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  1. Welcome to the money pit club. Congrats
  2. I think that the golf community will prevail over the fisher communiy
  3. I tried the chlorox and it didn't work. Should have gone with the javex
  4. Just right for me. Its about time. I just did the math and that's $1000 bucks and 6 month suspension per fish. Perfect
  5. All you have to do is look south of the border who has fully vaccinated twice of our population and we are not even sitting at 30% with only single vaccinations in Canada and the trust fund kid in Ottawa is telling us he has our backs while he continues patting his own back . Give me a break!
  6. Pretty soon they will be telling us to plug all our orifices. The only problem is they cant supply us with vaccines and they are turning their ineptness and uselessness onto us to solve the problem. Not our fault. Rant over and out
  7. The oblivious to the obvious.
  8. All Premier St Croix musky rods are non stock on their website
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