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  1. Rizzo

    Dodge XWRP warranty scam?

    definitely doing that next time!
  2. Rizzo

    Muskoka Lakes Pickeral

    awesome fish! I fished pickerel once last year....also thru the ice in Muskoka and got a tanker as well. Big ones don't just come from Quinte
  3. Rizzo

    NF NF NF new furnace and A/C

    the reason I mention "long term" vs fly by night...both places were including 10 year warranty parts and labour...well if buddy with his van is gone in 3 years, who is gonna honour your warranty? The Carrier dealer near us is a much bigger operation than the Goodman guy, who was super nice but confessed he is pretty much a one man show. That made me a bit nervous.
  4. Rizzo

    NF NF NF new furnace and A/C

    we just replaced both last summer. My house is approx 2400 sq feet plus finished bsmt...so we needed decent size unit (sorry I forget the exact specifications). We looked at Goodman and Carrier. We decided to go with the Carrier because it wasn't too much more AND the Carrier dealer promised to assist us getting all the rebates we were entitled to. The Goodman guy basically said figure out the rebates yourself. We paid 9 k taxes in for a "mid range" carrier AC and furnace package. We later got 2500 back in government rebates. And we actually got them! Like I said the Carrier dealer helped us in that process. If I remember correctly a mid level goodman would have been 7500 taxes in figure out own rebate and the Carrier was 9000 but after the rebates only 6500! After doing some research it basically looked like Goodman would let anyone with a van represent them (fly by night operation?), whereas Carrier seemed more "long term"
  5. Rizzo

    Dodge XWRP warranty scam?

    Tomkat that is also my policy...had never bought an extended warranty on anything...until this one. And I was adamant I didn't want it. Didn't even want to hear about. The salesperson convinced me to listen. "Don't use the warranty, you get all your money back". That was a type of "insurance" I was willing to get. If I had a huge repair bill I am covered, if I don't bother using the warranty then I get my 2500.00 back...all I miss out on is the interest that 2500 would have earned me in 5 years...in other words nothing to lose! We even had one $500 repair that we didn't get fixed thru warranty because we didn't want to jeopardize our refund. When it came time to get my 2500 back this is NOT how it all worked out. Not only will I refuse these sales pitches in the future...I will literally laugh when offered it.
  6. Rizzo

    Gar in GBay

    I have caught one on a weightless rubber worm and 1 on a jitterbug....both times I cast it right on the fishes head practically....was more of a reaction strike I think
  7. Rizzo

    Mountain Lake

    ...as a fisherman I agree I don't want him giving out info on my favorite lake...but as a guy trying to make a living I would expect him to try and make some more sales to make a living. A bait shop owner not willing to help is like a guide hoping you catch nothing with him...doesn't make sense for someone trying to make a living from the sport
  8. Rizzo

    Mountain Lake

    I find it odd that bait shop owners would not want to help. If I succeed I come back and I buy more bait. I go out and have a crappy day I don't come back.
  9. Rizzo


    with the electronics it sure keeps you interested!
  10. Rizzo

    phone down an icehole

    ya my buddy did that...we made zero attempt to retrieve it...mind you we had no camera to help
  11. I assume he was not hunting bear? Scary stuff
  12. Rizzo

    Dodge XWRP warranty scam?

    I also read it completely. There was no reason for them not to give me my money back, that is why they eventually gave me 2000, after a MASSIVE fight. So now I am out $500. Am I gonna take them to court over 500? No...too much trouble. That my friend is an absolute scam. Try to steal my 2500, but if you know I am gonna put up a fight, just give 2000 back to shut me up and make it so I won't go to court. The clause they referred to in my "denial" letter didn't even exist! Over and over I asked them to send me proof of this clause in my contract...nobody ever did. In my case it was a clause that I had to provide service records. This clause was NOWHERE to be found, yet it was what they tried to use to not give me my money.
  13. Rizzo

    Dodge XWRP warranty scam?

    Go get em! If anything good comes of this there have been 10,000 views to this post...hopefully that prevents others from being scammed...or it stops car salespeople with a conscience from selling this scammer policy
  14. Rizzo

    Dodge XWRP warranty scam?

    I even had one of those "consumer protection" tv groups tee'd up to go interview Dodge about why they were not helping me....then I got a good chunk of the $ back. I had been having chest pains from the stress/anxiety....just decided to let it go for the sake of my health. Also had a case set up with their governing body...let that go too. I guess that squeeky wheel expression worked in my case. But it never should have come to that.