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  1. So the giant Merc building in Milton is only office and distribution. No service or parts. I ended up sourcing at Dundas Marine Ltd for $11. Really good service at Dundas
  2. Ha, ha, ha, no way. Thanks man! Well that’s convenient
  3. I ended up getting the pump at Princess Auto. Same one that’s on Amazon and half the price at $11
  4. pm me your email if you want a depth map of Baptiste
  5. Anyone know a retailer that would carry an In line fuel filter for a 90hp 2001 Merc? Trying to get the boat tip top for the Pike opener this weekend.
  6. I always used to stay at Birchcliff lodge on Baptiste. A little pricey, $190 a night I think now. Air BnBs are another option
  7. Anyone know a retailer that carries a gear lube pump that would fit a 2001 90hp mec? I checked BP Niagara and CT with no luck.
  8. This is pretty well in another language to me. How does it look? Why don’t the hours add up?
  9. I’m in the same situation but I’m looking at a fish n ski boat. The 2005 225 I’m looking looking at has 185 hours but dealer maintained, he paid For the diagnostic report. Seems like the kinda person that’s stay on top of things. The onther one is a 2005 Stratos 486 150 with only 50hours but they guy doesn’t know his boat and doesn’t maintain at a dealer/marina I’m leaning towards the the 225 as crazy as that sounds sounds. EITHER way I’ll have a mechanic look at it. That’s a deal breaker for me. HAVING A hard time WTH yhe app sFOR SOME REASON I’ll post aha in once the once worked out worked out
  10. I’d imagine fishing is the easy part of the job. Good on you for getting your first season under your belt.
  11. Talk to the guys at the fly shop in town. They pointed me in the right direction a few years back and what flies to use. It’s beautiful and quiet down there enjoy
  12. I’d guess you’d best order from Europe to find the right gear.
  13. This is why I always come here. Really good advice. Thanks guys
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