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  1. I just got back last week-end from two weeks on the North Channel of the French River. All I have to show for it was one lazy follow the first day. Of course the weather was not the best for me. Still happy to see other anglers having fun and success. Videos like this - keep the rest of us pumped. Thanks again
  2. Awesome videos and some very respectable catches. Thanks for sharing
  3. Sounds like an interesting trip if we are able to make it up. We’re scheduled to head up the Saturday of Labor Day week-end. Sounds like I’ll drive up through the night to avoid a lot of the traffic - which we have done before.
  4. The four lane has shut down a lot of the trading posts that used to dot 69. Moose Lake TP closed a few years ago and we always enjoyed stopping there on the way through. Will be interesting to see if FRTP survives.
  5. Been two years since we were up that way. French river trading post is open - just opened recently according to their page on FB. The turn off to Hartley Bay is just past the trading post. From what we had heard, there is to be an exit off the four-lane to access FRTP and old RT 69. Just not sure how close it will actually be. Hoping we can get back to fish the French here in September and see how much progress has been made in those two years
  6. Missing the ability to come north to see our Canadian friends. Cancelled this month. Hoping the border will be open in September.
  7. I did something like that a while back. Nice way to keep thing separated and untangled. Used it for a few years. Being I wouldn’t keep it in the boat, got tired carrying it back and forth.
  8. Sure do miss those days. Made some long lasting friendships.
  9. Massive fish. One excited angler
  10. We fished out of Rideau Ferry for quite a few years. Lots of hammer handles, but did quite well on bass. LM and SM. Haven't been there for about 5 years or so though
  11. MUrphy's Point is just outside Perth if I remember correctly. Never stayed there, but may be worth checking out
  12. Condolences to his family. At least it didn't take too long for closer, but not the closure we were all hoping for.
  13. I'll be up there in 10 days . Hope they are still hungry. A week on Nippissing and a week down on the French River
  14. I've seen a couple Facebook posts from groups in the area recommending coming up 11 to north bay, then taking 17 west towards Sudbury. Will add maybe 45-60 minutes depending on where you are going. May be a small price to pay vs. getting all the way up there and the have to find an alternative route
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