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  1. No issues with our ulterra. I do inspect and clean once every few months. Love that thing like a child. Changed the way I fish forever. Its especially useful in the rough stuff or when raining and we have the roof up.
  2. Ipilot... put main in gear bungee steering wheel straight and the bow mount will keep me in a straight line even in 2 fters . So much nicer than sawing the the steering wheel all day. Turn fish id off. Yo want to see your balls in relation to the hooks and adjust accordingly
  3. Awesome. His face says it all. Good job dad.
  4. Dammit... I have an aurora. , now I want one of those. Cool fish
  5. Hahah I see the 10 color fire and I look the other way
  6. You mentioned a trim problem earlier in the season are you sure your able to trim All the way out? Ie can you trim till the prop blows. I always look for the simplest fix first. You would be surprised sometimes. I once dropped a fuel tank to replace a fuel pump and realized the customers car was out of gas...
  7. I agree rpm will tell the tale here can you pull same rpms as past? If its same rpm but lower speed need to look at prop, hub or hull. If it won't pull the same rpm you may be down on power.
  8. Read Dan Keatings books. Always run a few lines with spoons the top 30 ft usualy a lead core 3-5 colour and a dipsie out 87-99 on a 3 for me .. sometimes it saves the day with bows and cohos. 2.2-2.9 mph on GPS usualy will do the trick in the west end. I usualy run my deepest rigger with a big paddle and fly 2nd rigger is always a mag spoon up about 20 ft from deep rigger back 100-150 ft Almost always have a wire dipsie with flasher fly out atleast 175ft sometimes out 300 or so usualy picks up bigest fish of the day. If you don't catch a fish in 30 min change something, speed, colors, depth your fishing, then when you catch one feed em what they want. There's my rambleings for the night.
  9. I've busted a few props from the highway to the delta. Now I wait for a local and follow them
  10. Awesome , looks like a great trip. Even better with family.
  11. Not everyone hauls there boat 2800km at least once a year but I'm with you. I also have them balanced and buy the heaviest load rating I can stuff in the wheel well.
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