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  1. not a mechanical guy so no help there, but the boat sure looks nice. Hope you can get the motor issues figured out
  2. good luck let us know how you do! I have fished Pigeon a lot but never been further down then maybe a km or 2 south of Gannons. Either way sounds like plenty of musky to be had down there
  3. I have fished there a couple times (years ago...before I was interested in musky) and I never heard of anyone catching a musky in Go Home Lake. Even for other species I found the fishing there to be so so.
  4. I have never rebuilt but what size is the engine? If smaller I would likely just start over with new...bigger? Ya would definitely look into a repair if the engine has been solid otherwise
  5. ya we know someone who had that too.
  6. wow you got some beauties! Nice little musky too. That lamprey however? Disgusting
  7. haha never noticed the 100 yard part til now. That is a loong cast if you indeed were casting. For trolling, I wonder how far muskies will travel following a lure? I watched one follow in the prop wash for a while, he definitely got pulled away from his home zone as he followed me around.
  8. one more vote for barred musky...but a beauty little fish at that! Smaller muskies can have such amazing patterns
  9. considering I have my buddy not only provide the batteries, but also carry them, neither the cost or the weight is a factor for me!
  10. ya me too. Sounds like fun for someone in their 20's
  11. Well if your wife is like mine they told you camping but are currently at a spa sipping sangrias...they are fine
  12. very cool! Sure looked like the same musky you had played tug-o-war with!
  13. That is some quality time right there. Sorry no opinion on the generator. When we go, when the trolling motor dies we fish a different way (usually bring a couple spare batteries though!)
  14. that is a terrible story for a new motor...you should be compensated for the aggravation, time and mileage
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