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  1. That is funny. Conveniently cut the heads off. lol Nice fish Brian
  2. This is the best post on the thread. I would love to go but rule 8 is in the way. Football schedule does not jive (not to mention my wife would lose her mind with my 3 kids lol)
  3. Cudz

    Spy Bait?

    The fish who like the spin bait 80 the most are Simcoe perch. Wow. Lethal. I caught 17 perch on 17 casts at one point.
  4. Cudz

    Spy Bait?

    I was actually using the spy bait technique early last summer with another lure I had before I got my spin baits. These other baits are quite rare but they work awesome and are way bigger than the duo spin bait and they way 3/4 ounces and cast a million miles. Another bait that can be used as a spy bait is the lucky craft wander. I had 3 of them and I believe I sold them all..
  5. Cudz

    Spy Bait?

    Mike, you have got it all wrong. I was running a carolina rigged hotdog. There was never any float involved. Duo realis spin bait 80s are real nice. They have great detail and for such a small bait, they can be casted a good distance with 6-8 pound fluoro. Do they work in southern Ontario. maybe. The one thing you will find when you get one (you should probably get at least 2 as I only have 3 left) is that they are tiny. The hooks are razor sharp but tiny too. I wish they made a spin bait 100.
  6. Cudz

    Spy Bait?

    I have 6 of them. Used them last year
  7. 1 kg???? you mean 1 pound correct? Nice fish though
  8. Had a great day out on the lake. I was fishing solo and my camera died so I had to take pics with my phone. Nice fish and none of them had clipped fins. The biggest fish was big and almost took 10 mins to get in. Very strong and very fat. It was a new PB lake trout for me. My fishing rod is 28" long Here they are from smallest to largest. Caught all fish fro 10:30 am to 1 pm. All fish were released. fish 2 fish 3 Biggest fish sometimes Simcoe can be very rewarding but other days so frustrating
  9. Sebile over priced. Good quality lures but they don't produce for me like other lures. Too much $ in my opinion. I had 4 and kept 1.
  10. Well I wish I had something good to say about The Bait Bucket but I don't yet so I won't say anything. I will wait for a response back to an email I sent them before I say anything.
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