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  1. biodegradable certainly the way to go on these things.
  2. Thanks for the report, great pictures and sharing the information about your father's battle and advice. Condolences to your family.
  3. wow super gross. No offense, just have never been able to get my head wrapped around catfish. Thankful that I never catch them myself, just have to unhook the odd one my kids deep hook. Either way, you do have some nice specimens there...just not my cup of tea!
  4. solid finish. how long was that fish?
  5. wow those are some crazy temps. got me shivering over here just thinking about that
  6. ...ya casting is not a real temptation for me (especially in this cold!). Trolling or jigging will be on the itinerary
  7. nice! Ice fishing already and even a snow machine on the ice. Good times. I still have one more open water musky fishing adventure on the mind
  8. Have never done anything even remotely close to these experiences...hope you find a good one!
  9. Right on. I know what you are saying about the "early" fish. If I have a musky follow early (like first 15 minutes) or a rod goes off early trolling...you better catch that fish because there ain't gonna be nuthin happening the rest of the day. No clue why, but that early fish can be a real curse.
  10. yes I have also seen this from both pike and musky. Never managed to get one of em to bite either
  11. I had no idea crow hunting was a thing. I am aware of the expression "eat crow"...just didn't think people do it voluntarily!
  12. Those are definitely some dead ducks you got there. Enjoy your new hobby!
  13. man I hate stuff like this. People are jerks.
  14. Maybe try some of the resorts? Most places have probably winterized their motors by now and maybe have them sitting in a shed somewhere...that leaves a tinny turned upside down or sitting lonely on a trailer.
  15. been wearing the same one for 30 years and thankfully never needed it...no clue if it will actually float should I take the plunge. Nice pictures though. Hopefully someone with some technical knowledge can point you in the right direction. Ice picks would be a good start if you want safety (so I see on the youtube videos)
  16. My guess is they didn't hear the boat coming because they were probably drinking (or other?) and having a good ol time. Maybe even had some music on. Stargazing takes darkness, not quietness! Not seeing the boat coming? I guess if you are staring up at the sky you wouldn't see a boat coming.
  17. love the beautiful pale colour of those musky!
  18. Amazing! Is the water always that colour? Looks kinda muddy/murky
  19. amazing adventure for sure! Never done a fly in (probably never will) but it looks like a blast
  20. we stayed at Pinehave Cottages this summer (Jack Lake). If you take the road to pinehaven from Burks Falls you will come to a bridge not too far from town. The river is moving fast there but off the right hand side of the bridge there is an eddy. I caught nonstop fish out of that little pool right off the bridge. They were only rockbass, sunfish and some tiny smallies...but any kid would be fine with that! If I remember correctly you can carefully walk down and fish from the shore too...I just chose to fish off the bridge. Worm under bobber with 3 feet of line gets em every time.
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