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  1. love the beautiful pale colour of those musky!
  2. Amazing! Is the water always that colour? Looks kinda muddy/murky
  3. amazing adventure for sure! Never done a fly in (probably never will) but it looks like a blast
  4. we stayed at Pinehave Cottages this summer (Jack Lake). If you take the road to pinehaven from Burks Falls you will come to a bridge not too far from town. The river is moving fast there but off the right hand side of the bridge there is an eddy. I caught nonstop fish out of that little pool right off the bridge. They were only rockbass, sunfish and some tiny smallies...but any kid would be fine with that! If I remember correctly you can carefully walk down and fish from the shore too...I just chose to fish off the bridge. Worm under bobber with 3 feet of line gets em every time.
  5. gotta admit...I was thinking the same thing. Is it so hard to change the date on your recording equipment and film a video a day or 2 later? I also found it weird that buddy on the dock doesn't touch the boat at all and lets it bounce off the dock. Every person I know would stop the boat from hitting the dock not just stand there like a dummy doing nothing (unless they were told...don't do anything).
  6. Great pictures! I do miss the "Lew holding a giant musky" photos but these are nice as well.
  7. no clue but sounds like a hoot!
  8. going from someone legally keeping a fish (from a lake with millions of bass) to this statement is pure nonsense. And I am a catch and release guy who would prefer everyone else do the same!
  9. next time you catch one, walk it down the pier and release it right beside him.
  10. I wish I liked the taste of fish, then would definitely keep my share. Sadly I don't care for it so have no experience with run-ins like this. As far as this clown goes, personally I would do the ol' ignore thing for now unless it gets to be quite threatening (not just insults). He sounds like a nutjob, and you never know what a nutjob might do if you take any action like filing a report.
  11. we vacationed last week as well, and the place we stayed (Jack Lake...the one near Burk's Falls) the fishing was very slow as well. Maybe weather related?
  12. Awesome adventures reported here! Maybe someday I will have to do the fly-in thing
  13. anytime someone gets a pb...I don't care what you had to endure....call it a success
  14. well the old line is "fish of 10,000 casts" now they can add "or 100 miles of trolling"
  15. St C can be great...but it can be tough too. When the conditions are on, you can expect a great day. But you can also have pure mud water, 3 foot whitecaps, floating weeds you can practically walk across, etc. I would say I have a love/hate relationship with St Clair! Glad you got into one at least.
  16. nicely done, worth the pain
  17. Not surprised! We were on L St Clair that same day with some friends. Between 4 boats I think close to 30 muskies were caught (when you lose track you know it is a lot of fish!). Never thought of trolling a rubber glove but it may have paid off that day!
  18. I do remember that after I launched at the PP, I would just fish along the shoreline to the right. After a couple kms there was a marina in a quiet bay. So this would be on the hwy 400 side of the lake. 6 Mile Lake Marina is what it was called I think (easy name to remember!). Never launched there but I do remember there were some old stumps in the water, or maybe some old dock pilings, that were always good for bass over that way
  19. wow been 30 years since I fished there but we launched at the provincial park when we did. Have a good time!
  20. awesome! I hear their work is amazing
  21. Like the others say...during warm water times like this the big pike will be in cooler water, usually not in shallow weeds. In some lakes there just aren't any big pike to be found...but this is not the case in Balsam. We have caught 40 inchers there. Just have to find them. Keep in mind a bigger fish might be more interested in a bigger meal. We caught our pike on musky lures.
  22. not a mechanical guy so no help there, but the boat sure looks nice. Hope you can get the motor issues figured out
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