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  1. A couple rock piles in the North Channel. They were tastey
  2. I feel covid and too many people living in one small area stressing this situation.
  3. Can I ask why you are replacing the axle? and 3500 would be fine
  4. There is everything up there. Wallaye lakes, great speckled trout and lake trout. Bird hunting in fall. Moose if you can get a tag Especially good in winter. If you need somebody to watch over the place let me know
  5. What Quintet lakes are you referring to. Is this North of Sault up mile 38 road or somewhere else
  6. Thats true in many cases but that time we went to Lady Evelyn, boat in only, and would have had to haul it anyway. And up here around St Marys river Lake Huron north channel it doesn't hurt to have a bit of gas on board. Pros-Cons
  7. I had always heard..herd? that snapping at a snag can break a rod. 40 years fishing and I snapped a brand new St Croix. Hope he can do it.
  8. Sorry but Devils advocate I have an on board in my 16' Sylvan and fished Lady Eveleyn for a week and never had to put gas in or change a tank . Thats a nice feature . Pros and cons
  9. Thats plenty of gas in my mind. My 60 will run wide open for 3 hours on that much gas. Easier to keep fresh fuel in it. Pro's and cons but not something I would dwell on
  10. I used mine for 3 years...you just aren't fishing enough..same as me
  11. I built a trailer, went to service ontario and said I wanted plates for my homemade trailer, paid 40 bucks and got a plate and ownership. I think they may have told me to write the vin number they gave me on the trailer. You are not allowed to put your boat trailer plates on another trailer but it is fairly common practice to have one plate for multiple trailers. Works well if you have multiple home made trailers
  12. I'm late to the dance but your owners manual has prop changing instructions/procedures including torque values for the nut.
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