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  1. Hey Brian! All is ok here....just trying to keep the 4 teens in our house level headed as we navigate through this new world reality!
  2. Also, take alcohol away and the ones dependent on it will be occupying hospital beds for severe withdrawal!
  3. My boat is happy to be out of the driveway and now lives on a lake! Just a 14' Tinny, with custom floors and a 25HP on the back....perfect for my small lake :)
  4. I have an auto bilge pump as well. When away for a week or more I also cover the boat. I
  5. I had no idea you typed up a report Joe!! Thanks for posting this. Was a GREAT trip with a great bunch of guys. Maybe next time the weather will cooperate....cant believe how cold it was for June!
  6. That's quite the bag of fish there!!! Nicely done!
  7. Big Cliff!! Thanks for the update. I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to. Glad to see you’ve kept yourself busy (although getting robbed sucked!). Your post actually prompted me to post again on this forum....must be a few years since I’ve done that! Take care! The Smaller Cliff
  8. Oh man. My heart sank when I realized it was Kevin from this board. Praying he’s found safe.
  9. I just raked the bare spots...put a good amount of seed down, layer of topsoil and made sure it was kept moist. Took a few weeks of constant care but it worked for me. I have a few spots that are thin, so I will repeat in those few spots.
  10. Well, another weekend at Bernie’s is in the books with the usual cast of characters! Conditions were windy and the bite was typical of a cold front, but it’s always great to get up there and catch up with the guys! Friday we arrived around 230ish and decided to not hit the windy lake. Instead, Bernie melted some lead to make some jigs. We then painted them up....these things have always worked great for us and I need to re-stock again! Caught a bunch of smaller walleye on Saturday but Will caught the first 21” one I’ve seen come out of that lake in 8 years on Sunday. Was a great catch to end the weekend. As always, thanks Bernie for hosting us yet again up there! Stay tuned for the Sept 2018 edition....
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