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  1. south pigeon lake was 73 degrees in spots and very warm
  2. your right arkrisoner that topwater bite can make your heart pound .......
  3. dropshot spinnerbait wacky rig senko jerkbait topwater sammy 110
  4. i get gas at curve lake all the time and like i said before they have an ethanol free pump with 91 octane best stuff by far .....
  5. i got my 5 cans of it last night
  6. yes thats the supplier i seen the gas truck in there a few weeks ago
  7. walleye opener in the kawarthas was awesome did very well caught lots and had a nice walleye fry .....
  8. i run 3 helix gn2 on my lund 2 on the bow and 1 on console the 2 up front i use 1 for just chart and the 1 attached to my ulrext is for mega down imaging like bill said invest in another unit and you will be all set....
  9. thats awesome sofabed thanks i will check it out i have also been watching a ton of amazing youtube videos on camera setup and learning as much as i can and i will learn it as well as all the experts here thanks for the link i will further look into it thanks cheers
  10. general picture taking of course in my boat and scenery pics mostly
  11. the spiny water flea has been here for many many years as most great lakes fishermen know they are also in many interior lakes in ontario as well and spreading fast ....must be an old article?
  12. just got a new canon 90D with a 18-55mm lens with all the bells and whistles was on sale black friday now to learn it all and ask you guys a million questions ..been watching many youtube videos on tutorials and what additional lens i may want to purchase....
  13. some awesome fish great season for sure......
  14. also one with bluetooth would be great too
  15. just wondering what the best all around camera is for around a thousand dollars ....thanks in advance
  16. it used to be for sure but im not sure it is anymore i get gas there all the time at the main gas station and the pumps say may contain up to 10% etanol but not sure if the marine gas at the end of the road is ethanol free anymore
  17. pacific marine one time payment on my insurance they only insure boats plus $10 grand on electronics $1,000 a year for my bass boat
  18. go with electric it ups your game huge..... i spent 25yrs downrigging and trust me its well worth it....and i still have a ton of salmon gear and 2 big john captains pack riggers electric of course that i will be selling very soon as i live in kawarthas and do not salmon charter anymore
  19. check the ones made by lucky strike...they work well too and they are in peterbourough
  20. its a fact they are in buckhorn lake as well as pigeon lake as well but as usual the ministry has to officially say it....some may remember about 10yrs ago i caught a pike in a haliburton lake where there was none i took pics and measurements and everything and because i did not keep the fish or take a scale sample they could not confirm...2yrs later they confirmed in a trap there was pike in the lake ....i said oh really i told you that years before...but yes they are in most kawartha lakes now and will keep spreading for sure and there have been confirmed catches of pike in sturgen lake as well as pigen too...
  21. thats awesome dave thanks for sharing ...if i do my navionics chip updates will that feature be there now?
  22. had a few beast cars...71 pontiac pariseiane as well as an 1988 oldsmobile broghm delta 88 big cars and they would pull just about anything also pulled a 16ft lund with a 1998 grand am...... lots of fun and got stuck at many boat ramps back in the day
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