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  1. Up by me just north of 7th line of Innisfil, we just froze over 2-3 days ago. I'm thinking by the weekend I can take a venture out with the spud bar.
  2. It’s finally frozen over near me around the 7th line of innisfil, maybe I’ll have to take a trip with the spud bar in a few days
  3. Funny, I was just thinking today that I hadn't seen you around that much lately. Nice fish!
  4. I know about 10 years ago we had a ton of ice on Simcoe, I would take the 98 Sierra to the hut, the hut that I built wayyy too big and heavy lol! I remember having to drill through almost 2 feet of ice. Gonna be a short season this year it seems Just started a rink in the backyard since I might not be able to do one on the lake for that long this year.
  5. Agreed, It seems like 85 percent of the comments on articles and on Twitter don't agree with much of what the government is doing, and are against this lockdown. I would be super pissed if I owned a small shop or restaurant and forced to close when I could easily space 10 people inside and follow protocols, yet every big box is open and has hundreds of people. It's also pathetic that they keep letting flight after fight come in to the country but I'm not supposed too see my close friends? It would be nice if the other side of the story the damage of locking everyone down was able to be out there and acknowledged.
  6. Well, Looks like it's finally getting cold this coming week, so maybe 2-3 weeks out for fishing near me. Hopefully
  7. Agreed, but the father in law put his little tinny down for the season lol
  8. Walked down to the end of my street up near the 7th line of Innisfil, no ice for as far as to be seen. Thought by now they were calling for this polar vortex of like -15 temperatures. The long term forecast isn't all the promising either. Gonna be another short season Too bad, with me being off a bit because of Covid would have been nice to be able to fish too pass the time.
  9. Agreed, scary... you cant dare have another viewpoint on this whole thing, in my opinion the lockdown effects are just as bad as covid or worse in the long term... A lot of all of this doesn't make any sense and your wrong it seems if you question it.
  10. Hard to go on Simcoe when its mostly water Figures a lot of us are home and we have no ice down the street to fish
  11. Hopefully everyone stays safe, I can imagine there is a lot of new ice fisherman being there isn't much else to do.
  12. Drove down to Cooks 2 days ago, still wide open in Gilford. Looks like I wont be on the ice for a while up around the 7th line... It seemed like it was going to freeze early but nope. Just did a boat run in Angus with the father-in-law yesterday, friggin cold boat was filling up with snow, didnt even get a bite.
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