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  1. 50 in 50 out plus a 60oz bottle for the dock help
  2. what an awesome trip congrats
  3. congrats to all 4 of you guy's what an awesome trip.loved the photo's and video's
  4. happy turkey day to my canadian friends
  5. drew what an awesome trip and report. pictures were great congrats to the both of you
  6. Went out at Sunset Bay....Walleyes are still there for the past two months. Got our twelve Walleyes in four hours. Dipseys, spinners w/worms are still the hot ticket. One on lead core. 70 to 73 feet is still hot. Not far from Canadian line.
  7. i never said they were giant eye's but the one on the left was 29 and a half inch's my boat has over 500 walleye's in it this year and only 3 over 30inch i think it's better then average.50ft down over 73ft .
  8. awesome night of eyes and that bonus football congrats
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