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  1. I think you were trying to be funny...either way, made me laugh!
  2. ...so you just ignore the part when I said ""the cases I have seen"...gotcha. If taking things out of context is all you have, there is no point discussing this.
  3. the question was asked "who said it was ever just taking older people" you referred to me. I did not say that, and so I do not appreciate you implying that I did.
  4. I do not appreciated being mis-quoted. I never said "it only affects the old". I said THE CASES I HAVE SEEN were older people. Never would I say it "only" affects the elderly. What happened in Brampton is a real tragedy and my heart goes out to the family. You should not twist my words to try and prove some point.
  5. you figure the "other" death would be much better? You know many many many of the older folks end up dying of pneumonia right? In other words, same type of death...lungs filling with fluid. Fortunately, there are ways to keep people comfortable when they go through some very uncomfortable times.
  6. Very sorry Dan, my condolences to your family.
  7. wow you guys are nice! I tell my kids to step on the flat piece just above the prop and pull themselves in. Having said that, we only tube or ski once or twice a year, and I have teenage boys. If it was a regular thing, I might consider a ladder as well
  8. thanks for clarifying. I wonder if they actually searched? or the guy just answered a question honestly
  9. wow! I wonder if they just asked him if he had any fish at home or if they actually went and searched. I can't imagine a search of your home would be legal??
  10. I think this phrase is key. As someone who believes there is more to this life than what we see here and now, I am not afraid of dying. When we get older there are many things that could take our life that younger people would not fear. Covid is just one of them! So when that day comes for me, I imagine I will want to spend as MUCH of my time left as possible with family and other loved ones! I often wonder if you ask Grandma and Grandpa "Would you rather live another 2 years locked away, isolated from loved ones OR would you rather have 1 more year surrounded by the love of your family"...which would they choose? For me, it is a no brainer. I would take quality over quantity any day. I have heard of many people who have pulled family members out of nursing homes for that exact reason, and I applaud them for it (and my family has permission to do the same to me if a time like this happens again when I am older!)
  11. jealous...about the surroundings....and the fact you have hair to cut!
  12. I hope more do as well! I expect more people took early retirement when they saw what was happening, so it is wonderful to hear about your "barber" doing the opposite. Probably means you have long scraggly covid hair now though.
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