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  1. I could use a beach day...or week... nice trip!
  2. I'm not wasting one moment of my hunting season chasing cormorants unless there is a bounty The government should have grown some balls on this one and done a cull or egg kill years ago before it became a problem. Instead of taking the PR hit they are hoping hunters will do their dirty work And have no issues with hunters looking bad instead of themselves.
  3. Glad to hear good to see ya arround again
  4. Nice... its pretty much the only fish in ontairo I have never boated. Going to have to give it an honest go one of these times.
  5. Bird 525 head unit Have power and transducer but transducer bracket is mangled. Easy to rig up for ice fishing. Trade for 6 beers located in kitchener.
  6. No sir that's a sailboat while trolling lake o.
  7. I have some Coldwater with 5-6 seasons under there belt still holding up well. Yet to blow up a convector but some are on last legs.
  8. Will look into the striper fishing did a fair bit when I lived I NC. Was hoping to get offshore for some real big stuff. I'm going to call a few charters next week see what they say. I'll be in shediac sp? . NW of Moncton love to jig up some cod or tuna if there is even a recreational season.
  9. Had a pal move out to live beside the ocean. Im going to head out for two weeks the 3rd week on Sept. Anyone local to let me know what's biting that time of year wanting to do an ocean charter.
  10. Did you get ipiot? Assuming you did. I generaly use mine in auto pilot mode where it will maintain a heading helps cut down on the fiddling with the footpedal when working a section of shorline I find the standard a.p. works better than the advanced for this.
  11. I keep saying i'm going to do a fly in need to get off my arse. Looks like a great time
  12. Is this like I base camp with a bunch of back lakes nearby? Sounds like a cool place
  13. Yep go to tactic in the spring up there bombing the shoreline with spinners think 2-5 fow. Spoons work too. I tried some crazy stuff after having a 24 inch brookie smoke a 6 inch swim bait while pike fishing on the firs day this year and found when they are hungry they do enjoy lager baits. Now have some new tricks up my sleeve
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