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  1. Yep, none!! Of this makes any sense, I golfed last weekend with 3 guys not from my household, we stayed apart as much as we could. How come ski hills weren’t allowed when golfing is? All the double standards and the flip flopping every other day on stuff has made me lose whatever faith I did have in the government as a whole. The rest of the world will be moving on and we will all be in our 8th stay at home lockdown shutdown emergency brake 11th wave.
  2. For anyone that does or did the Orillia Perch Fest. It was to be virtual this year starting soon, where you catch a perch in any lake or river in Simcoe county and take a picture of it and submit it. They have postponed it til after this stay at home or whatever buzz word they are calling it now.
  3. Insanity is right, had enough of this crap to be honest... they blocked off a public launch in Dunnville too. But by all means go ahead and have 100 flights land from all over the world every week in Ontario.
  4. There has been more incidents this year I believe because of covid, with everyone stir crazy and a lot of newbies because it was something to do, there were quite a few tragedies in the first part of the season. Seeing the amount of water I saw in the ditches pouring into the lake it can wreck the shorelines and ice near to shore really quick.
  5. It really is amazing isint it, people really are that stupid. I took a look at the ice a couple days ago and was like nope I’m done for this season.
  6. It's sad you have to say that no a days, people are crazy now... Outside of this group of course, it seems most in this group are decent and not part of cancel everything culture.
  7. Someone just posted on the Ice Fishing Ontario facebook group, he caught a 16 inch plus Jumbo, it's a monster! 2.4 pounds on a scale. (Pictures verify it) He said he was the only one out there that he could see, pretty sketchy. The ice around Innisfil here looks no good at all now.
  8. Wow Rizzo, I never actually figured there was a reason for the automatic hook set stuff til you said that about prevents swallowing the bait, the makes a lot of sense lol! Figured it was lazy fisherman lol
  9. I know of at least 3 huts that went from Innisfil to the other side LOL! the local tackle shop made a post about which outfitter has which hut on the opposite side of the lake. Wind was crazy, took my wife over 4 hours to get home from Vaughan with all the accidents and terrible roads.
  10. We’ve fished a lot the last few years together, he loves it. Can’t wait to get him into some big pikes or rainbows.
  11. I was out with the boy last weekend on Simcoe. We caught a bunch of perch and he ended up catching most of the big ones while I was getting dinks lol (he sure is missing a lot of teeth! He lost 2 in the same day a few weeks ago) it was getting pretty slush out there, me and a buddy went out during the week last week and had to power through some deep slush spots with the atv.
  12. Awesome article! some huge Muskie! way too go!
  13. Was out today from 7th line of innisfil area. Caught a bunch of decent perch and a few jumbos for breakfast tomorrow. 5-6 inches of good ice. Great day to be on the ice.
  14. Makes sense. Seems like more rules for everyone to be confused about and misinterpret. Lol
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