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  1. I'm sure happy to hear that. I was keeping track what I could on cabin radio and you always looked ok.
  2. and it beats the chromium plant they want to build here.
  3. The premier of Toronto must be making a buck off of it
  4. Just twist the wires together and tape them. I always end up ripping them off again before a joint has time to wear out
  5. Dave told me yesterday that he was heading to Whitehorse My daughter and her children and dog got out on a flight today Her husband is doing the drive. Sorry to inject this into Dave's thread but I fished with him a couple times.
  6. sharp rocks? dam find another spot
  7. North channel was running 58.5 today. My dog is not happy with no fish.
  8. Just need to say, If you drive Ottawa to Dryden one shot, you will not want to fish for 2 days. But that is the area for lots of big ones in the bush. Watsons pine portage is a good spot a fair bit closer
  9. Holy crap...won the lottery did you Drifter?
  10. Beats me. I know that 20 years ago snowmobile manufacturers went to 4 stroke engines to comply with emission regulations, and also etec type 2 strokes. It baffles me that manufacturers can't make an engine that accomodates ethanol . Hope this doesn't bite me in the ass but I have a 60 4 stroke outboard 12 years old and a 135 hp snowmobile the same. Always ran the cheapest gas I could get and never an additive. Shut them off at end of season with whatever gas was left in the tank and started again next season and rode away. Did annual maintenance and took care of stuff but thats it. 30,000 km on the snowmobile and runs like new, no idea on hours on the outboard but a few
  11. If they actually managed the resource. I think they do a crap job of it as it is all reaction rather than actual planning and management. I had a co make a crappy comment to me this winter about keeping a small lake trout and I told him I just wanted one little guy for breakfast. Then his partner goes on to say that a laker doesn't mature till about 22 inches for reproduction. So whats the point. Do you know what you are talking about or not. Not you crow, him
  12. Dara


    Holy crap, was that you?...one of our best parties ever....
  13. I don't know what to say here and after perusing the replys it's more difficult. How bout you steer your own boat and hold it on a fishing spot. Give the fish a chance Rant over..LOL
  14. I dunno...I know a couple guys in Ohio with trailers like that Kinda like it but it doesn't suit northern Ontario...well yamaybysorta.. And the hangers, please, Dodge has none
  15. Dara


    Ok, so not a real derby then 🙂
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