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  1. Rizzo

    Heart attack

    Wow that is something. Some great pics too...except the sheephead...thats just gross
  2. Rizzo

    Great Yamaha Marina Experience

    That great. Maybe I need to vacation in Bobcaygeon if I ever need work on the engine
  3. When I lived in Barrie I would fish that lake once or twice a year. There were many times the big motor never got fired up! Just used the trolling motor. The days I did use the gas motor I had a very specific trolling route on my gps that always kept me safe. Luckily the fish on that route were pretty accomodating so I didn't have to stray off it.
  4. Rizzo

    Greased the new toon

    very nice congrats on the new to you ride! No more kicking your way out like a chump! Trolling motor is great addition!
  5. Rizzo

    Salmon in the river...

    wow I didn't know salmon came up this early
  6. Rizzo

    My Grand River experince

    Some great pictures. You were only a few kms from my house but I have never actually fished the grand
  7. Rizzo

    Pushin' 30

    she's big alright...ugly too
  8. Rizzo

    Dodge XWRP warranty scam?

    Make them show you the clause that says you have to provide service records. I went LINE BY LINE through all the documentation with one of their managers...eventually they caved. Took craploads of emails and phonecalls before I got a manager. Have your warranty book in hand as well. Mine said nothing about service records. They have some bogus line about "what is not covered" section... it also says nothing about service records. Good luck. There IS a clause that gets them off the hook if you have gone over 100k so definitely don't send in records if you are over 100k! If you are under 100 k and have all the records just send em in. My problem was we didn't keep the records, and when I sent some in they always insisted on more
  9. Rizzo

    Hot water on Pigeon

    we were at pigeon a few summers ago and saw 82...never saw 84.5...that's a bath
  10. Nice pics thanks for taking the time to post
  11. Too funny. Went salmon fishing with a buddy and when I caught a laker instead that's what he called it...a dirty old laker. You have some awesome pictures there and memories for a lifetime, too bad the weather didn't cooperate but still looks like a fantastic time
  12. Rizzo

    Bass opener with kids

    awesome day Rob...love the passed out kids an the ride home
  13. Rizzo

    Past on the bass. Went for a stroll

    beauty fish. I had a very soggy baseball tourney today. Did hit a creek this evening with the kids but ours only has chubs and shiners...not as glamorous as your trout
  14. Rizzo

    Oldschool The Fish'n Canada Show

    wow that many years making a living fishing. Good for them!
  15. Rizzo

    Troy Hurtubise killed in car accident

    never heard of him but I read both articles...sounds like he was quite the character