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  1. #1 Get boat loaded and ready to launch in parking area #2 Proceed to launch and launch #3 Park vehicle and trailer #4 F*&^%off from dock Note Last 3 steps to be carried out Asap
  2. Do Not forget the kitchen sink! lol
  3. Hope its gone by July. Coming up to Red Rock Lake
  4. I think you meant to say " Go Fund Yourself "
  5. Canadian Tire sells nothing other than made in China products anymore. May as well call it China Tire
  6. Boat is off its blocks and wheel bearings replaced. Bring it on
  7. Just returned from the show. Pretty poor for the fisherpeople . I cannot speak for the hunters as I don't partake in hunting. Waste of $15 for me. I will not be attending in the foreseeable future
  8. I'm surprised that they didn't publish a vendors list.
  9. Too many sanctions for me.
  10. Electrofishing. It's when you go to play with all your toys.
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