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  1. You guys are missing the point. I could not gives a rats ass about the white bucket comment. Look at the yellow bucket comments. There are quite a number of asian members on here who would not say anything and ignore it. But thats not me.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZtEnpmokMU These guys still sound great
  3. I just got my order from cabelas.can in less than a week. Plus free shipping to my door.
  4. Call Shimano in Peterborough. They will transfer you over to the USA offfice. Make sure you order the matching drag cap. They are not the same.
  5. Darn not what I wanted to hear about the new CI4 reels. I got three of them I guess that I will have to shop for a metal body reel
  6. Brampton You should see what I see every day. Enough said The highest insurance rates in Ontario
  7. Imo For topwater i use braid with at least 20 lb flouro. The flouro is stiff so it does not wrap @ the lure a easy as straight braid
  8. This is in your area naturalsports.ca
  9. Hi Mike I am always looking forward to your posts. You take a great deal of time in posting them. Do not let this member spoil it.
  10. Get yourself to the closest dollar store. Get the smaller rubber bands they come in diff colours. I prefer black but there are clear ones too
  11. I would take the braid off and start with mono. At least 17 lb test this will help with the over runs. The thick mono will help util your thumb is trained to feather the spool
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