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  1. BassMan11

    Time for a portable generator

    I guess it really depends on what you want to use the generator for. Purchased a Honda 2000w inverter 2 years ago for various occasional uses. Running Noco chargers for my boat, charging items, running power tools, basically just having portable power. When the storm hit Ottawa we lost power for 24 hours and I was able to run the fridge, chest freezer, and basement entertainment system for the duration without any issues. The Honda is whisper quiet, fairly portable and bulletproof. Obviously like any small engine proper maintenance and quality fuel is key. I feel like the 2000 size (or 2200W model now) is the most versatile since it is still a suitcase style and can handle a fairly large load. IMO its worth the investment. Also if you needed more power you can get another 2000w Honda Companion model and run them connected together for a 4000W inverter system with a 30amp plug. This would be a cheaper and more portable option than buying a 5KW inverter. Good luck
  2. Yup Nipissing and the french can get you. Watched a guy pull is beautiful Lund out of the water in Dokis and his S.S. prop on the Merc had all 3 blades crumpled. Skeg missing and I am sure the damage didn't stop there. Be careful out there and always have some sort of map on waters you have never been on!
  3. BassMan11


    Big fan of them - Garage Crocs - Boat Crocs - Back door Crocs - Camping Crocs Although I will say, getting them wet with bare feet and then trying to walk is a nightmare.
  4. BassMan11

    Faded braided line

    As walleyboss mentioned the black permanent marker on the last 2-4' works well if you are worried about the fading... saw this tip from KVD on the fishing channel.. i'd say if it works for him it must work well. Lakers and super clear water fishing i'll use a floro leaders.
  5. BassMan11

    Which sonar to buy?

    Ark has given you some good advice. I wouldn't get caught up to much on the Networking of the trolling motor to the fish finder imo. Navionics+ and a line zero card (if sitcking with humminbird) for mapping uncharted lakes and you should be good to go. Also get the largest screen you can afford. 7" and under you won't like side imaging on split screen. Good luck.
  6. BassMan11

    Bass Opening Week Report (Lake Trout & Video)

    Also Mike, You have to get on that jig bite for those lakers. It's a riot. Cheers
  7. BassMan11

    BRP buys Alumacraft boats

    No issues with my 09 E-tec 75 tiller. Like anything... if you take care of things properly they seldom let you down. That said there are always lemons across all manufacturers. Good move by BRP.
  8. BassMan11

    AKRISONERS - Semi Annual Year in Review 2018

    Awesome report man... thanks for taking the time to post!! Cheers
  9. BassMan11

    leafs sign tavares

    Matthews Tavares Kadri down the middle isn't a bad problem to have. The Leafs think they can fill the defensive void internally with players they are developing in the AHL. Also there was not a big UFA defensive defenseman on the table July 1st. A Babcock quote from 2015 on the day he was hired: "Once we make it safe, they’re coming home. Mark my words, they’ll be coming.” - Speaking about Ontario born players.
  10. BassMan11

    Bass Opening Week Report (Lake Trout & Video)

    Great Report Mike. Solid start to the bass season.
  11. BassMan11

    Any Garmin Panoptix fans out there?

    Live Vu and Live Scope look amazing. Garmin is on the forefront of sonar innovation that for sure.
  12. BassMan11

    External Transducers

    I had this issue with my Ulterra and used a variation of this method: Been using it for over a year and have never hard a problem. I used a small weed eater recoil for the cable management.
  13. BassMan11

    Finally went fishing

    Some beauty fish. Cheers
  14. BassMan11

    Burbon+ice and Inconnu on Great Slave lake

    Awesome report...... thanks for posting. Cheers