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  1. nothing wrong with a large bluegill! Nice dark largie your son got
  2. 16'8 Alumacraft with 90 hp Yamaha....cheap prop as I don't really care about getting an extra mph or 3. Alone I will go 42 mph and with someone around 38...so something is definitely not right whether it be the gps or the boat/motor
  3. Never fished it but have often heard of it! Exciting to try new waters. Would be great to hear a report later on how it worked out
  4. well you got more fish than I did yesterday (mind you I was at work and not fishing). Just nice to get out even if the big ones aren't cooperating
  5. looks like a nice "walleye chop" on the water....that is a thing still isn't it?
  6. based on your name...not sure I want you as a netman.😁 Have had too many partners poking muskies in the face with the net. Thankfully, I don't usually take pictures anymore, so the boatside release is fine by me (as long as I have seen the fish and know it isn't a personal best!)
  7. haha. We all know musky fishing....all those people will soon be discouraged and swear to never go back to Pigeon. Pretty sure I made that oath myself once a couple years back. 3 of us fished Pigeon for 2 days solid and went 0 for 1. That's the way it goes sometimes.
  8. don't you want to pick up the cannon ball on the screen? I would think that would be important so you know exactly where your bait is. As far as the fish alarm? Just turn that off so it doesn't drive you nuts
  9. one of the big ones came trolling a spinnerbait the other big one was trolling a believer
  10. Yes they have been on board in the past for some typical Pigeon fish (38-40 inches) but to get a big slob for the first time was extra special. Other than their cousin's shadow blocking out part of the fish we got one of those epic photos too.
  11. oh the water was not calm for most of the week! It was bumpy boat ride most times we went out. Luckily we did have the odd moment when the water layed down...then you could actually get the boat on plane to get to destination.
  12. Well it has been a while since I posted a fishing report. The summer has seen short day trips to Lake Ontario as I try to figure out the salmon/trout thing. Although that has been a blast, my "first love" is still musky fishing. When our planned trip to Myrtle Beach got cancelled, the suggestion was made by family to head to Pigeon Lake. I was not going to argue with that decision! Winds were big and the floating weeds were plenty. Thank goodness for rod holders that can get those tips down in the water. Since it was a family vacation, fishing was not the primary activity. However, the muskies were on and we were able to catch a bunch over the course of the week. Each time I went, I took a few passengers along. Since they were all newbies, trolling was the way to go. Managed to get a few people onto their first (and second, third and fourth fish). One of the nicest fish came as I was out with my 2 oldest boys...a special moment!
  13. but I did stop in to Jeff Brain's shop (I think that was his name) up north of Barrie and some of his work looked really nice
  14. I caught a nice tiger about 10-12 years back, debated getting a replica and it was gonna be 1000 at that time...hard pass.
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