
  12. very moving thank you for sharing
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