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  1. They look awfully familiar
  2. A fishing partner that isn't on the cell phone all day talking to his wife and family members
  3. Looking at the tekota line counter reel for muskey trolling . What size would be adequate and or other recommendations most welcome
  4. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and don't get me wrong I love fishing as much as anyone on this forum. If you don't like it run for office
  5. Canadian Yacht Tops in Lefroy did a great job for me
  6. I understand all of the above but the retail prices have gone up while production costs have plummeted along with quality.
  7. I wish that the rod and reel manufacturers would come out and let us know where their products are manufactured and not just where they are engineered. Are they ashamed to admit that most of their product lines are now made in China?
  8. I cant think of a better way to self -isolate than to go to a lodge. Cabin, Boat ,Cabin ,Cabin, Swim, Boat, Cabin and on and on and on
  9. I wish I was able to post pictures. I have a Stanley Tiller 17DC and I absolutely love it
  10. Great story and info . thanks for that
  11. Try Canadian Yacht Tops in Lefroy.
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