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  1. The figure I heard was 10 x less likely and those catch it are in close proximity say 2-3 ft away
  2. I dunno, say a few courses don't open. Imagine the demand for the courses that were open, you could fill every slot 7 days a week. I know that pretty well happens on some courses but for other courses singles all day long 7 x a week may actually bring in more money.
  3. What should have been the maximum restriction was that you can only fish or golf alone. Many would be happy with that.
  4. Where you at? I've got lures I'll never use I'd give away.
  5. I got 4 really nice quantum reels cheaper on ebay for 50-70% cheaper then I could buy them retail. The problem with ebay is that you gotta follow the auctions and you need to be disciplined. In my case I put in low bids on 6 different reels hoping to get one at a great price. In my case I won four bids. I only needed one reel and had use for a 2nd.
  6. It may be that sort of binary choice for some of the elderly, risk death or get hugs and kisses. Some can't live without touching, but it's not that way for most. The elderly often are well informed and do everything to not get infected. I do get it, try not to live in fear and live your life. But again that is not a binary notion. You can take precautions knowing that you're doing the best you can do and move forward. We have all learned that most need in person human contact. If something like this happens again and I'm much older I will seek low risk human contact. Take the smarter risks for human contact, meet outside or only see one or two people that you can fully trust. Being part of 20 plus person Christmas celebration in the middle of a pandemic at 80+ is idiotic if you desire to live. We mostly don't need lots of hugs and kisses necessarily but just to be around people and 6ft away seems to be good enough for most. This is why the Ford ban on all outdoor contact is Stuupid. Allow for low risk contact. Singles tennis or two person fishing 6ft apart if you come in separate cars should have been a given. The knowitalls will do whatever they want to do anyways. The vast majority of the population will follow smartly thought out rules.
  7. But is it really wow? In both the US and Canada cases and deaths spiked after Thanksgiving. Who was dying? In a nutshell Grandma and Grandpa. Generally speaking they are not the ones flying to get to Thanksgiving. So people came to thanksgiving already infected. You can't get infected and spread CV19 within 3 days so you couldn't catch it while travelling and then spread it once there. I'm sure there were many discussions within families ahead of time to be safe, to isolate. In Canada many younger ones could isolate because they were on CERB. My daughter's definition of isolation included being with her one friend who was also "isolating". Think of the skeptics on this board, how many of them would even know all the guidelines for isolation? If CV19 is "just another flu" most likely you're not going to take this as seriously and pour over federal guidelines as someone who is worried about dying from this, like grandparents.
  8. I did hear of an extraordinary situation during the first outbreak where the employees moved into the retirement home until that first wave was over. It worked, they created a bubble. Otherwise look at my case, you can't even trust your own family to do the right thing because the young don't take CV19 as seriously. In my daughter's case she avoids news and learns of things if it is trending on one of her platforms. To the young we are out of date relics and in some ways we are. The flip side to that coin is naivety.
  9. If only it were so simple. How do totally isolate the vulnerable and those in the retirement homes? You have diabetes and you are not going to see your kids for 13 months?? Both groups you speak of have contact with "those living their lives". Even within our family I told my girls if they want to come live at home they have to do a 10 day quarantine...my one daughter spent the last few days isolated in my house and then I learned that she didn't start her quarantine when she said she did. Those workers in the retirement homes are the same, you know that there were instances where they didn't self report symptoms.
  10. I'm sure there are foreigners who complain and scream that it doesn't work, and pressure politicians to make an exception for flights from their country. My daughter's best friend is a border security guard and she said the real complainers are the snowbirds trying to get back into the country without quarantining now that summer is approaching. ....and then there is this, it turns out that the country that has exported the most infection into Canada is the USA. When you think about it that makes sense, the US was a train wreck. Currently they should do their best to keep us out of their country because our national daily infection rate is higher then theirs!! https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/u-s-the-biggest-source-of-covid-19-brought-into-canada-study-finds
  11. You are right that is not the best graph to show what is happening. To understand a graph sometimes you have to read the footnotes. "Grey background: This area indicates days where data may change as a result of lags in case identification, reporting and/or data entry". What should be looked at is the 7 day moving average https://www.cp24.com/news/ontario-records-uptick-in-covid-19-cases-but-seven-day-average-continues-to-decline-1.5399558
  12. You are linking to the total infections over the entire pandemic for California. If you want to know how a state is doing CURRENTLY look at the daily infection rate. California's population is about the same as all of Canada. In Ontario alone we have a seven day moving average of 4000 new cases a day. California has about 1800 new cases today. Please don't believe me, believe facts. https://covid19.ca.gov/
  13. ...and for all the naysayers who say lockdowns are useless you are now proved wrong for the 3rd time. Not only have we bent the curve but we have already bent it downwards. This will likely be the last lockdown unless we have new strains in the winter. People will then be able to get a booster shot. Vaccinations are working and we will come out of lockdown probably sooner then originally predicted. Get your jab. Protect yourself, do it for your country. Herd immunity works. Vaccinations gets us there super quick. https://www.publichealthontario.ca/en/data-and-analysis/infectious-disease/covid-19-data-surveillance/covid-19-data-tool?tab=trends
  14. 100% totally WRONG. California now has the lowest infection rate of any state
  15. Ohh gawd, how much I would give if I was never directed to watch another damned youtube video giving me the REAL TRUTH. You can be certain after watching one that you will be misinformed. A vaccine is a jab that protects you. We have heard all this bull before they were even given that they won't work. The proof is in the pudding and the vaccines are working WAY better then imagined. All the rest is story telling. People pretending that they know what they are talking about but they don't. It's tiresome.
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