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  1. As always a great adventure and read. Thanks for that.
  2. Try playing with your trim while at fast speed
  3. I just don't understand how a government can mandate travellers to travel with an electronic device in order to enter Canada. Next thing will be implanted chips in the head.
  4. Put a railing on it and you will have an out of wedlock pontoon boat
  5. Not acceptable , Arrivecan only! Or you go to quarantine jail.
  6. The Arrivecan app is a pain in the ass for Canadians returning home and is a total invasion of privacy for Canadian citizens especially seniors like myself who do not own a cellphone. Information was supposed to be erased after 48 hours after-entry and now they are looking to make it a permanent prerequisite to enter Canada for citizens and non. They say it is a good way to track the virus. We have been hoodwinked again folks
  7. You have tooooo much time on your hands. lol. nice work
  8. Beauties! Very patriotic
  9. #1 Get boat loaded and ready to launch in parking area #2 Proceed to launch and launch #3 Park vehicle and trailer #4 F*&^%off from dock Note Last 3 steps to be carried out Asap
  10. Hope its gone by July. Coming up to Red Rock Lake
  11. I think you meant to say " Go Fund Yourself "
  12. Canadian Tire sells nothing other than made in China products anymore. May as well call it China Tire
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