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  1. I just got the navionics + and i would recommend not even wasting your 15$. Used the new contours lines on simcoe it was way off sometimes even by 15-20 feet, oh well
  2. the 28 comes with a pro view ducer so you know longer have that option. I have chatted with other guys on forums that have the same problem as I do. Seems like only way fishing in shallow water is to use the low power setting and this way you lose your zoom. One the other hand I might give that S cable a try and see if it really makes a difference. As for the digital depth jumping, still got no idea. Thanks for the tips guys!
  3. I just recently upgraded from a flx18 to a 28. I used it for the first time this weekend but only fished in less than 10 feet. So far I'm not really liking it too much, my bait looked so huge on the screen and the gain was at 0. I played with all the settings, I really could not figure out how to make it any smaller. The other thing was the digital depth read out. It showed up and then the depth kept jumping by 1 or 2 feet. Sometimes it was consistent jumping and really i couldn't tell what the actual depth was. It was only my first time using it, I'll give it another shot before I decided to keep it or return it. I'd just like to get another opinion from somebody else that may have it and what is thier expierence so far.
  4. I've been to the lake couple times so far drilled 80-100 holes and cant seem to locate any fish. Fish depths that vary from 14-52 feet and can't even mark any fish on the flasher except for rockbass. Just wondering if anyone has every fished this lake and had the same expierences as me. If anyone has any tips on where I should be looking for fish, that would be awesome.
  5. xrap

    Any Ice?

    Just a waiting game from this point i guess
  6. xrap

    Any Ice?

    Hi, I'm looking to get out on the ice tommorrow to try out our new gear, doesnt matter where or for what just want to get out once atleast this year. Im from Hamilton anywhere within 3-4hours driving distance is fine. We have a lake in mind around the sudbury area but not sure how the ice is up there. If anyone could guide me to a ice covered lake that would be awesome. Not looking for any spots or anything just ice! Thanks much appreciated.
  7. doesn't matter doesn't even have to be simcoe. pike perch walleye is what im after but it doesnt matter i just want to take someone up for there birthday tomorrow.
  8. Hi guys, I've been calling a few placs on lake simcoe about getting a hut overnight but most of them dont do overnights. This is kinda late, but i was planning on going tomorrow and im getting emails back saying they dont do overnights. im stuck and not sure where too goo. Anyone know where i could get a ice hut for overnight it doesn't even have to be lake simcoe it could be up to 3 hours from toronto. Thanks
  9. xrap

    Cottage Help

    Npissing is a bit to far I'm looking for something thats 2 hours away from Toronto and rent by daily charge. I've called over 50 places tonight can't find anything. Anyone have any other suggestions or sites?
  10. Hey folks it's been a while since I've posted. Been to busy with life and don't have much time for fishing right now.However Ihave 4 days off on the long weekend and I'm planning on renting a cottage and need some help. I'me looking for a cottage around the muskoka area from the 25th to the 27th. I've done some searching on the net but I've found mostly minimum rentals of a week. I know it might be to late, but maybe i can still find something. Anyone know any good cottage or lodges around the muskoka area. Ps. the fishing doesn't have to be great. Thanks
  11. Me and my dad are planning on going on a fishing trip for this long weekend. Were coming from Hamilton and looking for a 6-7 hour drive at max. Were interested in catching walleye bass and pike and renting a boat. Can anyone recommend any good lodges or resorts they have been successful with in the past? Thanks
  12. I use to fish it for salmon before they put the highway in. It had a decent run for the creek size but ever since that I haven't seen any decent salmon runs only 2-3 dead ones. Don't expect too much from there.
  13. xrap

    Sudbury ice

    Thanks for the replies and updates, I'll check it out next week.
  14. At first I thought you guys cut off half the pole, that is insane.
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