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  1. very cool! Never seen one back its way successfully down the ice before.
  2. has been a great winter of ice fishing for me...other than the last time out. All we got that time was one largemouth, all other trips were usually good for 5-8 pike/bass. I attribute it to mid-winter blaws...few more weeks and the fishing should pick up again
  3. some great fish pics! Pretty sure I bumped into you at Petit Dragon that year you went to L St C the first time
  4. I had friends on Rosseau a week ago, they said they had around 5 to 6 inches of ice. This was not too far from Windermere. So the ice was decent...but apparently they didn't have any luck with the fishing (were after lakers and walleye)
  5. sorry, never fished there
  6. You know how some guys go golfing on the day of their wedding? Well me and my men went ice fishing in our tuxedos at the exact spot being talked about here. Yesterday was actually the anniversary of that. Didn't last long...was around negative 30 that day and these were not insulated tuxedos.
  7. oh yes those 30 lb barricades would most certainly keep me out🤫
  8. I suppose it depends on how much extra $$. If it is 2-3 k extra, personally I would do the Yamaha. 5K more? I am sure the Merc will be just fine thank you very much!
  9. haha you I bought a used one a couple years ago so I could have 6 rods going when fishing St. C with a couple buddies. I keep hoping that rod won't go off...probably have to stop the boat, maybe even reverse to get the fish in
  10. very cool. Would have liked to see more fish, but what you gonna do
  11. Amazing! I have never done a fly-in so have zero tips but I trust you will have a memorable experience! Congrats on this "family time" investment. If my wife even was remotely interested in fishing I would love to do something like this...but she isn't (which is weird because she sure seemed interested when we were just dating!)
  12. I could...but I am only 51 and weigh 175. Not the biggest guy and not tooo old yet. Plus I bought a weight set a couple years ago for my 4 sons. Since they are too lazy to use it, and I am too Dutch to allow this purchase to be a waste of money, I do a few workouts myself each week. If i go through it would likely be the shock to my heart that gets me rather than the inability to get out!
  13. wow you are bored! I think a lot of things in this world are "not quite as they appear to be" and apparently we can add some "smoked" meats to that list
  14. ya I tested ice strength earlier this year...went 30 feet out (about 3 feet of water). Ice was around 1.5 inches and I could hit through it with one hit of spud bar. I did walk around for a bit (5 minutes) and never went through...which actually surprised me. I expect it was only a matter of time...but since I did not want a wet boot I kept my stay short. This was possibly the first time I have used my 25 year old spud bar....every other year I have just waited until I knew it was safe. But for those who venture out early, a spud bar would be a very valuable tool. Not sure how many hits before you would consider the ice safe...but it isn't one!
  15. years ago I was fishing L St. John near Orillia. I was catching pike after pike from the same hole. Well don't you know...the clown who set up around 60 feet away comes and drills a hole like 10 feet from the one that was producing! Best part was he didn't get any...served him right
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