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  1. Freshtrax

    callandar bay ice hut rental recommendation

    um still here... just confused now
  2. Freshtrax

    callandar bay ice hut rental recommendation

    hey i sent you a pm with nikos number. text him he will teat ya good. Dont think the website is super up to date just have a chat with him.
  3. Freshtrax

    callandar bay ice hut rental recommendation

    call nikko at tamma kwa ! i think he has some newly aqqired bungalows this year.
  4. They went around as thick as they are now 10-15 years ago near smiths falls. Inlaws neigbour has lost 2 dogs in as many years. We do keep the pelts to tan allong with deer hides. And they certanly will take a fawn.
  5. Freshtrax

    A Sort of Report of a Portly Speck

    Beauty fish chuck... lets go back up that dirt road again next year to see if we can find some more like that !
  6. Freshtrax

    Boat Speed .

    i have downspeed probe an older cannon unit. and my catch rate while downrigginging doubbled. worth every penny. Some days downspeed if differnt than surface speed by 1.5 mph.
  7. We shoot every coyote and wolf we see in the Ottawa valley they are over run with them. They snatch pets, livestock and fawns. the last 10 years they have exploded. I shot a deer last week and had a pack circle me within 15 min of me shooting the deer they are brazen. May sound weird to some even though i shoot them i couldent bring my self to watch the video. I hope they get the book thrown at them no animal deserves to suffer like that.
  8. Freshtrax

    New PB

    nice going Rick i need to scratch that itch next season
  9. Freshtrax

    Rod and reel i use the most

    fenwick hmx and shimano nasci....unless were on the big pond. we run okuma coldwaters and whatever rods were on sale.
  10. Freshtrax

    Rivers , Facebook and migratory fish. RANT

    I do more damage to the salmon population than anyone of of those guys. Im with porkpie, our boat and guests in years passed easily have kept 100+ bbq kings(5-10lber's) a year. But i dont like the straight up snagging with trebbles that goes on.
  11. Freshtrax

    Nice evening out on Lake O

    nice going. i have inly been out three times all season need to get out at least once more.
  12. Freshtrax

    Some Nipissing Musky

    Nice saw this one the other day. I can't imagine the laughs had in the boat with Niko for a day.
  13. Freshtrax

    Nip/Upper French Report

    Nice. Been meaning to get out there all summer I only seem to ever fish it in the winter
  14. Freshtrax

    tents that attach to your vehicle

    Buy a really good tent if you plan on using it more than once a summer. I have a eureka timberline a frame could camp in a hurricane and not get wet. Should last another 15-20 years