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  1. Can't offer any fishing advice on that lake, but north of Chapleau at the end May...be prepared for Black Flies. Bring repellant with DEET, and maybe even a bug suit/head net, if you're particularly annoyed by them. As for cold...even up there, by that time of year it's pretty rare to drop much below freezing at night. This year we had 75f at the end of May in northern Ontario.. .
  2. Brown's is in the background of the Laker photo. Largest lake in eastern Ontario with over 250km of shoreline. I have 38 acres and 450 ft of frontage on the east side (sunset view). Not a neighbour in sight on either side. Nice thing about the Crow/Bobs system is that over 35% of the shoreline is Crown land, so it's not over developed like Muskoka or the Kawarthas. Browns is a little congested for my taste. Seems like a lot of the occupants are Americans.
  3. That's why I chose to build a place on my lake in Frontenac...Walleyes and Lake Trout in the same lake. Not common in inland lakes in Southern Ontario. The Bass, Pike, Whitefish, Burbot and Crappie are just a bonus...somethin's always bitin'...and I never get bored.. Now..if I could only sneak in some Musky, I'd save myself a trip to NW Ontario every autumn...and if one of the incoming creeks had a Steelhead run...oh my...lol
  4. Good shooting ! Lake Trout lakes typically have populations of nutrient rich baitfish like Cisco and Smelt...that's why the Walleye get big....as compared to shallower lakes like the Kawarthas where the forage is mostly Perch and Shiners.
  5. For Ontario residents, under 18 and over 65 have the limits of a full SPORT licence. As a proud 65 yr old, I'm glad to be able retain the maximum amount of fish, if I decide to..
  6. Looks like you're from Ohio ? If your grandson is also a non-resident, he has to fish with someone with a license, and his catch will apply to the limit on that license. Or he can purchase his own license, and keep his own limit.
  7. Looks like they came well prepared...spears, nets and snagging trebles. . Why would you break the law for an old black decaying and contaminated piece of meat... https://www.barrietoday.com/local-news/barrie-men-fined-for-illegal-fishing-near-bowmanville-dam-9181209
  8. In Eastern Ontario, you can purchase ethanol-free high octane from Speedway Gas and VP Racing Fuel (both just off the 401 on the Tyendaga Reserve in Desoronto). In fact, you can still buy leaded fuel from them for vintage vehicles.
  9. I would think you're guessing right. For most folks, when they use the words "sandwich" and "squirrel" in the same sentence, it usually refers to an incident with a motor vehicle, not a culinary reference. Growing up, Pigeon was a regular on our menu. My Dad used to raise Pigeons for racing, and the ones that didn't make the cut ended up on a plate. It was more than once we had sandwiches with the leftovers..
  10. Canada Day BBQ at the Cottage with my tribe.. Back ribs from Iberico pigs raised by a local farmer here in Frontenac. In the fall, he lets them roam around the back 40 in an Oak forest so they can feast on acorns. Brined the ribs overnight, then a wet rub with mustard (Kozlik's from Manitoba), apple cider (from Brighton), Worstershire sauce, garlic (from my garden), paprika, salt and pepper. Slow smoke for 3 hours with apple and cherry wood on the Traeger. Then wrap in peach paper with more apple cider and my brother's own honey (from Frontenac) and another 2 hours on the smoker. Then unwrap and glaze at higher heat for 1 hour with home made BBQ sauce made with Crown Royal and maple syrup. Served up with roast potatoes, maple baked beans, macaroni salad, cornbread, peas (from my garden) and coleslaw. Started with an appetizer platter of smoked BC Chinook Salmon, Moose Biltong, and 5 year old Cheddar from Wilton Cheese. All consumed by my kids and their husbands/wives along with my 4 grandchildren after a day of fishing, Seadoo'ing and tubing on the lake.. I'm grateful for everything the best country in the world has blessed me with ! Happy Canada Day !
  11. https://youtu.be/2_E4BUt1z8Y?si=0InW7LbPMcMgqcnk
  12. The Windy app...most accurate and comprehensive that I've found yet. NOAA for surface temps on the Great Lakes.
  13. I like the Folbe holders. Like Down East Salty's they're tough enough for Musky trolling, but the design makes it easy to get the rod out of the holder instantly.
