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  1. some awesome pictures. I refuse to acknowledge the picture of the dirty sheephead...but the others? Fantastic
  2. as singingdog said my choice is a texas rigged worm...no weight
  3. very cool looks more like a painting than a picture
  4. wow what a mess of fish. My understanding is the last couple years have been fire out there for eyes. You proved it
  5. mainly trolling...so at the console
  6. nice video! You are well set up...I drag the kayak off the roof, then I drag it to the lake...you have a nifty set up
  7. Glad to hear they looked after you! With what these things cost, they better make things right (but as we know...this is not what car dealerships are generally known for!)
  8. Rizzo


    the number of overdoses I deal with at the funeral home is through the roof the past 5 years or so. Definitely a problem here in Ontario!
  9. no longer use frogs I find the hooking percentage terrible. Now I use poppers...great hookups! Just can't work em thru the heaviest slop I guess but I never get in there anyways
  10. big largie. My boys still want me to unhook their fish...although they are using lures now....but definitely a long time before they take me fishing
  11. Everyone talking global warming claim the bass are off the beds in April, and since they are never wrong, the bass were off the beds a long time ago
  12. if Durant and Klay stay out Raps might do it in 5....but I don't see that happening. If its just Klay back I still like Raps odds, but if KD comes back, itll be tough
  13. I would agree not to send receipts. Tell them to show you where it says receipts are required.
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