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  1. Thanks, completely agree. Something about the explosions is so addicting. I can't wait to get back out there for more on the yak.
  2. I have an external mic that I use which makes the sound quality much better than the regular GoPro mic. It also has a wind muff that cancels wind noise. I think it got water on it because it started only recording in one speaker, so I went and bought a new one. This only applies though if you don't plan on getting the GoPro wet. If you do, the GoPro mic is really your only option.
  3. Possibly... I don't do this type of fishing a ton but it would definitely be super helpful.
  4. Got out last week on the kayak and had fun with some smaller bass on the topwater frog at sunset. Hoping to get out for some bigger ones this week. Check out the footage of the blowups!
  5. Headed down to Florida for the weekend and got into them pretty good! Always sketchy kayaking when you know they're around lol
  6. No, but my parents have a place there so I just find cheap flights and go there for weekends. I leave all of my gear and summer clothes there so I don't even need to check a bag.
  7. Some footage from last week in swfl. Crazy night. We put out a mullet on the surf rod, as I was hoping to get a blacktip for my girlfriend to reel in. The rod goes off and we quickly realized we were not dealing with a blacktip. This shark was taking 150 yard runs 20 minutes into the fight against 30lbs of drag like it was nothing. We got it in after about 40 minutes. The shark was not removed from the water, the hook was cut to keep everything quick, and the shark swam off strong. Epic night, check it out!
  8. Most beaches allow it. The piers not so much because they are owned by the city and can enforce their rules accordingly, but most beaches are owned by the state so they can't really tell you that you can't fish for them. Most of the beaches that try to ban it you wouldn't really want to fish anyway, packed with people, boats, etc.
  9. Thanks. The rod is a 6' Penn International V Rated 50-100lbs. The reel is a Penn Squall 50VSW. It got this shark in rather easily, but there are definitely fish out there capable of spooling it!
  10. So none of my Florida friends wanted to fish cause of sketchy weather. My mom said she'd come to the beach and help me set stuff up and film. It worked out pretty well, as a bait got picked up by a nice lemon shark right after the sun went down. Check out the footage below!
  11. Nice! maybe you'll pick up a shark out there
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