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  1. 2017 Season Recap video

    First person I wanted to call and tell.
  2. 2017 Season Recap video

    I hope you enjoy!
  3. My son's first fish

    The other day, I skipped the storms and when it cleared up in the afternoon, I launched the boat for a couple of hours with my son Henry. He turns 3 in July and has never been on the boat. I more or less just wanted to take him for a ride but when we started marking good numbers of fish, we dropped down and got into one. He helped daddy reel it in and had a blast. Fun for me, fun for him! It was awesome hearing him tell mommy what happened in his broken english lol
  4. Weekend Rainbows and Big Perch

    Finally got back on the water for the first time in a month. On Saturday I hit a Lake O trib for some rainbows on opener. Did alright. Tangled with a whole bunch but only managed to land 4 and a bonus little brown. Sunday I launched the boat on Simcoe in search of some jumbos and got into a good school pretty quickly. Landed well over a hundred fish and got some real brutes. A weedline in 8-10 feet of water held the fish and a small finesse minnow on bottom got the bites.
  5. 2017 Ice Fishing Highlights

    Thanks man. I'm not expert on it and certainly still learning. I try to experiment with something new every time, only way to learn. Same with fishing!
  6. 2017 Ice Fishing Highlights

    Here's a fun highlight video I put together from this season, I hope you enjoy. The whitefish were rocking all season, but the lakers didnt show up for me until the latter half. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGCr3uu4thU
  7. Saving money on your groceries

    It's called the "scanning code of practice" If you dont have the "Flipp" app on your phone, you should. Best way to price match items from all over. We save so much money on our trips.
  8. Great way to end the season!

    Second video added to include the whities!
  9. Great way to end the season!

    It's been an off season for me this year, I really havent spent much time on the ice. Between work and a young family, I havent been out on Simcoe since Family Day weekend. I got a full day to get out yesterday and made the most of it. Plan was to run and gun some shoals until we found fish, luckily the first pick was good and we never moved. Landed 16 fish myself and Seb was around the same. Great day on the lake with a lot of quality fish. Love last ice! Unfortunately its my last day of the season, but at least it ended on a high note! [YOUTUBE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_qUHJFETuo[/YOUTUBE] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4BcKEXr7BU
  10. New Ontario Record Ling

    My buddy Sebastien and I headed out yesterday afternoon to try a new area and it paid off big time. Sebastien landed a 17.95 lbs burbot, passing the old record of 16.8 lbs. Obviously, the official record is still pending paperwork. Check out the video of our day. It was awesome. https://youtu.be/bE6hIgcEc_c
  11. Checked the north shore of Kempenfelt today, this is what I found.
  12. Put in a lot of hard work to get in and out of our crappie lake today, but had fun as always. Fished for about 5 hours, found fish in 27 feet of water and had them under us all day. Landed about 60 fish between us. Caught on a mix of baits but the most productive were live minnows, a small PK spoon and a 2.5 inch Fin-S Fish.
  13. Little Lake, Barrie - Ice Conditions

    I doubt we lost much ice, but this snow isnt helping to build any, thats for sure
  14. could get some great footage. Not much of a practical fishing purpose IMO