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  1. When you have air leaks do you find it very noticeable when you're out on the water? That's awesome! Your dog just chills on the back while you're out fishing? I'll have to look into a fishcat pontoon as well. Is your other toon a colorado? Wow.. with all that stuff on your toon, you never had any issues with it buckling due to weight?
  2. Bobwski - thanks misfish - how safe do you feel on it? Also have you found the Colorado xt to go on sale on the Canadian site? My buddy told me to keep an eye out on the US site for rollbacks. muskybw - I can see that being so much fun
  3. Does anyone on here own one? If so how do you like it? So far I've looked online and they sell for around $950 on Amazon. I was told it might be cheaper to buy it from Walmart in the US when they go on sale. I might purchase one if I can find a good deal on it.
  4. I bought one last month at Angling Specialties
  5. Why not just buy a 3 year license and have everything printed on that one card? I never understood why people wanted to deal with yellow strips and a certificate? I renewed my fishing license for 3 years in early December and got my card late January
  6. Ordered mine early December and it arrived late January. 3 years sport
  7. Tank! How was the fight?
  8. I should've rephrased my question to the original post. I bought a Sail branded auger and clam plate to go with a milwaukee drill. I was looking for an extension for the drill because its short when attached to the clam plate. From what the Sail associate told me, they never carried an extension for their own drills. I was hoping maybe someone would know which brand extension would fit in a Sail branded auger. Thanks porkpie for the help
  9. I can't wait for simcoe to freeze over, I hope to do more ice fishing this year.
  10. Good stuff! Loved it all. Do you do any winter fishing?
  11. yup and it looked to be a fresh one too Lots of small ones caught today but I've seen some tanks caught this season Thanks Thanks. Have you gotten to fish it the last few years? Thanks. My buddy managed to get a bigger one on our next outing. I can't believe how big they get. All the way to the dam? That's crazy.
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