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  1. No but your bill from Kevin should have told the story If you remember and I'm sure you do, you wouldn't even let me pay you for what I broke ..... still can't believe that I did that
  2. Paul I'm glad I was one of them Pete, I need to do the same Lew we had a blast, my son still remembers the piece of pie your wife gave him. My first trip to Lakair, I decided at the last minute to go. Drove all night, upon arrival at about 5am I was sitting in a chair down by the docks enjoying an ice cold beer and the first person I met was Maureen, she knew exactly who I was and couldn't believe I was there. Lew was the second, he'd already been up for a half a day lol. Wayne was generous enough to let me bunk in his RV and fish with him. I had a blast and everyone I met at my first G2G would be welcome at my dinner table any day, except for maybe JP, don't know if I could afford to feed him lol. Roy treated me well and I was glad to spend some time with him on a couple occasions.
  3. Paul, more reports of people catching muskies by accident in the western basin and island area the past few years. Guys that are targeting them are tight lipped about what they are doing. The few that I have seen look just like the St Clair fish and I suspect that is where they are coming from.
  4. Well done Wayne on the car, one thing about you and your projects nothing is never half arse. Congrats to the family on the wedding.
  5. Them was the good old days Paul ?
  6. Do me a favor Lew and keep it up there
  7. Whopper


    I'll second that Pete, those two were a real hoot to be around. I kind of miss the old days of getting together on the West Arm and St Clair
  8. Your right Lew, that was the first time and first muskie too ☺️ Jim I know you know where that is lol, the last picture I saw of the boys I couldn't believe my eyes, Cory needed a haircut and Ben was a giant. BTW, I still fish out of the same shirt ?
  9. Blast from past lol. It's been at least 10 years since since I fished out of that Crestliner ? WOW That boat has served both of you guys well
  10. Well Lew as you know I fell victim to a big old boulder in my boat a few years ago up there. You sat and watched me try to straighten a stainless steel prop the best I could. Thing of it was I knew it was dangerous and I was actually following another boat (Corey) through to mark a trail on my GPS. Just glad I wasn't going very fast when it happened. The skeg on my motor still has that battle scar
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