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  1. So the story starts like this, my friend joins me on a trip to Great Slave for Pike fishing on a whim. He'd never been to a lodge, never fished a weekend, or even likely not a full day. Most of his fishing happened as a kid. His PB Pike previously had been a 28incher. He was a bit out of sorts the night before. He didn't know what he was getting himself into but I had him covered. We were loaded for bear. To put him at ease that first afternoon I give him my favourite lure and he never looked back. Three trophies that afternoon. Honestly at times he had a fish on every 2-5 minutes for what seemed like hours. Winds were high limiting locations to fish all week because of murky water. There were minor forest fires all around us making for some beautiful sunsets. The few good spots were getting absolutely pounded but Steve kept on bringing us back and he caught plenty. He has no idea how many trophies he caught. I'd guess about a dozen and may be 2-3 dozen in the high 30s. He caught roughly 3 times the fish I did in all classes, except maybe Walleye. He loved it all, was totally thrilled with the fishing. I finally threw my hands up in the air when he tossed his spoon into a small muddied cloudy shore line pool next to the boat that looked like a double cream coffee. He pulled a chunky one outta of 3ft of water, next cast he does the same thing! It was just going to be one of those trips. I had two ideas that worked. My one idea got me my biggest fish. My second idea Steve lands a 43 incher. Even on the way home he had horseshoes up his a$$. His luggage comes off the carousel first in Calgary because we missed our connecter. Ditto at Toronto. I never saw my luggage after we left Yellowknife for 5 days. I finally got the last of my luggage delivered at 11pm from Toronto. For me it was a great trip. We had a lot of laughs and I’ve have a health issue for the last 2 years and wasn't even sure if this trip would go okay. It was nice to live again!
  2. Is that a big ass inflatable or kayak? Cause where does the battery go? Basically you can fish any non private lake if you don't have a gas motor.
  3. I've rented a cottage there too. Mainly a bass lake, apparently there are walleye and I've seen people fish for them. I fished it for lakers which are supposedly there too but not even a nibble over several mornings.
  4. Can you believe your concern was the first thing scientists considered?!???
  5. If I am a leftist then that makes you a conspiracy luvin' knowitall? How else to explain the universal acceptance of the science an model of climate change. Take the time to see the science as presented by the climate scientists. May I suggest starting with the ice core samples? Beautiful science.
  6. Good thing there's youtube. Those climate experts are trying to pulling the wool over our eyes!
  7. Tell that to the people in the interior of BC where the all time Canadian heat record was shattered at just a touch under 50 degrees. Seriously dude, if your older then 30 you know winters have changed. Here we are in mid Jan and for most of this winter I've seen some grass sticking out on my lawn.
  8. I'm not going off grid and am sending excess generation to the electrical company. I won't be paying for electricity any longer. You get credit for over production in the summer which you can use in the winter. Yes in the winter you will have to pay the transmission costs but the electricity will be free. There is a $5000 grant for energy saving projects. Calculated out it's likely less then 7 years to pay for for itself. That's hard to calculate because I included enough panels for an EV car. No more paying for gas. I talked to the mechanic and maintenance is minimal on the 2015 that he services. With my gas car of a similar age I'm paying some real change to upkeep that car.
  9. Working on that, solar panels installed. Another 6 years and I'll have cheap free usable electricity
  10. I'm not sure it's worth the extra cost of a flyin unless it's for the first float plane ride for the grandson. It's a prolific species and not the fish of choice for meals if there are other options.
  11. I have that smoke reel and a whole bunch of other quantum reels. I've caught huge fish in the far north and in saltwater with a variety of quantum reels. I have a 90s cabo that I still fish with. Higher end quantum have handled all challenges. One lower end one blew up but I landed the fish in my avatar. The drags on high end ones are exceptional. You get what you pay for.
  12. Generally you will catch nothing big off the peer. If you do consider yourself very lucky. Depending on the season something like mackerel or rock bass is more likely. In NFL they call them Connors, lol. Bring a decent rod that you can toss with and lures like cleos that you can chuck a fair distance. I wouldn't bring your cheapest reel nor your most expensive. Take a spinning reel because you get more distance. Quantum makes reels specifically for salt water but if you can't afford that you can buy a small lube injector from Canadian tire. Thoroughly lube any section that salt water can get in, specifically the shaft and the joint on the handle. Thoroughly wash your reel soon after every use. Lube it up again as necessary. Don't forget to soak your lures in water after every use!
  13. If you are going that way consider a ferry across to Manitoulin.
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