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  1. Is this like I base camp with a bunch of back lakes nearby? Sounds like a cool place
  2. Yep go to tactic in the spring up there bombing the shoreline with spinners think 2-5 fow. Spoons work too. I tried some crazy stuff after having a 24 inch brookie smoke a 6 inch swim bait while pike fishing on the firs day this year and found when they are hungry they do enjoy lager baits. Now have some new tricks up my sleeve
  3. After a few years off we trecked north on our pilgrimage for monster Brookies. Fuel prices be dammed. Arrived to find Temps and weather about week ahead of when we usualy arrive I have never seen Temps in the 50's while fishing here. Water was also up a foot or two . No monsters this year but lots of good fish to keep us busy all species were fairly cooperative throughout the week. The brookies were off a little with the warmer Temps realy had to work for em compared to water Temps in the in the 30's and 40's . The Lakers were unlimited in supply and a blast in 6-10 fow on lighter spinning gear, couldn't hookup with the big ones were we have had luck in the past down deeper. Pike were in super skinny water and super aggressive on top water at times making fishing fun but resulting in more dropped fish than hookups. 24" Brookie 44" Pike and 32" Laketrout being the best for the week. Great week to disconnect and recharge with 3 of my best friends and my Dad Pretty sure we took a 14 ft boat where no 14 ft boat has ever been on this trip for those who know the lake we had 3 days of glass and made the most of it with some runs up to 30km each way. However the small boat was never out of sight from the big boat when too far from camp. Enough of me talking here's some pics .
  4. I hear ya I have owned both tandem and single axle boat trailers . Tandem pulls so much nicer. I feel like the additional cost is worth the investment.
  5. Can confirm wawa did not have 24 hr gas 3 years ago... I rolled the dice and coasted into the Sault on the way home.. had a half tank in the boat figured we would figure a way ro get it out if we needed it.
  6. 19.5 ft Boat kicker and trailer are likely pushing the 3300lb combined rating of the tires at max pressure 60 psi. Add in some camping gear and 2 coolers were likely over. Tires were in good looking condition and gets trailered regularly a few hundred k. To erie and lake o without the extra gear. It's time for another axle and 2 more Tires.
  7. there not tiny by any means boats not in the driveway currently.
  8. Anyone recommend where to get another axle and equalizer hangers? Long story short had 2 explosive blow outs on the way home from Nipigon one in White Lake and one in French River lucky we had 2 spares with us. It's a 19.5 ft aluminum sitting on a single axle currently running d rated tires the biggest I can stuff in the fenders. About 5-6000 km on them with no issues so far could have just been their time but rather not go through it again. With the kicker and some gear in the boat I'm getting to much heat in the tires I think. I'm pretty handy should be able to figure it out if someone can walk me through what parts to order. Thinking I will add brakes while I am in there. I've looked at used trailer prices seems like I will save a few grand doing it myself over buying a decent used trailer and selling this one if I can get the parts for arround $1500-2
  9. I also recommend Nikko @ Robs5star Been fishing with him before it was Rob's summer and winter. Always more than accommodating caught my pb walleye out of his huts.
  10. I agree the 115 is under powered. However you would be surprised what the right prop will do. I juuuuust managed to get this load up on plane with three in the boat. With 2 people is jumps up on plane. With 4 it's a bit of a dog but gets on the step no problem. We bought used and got a crazy deal few years ago. When this motor goes a 175 will be on rhe back.
  11. Can confirm a 115 on 20 ft legend is under powered its fine with 2 people but more than that its a dog out of the hole. I'm running a 4 blade 13p prop that helped but thinking of gettin a lower pitched prop for when I have more than 2 people out or camping. . We put a long shaft kicker on ours with no issues however.
  12. I know of a few wheelchair accessible blinds. My kids better be wheeling me out. If you ever want to get out shag. I'm shure a few of us could put it together. Misfish could you pop a 410 with your eyes? Just packed the truck headed out in the morning...
  13. I have already told you this but Congrats! Over the last 5 years or so Waterfowling as become my number 1 obsession. I Still love fishing but there's something about being In the marsh and hearing and seeing the world spring I to life at sunrise. All my fishing buddies don't even call sept - Jan any more.
  14. Yea where did Pete get to. Fished Sal.on with him o ce and had a blast.
  15. Nice shooting.... but where was my invite lol. I need to do a fly in some day
  16. Love it.. I diddnt make it up the last two years but will be up there at ice out this spring.
  17. Glad you got it sorted... if it's not one thing it's another with boats.
  18. I grew up eating bass at the cottage as a kid. I still like smallies from cold water. Just ignore the looser and enjoy your day. Guy would loose his mind if he saw my cooler after a day on Erie or Lake o.
  19. We got a good deal about 3 k 3 Years ago. The link feature integrates the sonar and the motor more. Allows you to follow lake contours... ie. I can tell the motor to keep me in 14 ft of water and follow the shoreline at whatever mph I tell it. Allows for more saved tracks and waypoints. Has a nicer remote. I'm sure it does more but I haven't taken the time to learn it. Biggest features for me are spotlock. Spot lock jog ( move in 5 ft increments in any direction while spotlocked) Auto pilot. I use it when drifting to keep my heading down on st Clair River as well as slow the drift. Also use auto pilot on erie and lake o trolling. We use the kicker for thrust and I set a heading on the hummingbird can dile in exact speed and heading and not have to have my hands on the wheel all day I actualy bungee the steering wheel straight. Complete gamecganger. Let's me fish instead of drive the boat all day.
  20. Ulterra with I pilot link. Had it for 3 years no issues so far.
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