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  1. I hope the offenders are punished very seriously...should spend most of their life behind bars in my opinion. Disgusting what they did
  2. very moving thank you for sharing
  3. Rizzo

    Yikes !

    those turtle probably knew what they were doing...looks like they have survived a few winters already
  4. have fun! hope to get out there a couple times this fall
  5. wow that is a big pike!
  6. If it was grating on you that badly, I would just move to another seat. By the 5th inning, if the seats 4 rows over are still empty...ain't nobody coming to fill em. Either find a new seat myself, or tell an usher about the situation...they would get you something pretty good I would imagine.
  7. wish a big scary fish would swim near my line. Some nice pictures there!
  8. Glad to hear SOME success stories coming out of this. Never been madder in my life than when I went through this process. Although we never got all our $ back from xwrp (only a portion), when the dealership changed hands we got some repairs done for free...repairs we DELIBERATELY had not done because we didn't want to void the warranty. Either way...keep at it all of you. For each of these success stories I bet there are many who just lay down, give up, and let these people (xwrp/car dealers) scam them
  9. yes...not every car going off the road is a drunk driver or distracted driver...equipment failures and medical emergencies can lead to some very serious consequences as well. My condolences to those affected
  10. I am not saying she wasn't driving...but if I am in the boat, I am behind the wheel 100% of the time, not my wife. I imagine most (all?) of us are the same...especially boating after dark.
  11. tossing that car around like its nothing...reminds me of my Aunt Shirley trying to get past people at the Mandarin
  12. I get out there a couple times a year....but figure people get bored of pictures of 36 inch muskies that seem to grace my boat out there! You got some real beauties though. I did go around a month ago. Fished around 6 hours and my buddy was bored so we left. Just a dirty pike for our efforts. That's a looong drive from Guelph for 6 hours fishing and one jack to show for it.
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