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  1. Th next time you catch one and he opens his yap stick in in his mouth to shut him up
  2. Can you believe it . The powers to be,have made it almost impossible for canadians to re-enter their country un less you have an app (arrivcan) on your mobile device or laptop. These are the same guys that tell us we are being ripped off by the high charges of internet and mobile charges and at the same time promote their services as the only method for re-entry Pathetic Rant over and out
  3. I hope you ate MR whiskers.Sure looks for a good candidate for blackened catfish
  4. I go up there quite a few times a season but I never travel on weekends.
  5. My Merc starter finally gave in on me after 19 years. Now I am faced with the decision of whether to have to buy or rebuild. Anyone have any input on rebuilding as it is a lot cheaper.
  6. Every time I view a particular fishing rod on amazon the price gets higher. Its become a game for me now to see how high I can get the price to go. So far in the last week they have upped the price by $21
  7. Do they work and are they worthwhile. I've seen all kinds of them on the Inet
  8. Just re- read the summary and I end up with the third Sat in May as bass season opener. Where and what am I missing in the Regs
  9. Heading up to wolseley bay this aft for 7 days. According to regs it appears that bass has opened this past weekend or am I missing something?
  10. Welcome to the money pit club. Congrats
  11. I think that the golf community will prevail over the fisher communiy
  12. I tried the chlorox and it didn't work. Should have gone with the javex
  13. Just right for me. Its about time. I just did the math and that's $1000 bucks and 6 month suspension per fish. Perfect
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