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  1. Maybe I should, I have a bass and a perch replica lol, it was a beast.
  2. I'm pretty sure every kid would call a Big Rock Bass, Rocky! lol
  3. Kept one last week with some perch we caught, it wasn't too bad, not my favorite eating fish.
  4. Was out with Bray again yesterday, we caught some Panfish and I was messing around with worms also and hooked into a Monster Rock Bass, biggest I've ever caught. I need to work a little with him on his camera aiming. What's everyones biggest Rock bass? I know the Ontario record is 17 inches and around 3 pounds.
  5. I’m sure there is some bigger then 15, I have a replica of one that was just over 14 inches on my wall from 2012 that I caught up in Orillia, was a monster.
  6. I’m still going for pike while he fishing for panfish, I almost needed the net for the jumbo lol
  7. Thanks! Although he is getting too used to catching big fish lol, disappointed when they aren’t a big bowfin or jumbos lol. He certainly seems to love fishing now, maybe soon I can take him to my pike spots.
  8. We've definitely had some good times with this weird break, hopefully the kids go back in September and can play with other kids, it's really important for their development.
  9. Got out with the boy again this morning, he caught a nice 12.5 inches jumbo and another one about 10. Also a decent rock bass, they will be part of lunch tomorrow I might have to switch to worms for a bit to get some jumbos myself!
  10. My son and I hit Simcoe today, he was just using a hook and worm, caught a ton of perch and rock bass including a couple big ones, I also took one of my favourite pictures of him so far, the one at the front of the boat. I caught a bunch too but was just messing around with my in-line spinners for pike. Note - I’ve been trying to get him to not hold the fish as far out as that lol!
  11. Oh ya it was a good fight, I’ve never caught one either lol! His rod was bent over like crazy.
  12. Nope, is that a thing? Because of the spawning I guess.
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