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  1. sweet ride. I fished Little Lake right in Peterborough once time and we had fun right there
  2. ya...just googled it! Sounds about right. "Whitecaps and big swells"
  3. What does "sheep and goiters" mean? Gonna assume the sheep part is whitecaps??
  4. I fished that area last year for the first time. We were probably 1-3 miles off shore if I remember correctly. South or west wind should be good over there but a north or east not so good. I only have a 16'8" boat and I don't remember any white knuckle experiences over there
  5. had a 9.9. I wanted a tinny but already had a motor (8 hp nissan). The guy would only sell me the tinny I wanted if I bought his motor too. So I did. Of course then it becomes my problem to sell the 9.9 not his!
  6. yes there is a lot of that going on. I put a 9.9 Johnson on Marketplace for $875, whole bunch of "will you take $500 for it". Pretty sure those people just plan to turn around and sell it again. Because if they wanted it for themselves they would improve the offer after getting their lowball declined
  7. Quite surprised by those temps
  8. hoping you had a second one?
  9. Help me out. Have listed a couple things on Facebook Marketplace. You get a ton of people asking "Is it still available?". When you say it is, they don't respond. Were they hoping it was not available? Why do people do this - are they so lonely they just want someone to speak to them? Even if the response is a simple "yes"? Or is there something deeper going on here? If you are one of the losers who asks if it's available, and then never responds once you know it is, please shed some light on your rationale.
  10. oops...I have a Nissan too. Knew I was forgetting someone. The Nissan has been fine as well
  11. I have owned a lot of different engines - Yamaha, Suzuki, Evinrude, Johnson and Mercury. The only one that left a bad taste in my mouth was the mercury
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