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  1. I've been here a long time Bill and remember that report.
  2. Nice report. Always a bonus having nice accommodations. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hey all, At the begging of April my friend had asked me if I wanted to go up to his camp in Batchawana Bay north of the Sault to open it up for the year. Having been there before, I loved the area and it was a quick yes. We planned to head up the dates of April 28th to May 1st which is one of my most favorite times of the year to be north. Longer days, potential for nice weather, and no bugs! The drive up was eventful and arriving at camp was as well... everything was exactly how he had left it in November. He is right on the shore of the big lake and the last of the ice caves that form every winter were still there. About 10 feet of ice still formed on the break wall. We had also timed the smelt run perfectly so that was something we had to participate in. The weather was perfect... little wind and 15-18 degrees. All in all it was an excellent trip. The drive sure is long but the area is just spectacular. Can't wait to get up again. Cheers! BassMan
  4. Thanks guys, A Yam is probably the next choice for me. F60 or F70 Tiller. 100lbs less than the 75.
  5. This is exactly what I am thinking. I love the motor its light and has lots of power on my Pro Guide 1675. But if this is the headache I am going to go through for potentially more complex repairs.... A repower might be in the near future.
  6. Hey everyone thanks for the responses, I have called several dealers and Evinrude does not make part for this particular style of piston. Mike Marine was one of the largest Etec dealers in Ontario and Mike told me that this particular assembly can not be rebuilt with OEM parts. Luckily I was able to find a used unit close by for 1/4 of the cost. Just a warning to everyone out there in case they have a similar issues. Also not hitting rocks on the French River will also keep you from having this issue.
  7. Hey everyone, So I pulled my boat out of storage this year only to find hydraulic fluid on the ground from my tilt trim.. So I took it over to my buddy who services the motor (2008 Etec 75 tiller) and the seal was blown. Since there are no rebuilt kits from the dealer, a new Hydraulic would be needed. He warned me it could be expensive but when he got the price from Evinrude my jaw hit the floor. $3700 for the part. Are you kidding me? The motor is maybe worth 6K total. So I am reaching out to everyone to see if they know of anyone who rebuilds these things? I know it can be done but there are some special tools needed etc. My guy is looking into it on his side but thought I'd reach out here as well. Thanks in advance. BM
  8. Another Beauty Bunk. Thanks for taking the time.
  9. Thanks guys. Big Walleye by all accounts I think. I will say I am not sure I catch that fish without Panoptix to be honest. It was only a subtle change in my presentation that I feel changed the fishes mood into biting, which you could visibly see on the graph. I know everyone wants Livescope but I have the regular PS-22 transducer (cheaper) and actually like it better. The sonar returns are larger and better suited for deepwater lake trout jigging. I have learned more about fish and their behavior in the last year with that technology than in the last 10. Its truly a game changer when it comes to any jigging application. Cheers everyone.
  10. Hey guys, Got out with an outfitter for a couple days on the south shore of Nipissing. Fishing was.... beyond slow. Having Panoptix and really seeing how fish are reacting, I don't know if I marked more than 2 walleye the entire 2 days. Lots of Cisco's around though. But that is fishing I guess. Anyway we moved out of our bungalow for a while to a day hut in a little deeper water and hooked up with this guy. My face says it all. Luckily there was a measuring tape on the wall. 31" and what i'd have to assume is over 10lbs. Not a lot of fish were caught but a memory of a lifetime for me and my Dad. Cheers BM11
  11. Honestly the worst time of year to be looking for a sled lol. Plus COVID prices are banana's for any rec vehicle or boat. As others have stated a fan cooled utility sled are the most simple and don't need snow to run properly. But they are also the hardest to find at any sort of reasonable price. Some models to look for a starter sled: Tundra LT Skandic Touring SLE Bravo LT Vk540 Venture Enticer LT Bearcat XLT As for miles under 10K should be something to shoot for on average. Good luck with your search. I looked long and hard to finally find a 99 Skidoo Skandic WT in ok shape at a good price. It's tough out there! Also for parts... Royal Distributors BM
  12. Yikes Dave... those are the types of Bears that unfortunately need to be taken care of. They will always be around. Great progress on the Cabin as usual. Cheers
  13. Somewhere in the Frontenac area..... or pull a complete 180 and head into Quebec. Depends on weather.
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