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  1. but it ain't good. One thing I don't understand is why you have to enter the CCA amount into the tester before testing the battery. If anyone knows the answer for this I would love to hear it
  2. rats....you can read into that however you want
  3. Awesome! Glad it worked out so well. It sounds like a trip of a lifetime
  4. Yes that will be the moment of truth. I have now bumped it up from trickle charge to 6 amp charge. Plan to do that for a couple hours as apparently that overcharging will help equalize it
  5. so after 11 hours I tested it and it had gone from bad battery to weak (10.6 volts showing), this morning (at the 19 hour mark) it is now showing good battery (13.4 volts)! The interesting thing is when I tested it the first couple times the battery tester got hot. Even smoked the first time. Now that that battery seems to be recovering the tester did not get hot while charging
  6. Been charging 6 hours on trickle...bubbles getting a bit more frequent maybe this will work
  7. this charger only has manual (did I mention it was old?). I have left the caps off so I can see what is going on (yes...I am being safe). But right now it is probably just still water in there anyways hasn't formed acid yet possibly! Seeing the odd bubble come up every 10 seconds or so. It has been on trickle for 2 hours approx.
  8. the charger is old. I read on line to charge it on trickle for 12 hours. If there are bubbles coming up after 12 hours the battery can be salvaged, if no bubbles then the battery is toast
  9. got me a tester...said battery is bad. Popped the caps....ya she was dry not sure how much water was in there. Added some De-ionized water and now charging again. Might have wasted 6 bucks on the water but want to see if it can recover. Other than that, buy new battery and make sure to check it once in a while for water levels!
  10. I rarely use the trolling motor on the front of my boat, but did put it into use earlier this summer. I noticed the battery (3 years old) really did not hold a charge well. I do tend to keep the battery charged (don't run it down much ...except this summer because it went dead quite fast). I will admit I have never once added distilled water. Since I plan to use the trolling motor a bit this fall, should I just go ahead and replace a 3 year old battery? Or if I add water (assuming it is low after 3 years?) could this salvage it. Since it only gets used maybe 4 or 5 times a year, the battery I purchased was a lower end one (Nautilus, Cdn Tire, size 27 with 90 amp hours) and cost around $175 I think.
  11. that actually looks like a baby pike to me
  12. Interesting. I wouldn't say I "loath" bucktails...my first 2 muskies ever caught were on bucktails, but I also don't use them too much these days. Having said that, tomorrow is musky outing number 2,a bucktail may just get wet if I am in the mood
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