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  1. Great video Bunker! Looks like your season has been nothing short of awesome. Nice job with the editing too.
  2. The fish was caught in a lake near Atikokan, in NW Ontario. It was not released. Measured 43.75" x 24"
  3. The Otter lodge is big! A couple of my buddies have them and I've fished in them quite a bit. Very nice flip over hut! Are you towing it with a sled or quad? It would be a chore to pull by hand, especially with the insulated fabric, which adds weight. I have the Otter Cabin, which is one size down (still good for 2 guys) and I didn't get the insulated fabric either (Just insulated top) and I stay warm up here in NW Ontario with just a single buddy heater going. The Otter sleighs are the best there is. Be sure to get the runner kit. My first hut was a Clam and I'll never own another one of those after going to Otter. I have no affiliation with Otter, this is just my honest opinion.
  4. Thanks guys. And no, I meant 2014!! This video is for the coming ice season, the 2013 ice season was last year.
  5. Lots of big fish, great highlight vid Steve. Awesome tune to go with it too!
  6. Hey Guys, just finished up my latest ice fishing video. This is the 3rd year I've made a video with footage from the previous winter. Definitely gets me in the mood to hit the ice. Check it out… hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsaiv5_pSkU Don't forget to select 1080HD Thanks for watching!
  7. Turtles are solid! Had you heard of them before my video? Not many have. They are from Duluth.
  8. Fish of a lifetime Bunker, congrats dude. Always great to read a Bunk-detailed report to go with pics too.
  9. I had to go back and see which one you were talking about. That fish at 3:17 is the only hit I've got on camera... and it was a F8 fish no less! That was near the end of a tough day. The kid who caught it was ready to pack up and go in but I talked him into another spot or 2. Glad I did. I completely missed the boat side jump after he hooked it as I turned for the net. It's never easy, but it's always exciting. Good luck at LSC!
  10. Thanks gang. Simon - hope to see you on the ice this winter. We need to get caught up and catch some fish together again. Rich - The net I own is a beckman Pen FinSaver. It's the one with the green hoop. There's also a Frabill Big Kahoona in the video. Both work well and are probably the most important release tool you can have.
  11. Hey ONFers, It's been a while since I checked in here but thought I'd share this video I just put together. All the footage is from late July and August on Lac Seul. It's only 4 mins long, but pretty action packed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V3KCKY85T8 Or scroll down 2 posts and Misfish has embedded it! Thanks! CLICK THE WHEEL/SPROCKET LOOKING ICON IN THE LOWER RIGHT OF THE PLAYER AND SELECT 720p HD!
  12. The St. Croix Lenend Tournament "Sling Blade" is 8'6 Heavy Fast. I use this rod for almost everything. It would be a great choice for a one rod solution.
  13. Track systems are awesome, I have Bert's on my boat with salty holders. Bullet proof.
  14. I have that exact unit, 898 HD SI. Two thumbs up. Once you play around with the SI for a bit you'll rely on it more and more. Great tool.
  15. Good fishing Simon. Those 2 lakes make for a great multi-species day! I've yet to get a nice Ling this year, but I know there are some monsters down there.
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