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  1. Awesome report. Love that area.
  2. BassMan11


    So here's what I take away from this. - Have fun in highschool until grade 12 and buckle down a bit. - Only attend collage or university if you really know what you want to do.. i.e. no general business degree. - When life gives you an opportunity... jump on it quickly / no matter what the job - Try and pick a profession where you have the opportunity to make good money. - You usually have to pay your dues working jobs you don't enjoy until you get a break. Basically these are just the facts of life. Some people will be given ample opportunities who don't earn it... and some people will spend their whole life working hard to only getting that 1 shot. The sooner you realize life isn't ever going to be fair the better. Work hard, apply yourself, be polite, be positive, take every opportunity, be approachable, and always be looking to improve. Do that and most of the time things will work themselves out. The housing thing is insane. I do feel bad for the next generation and how they will be able to afford a decent place. The drug thing is a complicated issue. So many different reasons why people turn to them or are put onto them. Some self inflicted.. some not. The ones I feel for the most are the young kids who really are not given a chance growing up and the people who get hooked on them as a painkiller from being at the hospital.
  3. Thanks Chris, Yes still a few lakes like this kicking around. No public access really helps with the pressure on these fish. Ottawa is really just a big city town. 30 minutes from the DT core and you can be fishing an abundance of different lakes. Unlike the hockey team... this is one of the things I love about this city. Thats what we are thinking... set a high bar. The cottage owner said he's never heard of anyone catching fish like that on the lake. But that's probably because 95% of people fishing there are trolling around with gang trolls.
  4. For the last 5 years in the summer my wife and I rent a cottage somewhere within a 2ish hour drive from Ottawa for a week of fishing and relaxing. March of last year our little guy was born and the trip has turned into more of a family vacation than a fishing trip as expected. Last year we found a cottage we really enjoyed with great fishing and decided to book it again for our 2019 trip. This year my good friend and his wife joined us on the trip which is always a lot of fun. The little guy is 16 months and did not want to get out of the boat.. it was his favorite place to be all week.. which suits me just fine. The weather was absolutely perfect. Light winds and sunny for a full 6 days straight. Water temp was 77-79 which was great for fishing and swimming. The fishing itself was fantastic. Primarily a lake trout lake it also has big smallmouth, largemouth, and pike. Our focus was put towards jigging lakers in the morning mostly with maybe an hour or 2 in the afternoon. Then after dinner getting out for an hour or so of topwater bass fishing. Monday to Saturday we boated 51 lake trout averaging between 5-7lbs with the biggest just over 9lbs. We only kept 2 with the rest of them heading back to be caught again. Its very important to get these fish to burp on the way up or they will have trouble getting back down. Also a quick release makes a big difference. Largemouth were plentiful and a tonne of fun catching them throwing a pompadour and a frog from dusk to dark. The most interesting catches were the smallmouth though. Fishing for lake trout in anywhere between 70 - 110 ' we would catch them cruising over top of high bait balls. At one point my wife had her line hanging over the side of the boat in 70' and all of a sudden there is a fish on. What a weird pattern to try and figure out! A great week with great friends. Enjoy a few pictures below! BassMan11 aka Troutman11? My buddy with the first of the trip I was soon to follow Double header! The girls even got into them! The big screen sure helps with figuring out whats what (Fish on top. bait-ball, jig, fish on bottom). A few bass My little buddy A beautiful spot Cheers!
  5. As mentioned trim the legs down a bit and bend the hooks out just a tiny bit on the frog.... also need to wait at least a 2 count before setting the hook. Line should always be tight using shorts pops to move the bait. Live Targets seem to have the best hook up percentage for me. Don't miss many. Texas rigged Senko works well as a follow up if needed.
  6. Great report... beauty fish.... and congrats on the little one.
  7. If you have the room, a "house battery" works well. I had the same issue a while back and put a house battery in to run all my electronics and other boat accessories. The hatches I have in the back of my pro guide 1675 will only fit group 24 batteries so this was my best option with the amount of things running off the battery. Only thing I would change is put in a battery selector switch so I can flip back and forth between the starter and house for charging purposes while on the water.
  8. I'm sure you guys are right. We should trade him for Brady Tkachuk or Max Domi. There are some guys with some intangibles. I mean...at the end of the day... a 21 year old who has the potential to score 50 goals a season is huge problem. Also the fact he doesn't hit or get dirty in the corners just shows he's afraid, weak and won't do what it takes. Not even sure why the Leafs drafted him to be honest. Laine is 50x the hockey player Matthews is. I really think they should just blow up the team... they are going nowhere. Start over. If you're not first... you're last.
  9. Weak reply. What kind of search criteria did you use to find that image? Asking for a friend.
  10. Lol. The Lakes or Golf courses need to open up...... quickly.
  11. Another game 7. I guess the series has been closer than all you Laffs haters anticipated. But again you are not looking at the series from an unbiased point of view. Hughson has been awful, Reffing has been awful (both ways) but more towards the Leafs since they are the softer team. Although it’s not like they can score a PP goal anyways grrrrr. Anyway should be a good one! GLG
  12. We won fellas. Let’s focus on that. Let’s slay this dragon at home on Sunday. If we can get out of this first round, the East is a crapshoot. GLG
  13. No excuses. Bad game by Toronto (they didn’t show up). Boston played their game. But ffs... both ways.....the refereeing was horrendous. An absolute joke. Back home with a split.. we’ll take it. Settle in for a long series. Don M
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