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  1. Thanks all. Learned lots from OFC & have made many close friends over the last 18+ years here. Don't post much anymore but still check in regularly. I'll try to share whatever trip /destination we choose next!
  2. IMG_20210814_091606_762.jpg
    Hey all, another long time member coming outta the woodwork. Home from a week away, "off the grid & un plugged" withe family at a remote Fly in outpost cabin 50 miles north of Cochrane Everything came together as we lucked out on the timing & availability of this spot. Air Cochrane Services came highly recommended and we share the sentiment. Cabin was very clean & well equipped with basic/essential needs as well as 3 aluminum boats & well running 6hp outboards. Our lake was approximately 2x1 mile. Not alot of crazy structure & easy to navigate. Walleye were all over and pretty easy to pattern. The dusk bite in the evenings was very good. Lots in the 14-18 inch with a few each day over 20. Andrea landed the biggest at around 5 lbs & lost one much bigger. Had a couple pretty windy days that limited our time targeting pike. We did get a few during the week up to 25". Had a couple jigs bitten off too that we didn't see. For the the Eyes, jig heads in white, pink, white/pink, orange & chartreuse were best with a dew worm. We tried different twister tail grubs, fuzzee grubs & bucktaiks too. Never really got into floating jigs, harnesses or spinners much. Wasn't necessary. Only a couple jigs lost to snags. I've read many reports over the years on these kind of trips & am thankful for all the advice given. I highly recommend the Fly in experience. Despite the great fishing southern Ont & the great lakes has, I've got the urge to explore North a bit more over the next little while.. we'll see where we go next!
  3. Any update on the Highway 69 ? Heading up Sunday
  4. Have fun! I'll be "nearby " at Bounce Lake next Mon-Fri
  5. Might get some browns in shallow if you find green stained water. It's transition time for the kings now, you might get some.. lots of lake trout in 70-110fow Good luck
  6. Won't work on this trip.. another time Thanks for the suggestion
  7. So fingers crossed our family fly in trip out of Cochrane happens in mid August. Starting to plan our drive.. planning to take our time coming from Niagara. Having never spent any time seeing the Georgian Bay area before, we are planning to spend a day going up the 400 to Sudbury before staying the night & doing Sudbury to cochrane the next day. Just wondering if there's any scenic/worthwhile spots along the way worth stopping & checking out. Also any spots where me and my son can stop and toss a line from shore for a few minuteshere & there? Any & all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you prefer.
  8. I like pork pies suggestion Also good luck finding a new Helix bigger than 7 inches
  9. grimsbytackle.com uploading new items daily
  10. Grimsby Tackle has their spring sale on now Grimsby Tackle sale
  11. It's a real thing. Actually a REEL thing 😉 Many stores inventory were depleted last year with more people fishing. This winter all stores booked much bigger orders to restock and prepare for another busy season. Add to the fact that there were n still are supply chain issues and shipping delays and you get the current situation.
  12. Anyone with a good link for FS1 coverage?
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