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  1. Sadly the ice fishing day had to be cancelled due to a family emergency on the part of the guyI was supposed to take I didn't have it in me to go it alone. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, maybe next year I'll get out on the ice. Now to see what I can arrange for this spring/summer, it's been too long since I've gone fishing. Maureen
  2. Thanks everyone, I'll be sure to let you know how we do. I don't have an auger which is one reason I decided to use a hut, also I've only ice fished a couple of times with others so don't have any of the regular gear required. for a successful day on the ice. I guess tomorrow is shopping day Maureen
  3. I'm scheduled to take the gun course next month with a couple of co-workers. After that I'm hoping to join the club in Barrie, I haven't shot often but enjoy the challenge of target shooting and hope to do more of it in the future. Maureen
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, and you're right Sinker they don't have BBQ's not sure why I thought they did. I'll be going on the 22nd and will post a report when I get back Maureen
  5. Hey all, it's been a long while, I hope everyone is doing well. I am planning to do a little ice fishing, hopefully with Floyd Hales, just waiting to hear back re my reservation request. It has been years since I have ice fished, and I have never used a hut. I will be picking up some ice fishing gear in the next week or so, what should I get beside a rod with reel Ice fishing isn't something I do a lot of so I don't need to go crazy, what's the bare minimum you would recommend? Fishing in a hut, I will be out there all day, have you guys made use of the BBQ's provided? Any suggestions on what to take for lunch? i'm taking a co-worker who has never fished before and I would like to make it as enjoyable and memorable as I can. Thanks for your help Maureen
  6. Paul I am very sorry for your loss, Joey was an amazing person with a zest for life and a ready smile. My condolences to you and Alan. Maureen
  7. Cliff glad to see you've managed to get out a couple of times already, I didn't think the ice would be thick enough. I currently have weekends off until March. Come March I will have Tue/Wed off and if the huts are still out would love to join you at least once if possible I'll look forward to reading more of your reports in the meantime Maureen
  8. Sounds like a great way to spend the day Cliff, glad you took the time for yourself, you've more than earned it Maureen
  9. Congratulations Cliff, I'm glad it all worked out for you guys in the end. If possible I would like to come out for a visit when I am on vacation in August. I am not sure exactly what all my plans are but an working on a couple of day trips. I am off the first two weeks in August, and will get in touch with you closer to that time and see if we can work something out. Give my best to Sue Maureen
  10. Happy Birthday old Man, Congratulations on surviving another year , hope you have a great day!!! Your Rotten Step Daughter Maureen
  11. They know when hunting season is...lol...I'll see them here everyday until the season opens, then not a one....until the day after the season ends....lol Maureen
  12. Thanks everyone, it was a bit of a shock as she hadn,t been sick at all, everything was normal when I went to bed. I picked Rosie up a little over three years ago from the Brampton animal shelter. I can't get over how quiet the house is without her....she was always barking... lol ... never thought I would miss that. Thanks again Maureen
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