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  1. I did something like that a while back. Nice way to keep thing separated and untangled. Used it for a few years. Being I wouldn’t keep it in the boat, got tired carrying it back and forth.
  2. Sure do miss those days. Made some long lasting friendships.
  3. Massive fish. One excited angler
  4. We fished out of Rideau Ferry for quite a few years. Lots of hammer handles, but did quite well on bass. LM and SM. Haven't been there for about 5 years or so though
  5. MUrphy's Point is just outside Perth if I remember correctly. Never stayed there, but may be worth checking out
  6. Condolences to his family. At least it didn't take too long for closer, but not the closure we were all hoping for.
  7. I'll be up there in 10 days . Hope they are still hungry. A week on Nippissing and a week down on the French River
  8. I've seen a couple Facebook posts from groups in the area recommending coming up 11 to north bay, then taking 17 west towards Sudbury. Will add maybe 45-60 minutes depending on where you are going. May be a small price to pay vs. getting all the way up there and the have to find an alternative route
  9. They just put Alban on evacuation alert, which is just after turning off route 69 on to 64. I think this is due to the smoke coming from the Key River fire. Keep up to date on conditions. If the smoke gets too bad, they could shut dow 69. We're heading up that way September 8. - should be taken care of by then. I sure hope
  10. Where them quite a bit. When on trips up north, I wear them all the time. Pretty handy trailering the boat and I need to get into the water to get things lined up properly.
  11. My years as a paramedic saw too many of these - of all ages. Most I can still remember as if they were yesterday
  12. If it flies - it bites. Basically what I think when I head up to the Nipissing Area.
  13. Yup. Long pants, socks, and shoes to help keeps those nasty buggers off.
  14. That's primarily why we stopped bringing our pups up that way in June. We miss bringing them, but the bugs drive them crazy. Last time we brought our Lab, she got bit which turned into a nasty infected wound. We bring them in September and I think they enjoy being with us
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