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  1. Looking good buddy....crap thats a bunch of work Hows fishing been
  2. Please keep the ATV's off the snowmobile trails. It isn't safe. If you want more winter atv trails maybe go build them like all the snowmobile clubs did to ride snowmobiles
  3. I guess you pick your poison. Report says I will be blowing the driveway every night for the next 2 weeks. Moved here almost 45 years ago and never looked back. My old fishing partner lives in Kingston...he kinda bums out now and again too
  4. No cabin fever here Ice is good, snowmobile trails are good, heading for a week of riding saturday. My view on ice is, I check it, if I can say, yup, I think its ok, I stay off. If I say..crap, tons of ice, then I go on. I do not need iffy ice
  5. Looks Good Buddy I want to ice fish Prosperous some time. Wife will be up there mid Feb. I just might try for next year. And that X is in a pretty nice spot - 45 for a month though...how much extension you got for the auger
  6. Sneaking back into the forum after a long absence. Dave, I still can't believe you go up on that roof. Standing at the bottom I could barely see the top. You did an amazing job on it. Hows the pellet stove working? Guys, you ever want to fish the Territory, look Dave up, great guy to fish with
  7. I’ll see you in old town for a beer Dave I brought my hammer
  8. Coming up to visit this August dave Gonna be a Grandpa and gotta see the baby
  9. They could make good Coyote bait A win win situation
  10. Its a really nice place, my neighbor owns it. I went there with the wife and another couple years ago...perfect spot
  11. A bit of smoke keeps the flies away When the engineers that design it say 100:1 thats what I mix at and I use their oil as much as possible.
  12. Sorry but I live in a steel town and I work at a steel fabrication shop. I have been buying steel for 30 years now and it comes from all over the world. Our local mill ships all over the world. To suddenly have somebody say, we don't want your steel anymore, we only want what we make ourselves is a slap in the face. Maybe I'm being harsh but I just got a load of work and material prices are set to go way up for no reason I can see
  13. I remember just a few years back when we couldn't buy a piece of hard plate for wear bars because the US army was buying it all for armour plate for tanks and humvees
  14. NAFTA is not dead. It is still in force and if cancelled it would take about 1 year to actually end it. Seems somebody is pulling an illegal move with these tarriffs...go figure huh
  15. I went up to the trading post yesterday. Was looking for a new fishing rod. Picked up a St Croix. Kinda my current favorite. The tag said, Made in USA. I put it down and walked away.
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