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  1. Stick to Lund, Alumacraft, Princecraft, Crestliner, Smokercraft, those brands are more expensive for a reason. Yamaha 4stroke on the back for bulletproof reliability and you will be happy for many years to come.
  2. Didn't do mine this year. The boat has about 5-6hrs on it this year. I checked the fluid a couple of times and it was nice and golden, no crap or cloudiness.
  3. Nice Cliff!! Have fun. Love Myrtle Beach. Nice drive too. Enjoy your Rav4, great little SUV.
  4. Beautiful Cliff. A wonderful tribute to your beloved lady.
  5. As long as you are using the correct type, grade and service designation, the brand is not that important. There are other brands that are less expensive and just as good. If you have the time, do it yearly, if not, every other year is ok. Through the combustion process, oil becomes acidic which can be hard on the bearing surfaces as well as the gaskets. Ask anyone with a German car with the 24k service intervals, by 100k, they leak oil and it is an expensive proposition to fix the leaks.
  6. Yes, the Earth will still be here after we are long gone. Our goal as a society should be to leave it a better place when we pass on. The hype with the young girl from Sweden.... I don't buy into. A little too scripted. That said, more needs to be done. Lots of junk all over the world, heck, they treat MT Everest as a dumping ground, so much so that Sherpas go up once a year to drag some garbage down.
  7. The door swings both ways. Our Admins here do a great job at keeping things civil. Keep up the good work! I know most people don't like Kevin O'Leary, I personally don't. 2 people lost their lives and 3 kids now have to grow up without a mother. We know very few facts here. The OPP have done their job and laid charges. BOTH drivers. As for lights being on or off, who knows?? Let the courts decide the outcome here.
  8. They are decent clean hotels and customer service or the lack thereof makes or breaks the business. The island is on my bucket list.
  9. Kings send props to United. Citywide is great. Kawartha is supposed to be good too. Depends on where your buddy is, he can't go wrong with any of these 3
  10. Great smallie fishing, great walleye fishing, great pike fishing, great muskie fishing.... LOTW has it all in spades. Have fun, I'm jealous, it's been 10 years since I was up there last.
  11. bigbuck

    Mrs. Moose

    Wow!! Beautiful!! Enjoy your trip Lew!!
  12. The Thermacell cartridges ARE the same as those that go into the butane fueled curling irons. They are made by and labelled Thermacell so that is kinda cool. I have found that I ran out of fuel before running out of mats. A 2 pack of cartridges is 10 bucks at Can Tire or Amazon.
  13. They definitely help. Used MIne for years while still fishing on Gbay. Still have it at the cottage and thanks for reminding me, I need to grab some pads and fuel cartridges for it.
  14. They need to justify their being on the water. The OPP up north really burns my biscuit with things like this. A WARNING would suffice. They sometimes forget that they work for us, as do all public servants. I was issued a Bull ticket on 169 a few years ago. As the officer walked away, I told him that I would see him in Boss Hogg's court. He stiffened but went back to his cruiser. I was pulled over for supposedly speeding. I had the cruise on at 80, the limit. He then proceeded to give me a ticket for 'fail to obey sign'. I showed up in Bracebridge court a few months later with a 4 page statement. I met the Crown Attorney and let her know I was taking the ticket to trial and that I would be defending myself. After waiting 4 hours, my name was called, I stood and the Crown moved to withdraw the charge as there was insufficient evidence. I really wanted to read my statement but did not have the opportunity to do so. As I walked by the Officer, I looked him in the eye and said 'Have a nice day Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane, eehuu eehuu eehuu' I ruined his day.
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