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    I've been away for a while, and most things slip easily out of the senile guys mind Wold someone direct me to the area to load photos, or a quick tutorial Thanks for a senile oldy
  2. Greetings Ice Fishers It seems that the Town of Innisfil is planning on charging a fee for use of the access to Lake Simcoe ice fishing through Innisfil Beach Park. This article appeared in the Dec 2nd issue of the local community newspaper. If and when it comes into effect, please don't bust my chops or other residents of Innisfil, take a look at your fellow fishers and slobs who think nothing of leaving a mess every weekend. This is the article in full: Non-residents may face winter parking rates By Chris Simon Out-of-town ice fishers could be paying to cast their lines near Innisfil Beach Park this winter. A town committee approved a plan to charge non-residents $10 to enter and park their vehicles at the facility this winter, during a meeting last week. If approved by council, the charge would be in effect in time for the start of the ice fishing season, which usually runs from January to March. "This is because of the ongoing problems we have down there, with all the garbage and damage," said deputy mayor Gord Wauchope. "The people from out of town are not taking care of the park. When spring (hits), there's a lot of clean-up." Currently, entrance to the park is free from October to April. But the town is forced to cover ongoing maintenance and snowplowing expenses for the park during colder months, while staff repair turf damage and pickup garbage each spring. Staff estimate ice fishing costs the municipality about $12,200 in maintenance costs each year. "Many municipalities around the lake charge for parking during ice fishing season," said community services director Kerry Columbus, noting most other municipalities charge between $5 and $10 for parking. "Innisfil is one of a few who do not charge. Implementing fees would help offset these direct costs now covered by taxpayers. We would be at the top end of the charge rung." Staff would also need to be hired, to collect the fees at the park entrance gate, a move that is expected to cost the municipality about $6,500. However, the municipality should recover those expenses, said Columbus. "Ice fishing is a major winter use of the park, providing an economic stimulus Bridge opens to the local economy, (through) gear, bait, food and gas," he said. "The implementation of a fee should not be a deterrent for continued use by non-residents." As part of the plan, staff will prepare a cost/benefit analysis on the rate, following the conclusion of the ice fishing season. "This is a fair start," said councillor Rod Boynton. "We're not trying to ding our residents; we've worked to really relieve their costs. It would be good to study this for one season, then look at it again next year." http://www.innisfilscope.com/news/2009-12-...king_rates.html
  3. Cliff Glad to read the update. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope Sue has a speedy recovery.
  4. I'm sorry of your loss. Diane and I offer our deepest and most sincere condolences. Your memories and your recent fishing trip with your dad, will keep him forever in your heart. John and Diane
  5. In order for you to be safe, you need to purchase the SMALL CRAFT NAUTICAL CHART #2025. (Bobcaygen to Lake Simcoe) You should be able to purchase this map in a set, any any marina. The fish hawk map is OK for general fishing area, but do not rely on it for navigation, etc.
  6. JFR

    Portable VHF

    Lew, Here is a link to Transport Canada and the VHF radio system. http://www.ccg-gcc.gc.ca/eng/CCG/MCTS_Radio_Aids John
  7. Nice catch Mike. I owned a Langford Prospector 16 ft a few years back. Great tripping canoe, but once arthritis started setting into my knees, my tripping days came to an end :( Enjoy your new ride John
  8. This is the link to Transport Canada's safe boating site. Click on the individual topics on the right hand side. http://www.tc.gc.ca/marinesafety/debs/obs/menu.htm I would suggest you use a good grade of synthetic oil marine oil.Mix it according to the mfg's directions, usually 50:1 Good luck and good boating. John
  9. Looking forward to Seeing everyone on Saturday Morning...in time for breakfast. By the way, does this Golden Griddle serve a buffet type breakfast, at that time of day? John
  10. I am wondering if there is any interest in sharing transportation cost to the Odyessy and back. We could hook up at the Commuter parking lot at Essa Road and the 400 hwy, at about 4;30am, getting us to St.Catharines in to,e for breakfast with Lew and the boys. John
  11. I use Shimano's TDR rods for trolling, with Okuma Convector or Catalina line counter reels.
  12. JFR


    Li'l Angler Why not check the local SPCA branches, and adopt a furbaby. You can also research breed rescues. You will be getting a dog that has had some basic training. If you only want a dog for a pet, you should re-consider the working/hunter type dogs. Most responses were not negative, just grounded in reality of the breed. You current choice is good, IF you have a lot of time to devote to training and caring. Consider the costs involved with having a furbaby. Your annual Vet visits for the routine vaccines. The cost of food, has risen substantially of late. You can get pet insurance now, but without it, you will have to have deep pockets. Not trying to discourage you, just my .02$ John
  13. I have been using Abu 6500 C3s since the mid '80s, when fishing for Salmon in Geogian Bay. Never had a problem with any reel. I am currently using the same reels for Muskie fishing, and totally satisfied. these are sturdy, well made Swedish reels, not an Asian import. My .02$, go for it, you'll not regret. John
  14. My wife has a pair and she says they are great. We picked hers up at the eye care centre in the Wally World store. I know they weren't as expensive as the one's at BPS. John
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