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  1. Lost one boat side 2 years ago on the lower grand. Only a 30"er but was definitely a musky. I had enough time e to look at it as I was the one who forgot the net and was volentold to lip it.
  2. I dont even know bob. but i like beer. i dislike bob. looks like some of the usual antics. from you guys. i realy nesd to do a fly in someday.
  3. Enjoyed this earlier in the week Thanks for the great tale as always.
  4. south bay.  its a dirt road for last 10k. but usualy in good shape. 

    1. cessna driver

      cessna driver

      Thank you, cheers

  5. we have a 2005 19.5 ft legend. hull is nice. no complaints. Ours is a starcraft hull with legend stickers .
  6. lol Funny guy Sy. the only reason dad wanted that photo was "to get a photo like grandpas"
  7. the bigger ones were fiestty. i trued to run the lighest gear i could. ran spinning gear off the riggers. but dipsies and leadcore we were just winching em in. the bottom was stacked like cordwood with fish but had to run the baits up about 20 ft to get bites. this was my first time walleye fishing erie i just went into it with an open mind , once we had a bite or two started feeding em what they wanted.
  8. i think im safe. it was fun but it dosent scratch the itch like the big kings do for me. the dipsie rips went quite as ferocious lol
  9. I hear ya.. i almost didntt post that pic. for this reason. like dan said below theres multipal comercial boats out of most ports in canada on erie literaly netting tons of fish daily for your local sobys We Went one time and caught a limit. I dont feel the least bit guilty apart for the one lager fish that wouldent revive. If this was an inland lake completely different story. I dont understand how theres so many fish with so much pressure but there is actualy talk of increasing limits for recreational fisherman in the future.
  10. nice fish.. its true often forget about em in huron
  11. sweet mixed bag. love that place.
  12. looks like an amazing trip you both will remember for ever.
  13. Freshtrax


    lock this up before i say something that will get me banned please.
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