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Video of Friday's Muskie Action... Boatside strikes and fat fish!

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If I lived even close to that spot, I would be out there on my toon. That would be so freaking cool. That hit and miss fish was HUGE dude. Enjoy your posts.


As for the hit and miss on fish, it,s seems to be for everything these days.


Thanks for posting.


Poor fish that you power slammed.LOL J/K.

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Wow some very well fed specimens! Love the video footage, hoping to start doing that in 2017. Shadzillas have been a great bait here in the Kawarthas this fall also.



Thanks man. I love Shadzillas. Work great and don't take a toll on your body like some of the heavier baits do.

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Awesome day. Great video quality/editing to boot! Bet your buddy was stoked getting one right away, I sure would be haha

Oh ya he was pumped. For whatever reason the fish were stacked in that spot. Fished it tons of times and didn't get anything then on that day and that time like 4 bites in 10 casts. true "feeding window" I guess haha.

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