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  1. Maybe try some of the resorts? Most places have probably winterized their motors by now and maybe have them sitting in a shed somewhere...that leaves a tinny turned upside down or sitting lonely on a trailer.
  2. been wearing the same one for 30 years and thankfully never needed it...no clue if it will actually float should I take the plunge. Nice pictures though. Hopefully someone with some technical knowledge can point you in the right direction. Ice picks would be a good start if you want safety (so I see on the youtube videos)
  3. My guess is they didn't hear the boat coming because they were probably drinking (or other?) and having a good ol time. Maybe even had some music on. Stargazing takes darkness, not quietness! Not seeing the boat coming? I guess if you are staring up at the sky you wouldn't see a boat coming.
  4. love the beautiful pale colour of those musky!
  5. Amazing! Is the water always that colour? Looks kinda muddy/murky
  6. amazing adventure for sure! Never done a fly in (probably never will) but it looks like a blast
  7. we stayed at Pinehave Cottages this summer (Jack Lake). If you take the road to pinehaven from Burks Falls you will come to a bridge not too far from town. The river is moving fast there but off the right hand side of the bridge there is an eddy. I caught nonstop fish out of that little pool right off the bridge. They were only rockbass, sunfish and some tiny smallies...but any kid would be fine with that! If I remember correctly you can carefully walk down and fish from the shore too...I just chose to fish off the bridge. Worm under bobber with 3 feet of line gets em every time.
  8. gotta admit...I was thinking the same thing. Is it so hard to change the date on your recording equipment and film a video a day or 2 later? I also found it weird that buddy on the dock doesn't touch the boat at all and lets it bounce off the dock. Every person I know would stop the boat from hitting the dock not just stand there like a dummy doing nothing (unless they were told...don't do anything).
  9. Great pictures! I do miss the "Lew holding a giant musky" photos but these are nice as well.
  10. going from someone legally keeping a fish (from a lake with millions of bass) to this statement is pure nonsense. And I am a catch and release guy who would prefer everyone else do the same!
  11. next time you catch one, walk it down the pier and release it right beside him.
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