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  1. Mike is a good egg, I've had the itch to visit him
  2. Whopper

    Boat Carpet installer suggestion request

    Your right Lew, that was the first time and first muskie too ☺️ Jim I know you know where that is lol, the last picture I saw of the boys I couldn't believe my eyes, Cory needed a haircut and Ben was a giant. BTW, I still fish out of the same shirt 😉
  3. Whopper

    Fall Muskie report

    Well done Matt
  4. Whopper

    Boat Carpet installer suggestion request

    Blast from past lol. It's been at least 10 years since since I fished out of that Crestliner ? WOW That boat has served both of you guys well
  5. Well Lew as you know I fell victim to a big old boulder in my boat a few years ago up there. You sat and watched me try to straighten a stainless steel prop the best I could. Thing of it was I knew it was dangerous and I was actually following another boat (Corey) through to mark a trail on my GPS. Just glad I wasn't going very fast when it happened. The skeg on my motor still has that battle scar
  6. Whopper

    HUGE muskie

  7. Whopper

    sturgeon lake near savant lake.

    You have a pm
  8. Whopper

    BANG! That hurt.

    Good to hear your still kicking Roy.
  9. Whopper

    So, How's it hanging

    Good to see you out and about Paul ! well there's a blast from the past brickNblock
  10. Whopper

    I switched from wood to propane NF

    Lew I did the same thing with our fireplace about seven years ago, only difference is I am using natural gas.
  11. Whopper

    Annual Report with lots of Pics

    Matt good to see you making the most of your fishing opportunities and your kids are following suit. Thanks for sharing
  12. Whopper

    Elderly neigbours. ya gotta love them.

    Spoiled? No way, at 83 and what you have done for some/many (including me) has earned you the right of passage on a few things. Might want to remember that next spring, that's my tough love for the day lol
  13. Whopper

    Very sad news

    Such terrible news. Such a neat person. Paul my sincere condolences to you and her son, may she rest in peace
  14. Whopper

    Curious in NWO

    A couple hundred closer for me, but I agree lolI've been all over Ontario except to the Timmins area and north of there. To me hands down NWO is hard to beat and I live less than three hours from one of the best walleye lakes around, Lake Erie. Raf has some valid points as far as catching fish but each of those places has a bit more traffic
  15. Whopper

    50 years ago today.....

    Congrats Lew and your lovely bride. Doesn't surprise me you two have reached this milestone, good people for sure.