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  1. Thanks Rick!!! The video is big, over 500MB in size... couldn't upload to Photobucket cause it exceeded the limit The stir fry was one of the best meals I have ever eaten and it is still one I will prepare with fresh caught walleyes Thanks again for your feed back!!! TJ
  2. I know it's kind of late to post but my softwater season ended late last fall and thought I'd share it with you all Great season spent amongst friends and family. Multiple species caught and PBs for me and loaded with wonderful moments... Please enjoy and fish on!!! Note: For those that don't like Rock music, please turn down the volume Sorry for the French caption... https://www.facebook.com/jacques.drolet.37/videos/1165767876839258/ Once you click the link, click on Not now and proceed to the video.... sorry about that *** Forgot to add, ice season is on it's way.... son of a friend of mine caught a nice 19" walleye on the Ottawa river ***
  3. Thanks Rick!!! You are not hallucinating.... those are 4+ smallies you see they were stacked up on sand flats along drop offs
  4. Thanks msp!!! Thanks Gallie!!! Thanks grimsbylander!!! 60 degrees like WSB said Thanks Paul!!!!
  5. Thanks Old Ironmaker!!! It's brutes after brutes in a tourney, we'd of won for sure lolll beard is getting there lolll
  6. Thanks OhioFisherman!!! They sure are Thanks AKRISONER!!! I got those at Sail in Ottawa... Smallies loves them
  7. Whitespinnerbait and I been hunting smallies the past couple of weekends and must say, they are putting on the feed bag Hight light of our last trip, got myself a PB of nickel status for my efforts 20" inches long and 5Lbs even Trip prior to this, took selfies of the bigger specimens Like the title says... they are schooled up but on a scattered pattern.... and hungry We had to work hard to find them but once located, it was a blast Sand flats around weed patches near drop offs and submerged stumps was the ticket, anywhere from 6' to 15' fow.... they were willing to chump on a variety of lures like: white spinnerbait, white Big'O, 7" white shad rigged texas style and Yum Crawbug on a Stand Up Alien Head jig and Thunderstick Surface lures was not producing much to my surprise but Paul did get a few on Chugbug & Spook. All fish released to be fought another day. Now enough of the jibber jabber and onto the pictures... FISH ON and enjoy Personal best - 5Lbs even - 20" long Double Pleasure Another Beast Brute SMB Selfie
  8. They sure are Rick!!! Thanks my man Thanks Drew!!! Just say when
  9. Thanks OhioFisherman!!! Sure did Thanks msp!!! Thanks netminder!!! It was Yes, can't be beat and what a rush!!! Thanks Gino!!! Yes, bull dogging and aerials were the highlights of the fights!!! Loved it Thanks Geoff!!!
  10. Thanks Brian!!! Thanks Rick!!! Very nice indeed Thanks Bruce!!! Yes I know... been a while
  11. Whitespinnerbait and I went on the hunt for some smallies and got a few throwing Chug Bugs and senkos Top water seemed to be the ticket in 10' to 15' foot of water.... nothing big but picture worthy All fish released to be caught another day Enjoy and FISH ON
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