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  1. I know of a few wheelchair accessible blinds. My kids better be wheeling me out. If you ever want to get out shag. I'm shure a few of us could put it together. Misfish could you pop a 410 with your eyes? Just packed the truck headed out in the morning...
  2. I have already told you this but Congrats! Over the last 5 years or so Waterfowling as become my number 1 obsession. I Still love fishing but there's something about being In the marsh and hearing and seeing the world spring I to life at sunrise. All my fishing buddies don't even call sept - Jan any more.
  3. Yea where did Pete get to. Fished Sal.on with him o ce and had a blast.
  4. Nice shooting.... but where was my invite lol. I need to do a fly in some day
  5. Love it.. I diddnt make it up the last two years but will be up there at ice out this spring.
  6. Glad you got it sorted... if it's not one thing it's another with boats.
  7. I grew up eating bass at the cottage as a kid. I still like smallies from cold water. Just ignore the looser and enjoy your day. Guy would loose his mind if he saw my cooler after a day on Erie or Lake o.
  8. We got a good deal about 3 k 3 Years ago. The link feature integrates the sonar and the motor more. Allows you to follow lake contours... ie. I can tell the motor to keep me in 14 ft of water and follow the shoreline at whatever mph I tell it. Allows for more saved tracks and waypoints. Has a nicer remote. I'm sure it does more but I haven't taken the time to learn it. Biggest features for me are spotlock. Spot lock jog ( move in 5 ft increments in any direction while spotlocked) Auto pilot. I use it when drifting to keep my heading down on st Clair River as well as slow the drift. Also use auto pilot on erie and lake o trolling. We use the kicker for thrust and I set a heading on the hummingbird can dile in exact speed and heading and not have to have my hands on the wheel all day I actualy bungee the steering wheel straight. Complete gamecganger. Let's me fish instead of drive the boat all day.
  9. Ulterra with I pilot link. Had it for 3 years no issues so far.
  10. Looks like an awesome trip. Awesome memories. We have a cheap champion ( the tiny one) it's not quiet but runns our onboard 20 amp. No issues for a few hours a night to keep it topped up when camping. Have a 100ft extension cord so put the genny off in the woods to keep noise down. Want a Honda but can't bite the bullet.
  11. We have the auto deploy... worth every penny. Especialy in the rough stuff. I can deploy and spot lock from the helm. 19.5 ft aluminum we run 24 v and never run it down in a day. Running crown floor sweeper batteries.
  12. I have a cheap Shimano 4000 series I take down south. Rinse it off.
  13. Lots of walleye in the lake off the grand in 2nd half of the summer. Pick your days it can get nasty.
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