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  1. My wife makes me socks from Icelandic sheep wool. Could try that
  2. Good to hear you're up and about.
  3. At .4 mpg you would need a 100 gallon tank to get to your cabin
  4. Sure Our trails need a dump of snow and who gets it southern bloody Ontario All the hot air down there should have sent it north
  5. From what I have read, there is no way to tell if a fish is a splake or not by outward appearance. You need a scientific knowledge of anatomy and a sharp knife. A few years back I was fishing a splake lake between Christmas and new year day when trout season opens, but splake is year round. We caught a fish and couldn't be sure if it was splake or spec so we released it After this I researched a bit and found that it is impossible to determine even for a CO. Thus,if a lake has been stocked with splake, all trout in that lake are specs and you can't be charged for OOS fish
  6. I do a bit of woodworking Actually built most of the furniture in my house the last 15 years or so. 24x26 dedicated , heated shop with just about every tool known Retired 6 months ago and pretty much live here now except for fishing and hunting days I do have a good radial arm saw for sale too...just took it apart and stored it the other day as I don't use it enough to warrant the floor space it takes
  7. Dara

    Clear Ice

    Its just not something we ever see here. Always get snow with the ice so never clear like that. As far as fish, there are plenty but you gotta get a bit deeper.
  8. Check this link if you like ice fishing https://www.sootoday.com/bold/video-goulais-bay-freezes-crystal-clear-for-the-first-time-in-recent-memory-3320149
  9. do people really go out there on4 inches of ice?
  10. The OFSC is urging riders to not travel outside of their health region. Ride where you live.
  11. you don't have a blue bronco you have a silver honda As for the boat Its 20 years old, you paid what for it...For me I would fix the wood and carpet as best I could and leave the paint job But that one above does look good redone
  12. Looking good buddy....crap thats a bunch of work Hows fishing been
  13. Please keep the ATV's off the snowmobile trails. It isn't safe. If you want more winter atv trails maybe go build them like all the snowmobile clubs did to ride snowmobiles
  14. I guess you pick your poison. Report says I will be blowing the driveway every night for the next 2 weeks. Moved here almost 45 years ago and never looked back. My old fishing partner lives in Kingston...he kinda bums out now and again too
  15. No cabin fever here Ice is good, snowmobile trails are good, heading for a week of riding saturday. My view on ice is, I check it, if I can say, yup, I think its ok, I stay off. If I say..crap, tons of ice, then I go on. I do not need iffy ice
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