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  1. Don Cherry is and was a great hockey commentator and i don.t understand why he chose to paint himself with the same ideals as our southern man with the same first name. Lockdown I,m sure
  2. I just don't understand why he went there. he should have stuck to hockey which is what Coaches Corner is all about and without any doubt he is absolutely the hockey Guru of our time. He FD up big time
  3. That is definetly a Guzorce.
  4. Just think of all the kids that play and watch hockey and hang off every word this man has to say. Not a very good example in my mind.
  5. Absolutely beautiful rod
  6. Precision Trolling 8th Edition View Advert Pristine condition $150. Bradford Ontario Advertiser wkrp Date 11/07/2019 Price Category Fishing Classifieds  
  7. I really dont give S or a F about halloween .
  8. You are becoming quite the fishing fashionista .
  9. It is truly upsetting that worldwide politicians are using climate change as the divisive difference for their election to power.If anything this issue should be totally non partisan and as Greta said" Shame on You". left and right
  10. To follow up I think its more important " what song are you listening too"
  11. Yes I wholeheartedly believe we should let the courts make the final decision but Kevin did throw his wife under the bus pretty quickly after the incident.
  12. perhaps what is required is a safety override ignition switch disallowing engine startup until the blower has done its job.
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