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  1. Looking for replacement Carrying Case for my FL-8SE. Been looking around and haven't come across any.. Here's hoping someone on here has one they're willing to part with. Willing to buy for a reasonable price, open to trades too. Send me a PM. cheers!
  2. Yep you'll definitely want a sink tip or a full sink line.. Muddlers and leech patterns are a staple in my box. I like to troll a full sink line and switch to a sink tip when I want to cast to some likely shoreline. Good luck!
  3. Sweet. You know that lake dude. Lifetime of knowledge right there. cheers!
  4. Remember the Robert Latimer case in the early 90s?! Mr. Greenspan was his defence attorney.. That man sure has done some high profile trials.. Big money indeed.
  5. Wow man. That's very strange and kind of unsettling at the same time. I'd say keep an eye on your pooch.. If he starts to wig out, you're going to want to quarantine him..
  6. That's a well fed whitie.. Lemme guess... It was full of gobbies!
  7. It's my weekend and I'll fish if I want to!!

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    2. wkrp


      You would cry too if you couldnt go

    3. esoxansteel


      winter chrome is on the adjenda, stonefly nymphs already tied and ready for chewin

    4. esoxansteel


      winter chrome is on the adjenda, stonefly nymphs already tied and ready for chewin

  8. Fair enough.. I take it current and depth would play a part in that.. the spring thaw would have to be taken into consideration as well.. Pardon my ignorance, but who would you notify in a situation like this... MOE? 5-0? the ministry?!
  9. Dude.. It'd have sunk like a stone! She ain't going nowheres.. Think you ought to notify someone. You can't just leave it there!! LOL
  10. so what happens next?! Are you going to try to recover your sled? Are you legally obligated to notify the authorities otherwise?? If you have comprehensive insurance, you'd have to file a police report in order to claim for your sled.. so if you're not going to make a claim, do you just leave it there? Some inquiring minds would like to know!
  11. Wow man glad to hear you're safe.. You've got a wife and kids that need you!! For the record, you sir have one hell of an understanding old lady!!
  12. Hear that MNR?! Piss Pour results!!
  13. Amen brother!! I sent in an old v-rod with a broken tip for repair to Peterborough. I figured what the hey, if it can't be fixed they'll ship the rod back to me.. no big thang. 3 weeks later, I get a slip at my door telling me to come pick up a parcel at the UPS store.. I thought, oh right, that stick... they probably returned it to me with a letter telling me sorry, yada yada.. I opened the tube and was just floored.. they sent me a brand new crucial.. no questions asked!! How wicked is that?!
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