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  1. Thanks for that . I looked at various canadian sites and could not find 12lb .
  2. I ordered 2 spools of Drennan 12lb flouro leader for $20 US from Fishing Big Store out of China.The website seemed very legit. After researching the web the opinions were not good. I shall see what happens
  3. wkrp


    Which end do you light?
  4. Just makes me wonder what those are really worth when they can discount that much
  5. Amazing beautiful work. Canada Rocks!!
  6. We are going have to put stickers on our foreheads pretty soon.
  7. Single Otter Turbo. Wow what a fly in!
  8. Pic 2 is sure a nice hood ornament
  9. Tiller for the young and console for challenged young. Unfortunately I belong to the latter group.
  10. You may be able to find a collision shop for paint quote
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