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  1. congrats on the purchase! Got zero fishing info for you though, never been up that way. A guy at work has a place on Miller, but he wouldn't know a fish it it bit him in the behind...so I won't even bother asking
  2. wow that is awesome. Makes me think its time to get the boat out of hibernation
  3. I have bought a couple of those cheapee hibachis, Work great for a shorelunch...except for last year when I went to St Clair and the charcoal was garbage and we didn't have much of it. Luckily I had a couple of pre-cooked steaks that just needed re-heating so we didn't starve...ate em cold. That was one of those days that everything that could go wrong did...skunked, broke a rod, buddy put a hook through his hand...and bbq wouldn't heat up. It was one for the ages. They say some day you will look back and laugh about days like that...well I ain't laughing yet.
  4. wow that' s a lot of trout
  5. I am with Harbour too...plus a year or two after I bought a friend bought a boat and I convinced him to go with Harbour. He got his renewal this year...same thing (huge increase)...he bolted. Forget who we called to get quotes, but literally just googled a few and all of them came up with rates liked we USED to pay with Harbour (approx 375 per year). Harbour went from 375 to 675...thats nearly a 100 percent increase! I have not gotten my renewal yet, but they try to jack it on me I am gone as well. From the sounds of it I should expect my rates to be inflated too
  6. those are a couple of beauties! I give you credit...8 hours in I would be halfway back to Guelph if a flag hadn't tripped
  7. that didnt work out too badly. Because my driveway has a slope I am very conscious of where and how I unhook from the tow vehicle. Guess he has a flat driveway!
  8. cdn tire sure puts on some good sales
  9. hmmm....maybe I am reading this wrong but are they claiming that Buffet Rig goes for $10 elswehere (or maybe even in their own store?). Seems like the price is inflated to show a huge savings. Either way, you got some new lures and that can't be a bad thing! Plus you scored 7 cents crapy tire money!
  10. HAha...classic journalism. It reads "Goldfish can grow up to 25 cm in length"....and then immediately below that is a picture of a 40 cm goldfish.
  11. Hey Jerry...I must have grown up near you. Used to fish the same spot for what we called "Humber Browns" in the spring back in the 80's...yup I'm old. I remember as a teen we would go to that dam where they congregate and not even use a rod. There was a break wall you could kneel on...we would just stick our arm in the water and feel around...grab one by the shoulders and pull it up! My buddy once grabbed onto a 20 lb carp doing this rather than a 3 lb sucker...he got it to the surface but we didn't "land" it. Good times. No clue where to catch a sucker near Cambridge, but good luck.
  12. Rizzo


    I remember when that pike got stuck to her arm via a lure they were both attached to. One tough lady!
  13. Haven't made it in a few years, but every time I did it was in St. Catharines. They have changed things up apparently
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