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I love fat girls

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Had some success pike fishing this spring.Its all about the timing. Fished with my buddy Weedlines on a couple of occasions.We had decent results with jerkbaits from shore. I guess that we have to wait a month till we can get back into them.

Sorry about the background on the picture. I dont want to give away or post somebody elses "secret" spot.



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I think I just dropped a hit of acid.

*phew* here I was thinking maybe I was high from vapors maybe getting in to my car with all the driving I just did, glad it's not just me ;):D


BTW, nice fish!

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Thanks for the kind words guys.

To answer a few questions.......



EFKA-not a bad fight.I had to deal with some floating ice. That made things interesting.

BILL M-sorry about the flashbacks........(Lay off the shrooms ) :P

LEECHMAN- The "bait du jour" was a gold husky jerk (HJ 14 )

BEN BEATTIE-Sorry,didnt get a measurement. I could tell you what we estimated it at, but I dont want to open that can of worms( if you know what I mean ) I am guilty of a little trick photography ;)

SNAG- I know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you know that I know about that spot. But then again, I think everybody knows.

BASSMAN-LOL. This is the internet. Im sure that you can find those fat girls that your lookin for. :lol:

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