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Gbay Report Nov 23


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Morning started of foggy and frosty!

Met Setomonkey in south end Barrie before 7am , loaded up and headed to Midland


At the launch before 8 .Met some fellow Muskie anglers who shared some top secret locations .Much appreciated when fishing new water .


Boat in the water and a few anxious moments after starting the motor , must have iced up as it took several seconds till water was peeing out.




Some minor icebreaking on the way out.


We didn't have to far to go till we started trolling , tried to stay in 20 -40 feet of water . We spent the day trolling till bored then casting . More trolling until we saw some interesting structure then cast .

Day passed quickly , nice weather , good company , but no fish .

water temps 38 - 41 .


We did mark some baitballs and possibly fish .

Saw more boats out than expected so I guess others had the same idea we did.


Some random pictures of rocks and trees







Last pic is Setomonkey assuring his wife I am NOT an axe murderer :D


Thanks for the day Mike .


For those thinking of hooking up with fellow OFNrs I highly recomend it . Beats a day alone on the water and you might even learn somthing.Had never met Mike before today and don't think we even 'spoke' on the board before this fall.



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Geez setomonkey, shut the darned cell phone off, you are supposed to be having fun. I do carry mine with me on fishing and hunting trips myself, and in my area, its not always able to reach a cell tower. but I do not turn it on unless I need absolute help.

So far, that has never happened.

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It was a fun day, Dave, always good to meet another OFNer and spend a day on the water, fishing and telling stories.


Frost, fog, & a little ice at the launch, you know it's fall fishing...


Had only fished Georgian Bay once before, at the mouth of the French River. Never fished the south side before. More scenery



Dave at the helm of his Lund, very nice ride!



tjsa, I usually bring the cellphone only for emergencies too but I promised my wife I'd give her a call during the day to let her know I was still alive. :D She thought it was pretty dubious to get up at 5 am, drive to Barrie, meet up with someone I didn't know, fish a place I'd never been, in a boat I'd never seen!


For those of you who've thought about making plans to fish with an OFNer, I highly recommend it.


Not only did I survive but Dave (tinbanger) was great company for my last day on softwater this season, even if no muskie showed themselves. The other guys who launched around the same time got back shortly after us and didn't have any luck either.



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What a bonus day you had, too bad the fish weren't on your side. Cheers on the hook up, its always good to meet a friend. In todays society we could live beside some one for years and never even know there name. In the end we are all just people, and we all know that anglers are some of the best people out there!! :Gonefishing:


Cheers, maybe next time I'll join you in my boat?

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