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  1. This series reffing has been a serious joke... Chara left the ice, and followed up a check with an elbow to the face of Muzzin. No call... Ridiculous... This "let em play" is brutal for us as a team as the Bruins are taking full advantage of the whistles being firmly lodged in the refs anuses... Gotta beat them with our speed... Need JT to show up too. He's got one empty net goal and 3 assists all series, that's gotta change
  2. He is too slow so he has to play dirty, and the refs let him get away with it unfortunately.
  3. He's too slow these days to play the game the leafs bring
  4. Great game last night, our speed and effort really shined, team effort in terms of playing a heavy game, had a bunch of hits from Johnsson, Nylander, Kapanen.... Fourth line was buzzing... If we can keep that momentum going forward we can take this series handily. Chara looked like a dinosaur out there... There was 2-3 plays he should have gotten hooking penalties on. I don't know who the announcer was but he kept on saying something about "veteran non call" which is ridiculous... A penalty is a penalty no matter who commits it
  5. They were great! We finished trolling just prior to a school the captain had noticed, he hooked the live bait between the eyes and the mouth with a single hook and cast out, slowly trolling still and hookups ensued less than a minute later... Watching the fish zig and zag through the waves after the bait was wicked, and when we got them close to boatside they would drive down and peel line back it was crazy the power they had, we didn't measure or weigh them but the ones I got were in the 15-20lb range which is pretty small apparently lol
  6. Thanks! The wife brought along her DSLR so we got a bunch of beautiful scenery up the pacific coast. The sea lions are marina regulars, them and the birds all follow the boats in as they get closer to the marina hoping for a snack lol super friendly.
  7. It's all over the map here, I got a Panga which is a fiberglass boat with center console and an outboard, so nothing you'd venture offshore too far with, We trolled up the pacific coast for the first hour of the day, got some Mahi Mahi, and when we stopped at the spot we did we were right on a Rooster fish school, whipped out the live bait and watched them get crushed. I paid $120 US, Plus you need your fishing license $12.50/person as well as purchasing live bait which varies on how much you need, we spent $20 and it got us some cut bait and 6 live fish and it was good for the 5 hours we chartered, the leftover was what we gave to the sea lion Depending on how many people/what you're looking to fish for you can spend $1000/day as some of the people at my resort did lol. A bunch of the other charters I saw were in the $500 range for up to 4 people and that would be deep sea fishing going after marlin, tuna, sailfish etc
  8. Chartered a 25' boat for me and the wife this morning, had a blast! Caught a bunch of Rooster fish and just 1 Mahi Mahi. Watching the Rooster fish take live bait at the surface is something I'll definitely be interested in doing again!
  9. Pit boss! Better quality at a cheaper price
  10. I need to do another brisket... My last two turned out fantastic on my pellet smoker
  11. Is there any beginners info anyone can share? I've typically been investing with an advisor that my parents have been with for 30+ years and I've just sold my other house so I have a rather large sum that I'd like to have me making money but I'm thinking I'd like to be a little more hands on, or at least give it a shot... I've maxed out my TFSA, as well as my wife's and do monthly RRSP contributions so now I'm wondering how to best use the remainder. Anyone use Questrade?
  12. Good time to buy Boeing stocks?
  13. Lmao gotta love that... A guy with nothing to lose tells it how it is
  14. Definitely a pretty crap thing to do to someone who did so much, and put up with so much bull from Garth snow not putting a proper team around him.
  15. That draisaitl goal is embarrassing
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