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  1. scuro2

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    You sound like a Leaf fan of old. When you rode them all the down your pony is taking it all in. Karma bud! I try not to bash any fan except Habs fans. Cowboy and Yankee fans are less obnoxious.
  2. scuro2

    DIY Trading/Investing

    In the stock market everybody is a genius in good times. Brag to me in bad times. Wait everybody loses in bad times.
  3. I've been fighting crab grass for years, read this thread about a week ago and bought this. I may not be winning the war on weeds but I sure am having fun doing battle. It gives off a real hot flame...shoots out about 4 inches and when you turn it off it makes a very satisfying noise. Perfect for you closet pyros out there. https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.lawn-and-garden-propane-torch.1001002719.html
  4. scuro2

    Best free mp3 downloader

    That's so retro...what Napster is down?
  5. scuro2

    Beauty of Lake Kipawa Quebec + 1 fish!

    Exactly...Temagami say 50 years ago? You are not going there to catch big fish although it does happen....it is just that laid back lifestyle and a huge body of water to explore. You can go hours without seeing a boat. I don't fish for walleye unless I have too....tried it briefly before the kids came to make sure we woudl catch. Leeches were the ticket. We were down Laniel way...got to fish around Strawberry island and past the "Farm" almost down to Hay "river". The price was right, we have friends up there so a little fishing in the evening and in the morning if I went to bed at a decent hour. There was stuff to do. So yeah...jigging may be next time especially if the fishing gets no better. On this trip I had no big expectations so was simply happy to boat on this fine peace of real estate and take it all in. Bunk, not every trip is a big fish trip, eh? I'd also recommend Kipawa Lodge...the cooking is fabulous. Took my wife who had been stressed out by her father's cancer. She breathed.
  6. scuro2

    Beauty of Lake Kipawa Quebec + 1 fish!

    I'd never say Kipawa is a great Lake trout fishery but usually you could dial it in and catch a few per outing. Keepers at about 26 inches?...usually you could catch one a week. This time was tougher. No consistency in catching and getting skunked happened about every third or forth outing. That was unusual. We had the massive pollen dump...you can actually see about a 3 inch line on the rocks of pollen as the lake lowered. Then some unsettled weather and then the heat. I'll take stability any time...give me consistent conditions. Floater, one thing you may have to contend with is poor air quality as the forest fires in Ontario are still burning. Kipawa got soaked when that last storm front went through.
  7. The weather was wild this time around...not so good for fishing but great for photography. I never caught one large enough for the laker slot and I didn't even bother measuring any of them. I'd say biggest was about 20iches. The only fish picture I have is this fish on my 3rd outing to prove I had caught fish. Roughly on average a fish per 2-3 hours...pretty slow. The rest of pics are of sunsets or cloud formations. Enjoy [/url] My wife came up for the second week. We ran into a heat wave. Fires are still burning in the area. Hope you enjoyed the pics.
  8. Old Ironmaker, A photo just for you...the biggest Coney of the trip. They can get up to 60 pounds and a little under 4 ft long. Bigger ones then the one in this photo have been caught there. These are expensive trips...a trip of a life time for sure for some. I had retired and planned to do so with my wife at the same time. She changed her mind and has worked for an additional year. I think there was some guilt there and there was extra money, that combination is great for, okays from the wife! I think any early trip now I will take a great first layer. I actually have the gear...real hunting gear for the late fall...but it is bulky and heavy. I did not want to be in my rain gear all week but I had to do it. It wasn't super cold but you are whipping around in a boat and the wind off the ice comes in cold!! I lucked out in that it didn't rain. Had it rained I would have taken those days off...I couldn't have afforded that any of my layers would get soaked. By the way....this is the most comfy flyin I have ever done. Hotwater shower, flush toilet, and three hot meals per day. Cabins are basic but mattresses are relatively good.
  9. scuro2

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    Snidley, that's about as close as you can get to an "old man" rant hopefully without being 80.
  10. scuro2

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    Best comment by far! Nothing like straight up mockery to shoot down dumb ass comments.
  11. So for the fishing to be predictable, and only in August they were probably on the move to spawn, or that was close to their final destination.
  12. Holy crap...you would float plane it to the Arctic Ocean for Inconnu? A little research suggests that some Connies live in the ocean part time and then come up river to spawn in August. While other Connies in larger lakes no longer migrate to the ocean but rather go up small tribs to spawn.
  13. scuro2

    Lake Eugenia

    Isn't the water around the bridge 2-3 ft deep at best? Bring your topwater
  14. That now makes sense with the wounds and blood. So does Plummers see Inconnu on Bear and Great Slave? Do other fishing lodges promote Coney fishing. I saw a few resorts in the Yukon talk about this fish. I guess you need a river nearby and if you have guests coming that far north it is usually for some other monster species like LT, the Inconnu may be ignored. As a species the natives will harvest it because it smokes well. Is this an inland species or does it travel to the ocean each season? For me it saved the day because both the walleye and pike bite were slow at the beginning of the week. There is so little information about this fish.
  15. scuro2

    Tragic outcome to fishing trip

    No life jackets...cold water will kill you quickly.