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  1. My buddy sells Generacs.. he cant keep up with demand.
  2. I would imagine they are coming soon to Nipissing then!
  4. LOL.. dont forget the mass pollinations
  5. Thats the way ya do it! EZ PZ!
  6. Oh my god.. kiss and get it over with... lol.. but honestly kudos to the both of you. I appreciate the both of ya!
  7. LOL... too soon old too late smart...
  8. Nice... gorgeous out there!!
  9. Fill in the form here: https://getnorth.ca and youll get a ton of info!!
  10. TJQ


    That sounds painful...
  11. Cant believe its been 9 months.... Im truly amazed that when we get up here, its like we never left, a bit of tree cutting to get in and the weathers not the best, but WE DONT care.. the air smells like freedom to me. Had a quick outing last night after putting the dock and boat in (getting tougher every year - i dont know why lol) it was slow but Monique got 2 to my 0.. and she even promised me i could catch the first one. PFFT.. todays another day. Looks like the moved the rain up to tonight and the morning which is a bonus. Doesn't matter though.. I think i just need to sit in a chair and stare at the river for a few days.. seems like its been and incredibley long road.
  12. NICE!! Were all needing that.. Just got up to camp for the first time since last Oct.
  13. Harsh.. or not harsh enough?? or just right?? What do you think?? https://mnrwatch.com/4000-in-fines-and-two-year-suspension-for-fishing-violations/
  14. Umm no one has said that you broke any rules.... as far as I know.
  15. Thats what i was trying to say.. but im no wordsmith lol
  16. My comment wasn't political.. neither right nor left.. I'm not pushing an agenda.. its was an observation... He has freedom of speech.. he didn't get unelected, he can say whatever he wants. As a matter of fact his freedom of speech.. just got alot free-er. He got removed from the party.. He's still an MPP, that's an internal party issue.. not an overtly political one. Both parties have been outsing people for years.. especially if they have a mandate and dont need them. On an side.. Id rather not talk about politics here.. but Rizzo is a long long time member.,. and I like him lol... and Rizzo.. his constituents are his boss...
  17. Well hes part of the Conservative caucus.. so no free speech allowed.. lol.. (not that theres any free speech in any of the other caucuses either) Covid is changing everything.. even ice fishing.. I think I saw a letter from the OFAH telling people not to bother asking about ice fishing restrictions, asd they just didnt know lol.
  18. https://mnrwatch.com/ice-hut-owner-charged/ Too many people at the gathered at once.
  19. Sounds like a video game.... "OFN - The Gathering" Those were the days alright!
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