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  1. I wonder what kind of a living Charlie makes with the show? I find his constant plugging of sponsors irritating but he does provide technical detail useful to our craft. He helped be years ago after speaking to him personally at the Sportsman Show. I had salmon cut my line just above the meat on a meat rig. Later in the summer they get some pretty sharp teeth. He told me to replace the line from the flasher with fluorocarbon. Never happened again. Common sense but I had never thought of it 🙄. Spoons protect the line but not a fly or meat head
  2. Good idea. But he’s already busy with his reel business 😎
  3. What a difference a week makes. Water 50F last week. Today 70F this afternoon. Almost swimmable. 🤪
  4. Water is 49F on north Pigeon. Hasn’t budged a bit in a week. 😳
  5. Anybody brave the blizzard this morning for opener?
  6. After 13 years is it necessary to replace fuel hoses and bulb from boat to motor? I understand they deteriorate inside.
  7. Great read. Never been on a fly in trip. Approximately what would you pay for a trip where they provide a tinny, motor, fuel and housekeeping cabin for week? I’m guessing 4 guys and 2 boats? I do pretty well on the Kawarthas at a comfortable cottage and nice boat that I own. No 25 fish days but potential to catch 5-6 lb eyes and 50 inch Muskies. Not stuck with potential bad weather. Wondering if it’s worth it to take my 3 sons. It would be an unforgettable experience, I’m sure.
  8. Started up the old girl. No problems. 😎 Cold water on north Pigeon but Ernie doesn’t care
  9. Lots of smiling, stuffed robins around here. 😎
  10. Went out on my subdivision road this morning to look for worms after the rain. The robins must have beat me to them. “The early bird gets the worm...”
  11. Sounds like it’s worth a shot. At least for a year. Thanks.
  12. So David, excuse my ignorance. I fish a Kawartha lake and use a Lowrance HDS first generation graph with GPS. I have about 200 waypoints and know the lake pretty well. But any insight into new structure would be useful. How would this APP be useful to me? And what is the cost? thanks Peter.
  13. If you used a lot of water just before like showering, laundry etc you might have temporarily drained your well pipe. Remember never run the pressure sprayer without water.
  14. https://e.sail.ca/t/2HLU-1KRFH-959A33LLFA/cr.aspx?utm_source=Sail Plein Air Inc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2648285_sail_f21-p1-03-16_prom_all_sitewidepromo_can_fr-en_002&utm_content=view-online-english&dm_i=2HLU,1KRFH,8UP3T8,5C7AQ,1
  15. Locks won’t open till at least May 31. 😳
  16. Marinas and municipal launches closed for now 😳
  17. Just read a piece on Bloomberg BNN that many companies will likely be reducing or stopping their dividend payments due to reduced revenues. Beware for now.
  18. GICs are great to allow you to sleep at night but really you’re still losing money because the inflation rate is higher than 1.6%, especially after taxes. Good solid companies pay a 4-6% annual dividend and have the likely potential to appreciate in value. Plus capital gains and dividends are taxed less than interest. It takes discipline to resist buying stocks when the market is hot but wait for the inevitable correction to buy them on sale.
  19. The word is we’re having a temporary rally within a bear market. I think there is more downside coming when the horrible economic news really hits home If you’re brave, nibble away at hardest hit money making companies that pay a good dividend. Banks, utilities, telecoms. Eventually stocks will come back. Where else is capital going to go. 1% GICs? 😳
  20. Can’t believe my Deka lead acid starting battery , that came with the Lund in 2009, is still going strong.
  21. Hey Boss,

    somebody moved my post on the Drotto Boat Latch.  It’s a new product that anybody with a fishing boat might love. 

    Why move it? 🤨

    1. TJQ


      Im not sure... ill ask??

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