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  1. Dara


    Holy crap, was that you?...one of our best parties ever....
  2. I don't know what to say here and after perusing the replys it's more difficult. How bout you steer your own boat and hold it on a fishing spot. Give the fish a chance Rant over..LOL
  3. I dunno...I know a couple guys in Ohio with trailers like that Kinda like it but it doesn't suit northern Ontario...well yamaybysorta.. And the hangers, please, Dodge has none
  4. Dara


    Ok, so not a real derby then 🙂
  5. Dara


    Yup, that would be amazing on a hot summer day..with a touch of wind for the rollers
  6. Dara


    People hide bananas in your boat...were you in a derby with them
  7. Dara


    Thats a lotta bananas
  8. The pin came out and auger tip went down. Clockwise turn as some are counter clockwise.
  9. Just wondering what you all think. I know bananas are bad in a boat but what about ice fishing. My buddy is bringing bananas ice fishing. Just on sleds to backwoods lakes and no hut. He isn't doing well, I'm not doing great but not bad. You think the skunk is touching without even a boat? Should I say something to him? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  10. Just saw a news article that was titled, Global race to develop cold weather batteries. Thats good, but. There are some northern communities but most of the worlds population is in warmer climes. So, concentrate on good batteries there and we will run off the devils fossil fuel till they figure it out. Mostly saves the world.
  11. Gord is a tournament and TV fisherman. Does he have any scientific studies to back his opinion. Not that I disagree but science rules over opinion...generally Where I live bass are open year round because they are a nuisance predator fish for the trout and walleye we mostly target. To go with the catch and release direction they would be outlawing most tournaments which least bothers me except for kids like them at the cottage. A few lure and boat manufacturers may be perturbed. The problem is, how do you write a law to keep everybody happy.
  12. Tournament fish are always weighed on the water. Walking distance of carrying the fish from livewell and back to water. It is illegal to transport live gamefish. Would point of capture be where it was hooked or landed. How far can you drift while taking a picture. That would be as ambiguous a rule as immediately tagging a moose and immediately informing the rest of the party that a moose was shot. No matter what, you shoot, they have a charge to lay. They need to address the ridiculous rules for baitfish zones they just came up with first
  13. Then you have to outlaw live release tournaments. I can just imagine how the rule would be written to cover release where you caught it.
  14. I filled out the survey and hopefully they value my opinion. They usually do. LOL
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