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  1. there is a Garmin GPS app for the iPhone, it does cost $50.00 bucks though. Had it on my iPhone 4, upgraded recently and updated my new iPhone 4S using my iCloud account. Works great.
  2. two words Gerrit, Lyme Disease. Take the little blighter with you to emergency.
  3. We are still locked up with ice up here in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas, the rivers to Lake Superior are just opening up wide enough to start fishing them, probably a week late. But it won't be long now before the ice is gone with high temps reaching 16C and lows going down to 0C on occasion now. Last week they were still -7/8C overnight.
  4. they and all their gear are fine. Read below, they still plan to finish their vacation. http://www.chroniclejournal.com/news/cp/national/stranded-fishermen-rescued-ice-floe
  5. Yes, Bill and Annie make excellent packs. I have never had the need to get one done custom.
  6. tjsa

    Drive or Fly

    Also, a Canadian Tire store and I believe a food store are less than 2 km. from the airport. You can see them coming in for a landing if you have a window seat on the right hand side and are landing in a westerly direction. If I have a new truck(only have a Cavalier right now), and am available, I can even pick you up from the airport for the shopping spree and get you to Greyhound if you get your timelines worked out in advance. I will pm you my e-mail and cell phone number. I am not on this site as much as I used to be.
  7. tjsa

    Drive or Fly

    Just saw a post about this on the Thunder Bay Fishing Message Board. Snowball who is on this site and the TB one made it. I suggested using Greyhound to get to Nakina, but do not know how close they get to your temporary accomodations at the Twin Lakes fishing lodge.
  8. Yeah, but it might cost you a heckuva lot more in the future if you try to avoid it.
  9. Call them Gerritt, or meet with your insurance company's lawyers to get the exact facts of the lawsuit. You need to know why they are suing your insurance company instead of you.
  10. I'll give her ideas, if the patterns exist.
  11. what a $6000.00 embroidery sewing machine can do, given enough time.
  12. I love knives. I have at least 5 on me every day at work be it a small box cutter, 3" Gerber in my key fob pocket, or my multi-tool knives. They are just so useful. I believe there is a restriction on length if the knife is concealed, but worn overtly out in the open, no restrictions that I know of.
  13. Since I work at a university, I am at every holiday gathering. And I am working during it. I supply the audio cd's for the background holiday(I always sneak in Snoopy vs. the Red Baron in there, people love it)music ,and microphones for people who speak and call out ticket numbers for the many prizes on hand, and have to ride the mixer just in case the ticket caller gets a wee bit too close to one of the speakers. Since we are very multicultural, lots of people of different faiths, religions, and beliefs show up. We all get along just fine. We have to to make this place work. My supervisor is younger than me, but he always stays to help me put away all the equipment. Our departmental one on the other hand I really have no interest in. I see them every day. Done it a couple times over the years, but it's not the same atmosphere as the whole university one where people other than the ones in my department are going to be there.
  14. Belated happy birthday Lew.
  15. I have been using one of those since 2003, posted a pic of my auger with the quick pin on it. Important safety point. Use the right size pin. There are 2 diameter sizes out there. Get the one that fills the existing bolt hole. The smaller ones break because of the slop. My bud used a smaller one, it broke, and with the torque of the power head when it failed it pulled his shoulder and chest muscles pretty good. Have heard of 2 other people who hurt themselves by using the smaller size pin.
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