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  1. I am looking for a higher quality filet knife for years I have used the Rapala Knives the quality of the newer knives are poor quality they seem to become dull very quickly.....I have even paid to have them sharpened but I think the quality of the steel is just no longer durable. So looking for recommandations willing to pay much more for quality
  2. Had a 2000 Honda 50 HP 8 yrs old not one problem .....had a 26 yr old Honda 7.5 hp always started first crank and use a little 2 hp Honda as my kicker motor ....bottom line they are reliable and cheap on fuel
  3. Well even though you have tried it .My buddy has that same boat with a 60 Merc bigfoot tiller .I don't see a difference honestly from a regular 60 this model he is getting 33 to 34 mph 2 ppl and gear .I have an older lund 1660 Classic its basically the same set up exact same hull I run a 60 Yamaha tiller and I really see no difference between my friends boat and mine .even with the bigfoot it takes the same amount of time to plane and we have similar top speed.Enjoy the new ride.
  4. I don't like to hear this....you work hard for your toys and some low life takes your fishing gear.....I hope the skum bag gets caught one day
  5. Had a bad experience with the trolling plates as it cracked the foot where it was bolted. as for getting a kicker I say yes much better.I run a 60 hp on a 16 foor boat with the RPM controller I can get down to 1.7 min. Someone here had mentioned go with an 8hp I would say you don't need that on 16 foot boat .All I have is a 2hp Honda with a long shaft connected to a steering bar.The way I look at it the 2 hp saves me a lot on fuel it also put less hours on my main motor and I have the peace of mind of a back up motor should something happen .
  6. same problem on my Odyssey Mike Mechanic says its a sensor that has to be changed not sure about your truck though
  7. Great boat Terry congrats to you can't wait to see it get slimed
  8. I would go for the Mercury ....I had a 55 Suzuki on my first boat although it served me well I was not impressed with service. My first summer with the boat I ripped up the prop and had to replace the prop shaft it took 3 weeks to get the part back order from Japan. My dealer dropped them a few yrs ago he says most parts were not stocked in North America.He got fed up and decided to stick with Honda,Yamaha and Mercury. was talking to him at the boat show it seems its the same old story always a hassle to get parts in .They are often back order. Now I know Suzuki makes an excellent product but if you ding the motor its going to be a long wait. May as well get the Mercury !!!
  9. Do you ever catch anything small or you just don't bother taking a pic? Thanks for posting Andrew!!!!!!!
  10. Jacques you are just too strong for a manual auger get a gas Auger!
  11. Ya I made the switch from Honda to Yamaha Although I have had 3 Hondas a 7.5 sold it ..was 26 yrs old very reliable My 50 Honda 8 yrs nothing but reliable and wow very economical on fuel but compared to any other brand of 50 hp it was the slowest in its class .I currently have a Honda 2hp runs great. I have my Yamaha for 5 yrs now .the best outboard I have ever owned. BTW your 8HP Honda should run problem free for a long time in maintained. good Luck
  12. shovel and shovel more and more snow

  13. My niece and nephews from North Carolina are loving it as they are 9 and 12 as for my teens they would rather hang out on the internet.
  14. Its been a rough few days in La Belle Province Snow and More snow.As one clean up began another 10cms of snow followed very close to 60cms so far. As Roy mentioned Big Bertha can save your day. These pix are from the first snowfall another 10cms has fallen on top of this. 6 car driveway to clear
  15. I can put you in touch with Paul he lives 15 mins from my house .Just send me a PM MTP
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