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  1. You are in muskie god country surprised it took this long. So much water around you with good numbers and size
  2. Will they finally give the C to Reilly?
  3. If you are a muskie fisherman you likely already have a rod. The st croix lt Jerk comes to mind. The lipstick is basically a pool cue. Way too heavy i would think.
  4. who the heck has a baby on game night
  5. Have a look at the colorado / canyons. I am biased as i have the 2.8 diesel colorado and its an excellent truck that gets incredible fuel economy. Drove to bellevile and back from west of orangeville and got 6.9 l / 100 - that's honda accord territory. The towing capacity and payload is slightly higher than a comparable ecodiesel ram. It has 4auto/hi/lo/2wd and a (auto) locking rear diff. I compared against the tacoma and frontier but those two now lag behind GM in this segment. Full time Awd biggest benefit is driving in snow. A true 4x4 is not far behind and excels in conditions AWD gets stuck.
  6. had to be the 'wife extraction service' this week. still shaking my head, what makes someone go out at 6am before the roads are plowed, after a blizzard in a fwd to get darts? fortunately she only made it about 300 feet before getting stuck in a drift and i was able to pull her out with my truck. there was good money to made that day by the guys pulling people out of ditches
  7. great, i'm up about 60-70% YTD in that sector. we had a bit of a bull run, i've been scaling out, taking profits last couple of days looking for the next dip. Bout 50% cash right now in the pot stock section of my port. i've been trading/holding WEED, ACB, APHA, OGI warrants, CWEB and ACRG.U. Best trade has been the OGI warrants, bought at $1.55 after the legalization dump, sold the last bit at $4.51 today. i've been eyeing BNS myself.. stock got beat up and may be a good time to get in. 4% divvy doesn't hurt either
  8. Nice. Is yours the diesel? I have a 17 non-ZR2 with the diesel. Love it!
  9. he should be wearing the C, in my opinion.
  10. Id just use one of my MH 7 to 7.6 muskie rods. You should have one or two kick8ng around
  11. In my experience spreaders are useless on big fish - just cut the hooks. They work fine on hammerhandles.
  12. He should be next captain IMO. Having a norriss like year 1/4 of the way through.
  13. are you talking about Canopy (WEED/CGC)?? cause there are a whole slew of other LPs listed on the exchanges. Constellation (STZ) gave us 5 billion reasons Canopy will not fall far below $CDN 48. If you were paying attn you could have made 20% on Aphria today.
  14. i've heard the same. Issues are to be expected the 1st week and by all accounts, demand was far greater than anticipated. The provinces with brick and mortar locations are great for hype with lineups every day. sold out shelves are a good thing for investors provided the LPs can work out the supply chain kinks. Ontario gets brick and mortar in April.
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