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  1. What to do with yet another batch of garden tomatoes....... Make soup, then make a loaf of bread and then dine on fresh home made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum yum!
  2. Awesomeness right there guys. I need to get back to that lake some day.
  3. Ewwww, salmon..... 😂
  4. 1" is pretty normal sliding ring diameter Brian, in fact the factory rods are thinner at 0.926" As for length, that too is pretty standard on 13' rods (18.5" - 20"). I did turn the 18"s of cork before I knew what I was doing to trim it off at the ends so it can be shortened for the customer if desired, that's easier than lengthening it. If I were to drop in a fixed reel seat (5"s) with a rear grip of 6"s that would leave the fore grip of 9"s, not all out of place for a float rod. And yes, shorter rear grips are definitely the way to go, nothing should stick out beyond your elbow.
  5. I'm currently elbow deep in a sliding ring handle, I will state openly that I much prefer highly customized fixed reel seats over sliding ring handles on lengths as long as this one. 20.25"s is the finished handle length, sanded free hand to 1" OD. Shown dry fit on all thread. Let the gluing begin.
  6. I use a metal lathe Albert for consistent accuracy and while I do sand to for a clean surface before finishing sanding the parts to shape would be incredibly laborious. The "chip out" issue was at the stage of inletting the parts to conceal the front aluminum reel foot hood. You can see how thin it gets in these images.
  7. Yes, just another (yummy) pizza, but this time using homemade sauce from (gifted) big ass orange heirloom tomatoes and garden fresh basil. Topped with Bacon, Mushroom, Onion and BBQ'd baby Bell Peppers. Yum, yum!
  8. Well I thought I'd share something fresh out of the shop this morning. This rod will soon be heading to BC to battle Saltwater Steelies on the Skeena watershed. I honestly have not been grinding builds out of the shop for years now, just a handful each year and my friend has been patiently waiting over three years for me to get this one under construction. His desire was for me to use a beautiful piece of stabilized Juniper burl but it was not cooperating with me, it kept chipping out so I convinced him into going with a piece of Big Leaf Maple burl. He liked it very much, I hope y'all do as well. Happy Saturday Folks, time to wind guides.
  9. Congrats on the new waterfront trailer/view Cliff.
  10. A productive outing for sure, congrats on your success. That's a nice Coho, fabulous table fare. I brought one home this morning for dinner today, it's about the same size. Cedar plank and BBQ is where it's heading soon.
  11. Good looking bunch of flies Brian. You'll forgive me if my mind went immediately here at the thread title. 😁
  12. For the record I run a Merc (75 tiller), no complaints. I hit a solid granite shoal up at Lakair one year, mid speed, the motor kicked up right out of the water. It sheared a vertical chunk along the full length of the skeg right behind the prop, not a mark on the prop and no internal damage at all. The skeg damage wasn't even enough to warrant having it fixed. I'm guessing it was at least 12 years ago now, the following picture was just taken.
  13. Well I finally found a source for the "Fleishmans bread booster" (Fortino's) as well as some Rye Flour (Bulk Barn) and followed your recipe to T Fisherman. I may have miss judged the liquid measurement a little as I need to add just a wee bit more flour to pull the dough together into a ball, other wise all good. I just had a slice while still warm slathered in melting butter, delicious! Thank you Sir for sharing your bread recipe. I'll definitely be saving it for future use.
  14. Your tying skills are advancing rapidly Brian, good job Sir. Oh and nice hat. 😃
  15. It uses wood chips Doug. I generally buy the True North brand. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/true-north-apple-smokin-100-natural-smoking-wood-chips-for-bbq-and-smoker-2-lb-0853271p.html#plp
  16. I bought this electric one (on sale) a few years back Doug after being bitterly disappointed with a propane smoker that proved to be a waste of money. I like it, does a decent job and has a programmable heat control and a sturdy insulated housing. I added handles to mine to make it easier to move about. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/masterbuilt-digital-4-rack-electric-wood-chip-vertical-smoker-0853144p.html#plp
  17. I was going to suggest the same thing. I had issues with mine several years back and I replaced the heating element and all was good again.
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