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  1. Whats not to understand ,some people are pigs.
  2. Thats Fishing and what an awesome outcome . Never to be forgotten. Hi 5 from me
  3. Ok guys I have to chime in but I think that Flex Seal might be the solution. I can bring the screen door. Lol
  4. I hope Transport Canada doesn't see that
  5. 40 leaky rivets is no big deal 3 hour job once you have access. I would be concerned about the hull leak which if a crack is the culprit then a aluminum doubler repair would be required.
  6. Tighten up the rivets if you have access on both sides and 3m 5200 on the crack
  7. Worth every penny.
  8. What about Friday Harbour not doing as well as expected?. Innisfil has all ways been unfriendly to outsiders
  9. I am concerned that this will be the new reality well beyond covid. Remember income tax creation in the WW1 days
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