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  1. They definitely do cater to the demographic of the area, if you need a few bottles they have free shipping in February online if you spend $200
  2. It wouldn't surprise me, and honestly it was about 23 games overdue. He should have gotten the boot at the end of the playoffs last season, the team as we can see is a Ferrari so to speak, and Babcock would drive it like an E bike. Also if anyone is interested in the coaching situation with regards to guys who shouldn't be coaching due to things they should never have been able to do, give Daniel Carcillo a follow on twitter, he's been posting stories he's been given from Junior players etc that generally revolve around abuse from coaches indifferent leagues around Canada
  3. This Mike Babcock saga grows every day... Supposedly played mind games with his players to get them to play better. I also have to wonder about the Spezza ordeal, he deserves to be in the lineup without a doubt and Babcock scratching him in front of all his family and friends (supposedly bought 30+ tickets) is low. https://theleafsnation.com/2019/11/24/tulloch-why-the-leafs-needed-to-fire-mike-babcock/
  4. Damn that's wicked! Nice catches for sure
  5. I'm sure a few enterprising anglers wouldn't mind putting in some elbow grease, and fix it up... But I doubt that's allowed lol. I noticed a few boards where it ramps down where it meets the right side wall near the corner were a bit shredded on the ends, they looked a bit chintzy however, looked more like fence boards than deck boards haha
  6. Only managed 6 yesterday, the bite was not as consistent as it was last weekend in 70'-80' but they were still there. Port Maitland launch was also out of commission, looks like the dock detached. It was being held in the ramp and had caution tape surrounding both ends.
  7. Worm harnesses on long leads seems to be doing it. The bite is so soft though we are regularly setting timers at 7 minutes to check our downriggers as they won't even pull it from the clip and usually we have one on lol
  8. Those catch rates they are stating are pretty low IMO, I went out last week and limited in an hour for 2 guys (12); all in the 2 pound range, we launched around 6:15, were rigged up and fishing by 6;45 and pulled our last fish at 7:55. Done that a few times this season, have been eating a lot more fish than usual ? planning on heading out again Sunday if the winds are cooperative.
  9. This AAV won't hurt so bad once Seattle buys in and the US broadcasting deal is renegotiated. The cap is expected to rise above 95 million in a few years, which is just in time to re sign Rielly and potentially Freddy if they're going to be adding him for a few more years at that point might not be necessary
  10. Gardiner wasn't on our books already, Cody Ceci took his spot. We essentially traded Nikita zaitsev with his remaining contract of 4+ seasons for a single one of Cody Ceci.
  11. I have an 06 legend xcite 16' and it's a nice entry-level boat. My hull is made by StarCraft it is the welded .100 gauge. I only spent $4500 on it, used obviously and have put some coin into outfitting it to suit my fishing which is mostly smaller inland lakes If I were in the new market I would be looking at a Lund adventure, however I saw one at bay city marine in Hamilton and it was 36k for a 17' with a 115, don't recall if it was 2 or 4 stroke. There are also a bunch of nice Lund explorers on Kijiji at the moment for a lot less than he's looking to spend.
  12. View Advert 2005 Fleetwood allegiance 12' popup 2005 Allegiance Tent Trailer 25 feet long, sleeps 6-8, two king size beds and two double beds, 3 burner stove inside and 2 burner stove outside, sink, propane furnace, 3 way fridge, propane bbq, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, screened attached add-a-room, electric brakes, 2 portable fans with lights, hanging vanity with mirror, bump out at sink, 37 Litre water holding tank. Excellent condition and indoor stored. Located in binbrook. Advertiser leaf4 Date 08/11/2019 Price 5,000.00 CAD Category Miscellaneous Classifieds  
  13. He makes some good moves and then some that make you just scratch your head that's for sure. And for sure with Aho, that's not even competitive for his upside... Should have gotten Eichel money with the way RFA's are being paid these days... 10 mill per doesn't seem too crazy
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