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  1. Yes, as a nation we were stupid to become dependent on other nations for vaccinations. Most people don't know that our Pfizer and Monderna supply comes from Europe because the American plants will give us none of their created supply. It has led to delays in our contracted totals. If you wonder why the Europeans are cheesed it's because both the US and GB expect that Canada and other nations get supplied from their European plants. In England's case it is insisting that the Astra Zenca produced in Europe only go to the UK first till they are fully vaccinated. So you can rightly blame our government for many things but not supply issues.
  2. Our infection rate has now surpassed the US infection rate. This is strong evidence that vaccinations work. Our death rate is still way below the US death rate. I do agree that all the outdoor restrictions are counter productive, on the other hand the alternative of no lockdown to curb outbreaks has been proven time and time again around the world to boost your death rate within hospitals to about 10% and lead to many other deaths from other conditions.
  3. Canada needed ice breakers like this at one point in it's history!
  4. It is totally different now, I know some cottagers who avoid local shops during the pandemic because they are made to not feel welcome within local shops by local customers. It seems that the locals know the score. Could it be that if you live in a small community you know the Drs and nurses personally who work the front lines and they will set you straight on misinformation narratives so common on the internets.
  5. Interesting....I do know that if you are from the GTA they don't want you coming to their county!
  6. I dunno. I think that sentiment is a little tone deaf. No one saw this coming. You can social media till your eyes bleed in this 2nd year but if the bulk of Canadian fishermen live in the GTA, how many Canadians are going to drive anywhere near the distance to Thunder Bay and your establishment? As a lodge owner you may have made a big investment in 2019 and I bet there are a lot of operations where they are now fully dependent on the wife's income to keep their establishment afloat. In this situation bull-crap to, "only the strong survive". There is a lot of chance and luck playing into this also. If your place is on the French River you're golden, you will be fully booked and it's the best of times. If on the other hand you're on Lac Seul and you had a STRONG business with 95% American customers, you could be on your knees. This is exactly why I'm doing it different this year and making the trek out that way. Go fish in a different pond, it's an adjustment that if enough of us made it, then it could make a difference. Like a mini Ontarian fishing Dunkirk. You get a banner fishing year in prime fishing weeks with some lodges more then 1/2 empty. To boot some places are offering discounted rates. Win-win.
  7. Love hearing from the owners. Keep those post coming. I look at each one. From considering a possible trip we are now going for sure and will book when we get our vaccination appointments. I'd like to get to at least Thunder bay and can see us staying at a 1/2 dozen places.
  8. I am curious about owners and their specific situation. How was last year compared to this year and how is this year shaping up? You are up Cochrane way so would have less American clients?
  9. Oh I think many people will be flying sometime this late summer or fall. Once many are vaccinated and the rate of spread drops off a cliff there will be about as much danger flying as during a normal flu season. Those vaccinated don't have to worry as much about the worst outcomes. You will also see Covid much weaker during the summer as it was last year. Where we go late 2021-22 who knows. It could be more like normal, perhaps with booster shots at your pharmacy for those that want it. I think you will see mask wearing by a portion of the population for some time.
  10. Thanks for that! I've been to Wawa before, we stayed at Naturally Superior, and I really liked the area. They outfitted a lovely day canoe ride down the Michipicton river which I'd love her to do for the first time. I had always wondered about fishing in these parts. I'll show the Mrs and who knows!
  11. This is unlike any other year in the business. Last year most places stayed closed. This year it's a mixed bag. Some are closed, some are full steam ahead, and others are sitting on the fence. I imagine some lodges have gone out of business. I've contacted establishments that are not returning emails. It would be nice to help those establishments who are seeking business and probably need business. WIN-WIN. We are a community so I thought I'd give it a try. May be I'd get a lead or two but no worries if nothing comes of this, I have some spots in mind already. I'm just fishing for ideas to make a search a little easier!
  12. I've been looking for a place to go this year and have looked as far as Saskatchewan. Problem is when is a safe time to get on a plane? What some lodge owners did last year was to open their lodges up to Canadians and they may well start their season off like that again this year with the borders being closed. Who knows where it goes from there. Like last year those places closer to Toronto are fully booked or near capacity. This year there is a good chance my wife and I will have at least one jab at the start of the season. It may be the year to take that long road trip west. Having retired it could be a trip that lasts several weeks. Perhaps there are others like me willing to go to western Ontario for the 1st time to fish. If you own a lodge or know of a lodge that would be struggling this year I'd like to hear from you. We could be in the enviable position where you only have to commit to a few days but could stay as long as you like if you stubble upon a gem.
  13. one of my best friends has a cottage at the lake. I usually go at least once a year. It is heavily over fished. Generally I will take new lures or reels there to break them in on the dock. I will see several boats with 2-3 guys fishing for what seems like most of the day. They will comb every inch of shoreline often going over areas they had hit previously several hours later. If I was to fish it seriously I would be looking for species that they would ignore and fish in places they wouldn't fish.
  14. Nature always puts your head back on straight!
  15. I was wrong, I had thought everything would be depressed. My wife's mother is finally able to leave her retirement home for a vacation and my wife's birthday is coming up at the same time so I started looking for nice fishing lodges or cabin rental. Some places never opened for the season. That puts pressure on the places that are open. Everything within 4 hours of Toronto that looks nice and decent is booked till the end of the summer. Places reliant on US customers are suffering. My problem is that these places often get the 4 star rating but that is the 4 star fishing lodge rating! I heard from a friend who went west past Thunder Bay, that many of the lodges reliant on US patrons are suffering. Near empty. Weird times. If anyone knows of a high end fishing lodge reliant on a heavy US customer base, within 5 hours of Toronto, let me know.
