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  1. My 16' side console with 60 Yamaha was 16k brand new in 2010. I see the same unit only a 2000 for sale for 16k now so who knows the right price.
  2. It was warmer there than here today.
  3. I had a buddy from Ohio give me his snowmobile to sell here 10 years ago A guy bought it and went to import it. Total pain. How did this snowmobile get into Canada was the question. Ongoing question. Stick to your guns, tell them what they ask. Don't offer anything else. No need to go to the states but it could take a while. Good luck. Sounds like a deal to me even being a Merc edit, the US will never let you tow that boat back to import it. You will be out a boat
  4. Still 3 feet of ice here. Boat is in storage for a while yet
  5. It's not the pictures, it's the lack of snow. Now you are talking putting the boat in and we are still using ALL of the auger to drill an ice hole Just strikes me as funny. Enjoy the new trailer. Can't beat reliable equipment
  6. Those pictures look funny. I can't see over the snowbanks in my driveway. Lots are 6' high or better With the sun and rain the last few days the snow has settled to 3' deep in my yard
  7. Best you can hope for is, your hobby pays for itself. Mine would if I had time to sell anything and thats a lotta fly stuff there
  8. Nope, 600 efi Wanted to keep weight and price down. I won't be putting enough miles on it to need a 4 stroke My Vector has 30,000 km on it.
  9. I saw that boat up at Northshore the other day. Not a heavy boat but you want at least the 20. I had an old Mirrocraft 14' with a 15 2 stroke and that was just enough. Actually I sold it to a guy on your lake.
  10. I had rooster tails behind the vector. Ordered a new Ski Doo Expedition for next year. Needed a bit more track Fishes got cleaned 10 minutes after the photo
  11. Hey Slayer. Never had our January thaw, No bottom to the snow and wicked slush. I was at a buddies camp near Anjigami
  12. Headed to Wawa for the weekend Through LSSP. Beauty day to travel. Sunny and cool Lotsa snow Like, lotsa snow. Got the Vector stuck 10 times, the Voyager almost the same 4 hours to get a couple km into camp 2 wore out dudes at the end of that day. We took the easy way out the next day. 30km to our second choice lake. It panned out ok Pretty good weekend all in all. Couple shots at camp
  13. I went to our local Trading Post where they sell them. I was unimpressed. The boot feels like hard plastic in the warm store. I can imagine they would crack at 20 below. Super thick liners and stiff Went back to another store and bought my old standard Acton Prairie boot. Light, flexible and warm. Like wearing bedroom slippers Been wearing them for fishing etc for 45 years now
  14. If we had a government worth their salt they would tax the heck out of all carbon burning and people would quit using it and the worlds problem would be solved. People in the "big smoke" could walk to go fishing Too bad they can't just use electricity for everything. I hear thats clean. Especially when it comes from...hmmm where was that again..burning coal?
  15. Thanks Dan I never saw that line
  16. Thanks guys. I have the manual and plug but not the battery box and need to know what side of plug is red. Gotta do what smitty said and poke a hole in the black and see what pin it connects to in the plug. Unless the guy that gave me the unit finds the battery box
  17. I do, good idea, thanks
  18. I was just given a eagle cuda 300 depth finder for ice fishing. I need to hook a battery to it but I don't have the portable battery pack or plug that connects to battery wire. it has a plug with a T slot and a pin each side. Is there any way to know which side is pos neg without cutting the plug off and just using the red and black
  19. I think they consulted like crazy. This gives CO's sooooo many opportunities to write citations. A minnow trap out of your zone...wow
  20. You can take the unused minnows home I would think, and use them next week in the zone you purchased them as long as you have the receipt and they aren't over 2 weeks old. Your second part makes me think a bit. Possibly the Wawa dealer harvester could sell minnows for both zones as long as they were kept separate and marketed for each zone. Kinda hard to see the government going through the process for this though. They would have to earn their money and trust people.
  21. Bummer. I hope it was just BBQ tank and not the furnace tank. Is the ice road open to camp yet?
  22. Just don't go on weekends
  23. It's always coldest right before the sun comes up. Glad my daughter got the heater on her propane tank
  24. Under powered is hard on the engine too. I have a friend that got a 20' tri hull pontoon boat He uses it to go to a remote camp 25 miles up the lake. He loads it pretty good for a week stay up there. Has a 115 on it and now after 5 years his bottom end it toast because of working it too hard. Try and get a bottom end right now with the supply shortages. Make sure whatever you buy is stock and not due in some day.
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