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  1. If your that concerned and scared quit watching the left wing news media and go hide under your bed.
  2. Well done Bunk Thanks for sharing
  3. I watched it too, if I am not mistaken they weren't fishing the West Arm they were fishing north of the West Bay closer to Lavigne. First G2G I went to everyone here including my family and friends thought I was nuts. Your going where?, to do what?, with people you only know via the internet? 😲 Good times for sure, made numerous trips and always had a good time. My son asked me awhile back if we could go back, he still remembers Lew's wife treating him with a piece of pie.
  4. I know the spot and the young lad 🙂 I miss our camping trips to the West Arm, thanks for putting a smile on my face Lew
  5. All of Northwestern Ontario lodges and outfitters have taken a big hit from the border being closed. Over 90 percent of their business comes from south of the border. Don't want to get in a pissing match but from what I understand they are getting very little help from the government. Been going to that area the last 14 years and I really miss it.
  6. My immediate and extended family are well and have had no issues. Thanks for asking.
  7. Northwestern Ontario has tàken a beating this year with the border closed.
  8. Thanks for the encouraging words Wayne July maybe???? I hope the Mrs is well
  9. Tap Wayne, TJ I'm sure he has a boat load of them.
  10. It's good to hear from ya Roy Best post I've seen here in quite awhile
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