  16. Took a look at the pics. It was a Toronto type crowd, males there looked like Mitch Marner. Women flashing a lot of skin...youth.
  17. As a whole we are doing okay. I am glad about this mainly for the healthcare workers and others who must deal with the public. I have no problem with large fines for those that ignore rules or better yet community service hours -say doing the laundry at a Nursing home. There will always be those that break rules even with punishment but most will adjust their behaviour accordingly. Transmission rates don't have to be at zero, they just have to get to below one. We don't have to be group perfect we just mainly have to all be going in the same direction even if a few idiots do what they do.
  18. We had planned on Europe. Hadn't booked yet. I do see fishing Ontario this year regardless, it's not the year to fly....perhaps we'd go for a few weeks. It's been a while since I have done more then a week in Ontario.
  19. I was thinking of a drive to lodge with your own cabin. But think about it, really I should only go with my wife or children living with me, otherwise with larger parties it defeats the purpose of self isolation. Then the question becomes where there people in your cabin before you arrived? On plastic and stainless steel I believe the virus can live for two days. You should really come with your own supplies, everything. I am sure there are other angles I haven't even thought of...but a fly-in to a big lodge wouldn't even be allowed I think. Are hotels open?
  20. I have been thinking about how it would be great to be on the water far up north but if things stay the way they are what would that look like? I am concerned for the owners and operators of fishing lodges and would like to know more about their situation.
  21. If you're fishing 7 days say 3-4 hours a day and bring 2 in, that isn't worth the money to fly there and make it a fishing trip. A week south with your wife yes! By the way that sounds about right...a nibble a day if your on a good spot...but if there is such low pressure how do you explain that catch rate? Florida can't be much worse except in the populated areas. I've heard some good things about Florida. I've walked and boated a lot of shoreline on Cayo G trying to get to "isolated" spots. I've fished with great cuban fishermen and seen their best techniques. Some do have rods, others are so dam persistent they sleep on the bridge for days with multiple lines in. I've seen fishing trawlers, and nets with 12 cubans needed to haul it in. When I was in the middle of a tidal channel thick with mangrove, there were Cubans there. They try to keep the cuban fishermen away from the tourists. They have banned them from the bridge...but they find their way back there a 1/2 year or so later. They are there and catching, they keep every single fish they catch. You should see their faces when you throw one back in. Any fish or species out of the sea is food. Next time go, head into the town where the workers live on the way out to Cayo Pardon. A good chunk of the Cuban population is living in what we would call poverty. The country is under a US embargo still. A fish has real worth.
  22. To go down there thinking there is one mythology of fishing that works is like saying fast troll is the way to catch big fish in Ontario. I've fished those spots. Honestly, fishing was better in the past. I go down to that area every second year or so, more for my wife. I still bring a rod but fish once every day or two for an hour or two...depending on conditions. If I get one or two good hits for the week that is good enough...the opportunity is all I ask for. If you're a newbie bring the rod along. It's nice in the middle of winter to wet the line. First time I went down I figured out one fishing pattern day 7, hours before we flew. I caught some gray snapper bass size, I could have easily been skunked for the week ( beyond a few dinks ). Don't go down there thinking this is a fishing trip. Even though it is hard for them to fish on tourist islands the Cubans are there. Cubans are protein starved and net frequently, or spend nights and days in a row fishing places like the bridge with chest coolers with blocks of ice. I've fished with them, they keep everything.
  23. Big guys have an advantage in reach and in scrums. I've seen him being testy.
  24. Have you folks played truly competitive sports? If not consider your golf game with regards to talent. There are your stars because they are really good and because they are really good they are also generally consistent. Kappy? Give it a rest. Hutchinson? Give him a chance....I wonder what the longest stint of consecutive games he has played in the NHL? What is success for him? Winning 40% of his games? The others?...even the best have times when they are totally on their game and times when they are a bit off. The Leafs went to a game 7 with boston who played in the finals. Really the only goal should be make the playoffs and then to beat Boston or the team above them in the playoffs. Round 3 of the playoffs would be a total success. Round 2 would be a step up. What is obvious is that there will be teams ahead of the Leafs again this year in their division. They have a lot of new players and injuries, they won't be firing on all cylinders until well into November. I doubt they win the division. Forward wise they look stronger this year. Their young stars are older and better and the supporting cast of forwards looks much better. The defense is about the same, perhaps better later in the year when changes are made. Take a deep breath...odds are long that they win the Stanley cup this year. People believe that gritty is only way to win a cup. Another way to have success might be have waves of talent so that the attrition that happens in the playoffs doesn't pull you down. Kadri was suspended last year and Nylander had to play center. That isn't happening now with Tavares down. I would say they have vastly improved in depth. Dube...is responsible for that. Lets see what happens. Things are easier for you if you are diehard Leafs fan. Ottawa? Well Ottawa is Ottawa...the lowest of the basement dwellers. Hab's fans can't be lording Montreal's 29 wins last year over you! Remember Habs/Sens fans are now closet fans or impersonating disgruntled Leafs fans. They are in the exact same position Leafs fans were in previously. All they have is hope year after year. Yes they won some games...but...ahh no they don't even make the playoffs. Enjoy the ride.
  25. Enjoy it, it will be hard to top that next year!
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