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  1. https://grimsbytackle.com/blogs/news Can always call the shop for latest updates Always happy to help
  2. Definitely get a kicker if your trolling the great lakes.
  3. Looking for ideas for a 3 day trip & cottage rental .. will have a sled & portable hut.. 4 adults 2 kids.. No Kawarthas Prefer 3-4 hrs from Niagara Maybe Haliburton/Muskoka or G Bay? Feel free to PM if you don't want to share publicly?
  4. Thanks all Booked in for now at 5 Mile Lake Lodge near Chapleau.. pretty excited
  5. In the past OFC has always been very helpful. Looking to plan our family vacation for spring/summer. We did a fly in this past summer to Cochrane and it was great. Would consider a Fly In again but would like a change in scenery. Will drive 5-10 hrs from Niagara. Don't need fancy lodge or American plan, but a decent clean cottage/cabin to sleep 4. Wife, son 14 , daughter 7 Would prefer to have 2 boat / motor rentals included Walleye, pike, smallmouth ideal, brookies a nice bonus if possible Ideal budget would be 1500-$2000 for 4 days or a week, all in Interested in Temagami, Lady Evelyn, Martin River, Biscotasing, Gowganda, No Kawarthas, Haliburton Muskoka Nippissing Restoule etc.. , nice places but want different *looked at Lost Lake, not going to suit at this time Look forward to your suggestions!
  6. Where do you live? St Catharines area has some of the best action every year from mid April to late May. Spoonpullers is great so is Lake Ontario United Grimsby Tackle periodically has free seminars in store & via Zoom and a You Tube channel. Joining a local club is a great idea too for learning and networking ( St Catharines Game and Fish Association, Strait Line Anglers, Halton Region Salmon And Trout Association, Port Credit Salmon and Trout Association, Metro East Anglers etc)
  7. Yes whatever you see online or in stores is old stock.. too bad it was good line.
  8. Thanks all. Learned lots from OFC & have made many close friends over the last 18+ years here. Don't post much anymore but still check in regularly. I'll try to share whatever trip /destination we choose next!
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