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  1. Got mine yesterday, well organized, in and out 1/2 hour...
  2. What a great time to have, beauty report...
  3. Cover worked fine for me, boat stayed in water all season. Cover was vented to circulate air...
  4. Great report, looked like a blast...
  5. Great report, you guys toughed out the weather and had a good time and Happy Birthday Cliff...
  6. There is a public park you can fish from on the way into Bridgenorth...
  7. WOW Cliff, it looks great, that will get you around in style for sure...
  8. Had the same problem with 2 Powerdrives I owned, try not to leave in rain or wet and if you cover your boat the heat can affect it as well...
  9. Attended the Perchfest numerous times over the years and was always a good time. One year had a gang of us on a buddies pontoon, was a blast...
  10. Black Label 24's have them...
  11. FoodSaver V4825 at Costco, you would go wrong...
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