  14. Is that a video clip from your dash cam ?
  15. Apparently "ungraded" beef sold in Canada is from Mexico. At most of the better hotels and resorts in Mexico, the beef is usually from either the US or Argentina, if that tells you something. They won't even eat their own beef. The rest of the meal looks great ! https://nationalpost.com/news/ungraded-beef-in-canadian-grocery-stores
  16. Looks tasty...my kind of meal ! Curious...were those "BC Spot Prawns" ? If so, where did you buy them ? I know that now is the season for them, but I've found it difficult to find them in Ontario. They are definitely sweeter and more delectable than Shrimp. On a fishing trip to the Queen Charlotte's, we feasted on those to the point of gluttony...so good !
  17. Not sure where you're located, but both of these shops provide excellent service for MinnKota's: Aikman's in Mississauga Prop Shop in Kingston
  18. I have made Gravlax (I think the spelling is Swedish vs Norwegian) with most species of Salmon or Trout, all work well except Lake Trout...a little too strong flavoured. Have you ever tried adding beet juice to the cure ? A classic Swedish recipe that adds some interesting flavour and colour. Have fun playing with the Bass Doug. I'm looking forward to Saturday too...with all these wacky cold fronts coming through of late, the Walleye fishing's been a dud. Spending this morning cleaning up from the storm last night...got pretty violent for a bit up here.
  19. A couple of days ago I took my 5 wt and my Vizsla up to a favourite creek in North Frontenac. The Mayfly hatch was in full swing, and I was fortunate enough to have a few Brookies sip on my Adams. Usually, I'll pan fry, grill or hot smoke Brook Trout...but since I was having a couple of buddies over to watch the game tonight, I decided to make Gravlax as a snack, which I haven't made in awhile. Gravlax is Scandinavian cured fish, typically made with Salmon, but Trout works perfectly well too. It's like a cross between cold smoked fish and sashimi...there's no cooking, just the cure. The fillets are heavily coated in salt, sugar, dill and Aquavit (a spicy gin/vodka from Norway). The process takes place in the fridge, under the weight of a brick to squeeze out the moisture. It typically takes 24 to 48 hours depending on the thickness of the fillets. Once cured, it's easy to cut the fillets into very thin slices with a sharp knife. I'm serving it with some baby greens from my garden, lemon, Vidalia onion, capers, toasted rye bread, and a dressing of sour cream, dill and Dijon mustard. I'm not an Oiler fan, but it would be nice to see the Cup finally return to Canada...hopefully the tornadoes don't interfere with my reception up here..
  20. Any of the rivers mentioned...I'll send you a pm.
  21. If I can make a suggestion....take the hwy 17 route through Sault Ste Marie to Nakina. Assuming you're coming from the GTA, it's only about an one hour longer than hwy 11 through North Bay (15 hrs vs 14 hrs). However, it's infinitely more interesting. The stretch between SSM and Wawa is probably one of the most scenic roads in Canada between Cape Breton and the Rockies. Plenty of rivers that have Brook Trout through there...Chippewa, Pancake, Speckled Trout, Agawa, Sand, Old Woman, Michipicoten...just need to hike in a bit from the hwy to the better spots. Be sure to stop at Voyageur's Lodge in Batchawana Bay for Lake Superior smoked Whitefish and awesome homemade apple fritters...makes for a great picnic at the falls on the Sand R. or on Old Woman Bay. The White Fang Motel in Wawa is a good spot to hang your hat for the night. Frankly, once north of Temagami, I personally find the hwy 11 route boring....flat and nothing but jack pine..
  22. Thanks for the report, sounds like a great time. Can't say I've ever been disappointed in a fly-in. Although not everyone produced boat loads of fish, they've always been a memorable experience...even the ones where things went south a little (the exploding outhouse...lol), wouldn't take me much convincing to do it again..
  23. What is the output of your charger in amps when you put it in Lithium mode ? Check the charging requirements of your battery vs your charger. Yours is a 24v 100 amp battery ? Can your charger operate at 24v ? Lithiums typically charge at a higher voltage to maximize battery life. You may need a dedicated charger.
  24. You can buy replacement skirts...all kinds on Amazon. You can put on soft plastics too, but I like how the blade makes the skirt flutter.
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