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  1. I would assume further from the stake the better..that's why I asked about moving closer to the outboard. I'll have to find that sweet spot in between them
  2. How close could I mount my transducer to my outboard, if I put my transducer 2" away from my outboard will it affect it negatively? As of now one of my transducers is located almost in line with a hull strake; might be the issue.
  3. If I ran it at manual 0-30' then when I'm in 5' of water my sonar will show past bottom to 30' correct? I'd be loosing a lot of screen. As of right now I have both sonar power wires going to a battery (not my starting, they have their own separate). I will take a look at how my wiring is done through the boat and try to clean it up or separate
  4. Thanks for all the tips. I will start with the transducer tilt and then relocate. As for the wiring are you referring to keeping the wires away from other sonar wires because of interference? Or are you saying not to mount more than 1 sonar to a power source. Long time ago I used to have my TM and 1 sonar on a single battery. As soon as I turned on the TM my sonar would get interference.
  5. Did you put it off to the sides of the hull streaks?
  6. Okay I will try to remount it. Is there a certain distance I should have between the transducers?
  7. Usually when I drive my Gen 2 hds 7 will cut out and not show a depth reading. I've noticed this on all my sonars but it happens more consitantly on this one. My boat goes a max of 25mph. My Gen 1 hds reads a lot more frequently while driving. When they do cut out it takes a bit to get back on track and start reading again. (Up to 1 min or have to reboot) Both transducers are at the same height and level. Any ideas on if it can be improved some how?
  8. We're looking to buy a small cottage or a trailer on some land up north on a lake. It's mostly a place for my dad to spend time when he retires and can take a boat out by himself. He loves fishing walleye, pike and bass. We fish the north channel near Spanish Ontario and that's one of his favourite places to be. It's a 5 hour drive from us which isn't an issue for him. I was also thinking nippissing. The reason I'm posting is because I'd like to hear where some of you guys would get a place. Me and my brother also primarily fish for musky once the season opens so it's nice to have Musky in the lake but it's about my dad not us. We want to stay away from busy areas like the kawarthas.
  9. Defiantly grab one if you can. Ive been looking for the 4" aswell
  10. I picked up one of those shimano knives about a month ago and brought it to my fly in trip. I must say it's an impressive fillet knife for the price. I found it in my hand more than my $30 knives..
  11. I think a lot of the bait shops around quinte sell mud minnows, the walleye and perch seem to love them over there!
  12. No it does not have i pilot installed. When you plug in the TM you hear it click as if it's powering up. It can be ran while in the stored or locked position. I'm not sure if they all do that but my terrora have to be deployed before any of the electronics would work.
  13. The trolling motor was draining power, I'll just simply unplug it when not in use now. It was pulling 0.160A
  14. Okay I'll give this a shot, if the onboard charger or TM is drawing power what do you do.
  15. I have 1 onboard charger and the trolling motor on those 2 batteries. I'll check it out. Maybe the tm being plugged in when not in use
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