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  1. Terribly sorry to hear this Cliff. Deepest condolences to you and your family.
  2. Based on patterning looks like a LSC tiger. Can't say for sure without seeing tail. Rounded = tiger. Pointed = muskie. Regardless a beauty fatso!
  3. Been a while since I was on here - what's up everyone! Congrats on the giant Mike - 55 is a magical mark. She may be ugly but I would kiss her!!! Mike also put Andrew (Lunkerhunter) and I on a few beauties of our own a few days after this beast... will post soon! Pete
  4. Another vote for Great Northern - bought mine there last fall
  5. Paul, I'm so sorry. I honestly don't know what to say. She was an amazing person and truly a special soul.
  6. Plano has done this a few times for me also - very happy with them. Have to respect companies that stand behind their products. I have one of their polycarbonate dry boxes also - really bad latch design on this one, had one break clean off last year. Emailed them to get a replacement latch - at my expense - and they actually said I was out of luck because another company makes this item for them and they don't stock replacement parts. Bit disappointed as the dry boxes are a bit pricey... but overall Plano has been great.
  7. Haha yeah it was John and I... for those who fish Balsam, you know what it's like on those high pressure, calm and bluebird sky days. Tough go. Managed some decent numbers and it was cool to start off with a tiger (baby), but the few big follows we did have were low and slow fish with no interest in eating. Still an awesome experience - hope to do it again and lose the "King of the Babies" self imposed title!!!
  8. Mike I built one for mine this fall - works mint and is removable - will post pics tomorrow. I do however have two pedestals at the back so mine didn't have to be as wide as yours will be. Yours will need some supports underneath for that span.
  9. Photobucket has been beyond terrible, same problems here. Will try that other photo site soon. Need to post some fishies!
  10. Sweet find! I've been tempted to grab one of those and have carp take me for a tow at the cottage
  11. Wow some very well fed specimens! Love the video footage, hoping to start doing that in 2017. Shadzillas have been a great bait here in the Kawarthas this fall also. Cheers Pete
  12. Low ash! That's terrible - better add more coal to your fuel mixture ?
  13. 10" hellhound, 10.5 oz glide bait. Lots of fun to cast ? Both fish Josh caught were on it. Mine ate a bulldawg.
  14. Couldn't have asked for a nicer day on the water - no wind and warm in late Nov... 3 follows and 3 landed. 37" 39" 41", all nice chunky fish. Here's the 39 and 41 pics... I don't think either of these fish have ever soon a lure before, absolutely pristine specimens. It's been a good fall, will be posting a muskie season recap soon. Cheers Pete
  15. Guy just backed out last minute, anyone looking to get out for a day of Kawarthas muskie fishing tomorrow send me a PM for details! Pete
  16. Wow, now that was a report! Lots of species and some great sized specimens too. Looks like a blue walleye for sure to me! Glad to have you back in ON by the way, but the fish ain't!
  17. It was a pleasure taking you two out! Was a cold and windy day for sure but you and D toughed it out and we finally found that spot with a bunch of active fish in the afternoon. I think I have to start carrying a tray of senkos with me in the boat now... that was awesome. Cheers! Pete
  18. I ran both the 45 and 55 pound models, both were good. The 45 I bought new and never had a single problem with it. The 55 was bought used and right away had to do a major repair on it, but ran great afterwards. Reprogramming a foot pedal or hand fob to a different unit is easy, instructions posted below. Battery is indeed the coin style 2032, they actually sell them at the dollar store. I always kept a few spares in the boat. Never had one run out but for a buck just replaced them anyway at the start of every season. I have since upgraded to a Terrova mainly because of the iPilot feature, but if you can get the Motorguide for a good price it's a solid unit.
  19. Outstanding Josh! Some pretty nice ones in the mix.
  20. My brother has the 14' Legend widebody, he has a 2-stroke 9.9 Merc on it. Great little boat but would be much better with a 20+ HP. It's rated up to 30 if I am correct. Not sure about current models but his does not really have a front 'nose area' for mounting a trolling motor - something to consider. I'm sure you could rig something up however. (Search back and find the post that Moosebunk did this year on pimping out a barebones 14') Pete P.s. Sell the 9.9, and buy this sweet little ride posted here in the classifieds!!!
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