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  1. Thanks for sharing that Dave
  2. Well said Craig I agree! In Niagara we had our legend writing in our papers for many years, Joe Montgomery. Hes still around in his early 90s..
  3. I've recently been going through boxes of old ODD magazines from the late 70s to present... I'll be sure to read a few of John's columns this evening. The industry has been lucky to have a few special gentlemen like John and others, past and present.. whether it's been front and center or quietly in the background Rest peacefully John
  4. See ya next Sat https://scgfa.ca/niagara-fishing-tackle-swap/
  5. We went to the same high school.. he graduated about 30 years before me tho & had a spot on the wall of fame... Rest peacefully Neil
  6. Looking forward to the Tackle swap! Gonna be a great year with lots going on with the St Catharines Game And Fish Association
  7. Great multi species show thats always worth attending!
  8. I encourage you to give the Okuma TRX a try.. you will be pleasantly surprised
  9. We Pound Em Sure Thing Lord of the Kings
  10. Very cool Spawn of... ? Enjoy the ride Marty. You'll need something to cheer for now given the current status of the Steelers
  11. Thanks Lew hope your keeping well. Bill,tuna will definitely happen but next time.
  12. great thanks everyone! we are staying a few days with friends in NB then a couple days at a motel in Cavendish PEI. Getting a cod, striper and flounder would be pretty cool!
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