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  1. yipes. That is a shame (so many dead bass I mean)
  2. Rizzo


    wow there are some serious fish there! Very nice
  3. Some awesome pictures there. Just wondering what all those mosquitoes up there eat!
  4. well got out there one more time (this past Tuesday) and we had to work for it. One for one...38.5 inches. Normally I wouldn't measure fish that size but it was the first for a friend of mine so we had to get an accurate measurement. It certainly made his day! Water temps were 42-43 degrees
  5. ya we were hesitant to go there. Our last fall trip to Pigeon we were 0 for 1 in 2.5 days of fishing....then we remembered that can happen anywhere and decided to go for it anyways!
  6. I read your list but the most common regret was not there....did not pack enough beer
  7. nice pike! And no offence to pike...but man am I disappointed when the rod goes off and I bring in a pike. Then again, I have never caught a 42 inch pike...maybe I would be ok with that!
  8. keep at it! Don't get discouraged. As the water gets below 50 (which it is) the bite can be pretty tough. Pigeon is a great lake but when it comes to musky, being skunked is always something that can happen, even on a great lake.
  9. but wait...how was the fishing when you went out there?
  10. yipes...when I saw that many boats in the frame I figured it was a weekend!
  11. nopers...all were in the 35-37 inch range. The one we lost at boatside...waiting for the net to show up...was about 40. It was hooked with only 8 feet of line out so our net man wasn't ready when we had the fish at boatside. Still had to complete his retrieve etc...pretty sure he wanted me to lose it
  12. nicely done...sooo many boats though. I have a hard time dealing with that
  13. we just got back from Pigeon, fished Friday and Saturday. We caught 4 for the two days and lost one more. Water temps Friday morning were 43.5 but were up to 47 by the time we left there this afternoon.
  14. ugg heading up tomorrow we will see. Won't have computer access til Sunday or so, will let you know how we did
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