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Is the future electric?


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7 hours ago, AKRISONER said:

I think some folks might be perceiving me as some kind of activist, I’ll make it abundantly clear, I drive a straight piped diesel truck that tows my boat that has a smoking two stroke on it. Such is the reality of boating in 2023 on a 35 year olds budget. Ya I’d love a new fuel sipping four stroke but it’s just not my financial reality.


but, as mentioned “one can dream” and the dream when you read into what’s going on in this space isn’t as far fetched as it seems. What’s perhaps most impressive and truthfully not something people can argue about is that the performance of electric engines is so high that in most ways except cost at the moment they outperform ICB’s.

like most new technology the price decreases with time. It’s very very conceivable that in 30 years time you’d look back and laugh at the fact that you used to burn gas to power your boat. Especially with your new ultra performance electric outboard that outperforms your old gas engine in every way possible.

remember, icb’s have been around 100+ years, companies have been provided with 100 years to improve and fine tune the things and maximize their efficiency. I don’t think a single person in this thread would willfully trade in their new 2020+ yamaha Honda or merc 4 stroke for a 1970 Chrysler outboard lol.

give electric outboard companies 100 years to fine tune their stuff, holy cow the possibilities.

On the weight issue? Sitting in my garage as we speak I’ve got 4 group 31agm’s in my boat, plus a 200hp outboard (remember you don’t need a heavy motor!), plus a full tank of 100 litres of gasoline, plus a tank of oil in my boat…the weight difference, is nowhere near as far as you think.

Not mistaking you for an activist when you tow a 100,000 boat with an old diesel truck and complain that at 35 you can't afford to buy new just to help the environment.


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I do believe that within a decade or two, we will see the end of fossil fuel powered transportation. We humans have an incredible capacity for innovation when we commit intellectual and monetary resources to a solution. 

Within a lifetime (66 years), we went from the Wright brothers first powered flight (they got 3 ft off the ground) to Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

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I was at CES last week and saw the new Mercury motors in person (all 3 models) and I have to say, they're really  slick.



The 7.5e is available now, with a 20e and 35e model both out by the end of this month. Two more are apparently coming for the end of this year, but Mercury wouldn't discuss further details.


The battery, at least on the 7.5e model, loads into the top of the motor and is removable, so you can swap it out for a second battery if you run low. 



This is a sensible arrangement and given its size, there should be plenty of capacity. I was skeptical of my electric lawn mower when I got it, but it goes a long, long time with a battery not much bigger than what I have on my drill.


These are first steps, but it's pretty clear this is the future. I can tell you one thing - when you hit the throttle with an electric outboard it doesn't take a second or two to rev up to speed like a gas engine does. You get full throttle to the prop instantly, so the hole shots are just unbelievable. The motors are also silent, no fumes, no messing around with fuel, loads of advantages. I'm pretty encouraged by what I see.


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On 1/10/2023 at 11:01 AM, AKRISONER said:

I personally wish I could figure out a way to make the extraction of crude from the oil sands even 1% more efficient. Lots of companies working on this stuff. Then I could buy every boat I’d ever want lol.

If they build a nuclear plant in northern Alberta and use electricity to aid in the extraction of oil sands oil, efficiency goes up by 1/3.  Smaller nuclear plants are coming 

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7.5E may go for around $3-3500.  The Avator 7.5e isn’t a particularly powerful system, with just a 750W continuous-rated motor. That’s equivalent to one horsepower, though the electric drive means that the higher torque system can do more with less power.  No price on the batteries and then you'll need one of their chargers too.

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16 minutes ago, Fisherman said:

7.5E may go for around $3-3500.  The Avator 7.5e isn’t a particularly powerful system, with just a 750W continuous-rated motor. That’s equivalent to one horsepower, though the electric drive means that the higher torque system can do more with less power.  No price on the batteries and then you'll need one of their chargers too.

What I read on the site was motor, battery and charger with extra batteries available.

Like you I wonder the cost of the extra battery. Heck, even a Dewalt drill comes with a second battery. LOL

I do like that you charge on 110 household plug. Wondering charge time with my 2200 Honda generator.

At 16 lbs the battery is like carrying a gallon and a half of gas and 43 for the motor is acceptable for back lake access with a canoe or little tinny.

3500 is a tad pricy but we gotta do our part eh Akri  LOL again

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9 minutes ago, woodenboater said:

When bassboats go dc, I imagine the entire boat will be a floating battery bank lol

Offshore and bass boats makes the world go around.

without a doubt those boats will just be An absolutely giant power plant.

The beauty of lithium batteries are that they are so much lighter than lead acid. The majority of bass guys are now going lithium as the price comes down.


the concerns about “charging” are somewhat irrelevant, you gotta go to the gas station to get gas too, if they make them able to use mobile chargers no harm no foul.

it’d be cool to be ripping across the lake at 100+kmh with no motor noise. When I bought my boat the owner was laughing because he hadn’t been in the boat in a month since he already had a new boat with the merc 4 stroke, he couldn’t believe how loud the 2 stroke was lol

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Mercury didn't release pricing info for its new motors at CES, but it's a pretty good bet they will have that later this month when the Toronto Boat Show opens. I would expect it to be in the same range as its competitors (i.e. $3k to $4k) but that's only a guess on my part. 

As far as electric aircraft go, some people may have missed the announcement last fall that Air Canada is buying 30 electric planes from Heart Aerospace. These will be used on short-haul flights ... Toronto to the Soo, for example. They're supposed to enter service within 5 years, so that's pretty exciting.

Widespread electrification is becoming reality, it's no longer just science fiction that might happen one day, maybe, perhaps, somewhere far off in the future. It's happening right now.

This year's CES was a real eye opener, it is amazing how much things have changed since before the pandemic. The number of electric cars, bikes, trucks and boats on display there was unreal.

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I guess they better get at building some generating stations to charge these batteries. I know I won't be able to afford the gas to do it with my 2200 Honda.

Sure would make for a nice quiet ride to Toronto from here. As long as they don't make the seats smaller than the current Dash 8's

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1 hour ago, Weeds said:

Let sleeping dogs lie. Interesting thread. In the pic with the bank of 3 of them  I think they look vaguely like some kind of high tech urinals.  The props might make you hesitant though..

Not going there either.

To me they look like the old Chrysler outboards in the 70's

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9 hours ago, BassMan11 said:

Neat idea. This is where we are going I guess. 

But i'd rather an old 2 stroke that will run forever if maintained properly. 

And I wish we had enough ice and snow to enjoy winter

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