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  1. Well Chris woke someone up 😁 Don did you run out of things to work on?
  2. Congrats Chris, fishing is just not about catching.
  3. Lew good to hear your back up worked well. We are a Kohler and Generac Dealer both sell well. We could have used one last week in NWO, camp went down for a day but the catching made up for it
  4. Awesome report Chris. I see your still sporting the Lund, I told you before and I'll say it again that is a really nice ride. Thanks for sharing a fishing report
  5. LOL Chris, I have a few in stock along with a bunch of other materials that I no longer need because I don't install anymore, I still work just don't do the manual stuff anymore. Lew your garage is way to clean and really doesn't look right to me without a Skeeter in it 🙂
  6. Ballast is probably shot Lew. I have one for ya if you want to come pick it up 😁
  7. Congrats to you Ron What a beast
  8. A few of them wobbly pops and you'd probably sit on a pan of oil 😃
  9. That really sucks, I hope you get them back. Went on a walk through of a vacant building yesterday. Meth heads broke in and completely trashed two big electrical services for scrap metals. Close to 400k in damages.
  10. Can't think of a better way to spend a week with the family. Awesome trip and thanks for sharing
  11. Glen good to hear you got out and enjoyed yourself after being sick. Spending time with your son .... priceless
  12. Good for you Lew I like hearing good things that happen to good people
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