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  1. Great picture almost as big as your son!
  2. good luck! I only ever fish there for musky (which are currently out of season...although it sounds like some are active!) so I have no advice for you. Hope you can get into some nice fish tomorrow to salvage your trip. Down south of gannons narrows the lake is much shallower. My kids always caught a million bluegill and perch when we go worm and bobber
  3. Ouch. Keep at it, try some new things. Sounds like Hartley Bay is a decent spot so maybe you were just there at a bad time or maybe you were using the wrong techniques. There are plenty of good spots within a few hours of Toronto...spots where you can "limit out" within an hour or two. Spend some more time on the water and you will find them. Sorry I have not been to Nosbonsing so can't comment on that fishery, but right next door is Nipissing and I have not had problems catching fish when I go there.
  4. Pictures too nice to ignore, sorry. Would be a hoot running the rapids on a raft of some sort.
  5. if the water just came in thru a seal, and your garage didnt get too ridiculously cold (ie it is attached to the house) it might not be too big a deal. Just my thoughts.
  6. Some serious bass there! Please refresh my memory, when does bass season open in southern Ontario. Is it the 4th Saturday in June?
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