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  1. oh wow, by the title I thought you had just hit the gym and were headed home to the missus...😬
  2. someone who doesn't have to go poop 15 minutes after we start. Got a buddy like clock-work...gotta take a dump as soon as we get to the first spot.
  3. what??? That thing is huge...but yes, the camera does appear a little close to the fish. That bruiser doesn't need creative photography
  4. wow some real nice perch there!
  5. Nice pics Rob! Glad she is still treating you well going on 7 years now! I did love that boat too, just needed something a bit bigger to hit up St Clair. Some of those pics were taken at my house...I see one of the kids hiding on the floor
  6. Rizzo


    yup I cringed. Seen it happen to a few people, but never personally experienced it (thankfully)
  7. wow you got some real relics there...welcome
  8. ...here is the greatest hail Mary of all time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhSqtbu_24M
  9. fantastic place...my parents lived on Erie for a few years until my father passed away. Looking at your pics brought back some memories of time spent out that way!
  10. nice...probably come to snack on minnow fragments scattered over the ice
  11. over 15 inch perch? insane. Brian I have left fish with bladder issues at the top of the hole as I fish, sometimes as time goes on it deflates and they swim away. Its just kind of annoying that they are laying there as you keep reeling in other ones!
  12. lots of passion in those stories. Except the guy smoking the pipe while bringing in a pb...check his pulse
  13. was a great watch again. Couple buddies of mine actually flew to Winnipeg to be a part of the finale. As they call it... "full send". I haven't seen the Q and A part yet, but I know they get a question or 2 in, and get a shout out for wearing our hockey team jersey's that evening...oh ya...and some drinking pictures with the boys after the Q and A was over. Worth a 2 day trip to Winnipeg I guess!
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