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  1. simcoe but I may wait till the following wednesday and have no crowds TB
  2. thanks for the replies . always can count on OFNrs to have some good suggestions .will have to do some rethinking it appears on a side note youngest son and I spent a few hours on Sparrow today , 3 pike in the boat .one pushing 30" and two hammer handles. good day to be out $20 for launch this year !! TB
  3. I admit the sound is part of it , but from what I ve read ( so far and not only the Magna flow website ,ha!) it improves performance and mileage albeit slightly I ll check out ARAID and almost forgot about the cargo cover thanks ,guys
  4. Great report and awesome photos planning a two week trip this summer , with one week on LOW with son #1 guideing and defineatly a day or two on Lac Seul (gotta find that sandbar again!) , then Eagle lake , then Nipigon , then Superior , ...maybe 3 weeks TB
  5. picking up my new , to me, f150 ,5.4l ,4x4 crew tomorrow and once we sell the honda van hope to make some nessasary purchases purchase one cat-back exhaust system , looking at magnaflow .any suggestions/opinions ? confused with all the options . plan on installing myself ,so system that is easy to install preferred purchase two air filtre system ( K&N?) agian suggestions welcomed. purhcase three GPS combo unit for the boat , planning atrip to Radio world in the next couple of weeks leaning toward Lowrance thankS for any and all advice/comments TB
  6. only he and randy newman added any spice(?) to an otherwise dull dull dull show
  7. done site was quick for me good luck
  8. well done like the toboggan scence !
  9. I ll be there and have 10-12 buddies who SAID they will come .we'll wait a see . weather looks good ! coffee will be hot
  10. sounds like a great kid. My advice whatever he gets invloved with you get involved with , weather thats coaching , cheering , being a Beaver leader whatever . We did it and I think that why I can't get rid of the kids/teenagers + now !LOL Hav efun
  11. Nice spot . headed into our camp in 2 weekends , more of a work weekend what with bridge repairs and some drainage issues around the camp. hope to check out a few of the trails as well. won't be long
  12. sorry to hear Sam but the adventures ahead sounds exciting . you 'll be missed! dave
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