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  1. I like pork pies suggestion Also good luck finding a new Helix bigger than 7 inches
  2. grimsbytackle.com uploading new items daily
  3. Grimsby Tackle has their spring sale on now Grimsby Tackle sale
  4. It's a real thing. Actually a REEL thing 😉 Many stores inventory were depleted last year with more people fishing. This winter all stores booked much bigger orders to restock and prepare for another busy season. Add to the fact that there were n still are supply chain issues and shipping delays and you get the current situation.
  5. Anyone with a good link for FS1 coverage?
  6. I heard from a good source early April after the pay meters are installed. I dont mind the pay meters. But to keep them closed now is beyond ridiculous.
  7. It's kinda funny Roger, my wife won't fish much at all here locally but loves to whenever we head north.
  8. I'd go with Fifty point for better all season opportunities.
  9. Thanks bunk.. we ended up booking on Bounce.. nice cabin, seems like a good fit for family and feel we got a good deal. I also got another similar referral on that same lake a couple hrs ago.. Pretty sure I'll be pm ing you in the near future for some general fly in tips and such
  10. Very close to pulling the trigger on a mid August trip with the family (wife, son 13, daughter 6.5) to Bounce lake with Cochrane air service Not looking for fishing tips just yet, but any suggestions /advice before we put a deposit down? Spoke with one of their guys for 15 minutes and feel good about it
  11. Maybe check out a Fenwick Eagle or HMX
  12. All great advice given already Can't beat the TDR or Okuma Classic rods.. the Convector reels and Penn Warfare series are also excellent quality for the price
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