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  1. Rizzo

    4 stroke marine oil

    Guess I never noticed the 25w40 because it was easy to find the 10w30...went straight for that. This time when the first two shops only had the 25w40 it got me wondering. Luckily third shop was the ticket
  2. Rizzo

    4 stroke marine oil

    Sad day...winterized the boat today. Had a tough time finding 10w30 4 stroke marine oil BUT I saw tons of 25W40 4 stroke marine oil. I had never noticed this type of oil before. Is this what is being recommended now for 4 stroke engine oil? I did find eventually some 10w30 and bought it but was surprised how much of the other I was seeing (maybe there was so much because nobody buys it!) My engine is a 90 hp Yamaha 4 stroke from 2013 if that makes any difference.
  3. Rizzo

    First Surf Fishing Experience

    beauty fish
  4. Rizzo

    The weatherman is confusing me

    someday Brian..someday
  5. Hope to get the boat out one more time this year...tomorrow at Belle River. The problem is one weather site says big south winds in the morning switching to north in afternoon, the other site shows big north winds all day. Big south winds is doable...big north winds is death. Since we are content to fish from 8-2 we would be willing to make the long trek if we actually knew with some reliability what the winds would be. How can one site have the exact opposite of the other (north vs south??). This much I know...odds are if we make the long drive it'll be a north wind, if we cancel, oh it'll be out of the south alright!
  6. Rizzo

    Uncut Angling - Panoptix for musky

    awesome! Tell me when they are $149.99 at Cdn Tire and I will get one
  7. Rizzo

    Crowe Lake Musky?

    apparently there are some nice ones! That destination has been on my mind...just too far for the one or two day ventures I go on currently
  8. Rizzo

    Kawartha Ice

    Good thing about north Pigeon...got a buddy heading there tomorrow! Then again wouldn't be the first time we used the boat as an icebreaker to get to some late season musky fishing
  9. I know this is obvious...but after the big scary spark you did remember to hook up the battery properly right? And do you have a way to ensure that battery has power and you didn't fry it (if that is possible)
  10. Rizzo

    New Mercs. Ugly?

    I personally don't care what my anchor looks like
  11. Rizzo

    salt water reel for muskie ?

    I have a buddy who has caught lots of muskies on st clair on a spinning reel...we troll with it...only issue is it has no clicker so you have to pay attention to that one!
  12. Rizzo

    Open seat - Kawartha Muskie..

    ya wind is the killer for st c. This time of the year it is often a trip-canceller
  13. Rizzo

    Open seat - Kawartha Muskie..

    Did you go? and if you did...any luck? We were up in Kawarthas last week for a couple days and did terrible, hope you did better
  14. haha so true...stupid bass
  15. the feedbag is on...congrats on a couple of beauty fish