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  1. Everyone talking global warming claim the bass are off the beds in April, and since they are never wrong, the bass were off the beds a long time ago
  2. if Durant and Klay stay out Raps might do it in 5....but I don't see that happening. If its just Klay back I still like Raps odds, but if KD comes back, itll be tough
  3. I would agree not to send receipts. Tell them to show you where it says receipts are required.
  4. wow those are some serious pike. I am gonna assume that is NOT southern ontario
  5. Been a big fan since the first season but great to have some bandwagon jumpers on for the ride!
  6. just like you...it has been 30 plus years since I have fished there BUT I do remember we caught a giant crappie while trolling for pike. Guy I was with was trolling a panther martin spinner and caught it on that...biggest crappie I ever saw. Can't remember what I had for breakfast today but I remember everything about that fish!
  7. sweet ride! congrats on the exciting purchase
  8. I cant believe someone gets to fish 10 hours a day 7 days in a row! I won't get in 70 hours the entire summer!
  9. Rizzo

    New Boat

    very sexy boat!
  10. ya I am shocked its in the 50s already. But the sooner it gets to 60 the sooner those muskies want to eat again so bring on some warm temps! The water out there only takes a couple days to clear so not too worried about that. Plus that dark water heats everything up a bit faster!
  11. i would go 9.9. My buddy uses one on his 16 foot princecraft (full windshield) and it works well for him. Sometimes he even has to use the bowmount to keep the boat straight if there is some wind. I personally wouldnt go less than 8 hp after watching his in action. Mind you his is a fairly heavy boat with riggers etc
  12. I am sorry to hear how many of us they have attempted to screw over. I lost my mind on the dealership and xwrp and finally got some justice after a huge fight, but it should never have been this way. This is the stuff that gives the industry a bad name, and for some reason they don't even care. All about money I guess...taking yours...whether honestly or like this. The people who present and sell this stuff should be ashamed
  13. haha fortunately I don't have any of those tips lying around the house. I suppose you just want to give it a thorough cleaning before using it for its original purpose again
  14. patience rewarded! Good for you. Not sure how you go 11 for 8 though...couple double headers I guess😀
  15. I guess you attach that tip to your pump? Would be difficult to squeeze bottle it in from the lower hole. Or maybe if you use this set up you pour the oil in from the top? (although I was told should do it from bottom to get all air out)
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