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  1. Thanks for that...if we get out I will let you know! Right now I would call it 50/50
  2. Love that lake. Spent a week there every summer with my grandparents when I was growing up. Stayed at Martin's Outlet Park or Log Cabin Point. Probably went for 10 years in a row? This is during late 70's into the 80's. Crap I am getting old. Wish I could remember better...we did catch a lot of fish, but can't seem to recall smallies. And just like you said, good quantity but no real lunkers. One time got around a 10lb pike but all the others were typical snotrockets
  3. Looking to do some exploring by boat in West Grey Township...inland lakes. Type of fish doesn't really matter...shoot even quality of fishing isn't important. Might just be leisurely boat ride with the wife. Can anyone give me some info on where to launch on the lakes up there? I don't have any particular lake in mind...the ones I have heard of by name include Arran, Rosalind, Louise, Williams, McCullough, Wilder...but it really doesn't matter. If you have a suggestion I would be happy to hear it.
  4. absolutely! Hit a bunch of spots in the Parry Sound area and caught lots of pike and largemouth. Did the same when I lived in Barrie...found all kinds of ponds, some only an acre or two....some had pike stretching to 40 inches! I knew of a pond where I had caught a beaut...then saw the ponds being filled in! Tried my best to catch him again to relocate him to the pond across the street. Actually had him on again but unfortunately lost him...poor bugger didn't know I was trying to help him. Next thing I knew the pond had been filled in...big pikey was just fertilizer now
  5. No advice on trailer repair...basically incompetent with that stuff...but congrats on the new boat. Will be a fishing machine for you
  6. Been many years since I fished anywhere around Toronto but when I was a kid we would fish Grenadier pond in High Park. As a teen I worked on Centre Island and the waterways around Centreville were loaded with sunfish and other worm eating species. If Centreville ever opens again you can kill 2 birds with one stone! A bit of fishing and ride the kiddy rides
  7. wonder when regular camping or cottage rentals will be allowed
  8. I remember as a kid having a spincast zebco...was allowed to put a weight on it only and I would practice casting in a field for hours.
  9. funny. Also havent watched these shows in years, but thought I would put one on this morning just to verify. Put it on Fishful Thinking...yup...lasted 15 seconds. They had a bunch of products laid out and were going over them. That was all I needed to see. Now if it was amusky show focusing on product? Sure. I would sit through that, but that's because I have a problem. I think if you are hardcore into a certain species you just love to watch, infomercial or not.
  10. I am soooo bored with this quarantine, may just drive 2.5 hours up there to look around. Kind of like a scavenger hunt but way less fun. Hope you get them back.
  11. ya I thought Merc (black anchor) was the one people joked about, not Evinrude. Guess I am out of the loop on who sucks
  12. Hi Cloudy, when I was a kid we used to stay at a place called Log Cabin point...talking 40 years ago! Anyhow, turns out they still exist and they do rent boats. They are right at the mouth of the outlet river and east lake. Fishing was unbelievable at east lake when I was a youngster

    1. Cloudy15


      Thanks giving them a call right now!


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