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  1. Attended the Perchfest numerous times over the years and was always a good time. One year had a gang of us on a buddies pontoon, was a blast...
  2. Black Label 24's have them...
  3. FoodSaver V4825 at Costco, you would go wrong...
  4. Had the HOOK4 with Navionics (2017) easy to use and I liked it...
  5. Good stuff, nice clean looking fish...
  6. Had a visit to NFLD a few years ago, had a great time, lots to do, would go back again. Thanks for the post...
  7. Kars public boat Launch...
  8. Beauty report, looked like a great time, thanks for sharing...
  9. Good job, you gotta remember that spot for sure...
  10. Beauty report, looks like everyone was catching, gotta like it...
  11. Now that sounds like a great time Cliff. Now that I'm living in the Ottawa area I miss fishing Simcoe, have been out with Hale's numerous times...
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