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  1. No excuses. Bad game by Toronto (they didn’t show up). Boston played their game. But ffs... both ways.....the refereeing was horrendous. An absolute joke. Back home with a split.. we’ll take it. Settle in for a long series. Don M
  2. Not a good game thus far from the boys. Very sloppy. Boston doing their thing and finishing every check. Could be 4-0 if not for Freddie. Let’s see if we can put together a 2nd half of the game. And yes. I wish someone would take off either Pastrenak or DeBrusks head.
  3. Clayton has a great channel on Youtube. He has a lot of fun out there and also mixes in with the Uncut crew from time to time. Great video and a Big Lake trout!
  4. Shhhhhhhhhh Lol calm down Chris. You’re going to get a suspension. Nice win by the boys. As I have said before. It’s going to be a tight series. Stole one in Boston. A good start. Don M
  5. Nice article and picture..... a few years old... a different team. Your meme's are getting tired, your act is getting old. But you are the self appointed internet tough guy. Good for you.... I can't imagine what its like to have that type of reputation. Repeating the same thing in different words over and over. We get it... you're not a "Laffs" fan... join the ever growing club. Problem is........ you sound stupid. O and while you are in my kitchen... get Chris, Bill and I a beer...... adults will be watching the playoff game tomorrow night. We'll let you know when we need another. Go LEAFS Go
  6. Tisk Tisk... that sure seems like a personal attack to me. What if my mother has passed away... or that her home had burned down? Don't make me get this thread locked down!! Cause I will!!!! While in my professional GM's chair I predict the Leafs Bruins series will be great and a close one. I also predict you trolls will watch every game!! Love them or hate them... you hang on every goal. Your Jr. C level analysis is predictable from a "Leafs hater". Clinched! GLG
  7. Naw we are fine. Just passionate fans of a NHL Hockey team. And I don't really care what you perceive us Leafs fan have a case of. And by the way i've been playing hockey since I was 2, played triple A, drafted to the OHL, played in college, the AHL, KHL, Europe, and the NHL. I have coached and GM'd at every level as well as owned a team. So I know everything there is to know about hockey! Do I have enough experience now to give my opinion on hockey related items? Just wanted to check with you..... smart guy. 😂
  8. Now that’s intelligent. And grown up.
  9. Sorry I lost you, should have posted the definition below the word. I’ll remember that for next time so you can follow along. Not an insult. Just trying to help a guy out.
  10. BassMan11


    A couple people in this picture gone way to soon.
  11. Keep telling myself what? That the Leafs and Bruins historically have had good playoff series? Or that the Leafs dominated the game Saturday night? Both comments see to be fairly logical. Could be worse... your city could not give 2 craps about having a NHL hockey team for 60 years. Or actually be the laughing stock of NHL... from your owner to your players. But lets just not talk about that.... right?
  12. I cannot comprehend how much of a loser you have to be to post things like these. Just complete trolls. Grow up. On an intelligent note.... The Leafs dominated the game, ran into a hot Sens goalie and played their backup who has stunk all year. Crap happens. Its never fun losing to the absolute worst team in the league but I didn't lose any sleep over it. They sure are not coming in hot into the playoffs... but neither are the Bruins. Rask is not on top of his game either.... should be a good series... as per usual. GLG
  13. Love this thread! Nice haul Dave! Can't wait for more updates.
  14. Back yard still has about a foot here in Ottawa. Shes dropping fast though. Hopefully won't be to long now. Kind of a sad picture with those 2 boats in the water. Neglected one way or another.
  15. Ahh man... thought maybe if you weren't a Leafs fan maybe you'd at least be a Seinfeld fan... 0 for 2. My apologies... the rest of that post was for the user "hatethelaffs". "Tried to get 2 birds stoned at once"...... what about that one? Lighten up will ya? No need to be angry all the time.
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