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  1. I've been out a couple times from Maitland where they were on fire last year and it's been stupid quiet. We have hit up lake Ontario more often and with success this year. Last year we couldn't even get our riggers and dipsys set before we caught one or 2, they must have moved around!
  2. That's funny, I have a 50hp rating for Canada and 55 for the US. And yeah I'm typically 20 with a passenger, I've been up to 24 but that was an empty boat just emergency gear and myself lol. Still not fast enough I'd like to get 30-35 as some areas of quinte I fish there's opportunity to go far depending on what I'm targeting.
  3. I'm surprised with the amount of battery you have in there running a 25. I am desperately wanting to swap the 25 for a 50 because I can reach max of 20mph in it, less with the trolling motor and battery in the front. In the middle of upgrading to a larger house so don't feel like shelling out the cash for one at the moment when I know I'll have a bunch of moving expenses lol
  4. I have a similar boat (06) with a similar problem but I don't take on much water that I'm aware of. Had it sitting for a week up at the cottage and every day was dry. But the lean is very prominent. Gas and battery go on the opposite side.
  5. Tucker's marketplace is now closing all locations permanently due to covid
  6. I'm in a similar situation as OP here... Looking to re power and have found tohatsu to be very well priced. I inquired about a 50 hp console model 4 stroke and pricing was $6071 brand new. I was about to pull the trigger on a 2013 I came across on Kijiji but the guy wanted $4500 for it, (probably would have haggled him down) and he hadn't had it running since 2016 when he purchased it from someone else. For $1500~ I don't want someone else's issues if there are any, plus there's a brand new warranty.
  7. My sister's boyfriends family has a cottage nearby and they have a certain type of trout that isn't found in many places apparently known as "Haliburton Gold" first time I ever heard of it but it's a heritage species. Kinda neat.
  8. I was unaware of that but yea we got a few in the 15-18" size
  9. We ended up catching a few muskie, bass and perch we also fished boshkung for some walleye and did ok. Ended up buying a cottage with my family on Brady not long after lol we enjoyed the lake and area so we now have a family cottage. First trip up with the in-laws my father in law took the paddle boat out and caught 2 30"~ muskie within 30 minutes of being there haha
  10. Got a 25hp Merc 4 stroke, looking to repower into a 50hp 4 stroke, ideally 2006+
  11. They definitely do cater to the demographic of the area, if you need a few bottles they have free shipping in February online if you spend $200
  12. It wouldn't surprise me, and honestly it was about 23 games overdue. He should have gotten the boot at the end of the playoffs last season, the team as we can see is a Ferrari so to speak, and Babcock would drive it like an E bike. Also if anyone is interested in the coaching situation with regards to guys who shouldn't be coaching due to things they should never have been able to do, give Daniel Carcillo a follow on twitter, he's been posting stories he's been given from Junior players etc that generally revolve around abuse from coaches indifferent leagues around Canada
  13. This Mike Babcock saga grows every day... Supposedly played mind games with his players to get them to play better. I also have to wonder about the Spezza ordeal, he deserves to be in the lineup without a doubt and Babcock scratching him in front of all his family and friends (supposedly bought 30+ tickets) is low. https://theleafsnation.com/2019/11/24/tulloch-why-the-leafs-needed-to-fire-mike-babcock/
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