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  1. I've busted a few props from the highway to the delta. Now I wait for a local and follow them
  2. Awesome , looks like a great trip. Even better with family.
  3. Not everyone hauls there boat 2800km at least once a year but I'm with you. I also have them balanced and buy the heaviest load rating I can stuff in the wheel well.
  4. We bought out boat 20 ft legend 2005 last year with 115 merc for 12.5k in nova scotia. Hard pressed to buy a similar boat here for under 20k had a marina check it out before we drove down to pick it up. Some deals to be had out east if your willing to drive.
  5. Likely less pro slip with the 4 blade seeing they are the same pitch. Also the cupping on that prop does give some sern lift so less drag... props = witchcraft sometimes. Glad it worked .
  6. I had a 16 ft legend console with a 50 on it. And felt it could use a 75. Otherwise no complaints.
  7. With a job..just like you or I would? Thailand has a fairly booming economy. All I know is I want one for hauling duck decoys.
  8. A video would help allot. Need to hear it. Does choking it bring idle back down?
  9. I put a 4 blade on our underpowered 60hp legend 16ft and was night and day difference. Same on our underpowered 20ft legend 115hp stays on plane at much lower rpm and much better holeshot. Beware around docks your first time with a 4 blade reverse is different.
  10. I have a 10 , a 5 and a segmented 3-7 colour . .mostly they get run off planer boards on lake Ontario as junk lines as my 7th and 8th lines in the water. There killer for bows on the big water sometimes they save your day when kings won't cooperate. Worked good for on Erie too putting fish in the box late summer but not verry much fun your just winching the meat in.
  11. Good job Chris. Love some flying squirrels , have a funny story for around a campfire sometime.
  12. Interesting topic. I was also blessed to be introduced at a young age my dad loved fishing, but wasnent till my teens when my new uncle Wayne taught me to think like a fish when it reallly clicked, 36 now. I used to fish 100 days a year now I'm lucky to get 20-30 yet never stop learning. I do feel like our boat will out fish most others on most days, and dont think its dumb luck. If your a newer fisherman I would focus learning on a few things. BAIT, Wind direction, and water temp. Also keep a journal write crap down. There are no coincidences. I have a few water bodies I'vs fished over the years where I have struggled at first..Nipigon comes to mind. Struggle for a few days then you get one fish with a certain wind in a certain place . Then you get another... then you can replicate all over the lake and turn a 5-10 fish day into a 50 fish day. Another big thing I payatention to is cadance of my presentation. Lastly theres always "a spot" on "the spot" I'm gonna go read some old notes tomorow to see what I've forgotten.
  13. Been doing allot of smoking and getting baked.... On sat. I'm gonna isolate in the woods with a shotgun, hopefully throw a big ole gobbler over my shoulder.
  14. It's off topic and not agm. But I'm gonna put it on any battery post. Check out crown batteries. My 29's for my TM weigh more and have more amp/hrs than 90% of 31's Heck they may make agm's. I've had every battery under the sun and none compare to the way these things run. Also take forever to charge.
  15. If I find you there I will gladly rock paper scissors you for the spot. I'm gonna have to blur my beaches after this
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